Broad-Cast Ep. 98 - "Bad Wedding Guest"

Tuesday, February 27th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara talk about Vicky's trip to Lopez Island; Vicky proves that she might be the worst wedding guest ever, and they both talk about what Sara will be giving her boyfriend for V-Day but more importantly their one year anniversary! 

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Is CN. The. Yeah and is. Maybe it's. Okay that you. Until another issue in the broadcast. TV. And patents error name. There's things Paris if you would like to get a hold of us. These but is the proud dash cast Twitter and and to grant at the broadcast 999 college sex at 2537786. Era to nine. And that email the broadcast and managing a it is. Friday. Paying me BG and I now have Monday off fray if I have so the last week out that we have because you. Third I was on the and look at Lopez island Lopez island. It was a hot was it yelling into Friday Harvard he girls and we were in our one scene isn't me. All males stand on my hair day yeah and treat him there is news. Self XX Rayed oh my god was that great for you oh. Mean it was awesome like wheat we did a lot of online stuff in the house saying Kenya but then when we are out it was kind of fun because. When the girl picked me up from the ferry outlast and arrive. Amanda G she's like we know find the grocery store you gotta go pick up milk and eggs a day. The grocery store Republican or phones knows there is yelling barely any service. And in my maps and write in and then she is like she could pull up her math. But it wasn't letting her putting an address or look for anything it just showed you the map of the general area of like amusement yes I mean we went to the streets look like. So we. We're driving around immediately this fork in the road like let's take a left. And we all air around the I. In which on the season. And we couldn't figure out and then that we finally get back around in turn the loop. We feel we realize that who would take a right it would have been right there. Three minutes as a posted an eighteen or attendees of the situation of them not that Momo now look at us it's our and we just that we thought it was pointing in that area. Yeah we just had against the then progress the trip I knew how to get around the islands because the last hour and a critic I Dick writes atrocity Tigger right. Here you became the story. With a gallon to get awfully on the theory there is no more Wi-Fi because this was costing to much money was worth it on the ferry system in that area. I looked up only that. But I was really really like ulcers is fine it's fun. And began for new girls stripped completely detached outside world it just sucks because like everyone tonight Allen feel like everyone our age is a night owl naturally. Are you not I I'm not because the radio station. The night and still cycling nominate earth Sunday through Thursday or whatever like tonight. Like Al Leo wait till at least. I needed sleep I need and a good nap in the middle in order to be awake. Through yearly hotly. And I'm never like. And lover and was kind of doing their thing and at one point Ilie I realize that and focus because you're trying to like make some stuff. No price went upstairs and just sat on the bad for a minute and I passed out for four hours. Why it was eleven there sharing a bed was on many issues because. She doesn't really sleep she's very much and now owl and she's not yet either she's not either she sees very little in general she's of those economic. 23 hours of the night at for her. It's got its continents and a passing new ones that it will be accused guess that gives them some work in separate computer. Am. Our assessment you're tired it's totally okay so like every morning I wake up super early. Those still doing an arrow and then Libya and nobody be outside be away for like 56 hours until somebody woke up just doing work in my drop. On the skin of antiseptic and care of and in the wake up and nearly an up. Rate and wish to take a nap because I kept go to sleep early. That you're officially old lady yes. You when you wake up at 5 in the morning. And on an eight page and I weekend as display before it was during the week. But like I am now I mean we can't if I could probably add pallets obviously we. And I've totally obviously. I actually wake up around six to use the bathroom by on the on the weekend I'll wake up. Even if I don't again may that it plays in Tennessee don't lose the tired feeling. Again and again I'm gonna lose basically be my daughter and a run out and do my thing come back and I probably same mentally. And that's like. Well. Gas and canceled in the early to ask if it's like does get any easier even doing mr. Solana. It doesn't being. I don't advocate and a Sunday there and I have some days I C Islamic. Like how people. Have won him an excellent now rate. I think there's tricks where. If you're going to be going to the country or whatever you're not to jetlag beacon start training your body here that our seas are going. Eating your meals at a certain time of day you have to kind of match with the hours will be like later in an you can probably do that cam answer going to. You know better release like you wake up early can just adjust your whole life so it. For example practice might be yet 3 in the morning and dinner might be yet you know. Four in the afternoon kind of a thing I ever in the afternoon as opposed to seminary. That discount it's shifting everything you can maybe do that but the weakens grass not totally anti life with other people. Who don't screw rate as you wanna spend time with them it's lethal I mean if I. But sometimes easier to sleep. But this week and Annie B plans. SPN time mine would kick honestly like I had a really. Chill relaxing again last weekend. Others as working at a job but like. Did almost nothing in it really was meaning he can't get anything out or did you work now I just worked and we should never mile and a restaurant work for an ever be Obama's admirable because it's that that is to every year or so and it was secret dad's ho it was just really kill. Saying pass and I immunities act implements and began to widget now who is the only plant density and high. Sketch a bunch is elegant package and a like sweat pants just. And Anna and I think Alton. Sony plans I have like Rupert they present preference the last couple weeks have been able pulling me up with them thinking am yeah out well in just the meat but that I want to give me your paper and asked. There is Christmas present finally should one of his Christmas presents finally showed up yelling to see each other more. Well I'll look Christmas gets about a November as a pre order and it was fun for American Mardy was the pick Hillary bronco how cute so post again here January 15 and bombing happened in I didn't get it until this past week. Like Hal I am all doesn't. Some legacy and tonight there. I think you might begin to think he's actually a wrestler at 321. IOC Farmington who might be this week and next week at a Disney performing valley bill B. And TV. Yeah when what's the property matching up I don't really performing double faulting to. I mean they they got to put on the show began as a main team meaning cans paper and a cred this plea is sexist but apparently a fan and but tomorrow I really wanted to do just decent arts and crafts like actually about my buy nothing group right. What if I nothing Greenland gallery just like I have the stuff I don't want my clothing or food it's that anybody wanna come up my house yeah it's a neighborhood thing. So I put out a request hated anybody have any picture frames they don't want. And so when you look up act me some gonna go pick up some picture frames I think I picked up some yesterday and pick some up. Today permanently that's Daley in night and they're all going to be Adam. I and cutting up old comic books have been ruins. Like being ripped up her via the lot of immigrants yeah I have from the water damage so like in cutting them up and I've done like really cool collages before on the campus. So I'm going to what I did recently is I had the picture frames and when he gave me. And it put him over the picture frames that's it looks so cool slam gonna do with them. Some I'm going to I need to go and we'll she's Allison and so. I'm going to be making for somebody's gift that I come along about a gets apparently. And like last year in October and home okay I'm making somebody. Some frames but I'm gonna go buy some like horror comics like at a thrift store something. They kind of action needs they love court seemed to ask your front wing yeah computing zero wedding guests now. McCain I know together and laughed. And our I don't know. What I was going to this what happened I was gonna. Like doing those things you can get them something for their honeymoon and I totally forgot until they went their honeymoon crap and a winning and it could do anywhere crap. That lies back. So you think I'd feel bad. You. A little wet it Hibbert again at that point at Democrats regain its means like. It. But away gifts. Married its accounts I'm an advocate of stricken island that wedding Manley again a lot of stuff that. And do you. Everything cried. A lot of negative sound like thinking like probably like curry isn't. I'll probably now in like if the comics and the new ones and again. Not the image and I'll probably get a gift cards like. Please go to dinners thing. You should like it and I don't know enough about it like. I am with the letting it here just. Here is super early late baby shepherd hit a that's real cool for it okay. This is okay that I buy like a baby ones. Happy having the debate and technical company. One's in. Gift card in some picture frames to put their wedding pictures. A mechanical. Dally an on button for yeah like maybe it's combined with comics coming to Datsyuk says he's huge towers neared. It. I want to be fair she's she mastery of the game has remembered remain like which address again. I'm gonna send you something I. Think you've Atlantic. City. I wrote act like well this able to see there and I mean finally getting your wedding get back forgot to bring. Dot dot. I think that it's adding that I'm not active. I. I. I am going to be Dana my body and then me the money where we do I was thinking like at my house because they won in ago to snohomish. Snohomish never yet you have enhancement there it is. So there is like a really cute. Don't see any car on the puncher. Why does better on fired and you think that it that they haven't seen. Is that once that you cubes umpire. How funny. Things like that people aren't expecting it there expecting an insulin they sit and wait the expecting it colors the word. But that's fair. It's humid out. It's. Actually are legal areas for Q you don't go visit her in there as. There is a lot of buries in the time that I have not been living there. There's been a lot of breeze up popped up city like beer they have a pretty awesome piercing promoting here after doing Ron tension has gone a beard and hair. We should go there's just one public Piccadilly Circus. And it's up Piccadilly section is a place in that London. Gonna go there is like shops and staff and others are gone on. It's like British bar and they have British beer in the karaoke went there once. It's you how far away from some moments from my house again. Five tournaments at the right there like I'm on the border of lake Stevens in snohomish like the kid behind me like where my house's were growing up. The school house is behind me were all snohomish school district and I. So I hung that we are cut off yeah. So like I was almost as Amish you know high school can. Ending and it framing Denver and I am thinking like on him by a few of the people. Do like arts and Brasco. Just place it's public the snohomish high company of the pie company and I could be ironic tragedies and Google in an album when I east ago back in high school. My ex and I haven't been hacked public and I would go Lorena and I afternoon. We would go and get you slice of high. Eight cup a soup and a half as choking. Their pie so on like it like well it probably makes a lot more sense it's been. Ten years yeah and civic minded but it. We're actually going to be doing some thing today. Yeah says you wanna tell people like ten points. You know it's coming out and Wednesday is Valentine's Day plans that our rob. I loved to have always loved loved day went there and single relationship org. Do on a dude and I always lob at the celebration. But here like others like like Allen Vicky at like you know it. Actually in Spanish it's called Indiana that morning at least. Medium and east. And the day of love and French. They got back filing your thing and I think you like Ali's. I mean for ever is my dad always get Michael some thing like I'm at one time I really get friendly incident apparently. Nothing sexual assaults now. I'm. Just look at bats that your idea probably for thorough. I'm really. I mean both Robert is the end of last year Christmas lives. Anniversaries on them I do not one Annie gets on have to keep you again you know maybe some powers like. A five dollar and it's not. That we're not doing any of that and I I told him might. You promised your Mac and I'm knocking Jack ass that I don't you again writes oh nothing. And he'll let it be due rule area by you'd get from being the paper like it's not something you can. Rains are we doing is that for Valentine's Herbert very accurate and that's. Okay that's why march party like. You really got it's reach for birthday for commencement. We're gonna get something reduce them next month prior years though Lehman is around nine its new rain announcement came just like I loved but I. It's it we're gonna go to dinner so app going to be like that's what it wants. In her immediately and not instantly immediately bottle line. On and tell our herbs it can take out saint Mary and achieve passer and Monica in her. Can't normally take outs. Oh yes and I spend it with pain on. A blanket element here I'll buy it. But the name. Next month is when and so. He really. Wants. Something for when. You. He. One. To travel to my backyard. Pictures but yeah. Part of the picture and a full buffalo three and say he wants and do something you guys haven't done but we haven't done I'm done before. He's done before and other people locked. I may have only done with people that have been relationship with and stuff so I haven't done in a really long time so I've been like super apprehensive about and he keeps like kind of hinting at and this on the other and I think on my ashes of the perfect one year get a big bow on it and you. Well it's. Kind of we should get lucky I was like how do I present this in a fun way they just don't I'm right Allah cart aid. We're glad that we're doing what she wanted to do. You know it means so. So I asked Vicki who as the great photographer herb thank you give me democratic then if she would take pictures. Decent Q sexy good wire Adams which apart taken pictures of girls. In his the capital. And still having. And a hard time. Dignity. A hard time thinking about how I even want for is like I was thinking we take a lot and I want and I like them I'll just put them in the Booker like. Something that I need one that I like to open until battle be like my butt. And make hopefully and edit and if he doesn't he doesn't. Almost like. Some see you modeled kind of lighten your backs matters into the lake beyond what many many songs. Song come along like every all of I don't want my whole grill all the man that's too much. So I had I had a friend the first that our photo shoot I ever did for somebody she it's starting off with her now husband. He's huge kids and he went to the school she didn't she was didn't see it that hair yeah that college only that she might like. The truth because he then right yeah so he had to stick on a sound on the background which is like a hot chick in new bikini like NC disarm by rape and says she told me I want a picture I bought myself the bigs bikini. And I want my butt. To be honest Kelly yeah and that and it yeah and so we came up with some are all sexy pictures and it was so awesome because like as like the are like artistic one of the person behind the land you're trying to. The one thing that we're in it learn about one like working together in that sense. Is sometimes a person's ideal what they want to look like what looks like her sexy is gonna be very differently how Chamblee telephoto ye have. Unfortunately. I would be so cute and ethnic. On a cute and all only she wanted to be sexy so people immediately think sexy they think switched every also cheaper than stripper heels to take pictures but we were sent a friend's house. And needless to hang on the line. So we went to the back yard and it's excellent guard and we took some by the water and panic over on appear thing. And just like you cannot stripper heels and cap such a really beautiful nature type Affleck out of place yes so I wing got had a leather jacket in my car at the black heels for whatever reason in Munich you prepare a little polite there to get my car is like basically to the 2 o'clock or any closet. And I might just Chinese on the trust with the beloved actor John that the heels on and with the some sit on it was super sexy. Accepting panel and UH she's trying to look at you can see the present she got him when she bought from the rifle he's been on. I am just out of pictures in our rightful writes that she wanted to take some pictures with our fault him from like. A real trashing. And chipper heels am grateful. He wearing that jacket. Almost like an actions are. That's cool to her pictures turnout bomb is now the outline deal trashing. But I'm a little trash and I wanna do what you want public island mix and match with Cuba and everything out. Line one on the bed. Many of you fill it out because like. And I think if you like and it. Album like book or whatever and a lot of them there's like one that you'd like I was telling me keep an usher or something like. Or one Buick opens and it's like okay I understand them. For our well I'm so like it not classy at all. Our aim Munich it you're. Camera. And of any. I idea timing display LB I think one should do a lot of trashy but still looking cool picture but for that one picture that's going to be in the cards on nine and one year anniversary card. It's just Ian and I'm not currency. I'm being. Walls like spread out into this and I need Alex what article little even the little article of clothing hair. I used to make a little sign that. He's the only the pinch disciplines like the uniqueness steep fines and it's like. Mean our she's yeah yes. Yeah make house payments. And get over it literally a sticker like there's something. Seven with an arrow pointing its like again and that's not me. Here again. On the when we made the managing every year when Mira. I'm slowly getting it. And that's that we're at it we're never going to be a close. Nine. Actually nature that is that it it's I can picture. Editors rate up Alec. At least now I don't understand. He take a picture of that not the okay. How well if the entire verse does so OK okay. Keeping an able OK I don't know I guess I don't think it means I'll Arctic only on things like fall now moderately sexy even of interest average as the blue too far. And it's yeah not nation and you like I'm. When you're you all's I like it if there's one I did have different. Where she leaned on it's there it's uncomfortably have been pretty flexible which I think you'll be able to deal. It's you're laying on your stomach ache and you're wearing long but the you're wearing heels so when it leagues come up the heel caps as songs that looks like the heels of. Yeah. If you for sex disk clean up some Philly factory back in fine you know I have is don't know how to at like one. Yeah but then there's a lot that I gave him which obviously alike. You know my friend is it cute. Made a good quite like. They're not gonna be displayed Beckett you don't on differently raising an opponent is not an opening in his kitchen with his remained uniting mean I got to deal like that again from wall. And that big idea at least a couple of them to steal wallets at least learn. IC that he would just probably take pictures of him at this phones and into this uncle has on him and I can always give him. The senior immigrant yeah I get inland flashed drivers CD burn of column set but I think that Wayne Ellington place fans then for his. When I'm not there to help them now. Peaking go to you the pictures of them have fun uniting mean. But it is clear also thing about the dynamic of a column. A there's and I separate you know it I did Alan. That's really running where it's like deepened the league's I can see in my life I'm still his Jersey and yak there's any jerseys that you love I've done that with a few girls that they'll get like the boy friends that. Like basketball Jerry easier than football Jersey act of science and thank you right Walid that's what I really like how that went turnout here football. Anthony is now. And they're kind of upping ante just wanting all passage selling now and I found my face scared. That's like half I feel like Ike. A little more our willow then boom. Like ethnic and just one. It decided some Utley a little easier now. Am so I went to this the snohomish hiking and Otis is a cruel last year in June. I necessarily I company opened up another one apparently like Michael Theo and I am definitely real pirate. Actual live. It. Other exe and only terrorist is imminently tires and the as the list of comments that I grip going to and the manly Terry is also really bad at. But I finally what if they sell the dealer not not saying it. But apparently Christie tee and and John Legend came by eight to that my company. Last year yeah in the one in Michael Tia arm on the tires. Name of the holidays do. Flash I think they're paying for their doing something nice and the need throughout the baseball commanders Gaynor that. Ticking time I'm like you know as the Ingrid. Do it music some comic chairman of the pristine. For an issue and given us. On am never I never ever covered a month before. An urgent news and never sent anyone any blanket no never have always been so I've always been afraid Blake. If we end terribly and make them they're going to be a link all around theme I think is that any of the new pictures if anybody were nearly. Pull up like I make sure any picture I take and have sent to people. I picture it like what is this it's post somewhere like. One can they tell it's Meeks I never take a full picture my face. Yeah and I do from my my let down my nose down and he's he's in Q pilot like by Gator Q tattoos yeah of course the notes you no matter what your. But if I act impossibly like that's me. Cool removing our lives yep those negatives that's my but here you you got it hired. Cupcake he had. A couple. Yeah you have any kind of idea. Who. ICAD is our NM but nobody's looking like as you. Events that you're septic. In Munich QUI after a fast sprinkled on it give you some news feed. I don't ounce I didn't have to lake. Think you really preach and I I would like to think that if anything bad between instant happ and easily and get out but it's. Have to just own it and if they do. I'm only inning and really beautiful sexy ones loan like hell yeah doesn't pay you like if you're worried about something like that it's just that god damn dead. Stanley. Some agents say ask someone I loved I gave them these biscuits. They've betrayed my trust and that's me electric and all them PST yeah also like kind of cool like a team I'm like okay and I might funny like. I'm like I don't this is my prime him but I feel like this is it's not like post my prime I need to. Take pictures. Just suck it up do it and then in like fifty years just reflect. You know and DL I'm a flake. Cool. Now like a grandma I am posted a link to panel lady it's okay. Now that's what felt like Maria remake the pictures and Betsy Kirk is a. You do. Am an and it somehow so funny. Alex Aggie ring DeLeon. I mean there's like Graham are out there that I seem takes some new pictures that look and act like hunger and others as one galleries you're trying to. On interests like she's in her sixties it's along white hair. All in all exciting and you're talking about Q looks cool. Goals. Ankles the answer ending canning him other ideas how you liked for the prisons and yeah with that gift to our global public suggestions like yeah picture and a car in early get teacher Ehrlich monger like pill all. Not balance that not appropriate but it's. Like how she go about it and is like and yet any pin positions opposes that you may recommend exactly I cannot honestly like a cute way of being linked. This isn't going on tonight game. Carried. A named Philip and. Well on an out I think it's for the good please you and Vienna are shopping for for my outfit. So much yeah yeah. I am well ahead of up guys and feeling it.