Broad-Cast Ep. 95 - "We're Back!"

Friday, January 5th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara are back from break and chat about what went down on their holidays, the places they both traveled it, as well as Vicky’s dream house goals and about an awesome Uber driver who made a girl’s nightmare trip into an experience she will never forget!


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Court. Here and of itself man. You don't even know. Sharon spiking. Cannery in a tactic. Not complete it looks good here. Kate talk being talking and hearing an ominous is happening right now all practice. At it's quieter here. My fumble around the first time I forget what the word and intro song and and we shelty. It's been. It's. Yeah. Hey listen to yeah. Heyday yeah. Yeah. Welcome to Deborah Katz. Happy to Lenny eighteen and it. And when that ear and neck in the lovely value in a row from the fair hole so. Sexy thing. Of books of fact. Brain part it is the new year and I am still no more awake and it is still a little bits. Probably kill if you bring the break out. Now Beantown I remember missile test ban everything we don't have stories. Which. Patiently at the number like I subsequently machine. But it. Want your break them over on my break over all. You did and you know it was pretty chill I didn't you know do a lot of until Lebanon which is amazing board and Allen. There was a lot of snow on the last day we look up to its billing. It whether it's like picture perfect ninth. And since I'm grant. You're cute pictures oh yes a lot of pictures and got. I Wii seriously a entering the entire time might we went on the entire eleven north or the entire break my entire eleven aren't an earthquake. On all the different wineries are. We utilities and perhaps own minds so much food and acted with that two practices in two months and it's huge and it was just a perfect gap now. So I kind of gain at least some that are great but. Was really an answer those channels and that cheese shop. Oh no I didn't I didn't last time. It's a dangerous I felt a little block of one divers like I have ample a couple of the take a little block and from and it doesn't make it home. But no it would just elegant hotel around and having them there on the right homes and meeting jacket now we are happy to account winds let's. Fancy dancing. With the owners before I forget Utley hit a on these books the broadcast cast acts the broadcast mine and nine and agreement switcher. Email broadcast and I managed another come right caller Texas at 2537786029. Utah. Afridi the first week was pretty slam packed means. And a Greek you're using now. Well it winds Thursday it was last game. And that's the last day in and grabbed all my stuff like the rest of my some my house there's beating the top lines attic drop off that he picked up. I nearly Stephen lady now again. How does that feel how do you feel being completely out of it's weird living in Seattle and then I I sometimes think. Our eldest you know drive were hurled at this. Aren't yeah late yesterday I go by my old how Catholic I went to Ballard and move to visit my cousin least had lunch together dinners at thing. And I drove by Munich by Perry and Michael can be done based on an hour ride. Nine. We have teams that something can happen you know in the it'll be in the count and Ayman house hopefully next year gap. Do you miss any of the people in the I end its hand telling him like. And I Imus because I never really hung. With them Kanye even though we live together like one they granted before. In his significant other came like we never hung out Susan we Skyping with governing council at all like randomly and then the other ones in teeny works on hours. So I only like semen passing like I like when I be eating dinner me on the couch and they go make dinner. I never really hung with Kenya it's not like a total different yeah migraine Alan my folks are like around but when we're all home. They're around like to think they're still an idea here. Sometimes good sometimes I want to like I love them I try not to feel this way. But it. It sometimes it's very obvious that I'm trying to do something earn and I think I think and I'd ever really they do appreciate alone tanks like spending time with people yeah. But I've some accounts like I'm enjoying a company like I'm reading my comics and music playing. They mile and a you can sit here you can dear thank you glad you've ever talk that's I'm not sure exactly when my dad decides they're talking and mimic. At three comic books next vehement trying to read through all. And it's gonna give on the flip back hot. Senna like in just like OK they insist there's something about. My folks I'm sure I probably did to you where it's like hey I'm trying to do something. Yeah I know I'm kind of a timeout. Like I could not live with like seven of my dad now acknowledge with him if we just had like one. Living room area I realized it at all house yet because. I have gotten tired answers to myself which is like my round and my on the likely playing him TV area I watched TV upstairs last thing. And he. Was setting up for his game party he had today in a series they had a pause the TV lake. Seven times because will randomly start conversation and just like say something your dues Adams lake. I want to kill you just wanna watch the show we believe we really look. I totally get I had one the other day so I honestly buds Heatley came make it a Dragon Age and to make this giants. A candle. It's like your entire life for it to high or not I don't want amber and it's a I wanted to be black is in the video which is you spray paint bigger. Speaking with the Catholic retarded. Lack spray paint. I got was so huge. Like I it was supposed to be immediately and half and an eight inch baby via long like tall aid mine was probably about a half feet. And so I used black friends to get the color going. And then it was an AFLAC and keep putting more lax and more like an arena blacker and so it kind of has really cool black. Needed to agree to white at the very it is really pretty but they went to do the dragon scales just carving out with like. What every again I used to mechanical pencil without the pen part via his carving Munich killed making it elegant apartment finger. The tunes yeah and discarding it we're in your parents and parents and count to put an X amount amateur and collection. And he sent. It will once admired the senate won by. I'm sitting McCartney and this is the exact moment I'm on the computer tablet and she'd say it's an every picture she has ordered. Cusick cousins and here's the cut and here's the picture and think like. Trying to car of public hailing nightly pitcher in the attic like public. And I'm not. Now if Mike talked to you cannot be right now them not reading yeah but don't try to show me stuff on I'm trying to busy that. And I mean again it's like it's a bit of me they want to you know. Interact with me so I don't game and try to be angry at them and if I'll ever like died down our flight like this is probably the last time she's ever have a path. Mean he's like how all the moments together and I am hoping it'll dynamic and eventually it's archaic especially. There on it and especially it's like on time rate and you really know the time I think I think I told only about one in about a year yeah. And that it makes more sense I mean I'm not. I don't like the idea of like in an apparent cool field. But it pale I athletic fuels like yeah. It's like. I have a goal. Striving for and am in this time and then try to use it to. Parents help here organize their life to totally. I was talking about it last night about it think we gotta get their clusters there. Pack rats that like as the only throwing anything. Am. Hardware they have caught the fact that you're gonna go through my mom's closets and has holes in on that weren't intentionally supposed to be there like like you're like planning from the dice man not idiots out there trying to get them to be better versions of themselves. And my parents just about. And I airplane blank if you guys well that makes it reasons he asked. In on how to like at her all of her crap without her being here. That is there now beats. Just waving my mom presents herself like I think she is currently have a job where it doesn't matter what it looked like she really really slums and then when she goes out and everything. She's wearing these clothes issuers to work. Out public and it's like I know you used to care probably look at our in most important thing that I know at some point is a correlation. How you. Dress yourself and what you do. That dwelling as we live in Seattle the very casual. North last drive it. On the arrange it has bleached jeans and importantly. You don't like him up mountains that's damage it's like okay we're gonna do anything away these Tanaka before currently get rid of these and we can get these other shirt to tackle in the easily for work in these will be nice stepping nice clothes that. In that anymore it's what's clear on that that's. Theory claustrophobic and I also feel it when you do your equity to keep. Yeah which I really needed him which have been trying to do because ever since Christmas like I usually am against Simon. They just sit there in him for ever because I don't know what exactly do a hammer at government clog their rent you know you have like trying to. Maker for them to put them away so it's not like February and I saw all my Christmas related to get. Like not like. The new bras and panties. A few shirts and carting Anderson. They were different I mean work out. Pants everytime you turn them on it out fan as there is a consummate ally if. Have a little hissy fit it. It's. Safe to return. But it just like our like my jurors are overflowing and make it's that. Hugging me like anxiety and he would end up doing it like a fighter bottle with tighter. To all my clothes out equipment high fixed up by either it's Catholic summer clothes that you like or not wearing these now it's causing. It's taken to XP those vacuum bags and the way our storm like a tiled. And put them in the closet or in the garage. Instead of those later I have a whole thing like summer clothes I'm not wearing right now you stick around again and the amount. And legislate we'll get on along please you're gonna. Something like if something comforting at least for me. Let me go through and then get rid of like OK I Bob Fisher doesn't fit but it had this for by the ears. Okay good there's good like that one thing but even if I dip it into it it's like okay. What it yet and I and I am an I something else probably by coming out fluently in Kenya my role tip by by day let's say by a black cardigan to marry older black and and it. Tony pattern get rid of the other one to switch out half. Hope I have like four of the same thing at like four cartons for awhile. And I about a new cool they're all very similar and. A little longer and let the little later years. The coming I don't Wear that often Nina and our heart and with. Tony and they don't need a get into my cousin she loves candy downs and she has to sisters and all the cousins and the they're too. So if she doesn't work for her she could donate some are given to her cousins or her family in long. Yeah that was just Kelly the cool as the slammed harder. Slamming clubs. And that's all. Killing time in house and put everything away treasury now I feel like I don't throw things away because I feel like I have no space. And it gets from basically. Yeah I have most of the that's my parents at this pace but it ought to get rhetoric is. Assuming your hopefully a public a lot of rate. Anything ouster in. I'm nineteen iso we'll talk weapons leader lake and what's. I want my my qualifications for house any time. I mean we can talk and now I wanna know what other did you get any medical separate Christmas. Hey do. The one thing I asked my reference to bring. And he gave me three different kinds of things with different kind of missing by the way. Hey I may haven't successfully used it yet because by the time. If those spray before him and at a time and start I had already forgot and so ho Bobo I really that should be at Saint Regis leave it put both bleeds down in to leave lingering fairest of them like you know you have yeah food anyone from my house and then. We're gonna wondrous out a month ago an occasion because that was like a page in. Fear of mine development together because that's our power and right there. Other US. Good I got comfortable. At least expressing and I feel a key henin knows what I like. Now he's like the irony in the past so I'm not taken about a lady here. And like we've practiced. Now. It at the. Spoke are we believe it's gone he's gone Arabic like that's the first thing idiot that's my exco about the mental and I'm like. But it was like bright thanks to the front asks that would be like anxious that I 84 that I want I want and for that Rupert it's. You like a big bottle of it Ford traveler and I have let. Medium size of the regular model the regular ones I have three and a because they have on that look like little breath racing means that little two I have her travels that put your earth. You think in fact Diana if you're illegal one install lake. Restaurant and things it's got a Bradley it's yes I'm really excited to embark in half and really all on and it. But. He also got me man you know like called. Beer at a growl hurt her but he got me a wine prowler at school I mean I mean I know existed it. An account that a lot of bottled up like inflated for the both of those images from Alec everyday life public just go in the park in quotes and as. Mobile betterment. The mine nothing at a aligned for. Almost two years in a Christmas plastered on hand and we he weren't gonna have Christmas this year together and that's just gonna spend it with my boyfriend and panic eat Chinese food and during the Stanley. Yes it's so we expect ethnicity but men and then Christmas Day. Hispanic yeah yeah he's Hispanic and boy. And do they do because in Mexico we do we had our dinner Christmas. And yeah about. That let me ask Allah like their celebration that was weird and so he's doing everything Leo Thursday that the we have no plans because today. We do well in Mexico weakened Davis because members apple. We would have a dinner Christmas yell at midnight is your jam ray Knight when the clock strikes while he open on your presence that we just compared to make as go to sleep wake up early and we open and the next morning. But yeah. States beat sleazy. And leftovers. We see we don't typically go and do have plan that we might have people come over to say hi. But it's a day for apple and lead it just in regiment will watch movies and Els it was just silent until we were. Actually I'm announcing Star Wars and you know look at that's what it'll be intimately you're at the bluntly that the open but then. My brother my data my mama broad Christmas together and they were texting and sending you videos on my boyfriend. Had explained an express struck Italy how he lake wish team my mom and so I just you know got a bigger openings on animals like OK let's surprise. The panel and this month and you'd coming my mom and we can have and like a feeling earth together and so we didn't because I'm a bigger person. I'm about daughter ever sending very excited about it I. Used to retire on that. Only when it was finally have a homemade pizza me like other pizza and Serena is dead aim at each other in Iowa my gifts and I know my parents were super light. Super thankful and pound concerning missing kind of like old people to me the enemy concealed I can see them like aging. So it's really weird. You know like my dad look old now only an old guy kinda. I think it happened within a year it's only going on there so precious little like I feel like I'm getting older and I am not need to regulate. How life and blank. People ever my putting kids now might spend their going to be brink and my god they're going to be grandparent that the leg they're old Blake. I'm like OK just like failing Christmas together like let's that they. And not my arteries like whenever they do eastern and miners and they're just excited and here or whatever reason he's got to appreciate them even if either I mean not just remembered remembered appreciate are you happy with them. And it its wits and releasing my parents is old. They never sign is old human like I think I'm prominent why Ellen we got luncheon. She just like seemed shorter. Like your brain gain short hair or shrinking that means you're getting old linkages. Your dad trying to yeah this is like 510 or something that I'm 93 shrink continue on him like a huge stars back in just arching over more like my mom is like. Lake I feel like. Ephedrine in just gained so I hear she's getting a little her but it's like we are also bluntly that she did I tell the picture on she's the girl skinny and that kind of I think. But it's also kind of scary when their old getting old because it's like. Very well. All I brought the plane went at that people who lose eat will look older because like when you're. Little chubby hairy animal that you know I mean a few out bill he Allen and pulled your skin in the wrinkles. I guess because when you get older you get. Like command troops more and like you see all the winds and I think that cannot happen like my mom likes looks great on Iran India that. Gorgeous especially when Arnold different and it's just like. You can certainly. Getting close to sixty which I always thought sixty was like. Here getting old. Typical parents age for some parents but then her grandparents' age but my parents in the seventies. It's like ten years away from yeah. So we here. That's though I mean it was again I'm glad that I did it and that nobody systematic time yeah pizza. That people with pop in whenever there's a picture equivalent to repeat that you wanna commonly. Georgia we get there pampered and if we get there man and there Tony pizza. On the men I. It's beat a you your bill off. Too much. As with pretty chill out like a majority that time running around with Tacoma different departments. Espionage on credit noble houses like I don't Christmas pre it. The move doubts went to the column and hung out with her from the daily seed and for people out so. On Sunday she can detect and figure out to on the couch watching movies. That was the holidays that we had we went late that night and Barbara snacks and story and eat and we won it. And with her while they Sunday and stayed at my cousin and for her birthday and then mixing it with her and then on Tuesday morning. Hi drew down a Portland race the human body each day and me we Agassi Athens. Yeah. And so because no longer work the brush and and I'm not drinking after shift of the assets of colonial urgent alma as well the during the giving him lightly and again pull my god I hope you like I mean I really have a hangover excitement when I realized I was too drunk. I just are chugging water like crazy did you pregame before the continent yes so I don't really must spend money at the concert because I didn't know. And a Seattle when you go to like some of these venues prices for drinks like yeah. So I bottle modeled news which was like 27 bucks for the return. Of putting I've I think I ought. Other stuff to. My expert. Our model and yeah unison. Noon I think it yeah I think thirty. So I poured myself into that. In a container and perhaps you hit me thank you drink before we got and chided. But I think advocate copy container port hit it in just through with a plate outside and Obama. Will we found a parking slots couple blocks. And hopefully parking your odds huh obviously wonder and get out drinking out of this copy cat yeah. Target and I've. It. Yeah it I mean I can't like could you at least until its shows well that shows. I enjoyed it department and at that when it started because it was the symphony does their thing and the composers that are being she played upon him. Anise and others argue that just orchestra and it will be good and and at the elderly need those people at du film in part time now liked so no lying I got second front of one of those of Babel screen and part of me wanted to finally. QB animal and filming correctly you put you film like sideways you'll feel like long ways yeah immediate. Yeah people behind you are totally bitching about if you like. Get a if you do like meaty your lake favorites on a great ones like it but now. Who actually looks back. As. You have your quality Arabic is pretty close like I get right at the prop it up the tickets. Are pretty close. It's gonna be the greatest quality I just a couple pictures just to have the panacea here and you re has had. So that my body because these very touchy Feely is as big beard and a Catholic Emeka in state can grab it appeared with dignity academics and what Peter to you now could. Why is he is cause for part of it and I go back right I wouldn't do that if island drug that really added a total jerk after the pack and it just telling notes and that's one of the year it might go to was touched my friend that you can't plan. Out. Difference Catholic and different and for many years in the bracket the way. He had a friend back today back at school and she really wants me to. Used to getting care she she think her. Ball what is your wedding like two years. Go in his probably fresh after that we. It's a weird incestuous group difference yeah. Is that she and I think with and that she gateway the other guys in the group like in high school like the science camera about it product that I dated one of our different up with one of our other different ethnic group one's. Too little and so he's it's like. I want to bring up an Acropolis Atlantic and comfortable the kind of person he says he doesn't believe it. Seeing people ones. App and definitely in the sense of like being buddies instant music and having excellent person and it's a personal accountability and no I mean you'll that the random hook ups but he doesn't like to be looking up. A bunch. Which is understandable anger and teach their rounds I just literature. Did you offer her casket. Like this after it right we're about to get back to the house. You might what you cools a crop. Of accent like that out on top. And so you would talk applicant if he'd turn yet and there. And that you make out because Watson I make out where he hits it down about that they forget that the incident as. But I wasn't the closest with and he is not my closest friends like you closed as a the other guys have put the so in that group of friends we've never hotly. Leaflets. It was lots of you can. Get a lot of people. Exit the race I feel like you're drunk staged each. You're inkling of beard he can just like done an excellent acute planets. But if you wouldn't let me play than a media would've taken that as a fine okay. And he was funny Clinton beards and at that he doesn't need to respect. His beard. That he may who have been married for about those years I I made him drive like I can. Did and your car is my car is his cars his flight routers and you can that's. Yeah but when I'm sitting there watching and it he nearly like the first victory for signs I just. He seemed like your your dream yeah I haven't been I've never seen a report I was it wasn't like one of those sobbing cry they didn't do it goes up our right. It was just me like mouthing the words as knowing held my gonna try to ruin it pretty pretty awesome passing along and I myself and the car had yeah yeah right. I get on the way to. It's mounting but where is just like tears streaming down could not stop them just kept coming. In this. And I mean I like told in the exit going into your offer don't let anything stand here and there. We're going to be crazy I'm so glad you like what appears standards and everything's like it's green cab she is the killer lions yet can you eat your weary as a at least he. Bluntly these albums are not gonna sound great in concert just perfect which it's being played. Not prince has the record goth princess. Green Darlene Dan own so cool and she'd hop on the piano in seeing on the piano or to like as big cool solo on the piano and income back in seeing and am suffering and also I am so glad I went. And I needed came back in. Didn't really do much than actually like I'm not driving anymore. Yeah yah. 01 plan for gas one and two coma Auburn you know and baseless accord that make a pact to Cologne back but if I'm. Yeah but not now I am different and to pop off and businesses. Really chill hatter dinner on the 24 Athens. Hung out the folks in the next morning oh my parent I usually the first one awake like. Making not thinking let's open your presents on an open mind and excited to get for them openers. You're on yes yeah. It I just bedlam game back at that target like that he'd like that then the Q mornings before Christmas you can easily do you kind do you like no lot and then Christmas Eve he especially can't just years please please like. We get up for us to learning com solve. But only when it's morning when agenda my parents feeling now we can't eat breakfast person makes that claim and just like watch all the time and that trailing. These mile wide and McGee and the one thing. I really wanted I actually guide and I pets in the picture my brother in it was apparent that your form slippers. And unless your form that the brand. Kelly really cushy. Well like you know excellently not asleep on the sound like a pack two on. They look like the earth and the Havoc on these on and they apparently he now. I could probably lower amount they have a hard bottoms but I just love them because immigrants have all hardwood floors that are vulnerable. And kitchen is that memory film. A lot of these workers about those and I got so we talked about on here. Actually brought it in today it's drop mix. I mean what the hell look like I opened in only is this the box it's really colorful. Some on the way you like nobody explained it to me she's on had spent months. I think her she played. Candy crash. Yeah and it came up as an. He thought it was really cool in the legal of this are apparently. And she's trying to explain it to she found in lake and I doubt about the hell you're talking about any equipment authority figured it out and got it. That's a horrible season you really think. It's like a game in. Mean as the day with your friends and. It was a lot but she's like super excited like I always forget I brought it to both peoples houses now have you played a parent. No not like it's that there's a you can play just playing music and you concede your music's clips. Beacon play against people. So I'm really feared attitude that says I need to. Alec republic for a people can do one on one or two onto an identical to the community and it would try to play to look at them years but we're too busy getting ready. India in two. At all it just look like somebody it was a really old building in the district and it looks like somebody just went to goodwill and furnished. With Google that are likely come on top spot in line. Now known as the old Billings silly things were crumbling in smiling wasted. And it's my job I love most Nancy if you know like there's five of a famous reached forty months. That's ten bucks and then almost an X while. I know that everyone gaining forty bucks a bit but could hit hard and I don't really really drunk enough to really dearly but are split second before we got drunk. We need. To link that you can't beat it and that user pre gaming and then. So we decided that ship would go outs. Now we're going to get sweets and my heart now I had a had taught him last year and it's. Then lightly and how well the thing to that we didn't I didn't I've made a big point I do not going to be an uber deepest lake Stevens that's reference. Emma had different it would stay with other friends who wouldn't like shoreline area yeah just like hunter and now like and so against the pass that was the compromise if you have the that we got there or Alec. And the Ferrari. I think you'll have put the immediate look fancier meeting did it look back yeah. Points please. But it was finalized. And we went to the day I was really chilly at night went by so fast. Really comes one minute we got there and eat thirty inch. On the Atlantic are we at a table. That I really thought but yeah have like four hours right so I'm going you know like not it's 1120 what's I was like nine yeah. Men and. It's been that high it I counseled on New Year's relay go to the bathroom to because you're drinking drinking drinking. In all these girls really time. It and I iiroc. African amazonian and there'll super tall girls on top of wearing heels on yeah I'm saying it is scary elderly woman had to hang. Hi Hammel lady you're certainly about tying. Them. They tried like Alan Young son and I like your weird like. Calculator. There that's finally meet girls. About every girl love each other and honestly. And you never see each other again but that's probably lastly tween and maintenance being. Attacked our. Yeah I was just recovering from stomach flu and New Year's Eve so I really relating we'd go nowhere. I felt like absolute crap and then how to work and that work done and leave till about ten men. Really wanted to do some thing but I under all the way this party that has ignited Syria and on and go out and minds that. Public relations campaign go wrong link mostly just watch a 98. If I'm being perfectly honest with Ronald Allen the delegates gather some friends like we dress up the NC if somebody's house. I clubhouse those the bats like you're nobody parties might not even like a big one linked. Ten your closest friends like the thinkers like it was total up perfect but the accurate in its handling you can still play fund bringing him. And that's about my French just buy a house and I know everyone talks with the big house. She's going through everyone's patting themselves or making and how we should have the holidays house and if she still can't remodeling of the I know that's slaughterhouse is going to be. The current I have of my mouth but I didn't wanna invite so. She had bought the pre cast. I mean we've we've turned out better that their we've had that in years to her diet. And is not a houseful yes I think picture we do sweet. I like her house will be in. Ten or fifteen. The clean. And drinking a month ago. That only an hour and paying. For your blog something margaritas. And there. Although they're they're the kind of people go to sleep Foreman nine. And I really but I mean I'm sure it's they kept us in the New Year's and that's an armored. Ailments that you have violent we have heard this. Do an attack and it also urge you wanna talk about dreaming passes. And it's gonna do better and so there is this leading over drivers. Who helped the passenger get back and line heartless. How. So she'd this albeit Twitter by the way it's her name has had its Vick toe underscore Willie. In the OK yes Harry username Atlanta nova which means. Penal but she isn't Hoover driver in Florida. And it kind of all starts off with she tweets out saying. I tried for Rupert today in this girl gets in the car I ask Harvard is an issue breaks down healthy that she flew alone from Texas to see a guy. And he abandoned her. Wyatt a yeah. With excel I did what I would want someone to do for me I invited to hang at was my friends and like you all understand this girl was near her breaking point she thought she can only trust that she could trust this guy. She had been alone at a hotel since Thursday but friends and I are about to show her up on time so that her trip isn't the isn't completely pointless. She's updates. But friends I'll offer to jump the guy for her but she politely declined at a carnal look at him like this karma might get him in my hands a fast. Sequoia the post a picture right here are able to go it's just like an off balance ruthlessly they. She says she just told us when he came to her hotel he asked her where he could park is Carson no one would see it. He claims since he plays for at this you receive university. His coach would be mad if he knew he was there. I am pay if he's clearly hiding something what do you think. Update you check out something earlier in my life from. An update her name is Leah she's hubris super sweet and charming about to show or get time. Taking a pregame an already got her listening to Florida music like iceberg in major nine changing life in getting it in there's acute picture of them. Making cute as. There's so. You know. Lee of the block. A couple of them to Tonya. He's. Both. Species change dive I have no words that have become the responsibility greater than I can ever imagined. She's she's heartbroken her emotions are everywhere and alcohol the hand that I don't regret at least she's having fun. Update his name is Aaron if if Thierry. She's ending up at the club I try to Tyler not the column based on every excuse he used to later he has a girlfriend or he's associate. He literally told her I got to leave because they need to put lotion on my face. What in the life league athlete rarely have a legitimate base. Oh. Update each slide on me but I hit him with receipts talking about how he can't be around her because he's a student at the I think how does that matter when you didn't even get in the game of the season. Like and please give a better excuse and apparently she's known calling like the conversation. I'm there's a video and a plane. It's a day told him to watch his back because I was going to tell my Twitter family his Twitter name. And you know this break in as likely confuse it. He claims to be a student athlete for Florida State so good that he thinks he can treat girls over he wants about it backfiring. And she put his. That are on the update you safely black immigrant hotel may have to take all have different tone but I promise to check on her in the morning and drive for to the airport to catch a flight time with wild it was worth glad to have them any differently. It just like all curled up in the whipped up. Which continent can teach. You know hopefully we it was cool all of this all of this being on Twitter. I mean. Thought that she didn't yap because now it's like a story. And that she hosted and she got it way back from Texas take care. And. Like that a guy ever at lake. All our Alina. If that ever happened to seeing what the article is saying and and sure he probably her past the point eight footer. Problem and those joining us then murderer. Because outside except what kind of girl flies all the way to a different stage. Must. Know I mean less you'd previously met apparently did she meet a mile long time now he's casting think back and Alicia knew the person before handing me. And off topic I flight you get a top not to allow work. Like even if he pay you know you can't hair likening Texas again Catholic nervous fla Florida nineteen chemical that's initially because there's just like even if your loan so like that's so ball the sequel that's ahead of you with my friends tell you figure that a plane ticket to the East Coast isn't that expensive. And loses caddie you know. Who I'm like come to. I it and he's so I think any so fun like he's so funny that we. Have never really had a conversation where it was like a friendship conversation. Where it was but to say now you'll be like an anchor traveled there and what he's just do it is there as a pilot. And our we'll talk dirty to each other and the extent of it yeah it would never he's never of them you and your life. So I mean the fact he has never done it that's. Part of the reason why I would not invest in going Ali over it sounds like though Munich just totally be like I hope after. You know Anemia coming like the only reason I do over there is to aka. Right but I hate that they met with the guys think they're like hey I'm willing to make the effort here it's gonna cost me cup like if I can make it work tonight and it's like now have a plan over there. They can plants other people to. These happen B once. Now it only pay for it now they'll think. She's she's really paid a plan to Simi. That she's totally obsessed with me but like now if you did go you'd only go because we Q when. Don't you let her bare hand and thank you yeah I would like X where he lives and like what the hell I wanna go there you. Go anywhere like Disneyland either via an iron. But if you go to my biggest hope they'll go to Vegas let's go to Aaron. California San Diego I think it's having an easy match I might ones in person because we look far. Look like my friends of my friends used to look up here visiting a pair dramatic and tender. And in and meet the last thing issues and counts of flu backed California. And he was like no I really really enemy you know and paper. Fly a hand in a hotel for a few nights for her to fly back here. Which is dope because she's from here so her her her whole life is pretty match here raise their front that you're defending and it and I. That the most expense booty call. Leg and he obviously wanted sex. All the time the three is that the atmosphere and what did they got a drop out yeah I was like oh it's so they can have may rest on and it. Serve them in ninety really wanted to like me to be a part of them. You're like knowing she's not thinking green which is let's just like. Take back her back the hotel around public the systematic attic I pulled. Player it is like for this checked apply our heat by her out and not even now apparently. I have a lot of lakes summit is a stoop and Yan Felix she was probably Steve I have a feeling she paid for oh yeah. And then. Oh yeah. And. Mean it's airing as the leader but girl. Check yourself. Have you heard captains. May not have finished the event obviously there are only on lovely your mundane involved in. Again and I went and fresher less like I can of the same things that you have ever read your sizzling goes public on opening up different now. Yeah exactly if not you're in second hotel RM by herself. But moving on from that night we did talk utterly piling country houses down. So and I have you think about it suits and you're not currently looking further lake house to buy anything like that even looking to move out crawl right. I'm homeless slow motion train and I like where the location Ryland and electable free round. You know rates so. And to Bailey what I why we're gonna wanna live because right now only. Everything is so expensive here in Washington it is so stupid and he's so crazy. And even like a felon lit up an average I thought would be nice kind of middle ground to make a final place authority far from the freeway. It's not a far drive in the morning and close my family imposed a lot of my friends. Depends a lot of the living mayor easily one of them he just my friend Marion Shonn. He has had another baby girl on new years so I wanna be near them secondly kind of spend time with them from spent time with the kids. Affect folic Ford plant yeah about forty minutes not counting traffic I am at a drive in traffic as an hour and fifteen. Perhaps there's no way her home game in traffic and a which I just end up calling it tallies are looking for some gimmick I call for money the from the pitcher I will buy so much faster I got my brother and then it just. Stupid now is to the conversations. Been looking at houses in every and I found a couple their kind of small. Councilman Marysville I don't wanna live in marries them back in for an error him and a that there so as house insolvent we rely eight. But I didn't writing down the list of quote unquote requirements that I want. Like attacked Clinton yes and a Sony it's to be at least three bedrooms. Wow all because I want an office in my bedroom Villa and then I have another room for her like a roomy. That would allow you were coming back I want them paper and mortgage don't tell them mortgages like it's say let's Heyward is a thousand bucks though the frontiers of thousand. There thousand dollars. Have them pay for basically and I just paid. Everything else basic utilities. Ronald it would still split happy to see how governments across the partisan thing you pay every month yes it's good to hear your except it's not a rent money it's mine. I'm not paying somewhere else and paying mappings and wanna live there I am paint on this house and pound loan that's Iran for owning yes. And paying the long enough I guess you can say I can answer and that's why some people. Like if they have multiple properties they'll rent one out. And that's basically covering the cost. You know I'm having got aunt and basically the same economic Harvey payment car payment every month because bar at times. Janet or Anderson and again it has that he uneasy RD pay for it at this is just basically you loan because you don't have them whenever couple thousand dollars to give up front. Eagle plaque for loans they check your credit so eventually never pay for a mortgage I mean you could let you finish paint off the iron but that usually takes like 23 years so there are some people who own house and don't pay anything now I think I might have to the other stuff depending on where they live like homeowners Beasley. If it would community that. And silly till it yet utilities is just because you're using utilities and that's you paid at city. Public I can if I've looked at my mortgage was 15100. A month rate yeah I can say hey you wanna rent this room with a thousand a month I pay 500 dollars and quote and now it's like what was happening what I became mine my share. C three energy hunt you remains no. No I won enough so yeah that is so weird like a whole big third catcher Mike and like a little program. Which you do office I would and my fitness capital of offices and more woolly mostly if you like Kraft forum. I don't hang it all mine like my craft supplies they do a lot of our projects and sell Wayne in the coming adults over him sewing supplies. Like animals Lee. He always that'll lead as it's ever have a space to really deal as like I you've seen making my crane. And then. How much all my stuff. Just kind of spread out so it's all piled up a closet. And familiar and it can be just Iran and care I'd like to know them that I don't want my brother that he moves back up here because on the apparent to industry to root for me he's like I've let a few for 21 years. No I'm good I'm. That's what you're thinking. About it. And a packet out I want basements. There's a lot of house and Everett and half like appeasement and some unfinished attic definitely phonetic a lot of these things I'm looking at the house leader. In popular. Ex. So it's like it's like you lock in and it's important announced Ayers and Oakland ace sometimes those houses and apparently has. The washer dryer down there and unfinished and look crappy. But I would totally remodel and get a permit. Hopefully she. Well he would beat him. If it's a big enough basement I want half of it should be kind of team room right now. And it immediately. And so you TD but I think he repelled or games down there via on the U they have seventy if I'd put the TV like do you like the we see in its. How backed off the side by my parents have a bow flex is just sitting at odds that they use that equal take X. Using and do you but the both mayors like it work out make it work out of line to our favorite picks from the brightly girls like drugs from a variety. Like move like stop browns. Have air mattresses forts down there because I'm an adult. Craft room and fart. Four I only and a child at saint. Abby don't. Who wants new it girl okay it's definitely. Boardgames upstairs only the regular living room at the TV. But at one area where. The cases yeah. Her hair tonic. So many. It's meant little mechanical comfy chair and has light perfectly eating. Little site tables like implement beverages line readings that have fantasies well he you know idea and a sign that Omega probably anger deeper it gets back. You know I want my career. And of itself when government feeling happier Hacer whenever an and you relax myself that's. Al hollers something destructive. The marriage and a right. I just write things that'll like will make me happy that house. In selecting that honesty was one of the other thing is I have with such cool and collection area of storage with. All my bombed in Taiwan has either one of those. Trees kingdom and it and or seen people do pallets and up and look at all these hate them eggs McConnell and meet that we really like scary team to beat here. But the big thing. Right now like an earthquake or something like you simply be honest I've seen some where they do it up against like the witnessing is. Okay yeah on the sides in south of where people walking towards the and you. If plans. Friend just is frontier house every. Book they remodeled and there will be deprived from them a couple of years in the comparable league. Chinese soaking tubs out walking. Mechanic over the ash and helping out ready iPad bag and any time living and if and in their freaking counts as the little cold but they have like her husband's currently no area where his keen to heat up paying a little figures you know or better. And then he goes down is their daughters' rooms like the laundry and the bathroom and left. It happens giant long room and they partly stadium level and they put me compete. The movie theater and I am praying and they have a projector that you just put on Hulu or Netflix and just watch from there sync. Hitting me by the outcome it. Yeah re a fine I will bide my friends tell me that she sent me linked to an event. Where you can and it tells you what you can do it when I listen in on it's really significant other. Allotment for probably makes you a lot of frantic and just bought a house but it's she put a lot of money into it but not under Nina she's not married. And her boyfriend Stanley paid for a lot of the down payment whose name and her play. So when they'd which would seem. Before they break up now for the how. And I think an hour slightly. Hurt. Does she care benefits and and his name now because she knows that like once they do get married it's gonna. She's a pattern that's enough to use it's weird that lives crap matters segment story. That they didn't think it was a lot of like it was hard to get the weight alone analyst at her parents paid are his parents paid for it. In their pain the parents back. In the way that it is the names on. X if there. It's. Arthur spouses and stuff but I know some people. Try to buy stuff like justice friends and my name fueled remain believes and he suggested you like we were gonna ask him anything. I'll displease many times in the town house in green he in Greenland. Les and the consistently just buy it with you. Because neither of us would can afford under loan to and a varied subjects. And then whenever we despite the person out. Like when the time comes you want to house house I would love a house not count on it I would only to report a townhouse if I can. I do the house of that a multiple levels that I won at least two levels. That's putting everything I'm saying well media that's the only feeling on one big floor and then a basement and be cool but it lake. That little top and make a decent sized middle and in the basement here in an excellent chance and share. IKEA. Think. It as simple. If you're not at the cumulative. Here I offend you yeah yeah. That's harder part like and a significant others. Would you if you if you that you start date this year which. If we. Get it. But it's your. EB. And have it in. A chain. Let me know because the news lately you open your. They think the idiot out. If I was thinking. Against. So in answer picture. Don't like up on how to. Actually. Make it. All later crap all the balls. The and like themed rooms urged that because I have some partner port of comic book art work and this is yet so I don't know where. Acts oh please. Again. My old house and the clock and the feeling. I think. It's. Catholic my back. Into the Catherine the captains. And yeah. Oh. It. Again the mine actually equally. As well as the general. Public to get to. It's called capital Hugh. Capital. You well basically it connects to your accounts. And it's is money for your money. The high rate now two. Goals. I. House. I. That that you. Your goals. In. Its goal in nineteen and I put it. 3000. Is my goal to receive the mystery. And you can pick different rules. On EC. If for example whenever I anything with my card. It will immediately around app purchase. But that change in fund. A separate buy eat. Ten dollars and it will take fifty cents. Debit card and it. Wealthy cents. That's right around up here and you can add years to realize that it's. Our seniors calorie counts. And Alex. A just started this like a week an app again so. But you can always just. Line I can withdraw and bring it. I don't have as there's actually a couple days again which. And aperture like doing like pop up. Bits. Here's the thing is from Ireland don't return that. Money. Although there is a rule have this from mostly though rules for buying a house is when I get up and parents that 20% each paycheck that's where dollars. Goes into it. Are you have in the beginning and it ain't so nice mind there's two into the evenings with in the and other like this is an active. Cool so for me how closely when every check that 100 dollars 20% will go view. Into the if it for under this coming out. Basically that wave for each tactic eight month. Equals out when and if I realized that the little. That can change at percent or percent. I can you tell me giving and that the now on. You and actually capital in the Czech. I'll look at it also tells me to have. Right now. 3% income. Checks going into it. And guilty pleasure ruling applies it. Every time you. Stop. It takes by. It's. Too. I'd be spending if you give me I'd do everything in my mind and I really like him. Make. An impact on. How the public in general I'm. Queuing and they deed for myself because conceding that dollars you know all right but it also looks like east what I would do. It I would put it just a car while answering to buy these things them with a movie in the air bags like for. Us whenever. This with Q Virginia. It's total of over 4050 X. It'll be exciting crap. Despite these things a couple minutes later by the fact at an even with the fame and money. So. If I'm doing that that is two transactions. So then it's like okay you really need to be spending this money let's meet him actually. That Andy is like an island will. I don't. I will buys some things I. Need. I did that cute it'd guilty pleasures that thing in water and yet and you're. But this is just a new book I ever did he would watercolor so this isn't going to be for frames I am I don't know but attic and little paints. Annika contests like I have room to keep them and I'm figuring out the Islamic immigrants throughout their step now he our eight so I aircraft and other big. I mean you are banks of Manhattan and you'd want now can see that but I'm. A lot of funds I definitely like even if it's like you'd be have trouble seeing you wanna save up for whatever. And you don't want to think about eight indefinitely just yet you can add as many rule as you want you can do like. This one's a set it and forget it so we just like every day or week or whenever out automatically save government chew on. That's higher in the case and a dollar today there is that paid a rule pay yourself first save percentage every time we get paid. Around a rule of what I'm doing the guilty pleasure ruling you can do with anything so if you like fast food you're trying and I eat fast food. You can definitely you can make as much like crap every time I eat at McDonald's. At lake and rob McDonald hundred dollars at them now 120 bucks than that's really delicate timing. Hundred. Pound it's. Is it worth that. Spend less rules he set a budget he come under EC that difference. All its. Accepts. The hour rain and like I doubted that freelancers rule is to be working freelance it's set aside 30% of taxes instead. Allotment option and then there's 52 week world which is kind of cool that a year yes so the first week you say the dollar. Second week he's 82 dollars. They're weak U 63 dollars and then I'd 52 week using it to two dollars but the neck and proceeds of its total 1370. Thank you bullets and I damn girl. No it tells you it's like save one dollar we won fifty dollars beats you and so on for 82 weeks to save 1378. Dollars. And then when you do that you have at saving is cancer whatever support. Like whether it's a stripper whether it's. Attached to war Carner whatever maybe Ireland like economic entities like that so our hands right at him now we'll do five dollars and will I didn't realize. So I had another app and it it. I like this a lot battered the other one wasn't well organized I didn't understand who's telling me. I didn't realize I didn't they had rules Elizabeth I in the hunt activate them because it wasn't aware only now. And it didn't realize that he's 61200 dollars you save two dollars and thinking. Because I'm not spending stuff I don't pressuring it would yellen neatly eat at a restaurant this many times that okay. I'm paying two dollars from 8% to meal whatever. And I. Am not. It would make you pay to. Mean. Broadly different ATM visa whenever we use to eighteen in the tree you. This is the last two months it can give me update. And it really actually once taking money and I Kelly any time I would like we're just ill differently take money when it sees I have money it's like it'll take like two dollars and hours and I'm Anderson if they had yet. It is but I didn't set it up like I didn't do that the rate. And I realize it's at UC two dollars and locked in my money. Is real money it's safe to acknowledge that he's in mine being. I have 200 dollars on the transfered to me and transfer all the money can't beat yeah. Yeah that's sketchy I mean that's how this works too but I had set anything up it just kind of did the rainy day fund automatically go camping and it wasn't sketchy but I wasn't it is not a really good Lena app. Just a tuner box. But it didn't like at all and on yeah it is now so I was like. Men think this is how this is where I really try to look at the redeem like. Yesterday. And had you know. Pop this yesterday or did is you just have telling me tree. Now. Yes ma'am it could offer take two or three days I really. Think about it. With my savings account it's attempted to transfer and transfer money over by the big purchase that I don't mean yeah it this way this is that he be couple places like. We needed why. There's another one to. That is reward yourself with hitting your fitness goals apple health and apple phone. If you use that app and you're working out through border so it'll give you money that put money for your time here tennis school. I should probably get. Health. Paid me for hitting a that if nothing is like date your own money in link you now can't buy an embassy. But I think you'll be so happy month you know you actually there house where. We just be like me and never use your card and be afraid to and he hit someone's. Now I'm gonna cancel my card here's soon. My credit currents. All I'm only one technically. They canceled and get them. An airplane one like traveled Lisa. The kind of bill mild yeah extra credit build credit. He use your card use your credit card for gas for example specially on traveling some idea I was in these electric or gas every month and it paid off every month. But I I did to us on his eyes my record but now I just public on monthly plan Alec. That's been in place which is perfect and I just threw it turned out every night off and I think it's the exact amounts and I don't afterward. Using. And they just have unlikely pay for an amount democratic. No black critic of all they combat and half we just don't understand how that works say it's Siam animals. Mainly students how it works. But I understand it does. Down closer. Than I was and where did it and it Hugo hours that's the pair off the polling now. And the fact that some professionals yeah it's not eat at some point Bay's big enough there for language about. We haven't talked like I shot child a definite that I fit doctors you and I do hiding go to med school at nearly went to college that you got it done that's down. They really really down like pretend. You're with a parent that doesn't understand anything in your with a child explain the child. Again I would but on active. I don't mind a little Vicky Hugh we don't Haiti right. I actually Netflix it's a book. Whereas I think. Yes I and you arts and crafts latter was at the Obey you and of that area is also friendly people can't amateur partners is the son is at the stickers. Partners the station. Today's but that's like my way where's the might does it does it take one was a pack of trident gum or take one point. Nobody is having an African offering it to us meet at the flop. My precious right and I electric one. Please because. I'm certain it's sleeping I'm not at this weakens. Got so confused what they're I keep thinking that we possibly winner. There read in my head I keep thinking it's when. It's time to go back and I can not falsely perch is that come on the brain has stamped like. One to me now Mike Lehman and scene of watching that flakes hanging out like father like 9 o'clock it's. While thirty the elegance and I had I guess we'll get an analysis of so apparently it's just that drive so far. Ariane kind alarms on so freaked out of the knocking off right it's not Ameren like. I phones on or something and I. Alarms to count I'm so used to them like being answer tie game. I'll have at 3 o'clock and make tells me you don't have to get up yet. But now I'm getting up with like 34 I've now to get at 330 years most likely. Nor. Excellent traffic's like him because Wendy it was clear that it accidents I don't know what the your long commute now the commute is with other people. To speak here and it takes me. Four. While they drive easily. The big thing it would work from home and making it easier. Wealth. Before we do it going at some point within the next couple of weeks maybe early and late January. The podcast these teaching eighth. We will be. Pumped today and Tuesday on Wednesdays that's when all the podcast LB beast and Munich Olympic assembled voices. And I think and more things to com back we hope it'd mean if he had anything is happening in and he intra pioneers are. Your illusions at any currently stands and on begins what apparently mean that's the thing I think now more tattoos. Oh my arms like Canada and done I'm done that like. Like sleep like vastly out like star directly about athletes. Like on the farm and the top half sleep I think is I mean. How different shoulder to. That's. Surely my right term and then it's. True that these facts. Yeah Ottawa and yes that let me not public. One that's not your traditional. It's not like I mean it's a fine line. Normally on a fun years relation recently I won only sir do you go to him on the going to be fun like I did stretch she's sick right now actions are stretches that company get her first yeah BP give me some templates you because I don't wanna start doing making it to you then she's there because I wanted to work for the work that we giver and energy. And plus spike and we both get she gets home from shortly. I had not planned symington and now an even if you try to work out you're going to be a week. So I want to teacher stretches like stretch your body. Let's illegally. Mean it now I get a shorter magistrates and I think Forrest did Ollie stretches just like actually before importantly literally pre pre workout. I did see it and we'll she didn't it she's six issues that she's up when you. Watch medium. Like Alley it's time. Finally if he can do these she's like. And that heparin at my expertise. Like about it and I found that you need to burn in Spanish will teach you can't. The idea that make and then there were offered coupled next week as BJ fever at TS you wake up early at. In Vegas and that the man on a quick victory that she wakes up early anyways so with the treatment and as that. You're gonna do not lit it during the morning girl as an ounce we will track him me she's like. That is not gonna work I mean I mean I'd fade back I used to work Alex X. And experts at the time any get up anyways around the time to get up earlier now to do destructive and you like in an addict. Now it's like I never Sharon morning in the blink now now we're at and I are very unfair act. Let me make up thirty minutes it just immediately chuck I'm trying to chat water like and time is like once you get used to this given a month. By then Miki routine. Because that seems so stiff all the time and once I stretch out again loosen up comic recently hits. It's gonna hurt when they Don Hewitt. Oh yeah that's why am like if you I have to do it that rate I don't have to because I'm just kind of OK yeah I'm miserable you know tightness unity unity and and onions at times with T and they'll CQ in a position. For like. A long half time inning saw no matter how flexible you are you'll be like in pigeon inner whatever and any of the like. Hip opener an abstract and the just sit there. You sit there for like minutes. And it keeps me going you know it's terrible that so and will usually unions Matthews but like hurts to really get mine. I mean I am and totally wonders sometimes that the sentences like. Such a painful but it's addictive pain you know they're like I hate them from them and I hate the earth that that they're focusing on race. Yeah the elderly and if you need flexible. Eminently DC two yeah it's all. Like teach them on and I yoga I should say yeah. And it's she understands the AC to swap rate. And you. Tell us yours how it should be kicking. Menus. And when. I also like an out with that her do something cool. Once a month that you would never think of doing. If anything aren't lying like cooking cooking a souffle or are going to like a swing and essar. And a eaten something else that's kind of meaty you wind like Turkey academic thing. Should insurance yeah. 00 greatly do something that's coming your comforts okay alligator Nash last year I had product that was my way out of my number really. With. Angle to act as later I.