Broad-Cast Ep. 97- "Turning Bad"

Tuesday, February 27th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara chat about what annoys them as servers, then get into at what age they turned into "bad girls", as well as annoying yoga and wedding trends! 

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Skin. It. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Need. Welcome to the broadcast at one. Time they keep. Their. And hand. But. At the Friday. We finally made it it's him. How I feel like it's so. I think it's because it's our first official full week of the year working every single week. Panic and we had linked cubic. And it is at ten months. Out of all week. Jesus in a mistrial. Albert. Were very much writing natural bust hell I don't. And any fine. Information I am that much on the. How is gonna start off with you and you weaken and that we planned well and on. The exposed in a complex cards and drinking and yen and a break broken every weekend. And I think I'm an aggregate money. Because I'm going to house parties. Another house another house are it was just so cool because I didn't know people our age still have house parties I don't like such a high school kind of beginning of twenty staying in now. And our mid to late when he is I'm very excited that. I mean I I don't know I hope it's like arranger. The last house Braylon to if you re in the know what the rangers' Ryan just like Cuba will house warming link in like I want raider I want tank I want. Jello shots and beer crying in the hole things I'm I'm very impressed by about two house parties and one month. Have never been to an actual house party where I can think 81000 hole and I went and part of ours pre fund. Then party at a bar and we went to. Somebody's house but I was ground during my house out and yeah and then like after that I sobered up and age. And went back to drinking and I remember the rest tonight I don't remember it just oldest pre funk you. Birdies. Are just used to like the house parties like on TV. But that's what I'm thinking both parties like where it's like multiple stories and it's like a dance party on every floor and I dirty big flat out and half and that's kind of what I pictured house hurry. Now who look up where we none of assert that much wealth aids. My rookie clay Campbell these days ago in Ireland cute you know having sex in the ring and it was so high school and I haven't attended a DJ the reasonable laptop with the lights gallon. I know governor and party schools. Party but it drinks and it's loosely packed. You didn't get when you start drinking. 1920. Via a street edged total straight edge and a little beauty to issue yeah yeah and then I got a fake ID because I was moving down LA and and economists now so I decided to take a and used that way then I resent. Had started drinking. Is a whole parents. In. Case you were early bloomer in anger and a pop for the first time it's like. Around the same time I went not into and an entirely lake. And so again I haven't had any temperature I ever that's I've now on account and then Allen like maybe five times in life like. Now the good again and Mike's cell always. Just act crazy anyway and it went on this and I was senator and you are your cars got my I would go to party and be like. Aggregate and it it and I am I gonna nominate you. Drink only milk and I can't I haven't had a drop alcoholic. You what are you have. That's that's. A fun person would be because if you learned that looting your just kind of gone after and I am into a house apartment party for Halloween and we we're playing king's cup economic first time ever playing king's cup. Kind of an about tweeting. I payment recent athlete I don't know. And it was my friends Delaney Halloween party. And I was I was a server. And I would watch sometimes the other servers make drinks I started equipment making drinks mixing some like pineapple those and with this and isn't guessing and then the drinks take him. So I would go in mix my own injuring witches just you know Alec Hogg was since Bryant maybe some orange she is. And I was just check it out all night and while we are playing up everyone wanted me to get up. Intrigue where I was foolish thinking about it I now shut the entire night string gap creek and the like are you okay like. Not a job now called it I think it. I think based on how to get home. Yeah how arrives before Hoover was really prevalent now or even ground at a you know your peers are all yet I don't like the wheel drinking and right I would scratch on W one. Had the very overbearing and Mexican parents and overkill have killed him. Oh yes so whenever I would go out in Q anything my folks would immediately like when he coming home to tilt it clockwise to home like even the appellate when he roads like pick your apps that but you'd come home now I don't have to deal them bitching them well let me drinking even when he line. I just did not wanna hear about it. So I just either didn't dream quarry it's like I did sneak out there and it's we got a couple times or rights and it's Grossman. Hang out have a star is really merit. At ceases house all weekend went really hasn't spoken. Like not getting turned polite now on the other means a little bit phenomenally crazy crazier is none of us support when he wanted to get time so witty. With nineteen. It is with a tough day Israeli accurately how and I can link. I had older friends those like Chinese vessels really sketch. Like like now is running backs like get ago gonna fit for me but not when liquor was in grocery stores through it had to go to a liquor stores by the and it felt like I wish. And health staccato it's like are leveling groceries are going to liquor stores like going like blockbuster. For all along the get harder liquor stores around nine nova got gonna go to lake. Like. She discreetly let her story Pete is on me and Matt birch trees are and a range yeah I mean. A mechanic needs pants. And in my body am merely can't develop here for Christmas thing skiing. And using due to mean in he'd do it mean. Mean like I've bought him like fancy bottles of whiskey before hours he like decent thing for me the and I do like tequila them Mike into real it's at in the year it is. Yeah I now I would like sitting like it's just like margaritas action on it depended flicked the good quality stuff like vodka. I I had sipping vodka before and I hate vodka and it was very taste is that because I had an ice not ice and it was really nice has released their. And just tell it to keep that Selig yet. You know crappy tequila you put that in a Margarita Kadima mask it with all those flavors Kenya sit in to hear is just nice and smooth. It goes down Manning is that I think. It. And all that you take shots or sit on whiskey ever. Oh yeah and I take out with I was writing up it was given any help but do you sit it at all if I might. At my boyfriend's death house offers me off the whiskey. And a gallon of Iran within the exude. Has yet like a fancy stuff what and what is the antiseptic hand. He well we get I got a bottom like bullet before I looked at apple and I have not gotten. Two other different kinds at just look really cool if you got standards on the bullet Irvin and dry you can get away with mixing with something elegant man had some that you can definitely have that in and make it different drink but there are some whiskey and elected a whiskey bar. My bartenders would not. If they but they asked yeah I want like you know this really penalty and in Polk. Ehrlich a really nice nice with you let her die in size in the bartenders I think a couple of aside. Friendly he had like it is the classic code can decide yes. But they tell us at the first night at it and mark cannot they are pretty happy with this to edit happy media and news that line. The bartender can do he wants but and Apple's not totally like following an all girls reliance and some of some girl you know they're African risky. Yeah I just no way Marat now like yesterday a customer. My third job. Just talk all about these two kilos. And like is late. So it's him who goes to Tampa goes like so you know go to the bartender and a negative shampoo those. Like I east. Light air chilled with the places of Orange and like Alec I know him like Agassi it's. Hated that when you're working your restaurant job and they start to ask you questions about something that it's not even related here restaurant like I hate it when people like vodka as you look and it's keep that they wanted to and instantly. Do you not see this wall of 200 whiskey. I have five runs. Yeah at all like that and I've had people coming I've really just wanted something with Ronnie you have the ram. Like. And go to minus one down the street while I. It's like. We were not. They were known for or Paris or not known for alcohol. And again we have full bar and like OK we have your specific in mind. He he it's like yeah. Sorry thank. And now. Go to our opinion that's. A cool. And again if you're professional server. That you should know everything on the menu and everything on all the news people get man means like you know I like big meal Buckley that I don't know everything. My part time job and it Cheney is its country changing and like I know what the special learning no water wells are. Yeah I'm not gonna know if we have like do you see that there is 200 from bottles of whiskey and doesn't count. Our. Our brand keys are. With the color bronze that he their August multiples lows. Another innocent people and now. More lenient and use this 18. Years. That that's my favorite. Hung like I'd maybe in her three. When people about iconic cucumber and cream cheese and richer here once. And I want them to make an annual it's on the mini happy here for little old lady and at all here's the thing. Yes I have cucumbers. But we don't carry. The working here for three years we've never hug. I don't know how this person EG a cream cheese cucumber CN scientists is yes she was. Italian lady and like I can't do that this time around than each one in season whoever's in its. McCain with envy and let them in furtherance. You don't have any other B in options like we found that we can make Egan and get all mad and restaurants dagger out of art like I wouldn't go in get migrants were in Seattle. We have the options there salads and I know like some get offended on a personal level when you it's just the. Yeah well I mean I get a lot of its view of gluten free pizza. And I say now that we have it on solid and we do records on soup like. And it's just like not status like I don't I don't know you want from me we don't Michael I don't got other places that have gluten free someplace to do now go to the gas mask for burger. Great and it's like I'm accurate he should be carrying me options. Now because you need to cater to everyone that's not how that works feet yeah I. But sat for an off the kind of bugs me that I feel like it's just catering its next trend it. And peek at seek I keep warm words accede to keep popping up on my peace with the and yoga classes but there is ones with like cat yelled and they know us we talked about the before I feel that everything about me as much as most time cats leaving them alone. Don Don Young. Like not warlike apnea that aren't there be running around put all of the place jumping on you you really aware that you're not needing attention now here's an ice trance not all the dogs and different once you just. How the day worried drink wine and play with puppies like to make a puppies studio play with I think it is stupid I think it's really done to you mean like I was like a really big animal lover. And I audio and I would like combine that too. Late now and like that you like how do you really pissed off actually in the right mind you know yelled at the end. I. Chocolate cake I really Love Boat I don't lines and no I outlined. That in my and a half an hour now and there for a one purpose was not seeking to die. Like yes they're cute but it's like. If there are babies like costly GAAP babies are cool assured Q ever but I don't want them in my yoga class on the climber he now like. In italics everything and now stop mixing or I'm watching the Amazing Race and there and they do go yoga. I saw that till I was gonna say that bring Allen up my son and I go you'll come again that does not make sense if you're trying to do mr. impose the -- gonna try to jump on any deal they have like a little clip on dobbs about his dog and goats like running across all of them. Canola. Federal us disgusting they're called. You don't I don't care. Cracker and now only dog and a I don't understand this man and I and I'll get. And I am flabbergasted they notre with execute I think it's cool for your insert and pictures and stuff. That then everything else and not a big fan of belly finally the pats and technical issues here at the podcast. Finally have. Iron formation by the way if you wanna contact us FaceBook and Twitter yeah. Broadcasts 999 edit. On instrument what are the broad dash cast and on pace that our 2537. To an 86029. Column last week voicemail yes we yet preferably when your Mary intoxicated that be funny. Easily pleased are writing your phone number on. Everything began Adams let's just call us when call for good time relief Bill Clinton 2537786029. Just in case again. Needle attacks and number two and I'll look at the text messages and read them probably when it. The bus and but I know one of the things I did find. Speaking of weird trends. In this article I fashion beans and it's just wedding trans overrated overrated wedding during trends and need to be retired. Lou I like this because as I like I'm not really ones like I'm never ran a small person like it's volatile like always you're planning. But I don't think things like what Atlanta has now lined out to it really have to where's my old plumbing news and our isn't injured whales all lack probably due actually really care. Only curious to see is that the guy. One is the cash bar. The Easter dress up other such Heathrow 300 bucks into an envelope in your ready to go and you go to the bar in the art Anderson going to be eight dollars watched. So you should be basically saying if you can't afford a host parties for all your earpiece in the world that you wanna share the most important day with. They go for something smaller. Let me get to pay for bits yeah race. I think tablets and good I had middle ground is it you. Make like OK the first couple grand or whatever here's this much money towards the bar that I know my friend we want to drink yeah out to that here's this of the cap once it's done. Record like just beer and wine and adding a cocktails or there's like cute cop cocktail options yeah at the latter. But I met I always line at our Atlantic shocking and now. But I went to a wedding and firm my dad's brother which Downey ruler and it was so nice and like. Three course meal it really really. Like done and he was he's recovering alcoholics. And others it is but they are there but it was you'd pay her. No problem with. I was like they've spent. All this money right on. All of this ridiculous that all of this that it all the greatness. That like I am surprised I was cool but it sounds like a minor and it might be different because I was like trying to nearly completely faded a man like race. Uncle or whatever he has to be sweating it but it. But I still a herb and I thought I have a lot of friends who make art postponing getting a generic Erlich I want to be able to afford it. Rate I'd like for me I have I used to want that big wedding because going to Mexican wedding day and I could Aegon every age proofing dressing ire bridesmaid. And you everyone's hair every Wednesday and people didn't even know these are showing up my wedding is going to be here any time mean you're like asked them rats and then maybe do like reception with a few more people. And just by people closest to me and got them actually heard on the thing I was in I think like DI is on the big party I'll court house up there but. Feeling that I really in the ointment and a ideally conference what you can do is if I had seen a difference to this. They rent town hall of space they have everything and moved to a certain way. Happier wedding there and then quickly turn it around I bridesmaids and then reception reception. Or just literally five minute with a that the tables go to down get and I'll look at me going to relief knowing Hillary I think you. At 510 minutes begun. The problem is that how much of that hall. Look like if you can you know get around it you can just elect I have an idea family reunion. If you say hello. I legally do that via prize the Iranian arsenal has. Weaknesses it's. What is because I liked it we treated to an island. How to be funny at an idea actually asleep birthday. At. The thing is the sweetheart table. Have you seen that weddings where. You have like one separate table for and I keep the Bryant rule where sometimes the brain German media there bridesmaids and yell at one long table I've seen at the front I think yakking that says not really sure who's more and comfortable at the head table the couple whose 200 gassed or watching their every move. Or those said guess painfully trying to stare at the groom picking the arugula at its teeth. I wanted to like. Which you want your bridesmaids in. Mean you know yeah island with yet little awkward because if your bridesmaids. If this bridesmaid boyfriend or husband not a like in the grooms men party than years that we offered I had at that recently where all one big table and there are a bunch of bridesmaids her mom's their kids like running towards them. And I'll. The other when it's cake in the face. You know. That but if you just spent 200 dollars to get your makeup and the that's where I'm like I am I have my future husband like I'm getting it to you eat and think that he put it like he dismissed using your boobs and eat at. Action at lava except my dresses lakes and the makeup rate. I think like if a picture you know we're cats so I think you can make it work and and I. I don't is gimmicky wedding fame. Themes it's as the mother of the bride is just the cling on the flower girl is Trixie Donna I'll look like she belonged to settle the Walking Dead Dicker is wearing an autograph that you get the drift. I feel like it's you do whatever the hell you want so original these math language and some answers to what are what the says as your wedding days and as a party the life and golf commitments operation but at the point the wedding is the gimmick. And they've what the customs for a leaner your fiftieth birthday party in my town you know what. This like cart them away from the altar guess what the officer weddings the whole Ayers thing coming cynical there really. Like it's been done who the hell cares I assume it's like you are isn't quite festive like represent being a version like about the whole lake. Everyone is where is way anyway believe what's scary down so that the actual about the show at Cameron's everything yeah yeah so it's good to show I think from. Speicher one of those networks and he picks a topic and he goes and delves into that. Like the wedding industry. He did one about restaurants in about a tip being in how early. In theory we shouldn't be tipping people wax restaurants should be giving us fairway EG in that he kind of went on about how to big originated in south. In how it really isn't fair. The landings he said about the wedding industry it's like one you know back and he would have just weddings at like borrow ratings or whatever they just kind of mix at all it. And Monica let us now I mean she's not a virgin and really that tradition started with Queen Victoria. The point of a white dresses to show how much money you have because the woman went you don't Wear white dresses to those who get dirty. You can't where are the ones and a that was the whole idea and they keep that little car like the little actor's own characters and then there and look at Aaron her where than more than one stressed kind of. They like to swear an oath. Well that's Queen Victoria started that trend. The people that was their way of showing how elegant and rich they warranty with the big cakes could shaker was also very on a hot commodity like it was a super expensive. Kind of that's sort of an exe think like the whole thing it's like. Gimmick you know assets like either you might be hit not rich people and people aren't urgent slower way race. Did you like at that if you lobby that cling on if you want doing it lining wine. Leann hooked up with the Arab and that. What what kind of theme you think. And they say is that things now I think like I'll like it means how link sort sexy like Brussels or something. And me heavily. Typing issues that amount slam tournament bank do you have a hop and I don't ounce on the lake in my dad had a white suit in that light pink. Those times you know it encumbered bond and his hair was all big empathy was really bad day that's on the main thing. I found I think out of rooms everything talking about the white wedding thing. My engagement was one thing I've been dreaming about this day my whole life. Friends are here my very traditional family is here Mencken is proud son. Of course to would have preferred Catholic priest and this is tradition Adam. Address the ceremony to kick. It'll symbolize his true love note those provisions are present one thing. Money in fact this entire ceremony has been hijacked by a greedy industry looking to make a buck. This is the way weddings have always wrong again. American weddings were once in formal affairs held in the homes or community events like barn raising or corn husk and b.'s. I hereby present you may have life. Now he. He's never. Obviously I Adam but that's our real wedding site wearing white. She's hurt. Really don't. Anyone out written. Stiff back then a white Everett was almost impossible to clean so white dress was only meant to be warm once. Folks can't afford rent. We make our dresses the last round note showed the dirt it. It was intended I Queen Victoria who don't want to stress to my wedding that other brides begin to copy need to show up that well. But even then it was strictly for the weather to deal with things she's so down there more than one dressed. They're more than one long not even like wedding cakes were all about bragging. What should go back then was so expensive it was basically edible Blaine. Like his doesn't like my head and. History little com. Now you you raised it can't and so on our way and announce the tradition like our it's like. There's something there's one. Nice about it just like. I haven't had data logging not I am all the Alley stuff like that that I do appreciate. I want my presence albeit with few others. And academics from sold often touchpad gasses such that collars. See for you whenever I get married that they were to come out. You know I like immediately she campaign is like the Goldie. Prayer Trenton. Not economic stark white for Mike and lenders don't plan on against senator I different types of whites it we got a wedding dress store day like oh that's why and then there's likening it whaling. Why there's like start quiet there's. What is it I favor he. Like I. And they want an alcoholic appointment thing like just feel like look at Mir animal but I really evidently used. She is running a selector is like and there's wanted to come on the month and we got my grandma's fiftieth wedding anniversary tracking it as a hundred dollars tailoring their Halley yes that Hagen and it hasn't gotten her late. Granted are really nice ones she got her prom dress they're like 89 X one like there's some really good deal for you if you. It's feel like a lot of that is like I got a bear weighing or whatever brand name. You're spinning 101000 dollars 5000 dollars now to know dollars on over in dress up like a down payment on a car for one boom in the doesn't make sense to me beat me like if you want to doing them the money you do it like patsy patsy you. And that's I can't live your life. Another overeat wedding trend is asking for cash. The cast your mama ever tell you that kind of can ask us not forget. It is taken up not to step further when they tell you that they don't Chester gets choosing skills and checked to get the cash instead. I think it's different when someone has to be seen her into wedding where the eighth. They're going on vacation and you can buy name like hey I'm going Hawaii and I do mean there's igniting. I lot I think that's really cool yeah that's dope. Like I am only glad or public money towards my why my honeymoon fund I think the point of getting all the gifts for a wedding originally. Keeping an outlet together you needed that toaster and blender you live your parents you. Buy a house or whenever you move in together asking your married and a half but we don't. You know even the toast you boarded a little with a partner for a couple of years ago and maybe a few random things here in the air but it. I must act now I do know one thing at one opponent on wishlists. Went and it can be an Amazon listless whenever I do get engaged or married or whatever media to do for fun. They sell these ice makers and it's like the sonic like the crunchy ice 1000000400. Dollars for the stupid machine now ideas on the planet but in your friend Reid tell it like elegant machine count how hot I ice Arianna it connect anything but I just in the video and it. Different. But not this kind of ice release like the little guys like a slashing. Almost slushy via the ice QBs in outlook and we've got a sonic. Ice is now. So ridiculous thing because I don't know they know it's a bad a a but I'd be only expect that yeah I. I did go to mainland swears that bring Ingram because they have their running and then I was with his nose at next year's years ago. We into the reception. Where dress again which that was cool via on a separate day and what an ass on their new target registry was like peanut butter and jelly. It just random stuff at the I was cute. If I'm outside that's the grade I tell you know once somebody's purchased. In and another thing is the bond hearing bridesmaid photos. So there's a few pictures that around Armenia Internet which are really really Q I think I think they're really here in the establishes a pilot. And but it's one more like it looks like all hell's breaking into the bridesmaid is the bride I'll channeling punch each other. Some of that there's really she's drinking. There's another one another link the bride is recovering flower girls IA is in the ones like pulled her skirt up to your black. These are like old. There and answer old tradition but it. Kind of like the new in thing to do you just like the goofy pictures. The scenic and one playing action happening a beer at Atlanta bottles campaign. And you. Get how that with your bridesmaid. And the greens and hit heavy deadly ground is like being like being quote unquote accidentally all step they're dressed in T. Yeah yeah. Funny. Yeah I think back and it's a lot of fun I did for what's going into recently we did the bride's maid those from the edge in the movie. Again Colin Earl can pose a certain way. Game he had you know like tough girls yeah how we had too many girls night and that Miller round and I got this picture together and it looked off. Of them off and accepts I wit we went many girls that we had to you that I like that that's fine that's like shakes things up the traditional. Area iron curtain like honestly that really weird here personalities you app perfect Q all the time my girls. African Dennis Ayers we drink. Without a singer Chris. Friday I went to sign. Like we he called the practice. You you know I. Well for them we've been known to you but we don't really mean now you and your interview Monday yeah definitely. Like my friends that have done some crazy stuff in the back. And Europeans glasses in my Paris. And getting blacked out with these people while they in Iraq after after the eighties at an. As a member of blink on average and he broke that. Just a few months ago. Yeah that was fun only because we just on the arm to pick. And bleeding and excellent is kroc the Gatling. Apparently wearing a doubt the croc and Democrats and is now Crockett. Mike Allen. No blame it on the dollar pants. Now I feel like someone just explains I think my my house so I've never says except about one time and time for out alive. It will basically what the dollar dancing is like you know the bridegroom versed in the middle to dance floor and everyone lines up and you dance for a minute. Minute somebody either taking the money like what my cousins lighting. She had her like the maid of honor in best man take the money. And so you get like a dollar five dollars or whatever and you go in dance with them so it's basically kind of giving them like a little extra cash. Further running maker further you know future. The layman might that my parents letting there is video of this. In that I've seen many awaiting that do this to get CT pins are just like the little tiny pins. And you paint it on to their clothes so on the I'm address it's like a tap in pin assignment images Nina so you're putting. All this money on their outfits other dancing with this like hoard money on them like some people in my mom's bale as scenic. Some like my from my dad XE it's it's big trophy here the kind of accordion style needed to about a player on his head. So they were just covered in many take the pictures you take money off and so he keep the money. That sounds really cheap to me it's not like a stripper. You're just panning and senate staff break. But you gans with MC your pain for that like you dean actually dance with them. We haven't Lancaster reading this for you re like Phil I decide I really hate actually say this is the traditional everyone pays the bright one dollar to be able to answer they're serious is that from the cheesy as a taking cash during a wedding how humiliating is it for the woman to get paid to be dance with nevermind the bright. Yet no I don't like each mile against the Brett for free up very and it went against them last offer another tacky thing it's inviting people to the shower but not the wedding. I have to I have to say I think wedding showers are the steepest there and predator as. It just. What really do other bridal shower like it's another excuse to get it for me give you get and a wanna do that I'm Marty getting your wedding gift Heidi fell out engagement. I think it's like hey we're going out to dinner that I had a friend that did that that eager folks like you're gonna go all out to dinner and surprise them. And just get together and hang out at me casual yet it wasn't Serena rang gifting a temporary easiest thing. Tee and I am telling you would maybe help would you bring. That's all line meaning. Heard the view you have to play it. How do you feel about the game I solace. On YouTube where it's like big guy the groom and the bride that act back in the public issue or somehow let it collect. Which plan is more likely to be late and you get a hold of the guy Syria that bread girls. I want you didn't like autos and entertaining and the so funny like when one thinks of the other line blank you know those kinds. In that a wedding make it a lot more interesting. Ike hit there's what was the game I mean. And that's a lot of Mexican weddings and a lot of white people weddings and tough in the norm. But there is one where like obvious when you throw that the case and yeah garnered. It's too caught have to do again it's how awkward yes they have to dance with the that things usually. The ones I've been typically very like and that and I and I am and a traditional Mexican dance. Yeah. Right it's very much like that I'm sitting there Campbell Scott. The the Ocalan smells like while Richard yeah that's where he is a woman ripped it out of my hands and fighting that's all cash you can get married first of I don't care go for a lady. And so than she had cancer I was totally OK with not doing that either have them for. Sure I've seen other teams that weddings like. Do you remember. Not only can usually think games are usually hit that engagement prettier Anna Cathy my front engagement creating panic in nuclear what game with Tampa went to questions and stuff. Opera I'm like totally rob I would do right. Cain. Like the other runs late Wayne mar. Channel rate like. Move in like I played highly they had I went to my buddies wedding any he had giant Jane down. That was fun I think that's kind of the thing now like to come did you like her backyard wedding like ring tossing coronal hole I BW live outside battening and it inside that B relievers. Like he played more games involving the bride and groom in the middle and other somewhere they'll put gains on the table. There is the wedding she game going bingo could be time. My homework and see what encourage me going among your guess another wedding game icebreaker is bingo in this purging guest onset market card as numbers are called out instead they have to take their cart around the other gas to find someone in the room. Who can claim. That's me given the clear provided. And then making it official by rain their initials when created the cards try to avoid being too generic with descriptions and think about unique clues describe your gas your sent. Earth months instruments played tech to sports fan odd talents. So you already place. I'll op or ice breaker that's the point. It's like if there's like 200 people your wedding yet and there's like. I have a tramp stamp Yugo or heat you tramp stamp know you like Attila his. Friends and family like my friend and now in Munich you'd I've seen it and seen in a statement like OK if to prove it to me. In transit as one of the things as an example I evaluated yet I but I think this would be good with a two under personally and it is like Q like acquitee. Port. But he can do large public and Catholic came width with games he played awaiting a flip cup. My future. Right flip cup ranged in age they're saying video games like rock band Guitar Hero just the month you know black eyed. If you haven't beaten if you're gamers that makes cents are few and it. It's the kissing game. Not a fan of kissing when gas clink their glasses break out the idea why died basically at large decorated square box and decide the pucker up type label each side peck on the he cheats the show stopper kids take itself BK is terrible I cannot likeness. I like photo Booth now I think side of the Atlantic or doubt I detail. I I think that should be I think each one currently even. Make it real cheap and just kind of set up like a little. What I a black backdrop with the camera and timer. They'll have. A photo with our company on it pretty picky here but it was self on a catalyst stupid signs that hole and it here eight years like. Mistletoe and it was like a blast to public I just fun and just take eighty pictures to solve the I would I wish I could have been your ethnic and second it's in a ago. Christmas party you missed this on this one but by far it was like that and I kind of important watching imminent since I was looking at it. Look like Palestinian homesick. Gallic last year yeah it was fun. A villain is life sized bright replica wedding cake can be seen those. Not from training but I do really on big blanket and a lot me and my dude that action here on top. Like what kind of action that now I see funny ones where it's like. A Barbie in the did you Jones half fat I'm thinking of that. And acumen that means there's some thing LE NC Cameron like the bride's choking groom a C. And notice so creepy yeah I. Light of my earnings now all we know thank you know that is weird links them all Kaiser had now. Nothing now I think they have a bit wedding cakes that fits this I wanna do the wedding cake taste. But I don't action on illegal like as you know they jock as prices look like crazy it would own dam case what you did O. It's cool trick is if you really nothing special really your first cake biter whenever you going to get like a little fancy one done. The regular price that you get a little guy has a thousand dollars and maybe a hundred Kenya and they need despite plenty sheet cake from Moscow. Yes and I finally just eating cheesecake. Besides you it really tall. But then I'm gonna have to have them kinda think server from. You know. Now alma and spouses polymer abuses laughter and that everyone has to cut their own peace if they ought cake. I and other one is social media at the altar at 20% treated stated every it's so easy are going to no matter what social status now. Apparently they do that they'll go at the altar of mark their Mary hi hey that's and a timeline that is beats stupidest thing at. I hate apps that is lake before they fake earth ran tickets the Bryan. Changing he expects and that's it's it's cut its of its coming I mean I think that's yeah I did go to a wedding and it was kind of when everything was dying down. It was kind of weird disaster waiting. Like it did legal pad bidding go eat and how hard. So I was exhausted because I'm always tired so I'm. Now nobody standing. In the way that was the wedding party prep area via. Majority leader on the turned into a beard like. Beer pong area out every land left from them next month. And then there and he showed back up in the breaker downstairs and their belt on their fountains next to each other and I looked at my and it's not. They changed their relationships that about Anke it if it's like I down like after an act now man that looks silly out of material on top ten embodiment. And it's certainly an hour party people I have a party just. Just go well how can just sleep on account for me how but the big elephant had pieces like the big spark me. Chinese now all I mean in talent. Furl wedding. You know people who are really tacky looking leafs tough immigration I don't know what you viewing fueling getting married on. This line you're gonna disagree and giving away the bride. Is back in the old they are women more effectively possessions a father would give away his daughter return for something of value like a goat some cash Greek trachsel and thereby transferring ownership of the woman to her husband. Anything. Whoever wrote that's. Either this fathers that are doesn't have a good relationship with the father beat I think you have a better relation to your father like. For me this. Is like a he is the key is going to be giving away need to an enemy and and obviously I was still in my father but into my father always lake. Being Everest daughter and like teen parent link fixing things behind team like now it's it's a different Mans. Responsibility yeah it keep you in check. You really really play really think about it nothing political really emotional. Moment for me and I think from my dad to examine only girl like. I mean I know how to grow Nestor but easier at hand I'm sorry but I feel like. I don't know like I if you have a father why would you have them. They and gets just three and that the relationship with your father mean. I've hit in relation to your father like why would they get I and it is my eye and I didn't use a dad be held he Nina my wedding like. And I have my brother walking out or somebody else lock down on manic look up to you as a health again but I even think I don't even know I would. If I have a male figure like I don't even a I have let my mom walked me down I feel like it's a very late due to do that I hear I think both my parents walk with me I like that idea. They're still feared at hand like I mean there's so many weird weddings nowadays inflate it otherwise but they why why what BI agent. Com well because they both raise me they're both they both took part in to making the person I am today and in turn out to turning me over. To like my husband who's going to be with me during those hard times so but I went on is like Dick like my mom solid my mom. Right you're Allen always beard DeVon it's like is like as a do you like now this duties taking care. The fans like you know because I get where you're coming from but in my head I don't see it partly because. Dispute is not what's really going to take care of me we're going to take care of each other it's not like you have to be my protector it's like Alec we're in this together I don't. I don't necessarily need you be my protector anatomy my dad's the protector I take care of myself but they've had these people in my life mom and my dad. Who are my support and I expect my husband he supports I feel like it's adding to this whole like me and apparently. Mail like. It's the dude. Like. He is a male. I got all grown up like you know my download like. Men are the protector meant at hunters man out in time sang some link. He is passing mile when my mom also be that comforting nurture one leg at a time and to be cubic exactly I mean nearly that's my mom's an enemy. Knows my mom could be one that is one that's hunter herself so it's young girls and feminism and more strong and we can all like ours obviously. You know my dad has set a very good example what kind of man I want in my life. The amount is also set an example of what kind of person I want a piece I think it is like a coat thing I have never will probably get people wanting to add an idea it's weird at lake. The moms are in it. Oh because you know I mean they're not like if we're looking at this this my back in the day where it's McCain organ and how many give you this my daughter and you're gonna give us landed a goat race in the money so when it was a treating thing women had no sane when he came into negotiations and meetings ally with a woman be there when the man's in charge of. I don't know I mean it's oven made of honor and I'm surprised that come from a 9 am but a surprise that like the woman or the mom isn't. Like the me on how would make sense to me. Like oh this is my closest female in my life your economic and answer you know an insane but as we and the problems and it's a round like. So really the ancient Romans are quite superstitious at ten maids and ten men stood by the bride and groom to protect them from evil spirits. Bridesmaids Ingraham has been stressed identically to the writing group respectively to infuse the malicious forces. The thinking went that if all the women in all the men dressed the same in the vial demons would not be able to target the rating group specifically. This is so extract this. Like what they believed in back you know and everything that people believing all kinds of religion like I was still at the mom once in Davis like Fathi of parents. Committee that they weren't strong enough and on topic tighter than they do. It says there likely be in there from beginning and sisters and others close cousins college. I am trying to read this quickly but you. I've a question Berea in February engaged or getting married. And you AC unit brought it right and yours do you had a sister would you make that Dick sister apart here. And if I me yeah like O'Donnell like really close by and that you as relate. Fine milled around late whatever you like if I if I need it like actually if he had a bunch of Guzman know like three and yet three. And then I had and I needed three now. They have like other girlfriends I would rather. And asked to that I want to be up there with Muster is not app because some people. Really think like out there and gas have their that significant others. Siblings. Like as a wedding party like it's like he means. Depends on both yes. Yeah like if I am super close to his sister and I'm like oh my god she's I'll Sonia well. That we really operative like that does happen and he's not close all the rather like and I that he doesn't get my brother would be a columnist and editor of yeah relying. And other over rated wedding and the garter toss advocates on us. Mean I know hat like I don't know I don't really care about it but normally it's kind of cool and he either now I think be a fun like. Picture elements you know I mean by I'm not all of our ninth fires than anyone but you mean just do it I don't like meaning now that the garter toss. Until like the wedding and it and I like the do nothing to do but yeah I third indicate to us and yeah. And but it can't via like we did like the whole weird Mexican dance thing afterwards that. You can always stealing. Paper flowers there it's like yeah ours is like a hold an empty bottle of champagne. Except that I threw up I would be kept her out there at Iowa and what we UNC when he took the guard he parent the corporate Democrat. Stephen Costello. Last on the list was the chicken dance can honestly don't know but adults to chicken and beautiful do that test when I honestly think it it's changed with like the top house client hands. There's any other eyes and a lot although it cupid shuffle shuffle which honestly like. I turn up at like whenever that time and yeah I feel like the ocean go out to answer I can without rocket Maher. Mar. The macarena the macarena I can look at. At those from I mean I pulled us up at the last putting it into an inch its mandate to mean with a song that never failed to make white people beyond hurt. Don't stop believing in an area especially karaoke raped at least a lot of these are going to be karaoke songs. Bohemian rhapsody and yakking on a prayer. Come on Eileen. Sweet Caroline shot to the Har pour some sugar on me seek an Alabama under pressure ship mail my lungs ice ice baby cotton I doubt that's fun. That's so down it's fun. 500 miles Wonderwall Buddy Holly a thousand miles teenaged dirt bag. Read fill a cup mr. bright side never gonna give you up eye of the tiger chicken fried I don't know that one. American hi I love rock minerals dancing queen don't you want me we will rock you the time warp he Jude and PM. I will admit there's quite a few on here you can turn it. I mean anything like it you know the Lear excitement for some news can't stop singing it right there is at the other and another list that we're missing drops of Jupiter. Have. And hazel system. Hunt came. India and yes it doesn't mean in the pattern. Smog eating out think jam back and today and then one that is off them. State seen as has static kill and a she's one and outweighed the no not at that particular affairs and cool. It was always. Weird because my dad. We talk about. Kelly pavlik if you make of the daughters Stacey. Bet on that term and I think. And you read that the the crap out of the fifth. And for Texas or get physical things that bother you a deal that old fashioned orient session are purely getting married. Our whenever when he has definitely player not player do you or merely. Wife TV is in its Wright Phillips and our your husband. Or your husband did now would we tell it like roles ever I knew a guy who's the more he wasn't route. But he was very much at. Yeah pretty equal when he came to their planning situations like OK just make up. Cores that you've liked and well in men between and it adds. Yes that's what I am for sure able to CU. Now they were hiring. A play I had no not he's probably in India. That high and you look Mary. You can mean the dictator. Yeah involvement in any event. About. I'm OK with pants you. Now. Head down and the I love my dynamic. Team member. January 26 2000 he's teaming so you might be a part of my bachelor party. That's why they're not sending gift. I bid up let me Amazon gift the U I what gets closer. To senator man. In and it's. You party brides on an audience like that and not. The panel I. The way you know please. If they'll present system system messages and what you think is ridiculous when I was gonna say. A cool thing I Celek on your wedding invitations we do is on the bottom line and he picked chicken or fish or whatever yeah. Cut song you request. Good idea vacations so that we you ever and it's to hear that song they. Data cannot say it probably felt I'm a flight paths might wrap. Mike stepped into the what is he can't afford look at BJ year being under whatever. And you can just have all those songs just download them put them on iPod apple I've been to those writings and I both. That's funny and you needed to each I wanna DG connect I'll. The thing. On who I'm like watch him married guy who's no interest in like like music. Play if I would think I did a lot of guys that are in billions and here in Seattle our friends organize Indians. How wayside be fun to just happily. Share. Yeah rotated but I want them all told her and like cheesy like white people turned upside and yeah I Alec all of songs just let's yeah. Like you mr. bright side pacing you're gonna like have went wide only their academic and Egypt I mr. bright side and you know. Sweet Caroline and sweet home Alabama OK and an imminent had. The guys over here and the man clobbered John Wayne's you know it had baby got I I'm actually it was a mix maybe he'll play well I think yeah. Did. Goals Okinawan I would do whatever you want for your wedding I will be iron now you've got to be a bite just doesn't mix well. I'll on welfare and so if there's any medical solar addressed the afternoon I does it replaced and so if you get the hang.