Broad-Cast Ep. 96 - "The Boys Part 2"

Friday, January 19th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara are joined by Danny V and Joey Deez as they chat about things guys don't actually care about during sex, the top places people should visit in their twenties, and how some texters got under Vicky and Sara's skin about servers.


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And. It's been. The. Yeah. Yeah. And we'll get tired they had. Into the broadcast. I'm eating. Habits and Barbara that man. Is look at today posts then. They looked very you know well I just. I mean that clearly represents Joey Joey dees who's joining me tea and Danny. Any being Jerry d.s in studio again first I've ever on the podcast and this is their second time first I was I know that the president gets really matter in did you just like leave last time because do we smell that something that actually. Happened. If I think they sound better at the time. But the more nanny talks about the mean horrible either even here. Just a heads up we do a FaceBook page of the Brad dash cast as well as Twitter is to Graham is the broadcast 999. An email broadcast and it and we give us a call attacks which he attacks. 2537786. Theory. Yeah well look I mean Judy's it's a well. If you ever have a drink with doing which I think we all of Maria and this from me I have no money. Also mean after three drinks and today premium of Aladdin throwing a bunch of queens in the air. Not accurate but yeah that's true it's. Shot or iron shots. Lots of shots of the problem we intimately tied at the same thing I wanted to tap that Jimmy field the ball in Seattle only went to the karaoke club and we found out that they are special shot which actually decent amount liquor. Super delicious members like Yeager in vodka and why it or something happened with watermelon and he makes watching him. Yeah oh those are gonna those two dollar shot use you know on the entire. That was dangerous and we lined up about ten of those things one and I. I think and I felt like a five. I'll ask strangers am I your shots you had every girls. I also learned that I did not know how to sing karaoke ever and like there's so there was that. And it just lol yes I don't know the county and sank an ideal thing some uphold yeah. And that's girls there. Good night because we have our own private area private bartenders there except it. And entering the game. We talk about how. It's green if there's a stripper pole and girls jump on that if we are Jolie were not allergist drunken deliberate and because you're not doing them do it like. Every money. As an that we went out to be impressed me it's a terrible. Book like Danny we don't have to revise and anger at the bro that's true. Well the I don't have that either. The only Texas got this and last week's currency that go to White House last week that it podcasts. Are. Actually as well actually I was an honor for us now. Where. I've seen the broadcast and let me share you know that he is Alex is Amish. EU one while the sound transit card tabs that that average them owe them. I don't have to do my eight. Tabs when you in here cabs it's cheaper to renews them outside air time and actually before even move it. Am a 10290. Dollar. Almost 200 something dollars went down at sixty threaten you kind of live with the and you my parents address captain I'm in the NC I'll be making an imminent as 419. Walls in. Everything every note every year. I'll kind of I'll. Not yeah. Well Brent. Yours you audience yeah. I found it easier need to hugs. At the owner of your cars. Yeah yeah I think Tammy sent a and he has I think it when it goes to him as he's name. Yet original economic hardly was significantly cheaper to have him by it because fear a new car owners are young idealists he won nineteen at a time and graduated yet as well. Now it. And now like coast I think your names are both on Newton. And I trust my dad and a few with the car wreck happen now than I thought I thought reports it's stolen it's Iraq perhaps you'll never. Know. Reason why am having the poison here. Wow. That comment a couple of articles to be kind of fun and perspective on. And one being ten things men really don't care about Walt thinks I'm so excited here is because I. How might things that I think they care and we get it. No I will tell you why you can't you guys and tells what's yours. Okay actually beat you reach out and health but there's whispers. Balance overnight and even I can think about that so I only hear what that is an awesome website that doesn't give you need someone paid a moment ago here. Is it your act actually them then freezes he. Win your battle ready you learn essar at a certain state physically women yet standing at attention. Being a woman and yet now it. I don't need help for me here. Water bait you just jump in the pool yes and he got now. It ought to get. Some Catholics are not there. Or YouTube. How all this all. My goodness my friend but this is the utes respect and there. Our eyes and it's not turn on its just not corny at this happens time and out of that that audience it's. It is there it is in fact should be more that the body yeah. I mean but that's. For. No that's mean high heat and all but two of the group. A giant big containers at a given us. The do you know I would if you would ask me this. Five years ago I would have probably been like you know it doesn't really bother me either way as long as I'm monkey that's fine however. I've been now more like man. A kind of sewer and now path or the kind of as a kind of a tour. And now it's like at that point it it doesn't mess with your mind kind if Hugo. If yours if you again busy and it's an that the desert it's like it's like OK like what's way because I've been with. A girl who was really into me and it was. Like Niagara Falls so I definitely it's like what do you wits end if it's not necessarily here it's just messes with my mind like I know that you can't control that so it's not even. The girls ball faster. Yeah. It's an analyst and area I would say it too if I really care like if I mean that it's cynical lot and map then I might be a little concerned him but. I think most of the time news its second nature's the policies in the back here like and that's probably five. They. And again ever suggest your neighbor. Problem ones where. I am pursue this guy and I've met up with him his job and met him after his job and when on the hook up with that kind of his house is disgusting so never again. But because you had both been drinking. Whenever he would help me get to that states. He had lost his state. And and I would help him get to that statement I would lose my it's I kind of got to Libyan Desert and then he needs it desert. And then it was back and forth it was system married sloppy. On drugs and it was very drunk and though. Consequently how do you not have any of this would be uneasy. Battled believed to be fair though I've never been one to keep new plan that. I've had I've had condoms afterward obviously at Athens. Well there have been I just I I don't I never body so I'll obviously not stopped yet and and the only time I've I've ran into the desert was on a one night stander hookup so it was an ever lake a necessity yet heard you use it when you're by yourself. No. Yeah yeah. I think I islands but I think really every you don't sound like he's out it's like how awful but again it or it's displayed. Use it. Up it c'mon. You. Didn't want him on now that eaten them up. I'm on it. Lungs are letting him he's not even a year yet but our only. Say about that though it is kind of funny like if you are gonna break out Lou break it's got to be the right bottle because if you're the kind of person is bringing up junk that the. I invite so I get caught me tell you that I thought you know it's scary. Bodies do 36 ounce things you know this issue I do have a different heights. It looks fine and ultimately get in get insists. On its sticky it weird at not nearly as good as I've tried so many different kinds and unlike. All I'm now that all of in my bed sheets to Owen is just like a man. Sabrina the conversation so what do you period they're giving you know it saves are where you think road yet and fast. Kind at and T. That sounds so now I tastes like icy hot here who are. But I heard bad things about especially I don't know he has seen I think it's Trojan that says it but it's like that for him and her. And I heard that it's noted though that there there actual Lou and it's he put one on the guy and one in the girl and apparently one for the guy league really bird. Solid yet the president and our girl in the cold immensely mean NT keenly post can simulate vibration but I remember the first time ever used it. Was when I was with my name my acts and weakened and house sometimes because of the folks of nineteen Pollard. So we would drive up from nowhere to live in the middle of nowhere so we find a place park in dealing busted out. And things like. Yeah. So it. At Babylon I think I would try it by myself first that that's your thing with Lou for me is that like if a girl has it fine I'll use I don't care play. I'm not gonna go to view. Two lovers and they have it's like going shopping for relate. I don't know like that your favorite kind of beer like you ever been to craft beer plays it there's so many it's like American priorities like. Ayman go faster line hope that that's right but I mean look that's the best one like that again. OK yeah I think swimming get what can get away with him whenever if there's ever grow breaking now live under the geyser in return off but I think reverse the situation I. Sneaky guy you can't be like cool but that's no. You guys are always Brady women it might need it right Steve as always be prepared for the worst guise of we bring with us it's kind of weird thing right if artists like clarity let's say to your house Ukrainian girl over and you happen apps start on. It's a little different I still think it's going to be an interest and I think you're gonna have to use. First time because at that point too I imagine that like a girl would automatically be like why do you have a half empty bottles loop. It girl asking she's really stupid I agree but I'm just saying little bit and even in her mind like. I would I would be self conscious about bringing out a half empty bottle loop with the new growth that because of that points like. You used this before I think yes they have. And get over it but I think I am a girl's gonna let me way more of the same problem on. No because comedies and they. Little I would justice in the time and pay a oh. Ali and have them what kind of wait for the same problem again right Wohl. Our biggest as a ball he breakdown last night and that's our own thing and there's no way did you do like what available in my whole life pantry full Lou but I don't think. Let me feeling this lends. On ninth 2016. Limited edition I'm Kent went spinning and that and faster every kind of. It's been aged three years. And the other. Girls being self conscious about how their ears. How it doesn't like a bouquet of fresh flowers. I don't know anyone who thinks the day that he needs it to smell like no. Deodorant no it's just put your own marriage as between your legs were not not now and Mike Mike you guys the guys yet really yeah I you guys yet. And I don't know now. It an accident I do this then yeah read like a weird. When your eyes meet where you know we don't worry about like not the you know electric here it. He. Now but the idea is right Aggies swept right Mike you wouldn't artists such as doesn't smell like march rate you don't smell great fields you know. I recently learned that so it's only about that actually that's why I was like makes us I probably should just do. And it is totally different thing buddhists now. I. Cool but in June and in. Years and all that as we. Like a snake but then I'm Mike dear baby Jesus now I. Over your beard and Huntley shouting down pretty high should lighten. The and a cake that it him. Wow. Really weird. Beginning expert and for me right now. I prefer brother frosting chocolate I don't expect anything when when I go down downtown here it's like. Dongle well. OK don't be actually that's that's the next that's one accidentally skipped it's like whether you're totally hairless or not get that that's one for me I don't like I don't like to hear but medal of honor. It's like OK if it's lake than a week. If you're in a relief let him hopefully if you're in a relationship and the person didn't shave late often early and often like illiquid the week. That's fine and like I understand that. But immediately if you are single and you're going out and amenable at that point you acting Pristina right like I'm expecting it to be like. And not. I was there I I just a medic and a pair and it just means people can like there and not have a problem with the bit for me I don't want that because I. I go kinda crazy when I go downtown if you know the thing you don't diamond. I don't want parents to make the law school you gotta go to you repeated the Bentley you come up with a shallow and we'll probably got a good beat yet president. It you care. It now on count one I think in this day and age and you gotta you gotta like you know pretend like you care. Coming back like. That down area. Shane a top. He'd. Had a par and there's hair hotly or others like. It's nice court in Atlanta you know just she cleaning up like why is there like like rectangular landing strip because they're reminds me this guy he's the crash on back mundane he had in. Years. Now he's saying you know anecdotes he like almost like the console me. Rectangular. Scientists. Just pictures that's. Yet and. I yet for me I could I won and at that point like. I achieved my pubic hair into an era before because I don't know of any areas like planet you'd want. You extra. Oh yeah it. I'm naked. Carly idea including Eric. As a means that the. If your boys and called the black employees. Yeah all of the about ways that are most annoying thing in the world should I agree say that unfortunately hard seems really dangers that enabled us there's no good way to do it have a problem you ask them out. Noticed that they are you doing there's there's nothing when I trust myself more than nitrous some audio. Your girl. Is due clippers certainly and you know like I've seen some guys like a little steam no dirty. Street razor Everett street. And. Here ashtrays and really care about the sound he made during sex in time about your mountains with another of involuntary. All of this is actually pet peeve of mine but I really hated one specific thing and it's not like oh werder senate it's just like a certain pitch. Can't do it it's like a hot it's between high and Mike are medium and high. I'm about the know what is it doesn't matter what sound they're making it's it's the certain pitch that allows an ailing body. Did an excellent it's as a key to earn out yeah its assistance that is it to like a pitch has multiple chick. Nike ads don't porn no porn I came to taste not I don't know what exactly is there's a certain sound a year ago there could never do it. We now and it's like you it's just random to me it's hard to hear I hear it every once in while Beck. Herded away turn off the. And hits it like you know sticking it. No no. I would like you have never to have that out of Biden did think about it like that ever happened to select I would just stop at a I'm sorry but not documents are doing I would fall outs back up. Half a shot at IU we see body new voices do you mean like parts. Other arts yes the line again of the president's clearly see that doesn't bother me because that's involved here out of here. The content I am I've done that where I've been in but the beauty in like that happens and then as you use because the way they were doing its polish air inter Alia that in yeah. I'm seeing like banks money. And. It's fine it's not like the pitcher off the cuff when your body as. Well I yeah it's. It's. To associations are. Against that nobody wants that have been like special or growing Ali turned Munich and then and and that and then nearly. I was stuck on the dot. And I'm so a lot of that I'm not a blink and you'd like to think he could give you ads belly for mean it's so. And. It if it happens it's one of those things where I just kinda like. You've gone in just ignore it now if you're talking illegally Joe's sign about like if it's if it's an actual noise of their making with their voice like you know. In the throes of passion. You know like there's nothing specifically that lake turns me off it is when a girls really bad it dirty talking. Like that kind. I'm gaga onion plane with me and they were and yeah. I doubt we'll turn ya and I'll hear what you're saying about like a baby time pay me. I have ever had to happen. Where. Not uttered at that mattered to you that you put that in indeed make. It even in joint pain hair. Oh. And it's not just. The wake up. I think. What is your preference are the better. In my head like to what extent right you know waiting up but I mean. They're keeping their aching. Half a you don't normally get you into out there they bring you out right now. Because they wanna stop sued aka the past you know Eric beta they have it's like just natural look of nothingness. And it's I don't tree. Rally grab a guy and like kind of like hugging kind of the thing like when he's on top and I'll start telling him who I want this specific thing from new. Like Ali Albanian rate treated like act highlighted it as in give it to me like the specific thing. And my head that's me trying to get him to you now beat them that an excuse I was written back in the day I was of the dirty talk. So he logged it would it would do it in so whenever I get sick of him doing his thing I would start during the dirty talking. In my head just ingrained and it bites are saying this specific phrase. Yeah intimacy or like Larry I've been done it when I thought that's not and I stated there and free which means. It. I don't think that the kind of sex that I have is 88 there's not really wavered to be quiet play and I got out loud if not now on either side on scene it's like when you get. We knew again until late. You know restraint and stuff like thank you to the policy as it makes noises so it's like he just it just happens. The diving fed lake. I feel like yapping too quiet that would that would turn mile I but it did know late if you're allowed to that is about. Right especially to the point of where what are they trying to hold it back. Like they're trying to be quiet Billick why YE channeled I that I I can do without the would you how are quiet you know are you happy and they're like still it's kind of being loud and like compounds is pretty funny if not I. Thanks and I knew when I've seen certain videos and some opening currently buying diapers to hand over mountains and the like yeah I asked them. You know to put your hand and he. Beat me. It's. Why I apologize to our eye dancers because I'm pretty sheer like we can hear when mayor dean. And I'm pretty sure it could be union when weird and so my apartment freaking out about us because like I don't mind because we. Are. It's. Where recruited out of. And I am generals Mike I understand but like they hit Big Three like the worst possible crimes Billick. 12:30 AM on Tuesday night case in a guy that's annoying. Kind of like I do you keep that you don't repeat that motion doing anything else I know I'm Jack do things right past my health and pretty humble on and I added well that's a good thing about our schedule and I mean our schedule in terms of the radio station because. I have to be in bed like 930. So like we're never going to wait it's always either super time I think early like the 30 in the morning or it's like it then and there again. It's. Resistance to some melts you know you don't I mean like how you're you that's out of room now how do and other remodel program. I just won a circle around entertaining on our dancers neighbors in the east there obviously they can get an epic here my voice out means. Yeah. Hopefully in the summertime. And it will be cracked yeah and despaired. Television is dear. I placate pop one time the lasted cable. Like on my TV and I got to a they wanted they enjoyed it yeah. You like the worst possible music or something to rent them invited here if they're being mapped out at a bar any or something to winkle tie and a man. What he is a case of this one says I really don't care if digital. It's pretty inevitable that your wobbly bits are gonna do all of that when you're having sex Sony really isn't something should try to hide knowing to never be ashamed of their bodies and their only. And that they will only ever had sex with a T shirt on and light enough I people that ultra lights offer. I know who I'm having sex with a at that point I'd like I ninths nine here and I think you're being like oh my god. I did not knows that now with digital when I'm like I know lemon thanks and it happening. And you know line and net and I went that I'm having sex with a girl I'm like. This is when I was expecting thanks a big part of having its axis is and yes I mean. You gonna feel I'll be out there and insomnia what's on same acts it actually turns me off more when a girl says that you instantly. Like I would read it just like that went like. No I'm not gonna stop when I'm doing now to get up internally which is keep going like. He'd have lights on because in my eighty he will kick in and then focusing on every single thing the IQ is I have Christmas lights in my room. And how Detmer. Yes they're a team like I only fully Liz yes. Really yes it is partly why he's in agreement he would makes for better camera I think if I was going to do not want war and while I was having sex flute would be okay. But I think you know what I mean if you're if I completely agree and the TVs and you're watching porn. I think that you can't collect the perfect light and astronauts. Candles are so succinctly currently. Such history got these candles for Christmas and they're looking for the holidays. These colors yes the government you can pick different colors and they all governments have do damned thing where they go from light went code of medical. And C to. I diet was still on. They do in dude it's different views like a every day. I feel like I would definitely a light up bar because they grow wheat we can totally deceived you guys lake. I can Wear courts that I can Wear push up bra I mean owning means they'll like my Bonnie yeah totally different. Then it actually is Nate it sort scenic. You're probably disappointed and I wouldn't beat them. I mean I left in the ice and I get an hour north of the guys really disappointed I needed as he's sorry to whatever the the principal actor in some wine and it's that I'm out. And the worst night in my life then. You ruin my career because. It would everything about a believe anonymous over the we're disappointed that could ask them and friends like you really get and take out insurance like. I'd ever OK but still like I wouldn't care when the guy who was super sub conscious about being a little bit over what were overweight that used to be. And I was sexy at all health of these big shoulders and arms that he had this. But it was certainly call back it was like a solid get you know yeah I ask. You sexiest help at all times at that I never saw him naked. They delight to be up or he would keep something of this clothing. Is accused to Purcell conscious of the dudes can't count the girls and having it smartly girls carry them what they look like but it's. And I still don't think that I would I've seen a girl that has fully deceived me too the point of where she got taken out just went. Arizona and makes it like ten times better. I just like naked people like well that's another thing to it's it was touch did they get everybody yet and I've had conversations before with my girlfriend. About his she's like what you wanted to go by like sexy monitor editors ground and know your I went to be named Heatley. It's cool to see kind of but at the same time like I just watching naked so I don't I don't care if you have a nice 60% on an optimistic enough to order custom anyway. Yeah yeah yeah I spent big dollars did a guy once he was really into. Well 11 of the guys is really into different outfits and apathy bond sell out paper on the announcement which is really weird to balance like they're really turned him on to be any doubt that. Another guy I was really into textures. We're so you had them they get the texture like those work out shirts that really tightly and yeah every. He was wearing when Mike Avago work out church and he was really like in a way that felt so and putt mine on and we had the crazy effects it was awesome group. And the effort as and coming kind of that some people like different textures like silk spokes be really you know the sexy it's nothing Gallic skin on skin and Richmond. Then. And taste in guys I mean. And what do you think that sex cases girls come out of my sex spaces. I jokingly used view. That dubious. My pocket and am. I yeah. Nationally like yeah I make it like you a few basic. Can help us out on you do it series. And doing it to me two hours. And at that noise did you do a right. Don't go out to a couple of good I would stop I'd like I. What I hear you very cool well I did that happen Lee gave me was gonna say I I feel to be fair that I feel like after you get to a certain point of like. Either we have comfort or like if you've had. I think with multiple like the same person multiple times. You get to the point where it stops becoming sexy and you actually they're joking around more than non. Daily I I I don't usually necessarily like that because like I wanted to be sexy and it's like. When we're making jokes the whole I'm on the way to bed like tough RA let's get into the mode here I don't BP it's after. Yeah I you words outweigh. Starting them. I literally every drill news hey every girl I ever been with is. No terror has already laying in bed and we just woke up and that's unity east hop on opera mangling its network. Suddenly veered. I really wired. Just like I'm gonna bang there's like. Awesome thing that one at that they get a woman can do I had a guy who really mean wearing short shorts or like I had socks so I was wearing sweatpants and I've purposely was wearing thigh high socks and my short shorts underneath it. And I purposely not think pitch and it's really warm and pulled the pants down slowly bent over and I just hear him just like. Doing that round like it is on. A plane and about. My battle group that tracks I would about the game changer particularly ominous isn't that kind of like a girl is not at not being romantic and surprising them so why not girls to the team. Yeah it's easy because judges this sample right back. We kid lots straighter I think you know or to something else on behalf. I've got to say this is there anything or do something else and badly immediately once that you wanna know the the reason of my last divorce was. This was the huge argument. In in our marriage and we'll get into here is to the point of where like. For the longest time. I didn't know she was ready and so I would be the one that was trying to initiate and I'd like c'mon let's go as you always been meeting. Inside the plant it I just and he gave up because I was like what she's never in the lose I finally Khalili. You tell means that while I don't know what do you normally. Literally anything you kids you can give me the look you could it mean you could throw hockey being played I don't I don't think it's. Anything like it is you have to be so these greens are yet just tell me and then that would like all the everything else but it is. Eight of the girls girls like art terrible and initiating an admitted I've noticed that it's also been. Multiple girls and my life that I'd just like I don't know I don't know. It's apparently in the sense of hey remember right now know. Are there might be like mom doing but they did turn her own leg kind of the same plan sign. In and now. Schieffer negotiating she is okay I mean she's nice she's. At that point like she's always down but it's not always the the point of what she wants me to start. So and that's out of that market domination thing man with a fair. Carol I know all I signal saying I love it when they just now start. What pertaining to Michael I I don't I don't just 'cause they get to certain. My nose in points in my head where I'm like I don't want anybody to touch me don't I mean most in I'm very comfortable and while touching or hugging people but sometimes and I don't touch me that's gonna. I'm not gonna react well and so I can I would rather initiate that sense that something hot a valley just kinda pay like candidly the bending over things and seen their reaction. Why tell me timing. Joking. A confirm or deny. But for me it's it would just be nice every now and then for the girl to start because then at that point just as much as it makes you feel wanted. It makes me feel like. It's like I'm not the one that they just want sex all the time you're the one that wanted T yeah that's fair I think it's also easy well for our schedule with easier because we're not. We're both working you know say nine you know sixes order so our schedule different because usually you know when they come home. If you've been home for a minute or two you know maybe Europe the move but he might not because Carter subject right. So frosts a little bit easier because then you know what's happening at different times all of I think for most who apps is that both at home. And at a price has no idea were there other persons that seems kind are both tired or rejected the ball off so I'm a communications. Helps and I think it's it's easy as being very blunt with it again my my guy friends have been broken up with enough last night years he's just my bro. He's there for one and Needham. It'll be simple I paid Agassi and moving easily share my gonna get naked before after he luster after. I keep like I got some like delighted they didn't mean that I have not ready to join eternity then get that Allen doesn't. Those are some weird Alec am always late. In the mood Alec 130. In the afternoon via like well it's like always laughs and then my you'd still works like let's send it out where. Victory for Asante back or become though where like. Way. Yeah I know them ITT's yourself until he gets and don't get there. The out of ideas I'd like to ever in the mood morning anymore because they don't really really got it passed via I asked me. Rested well but Saturday it's on Saturday Sunday in Grassley and it's fine and I'm usually not sleep and it yeah wells and we have. Eleanor Odom now held now it might might I we have the same night we wake up at the same time but he woke me up lake. Even like ten minutes early and all hell was actually. Well I do a whole legacy and you can do what every month but I'm seriously it's like here and. And right after this showers agree tightly. Like to. And light showers that's the right. After a shower late comment about the majority showered. They're still kind of a little like you're dry town tell yourself off the still unlikely lion Marty naked. A win win everything. And shower again and probably but I find a difference in her. That's a tree and gladly admit that always the water. Do you figured girl. And click on the news. You know she's challenged me to. Thought at that but I'm not I'm not in the nude in that they like they were in gas and because it was. She so she dragged me to Wear because I don't have parking here inside January and then made bus home. And I've always said lake. I just joked with their one time and it was like how how we should do it in the morning she's like she's like wake me up there you and I was like. I. It would if that seems like so much image or before coming at I should try because I want to see if like it like a cup copy of the maybe it'll be in the best Miller I would go to. We have a Allen from the wolf bon. And she lie and she used to get the same time read it and she loved morning facts I'll be sitting Sheen yeah you loved it she might add before work she got. She come into work like all chipper and like I did something you didn't do like it would just make her days so much matter and I. Like all know. And I think isn't Mardi awake that's awesome I didn't like shoes OK with them waking her up to it actually do not wake me up because I have so many side hustle like so much stuff going on I don't know a lot sleep. I intentionally don't get a feel that's because I think initially for guys with seem like a sweet idea but I think I get free like I'm like. Tired by that make it a spike pushed through I'll be awake after the after the initial I don't high like I need a solid ten minute eaten session if I customers through fuel. So like if I do that morning I would just pass out there's no way I'd make it to work. I. Immediately aren't exactly all falsely there 3:34 in the morning I've been investigated a solid week and if we are all right now I think of just a PC falsely but he doesn't blame our season will remove it this morning and I those leaflets letting them know we're considered the people get them. Call Ireland Italy each friendly than normal time you in seats are ready for the day and the fun part is in fact if now I can go back to sleep in a game now I I am I I've had sex before where before very few occasions and I mean it was funny because I felt like Alan I already wait nobody. I mean portraits. I hit it. Is it that this list that has written in there about. What you've done with that hair. Care. You know girls like that make and get their hair and he did my boyfriend he'll. Likely hiding if I I it flights and he. I'm real time like that what you did with your hair force acts. And like well. I ST ban began an action. Market for. It's like a line all at age and sticks at the URS but he. Opt. It's like I'm probably and showering him with on getting that agony at that. Beaters. And your brother hitting them like gotten down. I gave. Another girl though like it and she was it was lady with that body. As she was working on him to working yes killing of Nazi point Irwin but not usually it's and if it's like to have reporter up with a guy and a yeah I have got to change the sheets every time that climate I'll slip and half just since you know I had a gun fire from problem. But I don't want to keep it up and I think that gap for the hair thing I don't necessarily care what you do with your. There are certain hair cells that targeted like turn me on more than not like think the double play tell it to exiles and make. No hollow did you see me when I addressed the Britney Spears. Analysts vaccine to Catholic. Like my daughter Julia might thank her view and you make me and I think a little girls Q&A theater out well. Cowgirl. Look currently and in that you would like so there's these pig tails and top and then there's the ones that are here I'll Earl. And on your take them. And then he's going to be I'm just going into details goods and I'll be at complain but I'm glad I don't have a preference among my gag got to have that. And you know like a while ago lake. Especially late OK we get tight bun and yes next assignment here. A tight bind it would not turn me on my salary as opposed to like a pony tail or like pared down pit that's what I'm Zain is like if you have a tight bind your debts Richard you and respect them like. We can and I there's nothing for me to pool here again. So. Yeah. Yeah I thought that that laid down enough. It's how long it takes you to get to where you wanna go and girls they're a constant that it takes them. What's it there. And an Hewitt like down in wit and reasonable name. He is it out. It I don't eat some of the matter in the he was down there for so. Long that's got to get it why not like about an hour. Is this and and I wouldn't even poor John. I felt so bad but with me. But. I've never been drunk who wears the girl like Bindra girl which he. You know finish. But for me it's it's always mean I'm going to wait. If you give me I don't ironically it's because of over thirty on Gloria noted because via RIT guy he because there's the easy point. I think August actually there's there's an easy point when you know you're going to be stubborn. Because how much out all you've had out yet and I honestly want to but I yeah products gotta toy Galilee now. I'm product and you know theft as happy as I could be the next or half here. Do and a might she get to bed early and I I'm on a command line. At times. It's constructive criticism. Diagnosis. It depends on it depends it really easy to hook up I don't want checked Jenkins is a Muslim and adds that there again. Because of that where I want to know when I'm doing to me Q food. Beaten and having that he didn't even airing at Keeneland he can you please stop he tried this and said. Don't do it Akron be assertive about it. You know if you're taking control of the situation. That's not criticism that's just okay Sachs guys fighting downstairs okay had a light on the staff. Without saying not at the off you bring him up and use you sir accusing him and you see. (%expletive) up I don't pay that much like that I don't know I'm not I'm. And believe it's about how to perfect. Climbing in like how do you okay so what do paired. Visiting downtown. And you want them to go like a little old little girl's all right a little. So you know OK the exit yet you don't get Butler held don't like. None I don't know hundred Enron and to just feel like him exactly. What just tumbling one line or not move them into that spot. I would be I would ideally if it. If you want it mr. lane as their position and hitting it right they need immediately. Move a little bit or just turn around and you don't say please. Don't say I'm sorry don't don't do any of that now turn off. Yes that's your play just a lighter here left right up down straight forward and exciting down affected a lot of double dog you know. I have I don't know what is what you locked. Now Saddam back flip. What do what you would would you go about her Becky of some BP you like an antitrust or something like things like ever likes things differently at one act like a certain act with T. Yeah you like it's and it's there's some guys that used to he'd be like hey you should he would tell me to bite down there I am. I don't know and. And I saw that people who. Yes I like. That there was a time that I was with a girl that was very TP. And who in two feet and and I I didn't correct or didn't know it it was terrible. Back in the day the people we. Knew. It. It. I'd like not like. I'm like I'm making it slips that I start to relax and not aptly and I really think I'm like. They get the dentists and their Wharton keep up open wide. And actually a. Murder phrase that I found is very useful when it comes to anything it's to run efforts too hard or whatever. Some energy and heat it's just saying hey easy. Easy. It's easy and Catholic Church you know I could do not. Yeah that'll work there and switching gears here because I feel like between all of us we've all traveled quite a bit. Oh if it's eleven where Sarah apartment. And Atlanta and Chicago. Seriously I really you are going to an easy I was I was a little light synergy. And our type on the sub as the article says ten places in need of is it twenty's. Yeah you got. One more year not even not even. I'm almost out in your diet and then you. And there's an accomplishment. Feels like he's twenty there. It looks like he's where if you think. Think that a compliment I used to because he heard the youthful. Now I I am I haven't been many places I've never been at a country and I have only been to you I mean I've been to handfuls states that and it would continue. I am consistency like objected to and I didn't work yeah it's just fly it. Troubles actually sentence of the first on the list socket. New Orleans, Louisiana. And don't. So I think many and sharing and have fun right so what are all the grenades. What this is saying is funny the bars are open 24/7 you can catch some live jazz or blues learn about the city's spiritual voodoo culture. One of the things that the best time to visit this February made to avoid blistering heat in hurricane season. Package Hewitt lot. Gap sound like my templates that its. Earliest point. And I'll doing. Yeah not a other I. Today because all you do all dressed pretty and that adds up and knowingly trying to real you know you O line. An excellent coast or re number one things. It literally that is placed on it it is more and you're looking for affordable international destination isn't too much detract from the states. And when Reeve can explore axle rain forest though history is calling your name. It's growth bio diverse places in the entire world. In the paradise for surfers outdoor adventures as that lets me on the beach and have a chill time looking at lots thank. Feel you've. And the other panel inclusive before no Mo in there high backed up the system we all just. Plan a trip Indian foods like resorts summer dealing and it had close Souza Cruz. Is that treaties you line you don't get as much there's some places like in Mexico and it includes it includes all. If it. No none none at any grow in college he did you. All out. Who wouldn't want to go to the law and treat saying Q wary of weaker. Natural habitat you know what actually my my when my good friends and his anymore and that's when he went off sanctuary. And in the treatment that's been. Or political or forest but kind of 5050 unit as are a lot of bugs. No they're not like lives their life you know. Well in each giant grass that they slept when I was in my twenty's I wanted to go out of the country from for a decade and will go back to our previous conversation. I wanted to go out of the country because I wanted to go and experience international. Women. Sarah also that would be well I'm not start there patting it like I wanted to do but that is lake. Lack I don't whine diseases that that's to content on Internet you really should. A you want to expand here is also menace yes I want the British and the tires and went and talked the entire time you know same thing sciences. Just off. All the stuff but I'll tell you thought you gotta do it the cool about this list though is that it's all pretty affordable and there's places in just the forces say hey check out this place 85 bucks tonight despite the sixty bucks tonight 66 it's all these are the reason why this is good it does it's affordable I wanted to confidence and I think that's where it's happening Canada. My permanent yeah two week on inclusive to some or Mexicans to two weeks let me tell you a lot alcohol. It all goes unnoticed though what you're that you like three this interim minister numbered and are mom on fox. Opinion I think I would whenever front of the hall but anyway she said they were just had dinner and they came around the bottled tequila and just like port it. Moms off them blatant about Obama industry. Rewind Joyce's international women are fantastic that we expand. Blog I think it's been I we'd probably end up hitting one of the places I now like this has occurred we wait to see it like that you a couple of European country too many. My as a European Montreal Canada. As I would go there we encountered him how library on I don't remember a whole lot of it there's a great mall where on its colts. That's what I remember then it's ear in influence architecture French speaking residents Montreal leave room at the taste beer at right here in North American it's super accessible. I did my brain tumor can't. Ears and I think I'm. Country. But it was dealt is biblical acts. Of life. It says the best time to go is April to June or September to October but if you're brave enough to face the coal flight to the cheapest in the winter. I think as we went to in the winter was November. It was. Crea I got an action figure though that was open and what was the action figure I can you remember I think we'll play some point doing little double thing. It can either act to kick back as he protects not. That aspect sticky gas and you can. Number four on this list is Austin's had everyone I'm moving on thinner top and how awesome it is. Oh that's on my it was this year because Mike has industry and it just moved there was working for accompany him as governor and house there. And move from remembered Austin never been I don't like Texas and that's the bold statement but I just don't like how ways. So that being said look cowboys a team or tallies and all of the above I. Vienna I wanna go to awesome because I hear it's here at the very Seattle Portland the types city. He loves it and everyone I've heard that it got their loves Austin so. Yeah according to this has a healthy job market it's a live music capital of the world and a haven for both barbecue lovers and those who love the get organic gluten free. And that's why haven't placed single that says. I know I Austin, Texas has been blown up when I heard and a whole like metropolitan Reid doing all other areas make the most and it's not like but I've been to Fort Worth, Texas. But it's a big news in drinking down there why it is even better I was their first tournament I was playing and doing quite well a loss but you know or ignore that part I actually to the because sports bar and on and have a huge. The policy sought proceed. Downer because they're they're so it is a huge thinks Mexican population makes sense and let me today served you alcohol and it sure he'd like who. A group for days ago and yet kind of thing and has little tap at the bottom. It's freaking awesome they've great services and fines management. Says Mexican Mexican side there was and it's the. Okay Spanish as Spain Allen a lot of fine line. Up at any right to deal with that yet to deal with their way others do heroic cowboy hat you. And then that's. It says that to go between march and may or September through its November's I wish all dispelled the summit we would have such a fun time an awesome tech yeah. Can we should go for us helpless hopeless witness I don't know him three next now have you into Bernal in Germany. Yes I have been growing and it really happen yup. It's awesome although I think one of the big things out Germany and it's interesting is that there. The war. Adam harder than you would imagine in terms of recovery. Like the whole Berlin Wall on a kind of thing like that's still a huge. Op part of their culture the wall came down and yap so people don't I mean I didn't associated so I was there realizing that they're still recovering in. You know is less than thirty years that's an American thing you just don't have that concept because we're new country in an old country and your pot best coffee best I want they've ever had. It's a popular destination for LG BTQ travelers now there's a ton galleries and flights explore and as people speak English it yet you guys as it you meet a girl I was in Germany for a. I believe Berlin flight path today I was in Munich for October from two. That was also. The Valerie and we all go there yes it's well located at one problem with community understand is they're drinking and fourteen. So you don't if I was the the outline I was having a 21. And athletes do when there's so you got to me he preach there are. And it. It I don't know I didn't bother asking how I was having sex only people that I knew whom world to an off kind of thing you know people annually in expected on active. Yeah. Numbers look at people alcoholic with a full. Half of earth and was task. Ahead of cellphone and I retired right now and Hefner you know hot. That was fun I actually end up speaking six hours and the first day of October points. And they give you giant beaters and it is. But doesn't go during made to September. Yeah I mean it's September it starts off of it even Nokia product which is stupid that. Yeah I mean policies as a giant carnival like idiots are bent to instead of their beam line. You know sausages and food there's also. A thousand Beers like really busy at ninety I don't know it was. Just the right amount of busy for carnival so magical horrible you wanna wait in line for writers like that you know what you were ten minutes. I don't. Violent aren't on the rocket if I was afraid that last eight kind of is sometimes but it benevolent and wise and many personal fun. We don't go out again in October past all of us all we got beat it that means it's expensive. If you look at advance this knot but we've only booked a hotel like a month before that you know you on a book that summer typically you know. South beach Florida is on number six excellence through a lot of horns are made. He loved via okay yeah is on hold but there's a whole a whole series of things that are filmed and home and politics on the South Beach southeast south in Afghanistan and we've been to Jacksonville Florida when their career. Now. It's just another city on the recent list of best places for singles and you get it means. And the party acting never stops there's a really good party scene but there's also a big art Deco architectural scenes. I'm an alliance to Cuban culture to Cuban food and but it's a deal between march and made before hurricane season but after peak winter rates. Siren this I keep hearing a lot of people going to Thailand. Always she you know I'd had my best friends just went there for that are one year anniversary spent four weeks there. I was a lot and jam packed in like an acting as creating a buzz it's it's a part of that is the flight. Sense you know yet island is an urban Asia as well it was a wanted to Odom gone you lot he I know that it would be too tall for everything has been really bad on my back but I'm totally down on a flight to every year and a it was a present sauces and all I am looking at like one of them hotels they suggested and it's like me and C nine eighths whole town hall. And you can yeah yep that's very cheap over there. So. Don't fruit off it looks cool. English so have you had either of the girls ever been with an Asian guy who's pitching question aging guys on the same time. No matter where ever and Asian girl you know really yeah. You know I have yes that's it yet game. I've. So it's an experience Terry Allen now question that's remind nine news today. I'm gonna highlight in November. Mean there are the rumors true. About those guys yes while the elites deeper now it's just pretty Americans and there was like. Hi the idea extra. I was going. At them like. I walk outside in about like his usually agent super tiny petite did you think every. T. Not anything different didn't strike me is that again. How do you sit side he would spot it's like you'd have a penis into. I don't I don't but it was sometimes you don't like Athens. At number eight Nashville Tennessee. Who in urban and another when that went in my French has been to a gay. Let me preface this with I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico. And everyone's dream is to get out of out of retirement himself. People looted Austin and he just moved to Nashville in December so. What's again to really have a desire to go there but I feel like Emmitt and there's I. Be fun to go visit especially if you love country music it's post the country music lover's dream there's really good. Food barbecue hot chick and it's on access yeah I just bluegrass blues and bachelorette parties to the city but they have a ton of opportunities as well they have the country music hall of fame there. But despite have a really good night life so and a unlike the other one this I have been sued twice now. Barcelona Spain. Who know you know what. It's pretty it's much cheaper when I went a couple of years ago when it's Ireland then. England then. France and then Barcelona and Barcelona it was when he cheaper in comparison to those other patents granted. The whole wrecks that things can change things around I don't know what it's like now you but it was really cheap there's a lot of places to go by party he and a lot of cool place to walk in see. There's it's like really cool look at park and kinda looks like all made of gingerbread house's. It almost that's kind of what it looks like it's really cool that's had a girlfriend wants you know Spain Spain GAAP. And you know and the food. Lot of hammock feeling camp it's so exhausting night before or whatever please please mention joie you went like four or five point one late trip that sound. It off and pattern of you feel this way to joke but it doesn't if you like debate teachings and I think of making I think yeah it what it relaxing but it was a ton of fun. Yeah I was more of an experience there was a vacation I went for six weeks so. It was and I mean I'm moved I think maybe belongs to say it was his. We can that was only one time. So I mean your move and every three days on stuff. On your country's different languages are garrido different currencies so it's it's a lot of work but. It's really fun because you're gonna DC how different like when we go state to state and OPEC is they have differences when you go from country country in Europe and thoughts and. You know it's funny because like me you know you drive for five hours your may be in a different state. And you're in Spain driver five iron your NN European country drive for five hours during that two other countries. And I just it's just everything is so bunched together so I've known people like Citic a weekend trip over to you know to Spain. We'll be back on Sunday what that does seem so weird when people are. A journey probably Jeremy fit. When. Influence them and the last one on this list is Denver Colorado news never gonna Denver. And there was. Price is it like Seattle is it. Says that the beer lover's dream ever on sent like Seattle any you have better beer. Offenses Seattle but the legal it's just they have. Adam stayed the same as Seattle it's it's smaller than Seattle. And Hubert now. She well I yes cheaper but it's it's like. I feel like denbury is just one of those things that they do have the mountains into the water so that deeply downer for them. If you like hiking and outdoors he's that's where that videotape being plus skiing yeah a lot of skiing and I don't know devers fine I've I've only been to Denver twice and once was for concerts that's. We did a lot of lake. Just prepping for the concert. Pre parting infant but then late in the next ML and I was literally there for less than 24 hours commitment for her friend's wedding and the programs you mail. So I haven't really experienced Andrea but it. Q school how was Las Vegas on this list. Because I'm guessing you're going places that are a little bit more on the expensive side in Vegas you can't and it's been very cheap. But it feel like can they be released but it can be around expensive and start gambling that's a big thing you have shows which. They Britney Spears from two dollars for a ticket. I don't know I went to I gave her revs Lanny and I we did the acts are at parity in all the girls and Britney knew something ridiculous and I'm not. Money to buy tickets hasn't really cool shouldn't wanna go to are gonna cost you pretty penny. If you're sometimes you can go to different places of Faison drop a little money get a lot of food or drinks paid for if you're sitting get a like machine that you're ended up putting in a lot of money in the main market app acts might be lights expense of you should do you try and that's probably the least ties yes and do you really only experience it. I think the thing about Vegas even EnerNOC and spend any money is that individually to hotels have so much money pumped into them further there ought to core. That you're really never gonna see anything like it. And that's small place like I mean these casinos cost billions didn't make him to maintain and so he go there and even if announcement might just walk around drinking all the time you're getting your money's worth. Very pivotal for the first. You know for the tenth time might mean you just a gambler while. You solve it loses its solemn you know it's Schein is here yet a year in year twenty though I feel like. It's it would be fun to go to manipulate that's all you can do it when you can just go intrigued because it ladies and you don't want that money. There's like people got to gamble beat your money goes shows there's not a lot of things particularly due for marine necessarily. Mean the people loved it well. And a girl. We here for a yeah when you're there and it's got two things pay czar is known for a student clubs in right they have been used to have three of the top ten restaurants that are pretty atop the Russians in the country in Vegas and the clubs are underdog and regarded gonna go to a better. But dude it's incur like seriously and you have to go to some obvious problem areas and you feel like nearly. In a TV show and president elect they'd be made it rain. Literal money on us Atlanta club's. If it's like all over the floor like yeah. What are they are dollars there downhill but they geeks bloated all over the crowd and he's. Yeah I mean if you just take a look you know leaders look at. New Year's Eve in Vegas and how many headlining. Artists I mean you literally Neiman ours through there like you want medium you rock you want rap you know what he picked. Today begins -- estimate it and I got expands like oh yeah should be here I just up free tickets to see achy. And who he you know even bitter lake to see it's stuff like that like all the time it's. Oh. Personal demon. Island fully experience not letting light was on a strictly actually went out and I like it doesn't. Appealing to me never has been honest and never been a gambler I'd never count I don't gamble is now changed that. Thought see the reason why am not a gamblers because I know I would have a problem. I know I like it went and that's why don't I get myself twenty dollars and that is it. I'm not going to be able sit there and spend a couple of guys don't need that. Rather go somewhere else really. At New Orleans because they can get a little bit I like the culture and history seem old buildings and leveled buildings than I'd care. That is there that others agree guard cruel but elements that rule could at all. Strawberry be somewhere else and I want you guys where he is how we knew died we're going to creamy you and no rain. At times during the aren't the best had stone ever get place. And like everyone to visit else anyone they'd risk it all have a pizza not one part of my bony gets me into jury always Lang I would Wear it. That. Tell you how and that's more than a little weird now you're gonna make Iranian club with your ashes you can tell the and they can tell and Letterman. It's almost lunchtime because you say you can again my bones and make repeat and that patriots their piece of pizza and I was like yes I would EU. Well. Bones cannibalism and yeah actually out I would be equal the and cool. That's an apartment on. One thing to discuss it will be real quick only because it's pissing me off all week. So early this week and I honestly don't remember the context. You're talking about oh we your it was a Sarah was on air on the morning show and was talking about how one of the things she hates as a server. I'll get an idea where it when people raise their glass and they start shaking because they lottery fail then. Yeah yeah. NC a play that. Yes if you're servicing is the most annoying. Thing it's rude and John you worked at a grocery store yeah. And you worked at a snooty place you have to replace dairy queen of night and again where's my blizzard beach. And has I think Disney land mine that. So I did. Ice or look and made a statement that the text messages and they are pissed me off a screen shot it and here's the text we've received during that segment shocking really ninth one presents a hot wire waitresses so damn sensitive. Next I know any ill they drive me absolutely bonkers but they're need Dennis. Another one which I don't know if they're referring to the server or the people who are doing it honestly the people that do that crap are usually old people. And her snotty and in high I don't exactly. In public the public make each of the blast ever get and deep that's a good server. Another one at what restaurant she where I'm going in alone a houseful of friends and go to the restaurant and order everything without uttering a word because you're also mentioning when or somebody saying something about how. It's annoying when people really. Like I want this they point at letters they'd and the author. When they say they're ready and. You and they talk to their partner. For a series X three minutes about what they should or like yeah all bitchy aren't ready and I bidding and. It is my prom I've grown up but my family and it's always pissed me out I was over the worst dad and customers you can pick out of a group. Because we Oro or picky we are vegetarians or my dad would always take charge and we would never be. And they're always be like this discussion about what advertisement wanna get. When he would you know motivated no consensus and who equate to win or to reflect a third time in dec oh you guys ready. Well where do we do this means I don't know or do this we're doing we're doing and and of course the lovely woman and whenever it happened. Just pick what you want will be fine never find you never go to a restaurant you idiots are. Don't don't go to one and not know what you want to have an opinion or speaker could spend it through May the decision to towards the restaurant. In your country. Portrait some food. And I mean it's hard to believe. But how many people you've gone out with. Who legitimately take an hour ordered food because they don't know what's going they think they like I all of a sudden there are decisions and now they don't know what to do. I don't get like this is a constant struggle in life. But it's not just my fit in every aspect every time I go out with people to a restaurant there are some of law school about what they wanna get off the menu and Mike. You don't Tony's restaurant no legal documents via Mike. And I'll my friends and like I get going because I feel bad for the server and I'm signal it is their friends and my wife and I out with you in ninety snap them. Just pick something just no waiters here at like. What a hell. Don't eat the stuff I thought they just don't just protect and monitor where the people who. Just every go out with your friends. And noted like as the best thing you like on the menu exe I like the chicken Alfredo. And your friend wants the chicken Alfredo to but he doesn't want ordered the same thing you just did they feel a parent's so the order something else do you have people do that it baffles me. My mind can't go to that now it's like EUU wanna aren't like CY and you get. That on abysmal share well I want. The chicken Alfredo and a lot later. That you got their first now lack can order it like why can't you order it if it's the best the hump mentally we going to eat it edicts. If I had a bad with a girl like me be me in my girlfriend you analyze equal don't want same things have been targets have been different that way we can we can share. But if I'm with friends and somebody would say that I don't know. I'm getting an hockey because I'm not sharing with a friend will usually. Let's take off your plate and an inner. I there's hundreds like I'm Pamela at this him as someone like comfortable looking at that too it's like that's the perfect you know like kind of want but yeah that's totally fine I would much and I have people do that and beat and adamantly Atlanta. Yeah and going I don't think I don't feel anyone think that the and I am like when I when I was serving like I did like to try to make sure there classes are full the one thing that was the most annoying thing that people who network in the service industry don't understand is that every evil. Is different. So we are basically on top of doing everything else were doing get taking drinks food you know. They should tables set every little task essar has to do get that second rants they're grants because of African ranch. We have to looking to be liking it everything done OK did you like a refill its people that don't and there's people that don't want you there. There's people that like get mad when you ask them to think let me give you this out. It goes Alec oh it's another beer and panic now. And then I OK and tennis addict he. I didn't. Since I've been waiting for awhile. Really happy you wow that's pretty it isn't able to do that I bet they don't want you around C try to get from space and then now there's ups and dean and I totally understand like if I was trying to art the entire time I have like four tables and like yours during it and I told at my app that I awful section and I might. Do when Helen stuff and your drink is empty for like a few minutes like con yourself you're not gonna die because you're thirsty channel this. Person personally I have to get up and go find the wait staff to get them to serve me there's absolutely no tip pay attention patrons I had this one situation where. My section was full and I was taking tabled in another section. And one of our bartenders didn't show up. And because she she was six or she could come to work we have one new bartender trying to take care of the entire restaurant that's bill. Filled up with an like an hour. I'm in the back trying to washes dishes trying to make his strings that he is still far behind he's got when he drink tickets. And he has not made and I'm sitting there and many like slices his finger open will. I popular siding go right into the back get bandied apparently we did not have any behind the bar England clean him because he's bleeding so much. He couldn't didn't have time to put the band aid on reports are bleeding that's. Killing and one table of magic and we were it not a week out in an all the food was backed up since they were just Superman and I am so sorry I'm trying that. I'm running back here and explain everything and they were just nothing me happy. Until that situation I wouldn't hesitate about on her I tried it I had a leg assess the situation when I go into a restaurant I pay attention to. Like I'm sitting there waiting I pages into what this my servers dealing if I could see her helping out behind the bar and year. Obviously busy like about humanity however if I go there and sitting down and my servers taking care of another table are flirting with guys at another table and not going around to different places that's when I'm gonna gain right. Ages it all depends on what the the person's doing and that when I'm not gonna be rude and the next time that she comes over houses stealing. Or I'll get up and be like hey we were rated org but I'm not an appealing. Rude and be like. X. I think there's a big difference between cancerous and busy service and people just don't understand that anymore they don't they don't wanna take a look around and use it villains again Matt our. Older people that's what I like to do it restaurant we went to marriage in Atlanta that first year that we can tell that we. Yeah and like I've been to a nice restaurant riot literally watch the waitress ignore the fact that we told us three times we want a water and she walked were. Right past the water station and just ignores there was not busy. That's bad service you have the right then. Not to treat them like crap but tend not to write you go and you did not do your job. I hate speech is that all is now all know you know I think the better if you really wanna send a message that. Twice the if the author. I mean I thought I don't and they are not and it and I'm not fairly actually like it will like yours it's crazy. Like I want tech like really like alpha. And I can really really well. Normally normally but like I will never not that. Dozens and it's been bad as inserts and I like I'm where I'm aware Cust worked answers and you're seven years I know what it is like. To get blamed for things that are clearly not your fault especially going above and beyond reason. But when you were. Not doing your job you should not get rewarded for right Mike and I know that it's part of their salary but you should also get docked for not doing your job because I honestly. From my personal histories or Sri fired at that point. I'm not a day or you're no they've not the best part due she forgot our appetizer. Did not and putting and and we got a are on trees suddenly asked about ago I forgot about the I apologize my fault no's one things that's the second struck and everything right but when you're not doing your job. You should not dictate and she was not doing her job I also have no empathy for air force servers no offense and nine hear me out. Because it was the same way that it was like with me so I worked at dairy queen and we had people. Come in in which salt shakers on the table on the idea that being used in the quarter and slammed. This all down Sally the next person you confuses solve the saw comes out. Of the I'll get one gets everywhere and happened. We we're dairy queen like so middle school kids would come after school and they would just you know vigna mess and stuff like that. And like at this time like I was the one that clean it up. It was my job I didn't complain about it's like however. And that way I would go to youth. Restaurants and do the exact same thing and people like YED day you were in dairy queen and a Buick because I have to deal with the team it's part of life it's part of my job like why is it. We could you give the court or think do I really got a pitcher like you like him. I never complain about it that they didn't think it was that big deal late it was just me it was part of my job dairy queen after cleanups all that little middle school kids in a comic cleaning because that's gonna happen again okay the baby at the table there's going to be him as I don't mind. The thing is when there is teenaged kids people are adults that pour out the entire pepper shaker. On the table and seeing what the point that you just wasted products foods like sure go and play. Some what is wrong with you it's not much that I met at a picking it up on what. In your mind thinks that this is a freaking funny are appropriate in today's I would never go to my friend's house and pour. They're able parmesan cheese container out on the committee on her honor the I guess it would. You're headed home a lot of up up to pass it though when your teenager linkages do stupid things and now older like. Teen you know to an adult day I've had some really don't when he something dirty girl forty year old people. I don't get me wrong I know I'm wrongly I know that I should care but I don't like at it that way it was is never a big thing to me like I was just like well this is part of my job so dominant unit and at that point it's part of this person's job or I'm also one of those people that'll go to a store. And Ali grab something and I'll just move it around because lately if I. I'd like I want this to liter bottle Coke. And so of the that I like locker and I don't want it's I just put it wherever and immigrant from its old enemies is the open it back to where it's actually no it's these people's job to put it back. Harder and more annoying and it. For the fact that he now I'm at it like for me like if I have a table with kids and leave a come leaked math and right now currently out and I like on if I had kids read and never going now to like actual exit restaurant or I will like clean. It spaghetti everywhere it's like disgusting things they they're juice boxes and Eric Gagne Beers and their goal like everywhere and I'm like. Your babies that are I don't like it weekly make it clean her apparent. I love are the ones you can buy eighties there was I guess I like cellophane kinda but it would build a Mac they stick to your tee aria and it would put the baby's food on the one they're not putting food on a questionable table. And to like it's easy to pull up. They get some people apparently that there which is great that I just pile everything on pull that little thing off and the table plane and a I had only once when it worked at a breakfast joint. She would buy like an adult order for her two kids you immediately and year old kid and a three year old. And she would cut up the French toast but the French toast conduct evil. Without anything on there and then proceed to pour syrup on top of the French toast all. Hoover the table is she was the most awful separate amber I think she came in once turner. Husband came in a couple times and I kind of made a mention to my host Islamic don't put them in my section again. It. We are lucky that I don't have problems with like dirty stuff like it doesn't bother me at all like if you left half of murder in the U decimated. And and spin on it would expect. Movement won't catch Robert we will move along for the long it's not like. And the problem tax year clean and he's a barn. It's. Been. And putting them back where. It. And I met on a list of stuff that down and now than it is hitting. So good at it easily your bread you need to work on. The best. Guy like singled Ira is off vortex of clothes and proud. You don't use more steam iron now jelly used to be my room because George is like have to get over I don't DMO Rourke he got Darryl he barely uses it. His clean clothes that I people that are in there all the dirty clothes all over that might be implore that bit of like. A hurricane as your room there are we need to talk to George brought it here. Awed and the good it's great that you met me NBC my room when I care I think there might be something happened to her somehow somehow while we have not had expected Dirk I had a week later. Sports tonight favorite mean it's like nobody claims nothing is faster than a man cleaning his house when he knows it's coming over Alia. That shot on no it's I act properly you can't hide that's a closet where everything it's. I think if they don't open the closet. Our lives that they think it ablaze for joining us at Carolina they wanna know if any. We've learned quite a bit today and I'll see you guys next time I. And.