Broad-Cast Ep. 99 - "The Single Lady"

Tuesday, February 27th

Vicky B and Ooh Sara get into another rant sesh and Sara tries to convince Vicky to get out of her comfort zone with the whole dating thing. 


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Again. I. A here and now he. So for it infects in the hair and a berth and a is that one solace in the trailer as he's walking in it in walking into the he's moving with such. It's only evil swagger that without it being like that steered typical villain flake walk like I'm an object. And this is much like. That's. Right it was just. And I mean in two. Hours. The giving them anything I can be eight. You don't need a balance after thanking display rule. That silently. And get your seat on the east yeah. Actually I could thank ready. Skin. It's. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Need. I love them to. That. I'm the TV. And we have been sent and Japan. Hey before we get into all the things he wanted to talk to the Danish public you might get the last in definitely eking. Like even call in and leave possibly smell. It's 2537 to eat 260298. Leaves at least not Texas anything you want. The broadcast. On FaceBook or at the broadcast in China on Twitter in answering hammered the broadcast managing content. Hat goes missing about a way gritty then I got it where we we weren't around they had articulate issues so some of the podcast did not go up right away since about that awkward. Brad I'm here in a text Nancy and I are doing your love triangle not strangled. But it stuck wreak some action if yes Kelly if you are drunk. I had to ask all of that be funny is how are few questions about girls treatments that are really at her. Or one of the big things that we do like to talk about are ones we love to do is do rant session. And if something's bothering Unionists. Read like it to be anything from traffic to weather turn attention to divorce tent a strip club coming Dominic and Iran session about a stupid thing that my phone is once it's silly when I'm in the middle attacks sometimes and just Texan about booking. At that we you do when you type without looking in large right thing Vicki now into. And I'm just not look and just talking to somebody on our entrance and a quick text and I see that it is stupid pop up. Like OK there's Wi-Fi you know which I like is like knowing if there's Wi-Fi option nearby yet but it criminal a text that option should not pop up. Because and I realize that and typing in hasn't gone for. Like none nothing new tiger. John alone personally I when I'm driving or do I get in the middle of the video or something which again it could be nice for some people but I wish as an option like. Hey how YE a pop up until pop up when I'm doing something yeah excitement of video or text or typing. Not biggest iPhone repelling down picnic to and it's they win and you're watching media writings pretty obvious truth McCain yeah commitment. But I did a whole rant to show about fat rant fashion over something that some people are gonna think is kind of silly for me to get upset over a hang. So I think we're we are discussing earlier this guy you used to see in on Christmas he sent me a message Honda's Jenson decency and haven't seen. Him pick some in November of briefly at a convention of you had not been to Canada have been hung out since early last year so many though. Almost a year and a couple months and that we like hung out and held slept together has. And it. Over year out and you've got a lot of stuff and I realized that the stuff that he was doing in his life I did not going to be a part of it because how we both counts. So click on it's either this so this sonic and giving an ultimatum I just I can't deal with this I'm going to leave policy do something different than a stick around and protect yourself but if you're not if this kind of like you want Americans to ground consulate and how we that we weren't necessarily angry at each others like I can be your honest. I think I was angry for a little while they're just upset heated that is not lightly on. Yeah I was I was a point about app as a planned like he never reached out to check or anything like. So then. Maybe like Mike's migrant American Antonin nineties and it wouldn't hang out like anything at the company dimensions that we would. And there was no hitter and I think she's like that was and that's where Watson isn't. Hung out once and very awkward at least on mine and I think used pretend like it never happened the conversation. Ali. Those utterly shallow. Either he's not so much that he was avoiding I don't know whenever happened but he just like acting like old times and it can't be like old times because they feel like old. A size as time has passed. So on Christmas Day Ximian message in his McCain has been easier make assessments and hoping an okay. Like thank you for her your agree permanent life here's of last year Belmont campaign. He and then he says if you're not with anybody you'll you know you'll find and the kind of guy have been. It's like you know he you'll find somebody that truly deserves you know you know be the best thing form and seeing him I am still. So tired of people saying to me like I hated it sounds. And even saying in the best intention it sounds a little condescending. Like yellow eventually you'll find some liner you're so perfect you're such a go to person is on the adding you'll find them and that's like why. Why why not I like it's not a good place and I'm drunk or if I'm just not feeling again and I'm like you know if I nice asks are. Am talking about them like Mike Bynum if I start off like that then that is an appropriate response. I'm like I'm trying to ban discount and I'd like to meet that guy but I am not it's forcing aunt yeah. It's okay CD you'll find in your own businessman like him. An on off them. And meaningful. I'm just I adamantly I think it's weird when. Eyes you especially like when they say they give you all of these compliments. But and say nothing bad but they're got breaking up with you but they're still like yourself amazing seniors like such a great levering the green car in your so kind of music. We'll look at all. No like how African rocked your world yeah I'd like I had a great partner like is we actually have feelings and says it's like okay we would've been an amazing team because taken of the world together and kind of dive yes and it's that lack let. What how. It was at it and I sit and Annie but he says that's him he's a ceiling guys like a cool night reason think you know I find someone to it does it for me insists it kind of it's a reminder it's like you don't have anybody like that's the first thing and again thinking negatively towards his and I could take it as a nice compliment and nice and stressing about. When anybody says that in its XP only single friend and it's like. Only friends have my boyfriend that they've been dating for a couple months maybe a year that we know all my friends have serious relationships. Via an end or are married. Yeah yeah so I feel there's some friends and I totally cool. We're we're finally beat the country be any difference. Then when we are all singled and at least allowed party we do so with a husband and I'll hang mountain. Viewers think that we used to do but then there's some people that Lee kinda treat it like. Ari. Yeah are like likely made it gives. Me that are they there I have what I think I get the whole like I don't know they would want me around. Ripped out another person like an a for me I know Powell came out a couple you know holing out to coupled I don't via third will it affect really. It does not like I like if I like you both you're my only that that's totally I don't care viewed as a sleep in again and it it's not Yunel. Good luck but we're trying to get them in all you know everyone's a couple of repeal the term I. Every LB limit and we had little yeah. I am elevate Islam aka merely meet somebody economic group of couples now to guide them to buy time to talk to somebody and it looked like the thing like at. Yeah it's part in sexual politics game play looks like I don't I'm so like. Chill they get if you went out mean my boyfriend and you won enhance economic I would easily like either help when plumbing you're like I'm nick torts like. Go talk to that group the guys like I don't I think what you guys is little difference like I yellen would feel more comfortable doing now with you guys as opposed to maximize their friends there. Jerry Kelly older state of mind yap and have an idea for a long time that accurately. Leniently. Mix I think after I will limit the Unita get actor but then something intensely. Yeah here to hand this group I wanna meet people it's not like hi Elena. Bain you kind of that they like to meet people could act totally I'm trying to break out of this whole social media world like online dating thing I want to meet people in real life can have real connections and I think the connection for the night than them and he met somebody like a really awesome conversation. That's totally. And I like Alley I'd wait that are happening make organically. In some comments like I had some really awesome deep conversations with the sky arrogantly. After getting off the restaurant wants an area like the one of them have British accents and so we like. Guys. Advocates except the one I was chatting with did not solicit for setting out or not. But that really went out at poppy. Once after that and I think we both Catholic we didn't really know either tax each other after the fact. We years like I think it is nice but I mean it is not needed and it was nice thing out than we can. No like what if what if you have maybe got away what if I would agree shout them totally but it was nice to have that it just and I am not violate sometimes like that and. Firemen like being out like at a bar and honestly alcohol and like sometimes. You just click way they. Quicker and way more like just at that one time in the lead up selling its night. Like you're cool you're nice but we obviously don't have that like connection you have that we once stood for not one that I know. Because and a moment years. Vulnerable your opening Iran like you're you don't have your walls up because your drunk here. A little bit more at accepting. Whatever coming your way as opposed to doing here in the rights and minding your kind of closed off for every. Think that's off you know media which is okay daylight only fine and it's trident and now it's wasn't as well as a way. We were wanting in Atchison wasn't biting isn't really nice guy unusually cool but. On top of that we are both disease house I'm like this is not gonna work it took us weeks to get coffee. To had a plan at times so it's like you know treatment possible by better. With a lot more people when. I mean yeah puzzle pieces seem to fit a little Fiat are you ever in just becomes senator like not everyone obviously you are angrier tells about like. Ever does Tenet logs everyone's love yeah I just like Allen gives math and it runs like. I agree but I you have friends as well though. The last boyfriend had which is nearing on four years ago. To him and my diets for years now Leanne I like many relationships like that I was just talking about one that it's not just running and attached. An hour and meet him. Light talking Pakistan. And Honda. And I've talked. Almost players typically think we shortly after that we are talking for all of it immensely. When they Hurd got a new girlfriend blocking. Thing. Because he got a pregnant so that. You going to be a father. Died with her for at least eighteen years sometimes to communicate with you anytime symptoms can block so he can block. I. Don't like when the sec and I got that boyfriend. My I had some one different it was super excited and like. Congratulations like we don't we he'll hang out. Now they really do that so we here just like Ann Hughes kind of has this weird. At the time I think it jealousy thing and where early because I was singles she just super. Because I was like I am very sexually open about everything girls early on are starting my boyfriend. And I I think she was like now she won't say my boyfriend. Makes sent off for human being and I'm just gonna be sleeping in my friends boyfriends don't matter and what difference yeah I hope I reasoning. I don't think you. You know that I have an honored that I wouldn't have sex your boyfriend. And and it if your friend I think if if I buy your through my I wouldn't be your friend. Pitching issues being irrational but she's like she's cool now like that are. I mean don't get me wrong I love doubled me speaking of athletes or I'll find so I get out whole like all of them will be enemy but it. Whenever you do something Bryant again so that's the only I think maybe that's why I'm not bitter about being single and bitter about the way people treat me because I vehemently denying. Yes. I had I was single for five years before that Japan south. I just yell uncle I can't grammar I am. And sound amount thing I'm trying to take over the world and way says hello yeah I am I'm very tired used to the idea dating. Is from so exhausting me. It's been link I like it to action I would date not necessarily have the Harley is an act like. It's time consuming and Munich tonight at Helena market girls from leaning more attention in deeds do but I mean soft alike. It's a person you need to put in your life like a lot more than anyone else LA. You must be will not give. Them. In it's been a minute for me actually. Not a camp. And battery operated. It's the battery operated boyfriend boyfriend think yeah like told Abby block. I. Dino micro is he did dirty jobs. Oh very sexy voice and a lot from watching his videos of post he does online to seek that was some really awesome drop some off the knowledge. On people. And I read this thing awhile back. An academy and you wanna start doing online dating again and it I don't know I'm not only are you you're urged to tender and everything actor Gary yes Larry yeah. Well thanks so it says he found the article on its like he offers a phantom of the greatest Krieger advice. And that it it started off connecting the person was saying something along the lines of I think the last you're trying to figure out the right career for myself I still can't fairly deal. I have always been a hands on coming Diana go getter and I can never be an office worker I need change excitement and venture my life but. Where the pay is steady anger and construction in my first job as a restoration project and let everything up or isn't playing music fracture money. And I like trying pretty much everything gonna get bored very easily you know like career that always keep me happy but can allow me to have family gets in time travel. A period of anyone knows jobs that uses just wondering your thoughts at this appeared at the time I think you. And then he says hi Parker my first thought is that you should learn to handle Wheldon moved to North Dakota. Opportunities are enormous and as a hands on go getter your qualified for the work. But after reading your posts a second time it occurs to me that your qualifications are not the reason you can find the clear ones. I had drinks of with last night with a woman and now let's call her claim there's just turned 42 U she's cute Smart successful. She's frustrated though because she can't I demand and it listened all evening about how difficult her search has been. About all the good ones are taking in about how her other friends had on the actual weights and how wasn't fair that she had not. Look at me she said I take care myself and my sup out there why is this a heart. How but the guys in the parties I didn't eat at you now my time. Really heading out I just now. He tried dating site asked are you kidding I would never date coming met online. How about a change Justine your company has offices all over me because living in another city. And leasing entrance is never. Well how about side of town you know mix a little bit is it different places you museum's new bars in theaters. She's like you look at me like I had two heads why how did that. Here's the thing Parker doesn't really want a man she wants the right man she want the soul mate. Soul mate from her zip code. She assembled the sky mind years ago and now damage she's tired of waiting. I didn't tell it is because claim that the capacity for sudden violence and it's true she complains about being allowed even the rules have. Have more or less guaranteed vessels that way. She is built a wall between herself and her goal wall made of conditions expectations. It is possible that you built a similar law. Goes on from there but at the whole story of Clair has stuck with me. Like try not to you and I not a career and you would I not think I grab. Acts. I've done negating cy waits and retirement in view on it a little bit because there's a lot of times write downs. I there I won't talk what I because it looked like mine tight. You gap I've heard you lone bright guys you'd like the normal look normal like the all American boy don't have tattoos look like a pretty while all. Because you think they'll judge Yale. I've that I've had I've date I've dated like the pretty boy aren't Smart boy that didn't have tattoos that war at Iraq like. The kind of guy bring home to mom and kind of guy and they sat there and they hated. My tattoos they hated my name I ripped jeans they. And I 12 or two dude you know Ali it's not just kind of condition myself so I've tried like will be open minded there's one guy who is real the at this conversation somebody recently it's like you're very deep person and if you about a guy who really digs deep. As a work mean yeah. Made. Then unite you'll begins I was thinking about this conversation I had with a guy a a couple months ago. And I key just came announcing he's really drunk veggies I I'll just say like I think your beautiful I think you're really smartly and egg tell like that's what. Like kind of got like would get an off. Yeah I'd argue with him the hell they're talking politics on the site. Think you're not seeing it from this point you totally you only see from this and that and then answered really kind of delving deep into it making and see a different side and I appreciated that you perceptive tick and again drug. Under occasions on the strung up from Terrell. I was being polite about it and marriage is definitely held down. And I knew that violently. Got an interest in music backed that I would talk back out facts. Panel amber. Like well. Are there. Well you wait like seeing through people and seeing through things that other people can't I am back out here I am psychology as smear on lockdown right again this intro makes I think very Smart. Think I think you're Smart and sexy. As a Katrina type that's a sexy we did recently yeah but. And I won my girlfriend she's she's like panicky she. Is out I'm not gonna wild because his girlfriend. Okay well known yet if not would have like I honestly am not I would not attracted to him. As they face like it passed the clothes and stuff has not attracted to. Face. And he still yet. You still to be attracted to. Wasn't. Like I was trying to picture my meaning the village act in my head and again over this sleek. Blocking that he might leather jacket and everyone looks at that academic like its in house of the other thing on mine it's like how you tell what the difference to crotch. And Le. If they get a haircut a bad haircut and they're still cute to you a lot of if you press. It. And the acts. With a long hair public hanging ten and had any kind of Karen Hughes like you look at a gas it was a special to me anymore and the like Beth and I knew like that it is just crashed last and it probably gotten insane with all my. What I would do to him with his conspiracy theories. Oh by the way. Best thing and it Iran online if somebody all conspiracy theory on new and watch a Hala just immoral Anderson. The increase your Catholic. And he was fake. You believe in the noon. Fat. That is the scam and believing everything they tell you think the moon drill that's not a mood out there it's really. It's a reflection of the sun yeah I did classroom space and particles which is reflected what some looks like him if you'd actually I'm lying you can Pembroke. Elderly about offensively both there's enough pressure. I'm. My treatments they have. Actually. About street that there's not a now gone on at that is fair. Bentley and how is not attracted to men so of their lives. V. Blake good looking. Normal like. Tall dark hands fumbling no excuse not punk rock let it well I was really cool and I think you would you shop now. I think I'd try it like at and as one guy in snapped at payments. A lot of data type but now I felt I didn't meet him once chat. I met them it awhile back when and Indians who were on immigrants yeah. And I got we got to those numbers. He really thick accents like comparing me understand how to pronounce his name accent he's from Turkey. All of that or out on the ground Q packed yeah pace though it's like him like Allen actually topped him Alan likes that chat and it he's always like. Hey what do I do to me like he wants currently late at Bagram position. Let me go to it as. I'm kind it's like to tell anybody OK I have. If I want to get sex I can house acts and I am tired of us. Yeah I don't count and then it's. You have a party. You already have depleted its heat it to you like you know you like each chipped it really want to try other ones I have my (%expletive) and a popcorn you know like I got here yeah. Michael Utley Munich could implement to spotlight these. And the and the party African ships out like I don't want to point you know I want you I want the dip I want to elf yeah yeah and prison cell. Rig something else to the party is Marty get one I want immigrants against a really wanna hear it happened. Like it's not awful thing fame brings something else apart because it's not impressing me and we don't mean something like. Some other sexually. Sweeney link something not Axl Lincoln invited pictured to if you line you should. After all. No that's well once comic con season's over and everything's going on any stops. And CC's next. Thing is like it's. I'm trying to wait for him just to see if he's gonna stop being that it's true no 12 I ask him hey you wanna go to coffee he's going to want ago. It. And that's it so when it when he does bring that up how do you just avoid I just sent him a funny picture. Out and hand and hang in now. Oh man can turn it comment if that happens. If you're trying to get down in your like translate. Lake. Send a sexy tax or something in the girls on your funny picture. She doesn't want and honestly think maybe try one more time. But then never tried and ethnic calmed down by an average right and I would even after the first and she sent you a funny picturing you just wait for her to. And she. He is Null. Now sometimes girls in Atlanta and then there's the times they want warrantless. You're. Deep. Right. Yeah. The Tennessee and I'm manage our wealth and I'm all in her eyes asking me grow up first buy it if he's. And he just pull the trigger and then if I'm. To have telling them my type typically. Nighter tegra. I own. Got pictures of him playing tennis I think you should go out there different light fun either way. Right spray. I'm lakes but badly exhausts me and I'm only look at them really tired right now yeah you know from the Iowa out at the pounds I'd like idiot like we're out from time. There about me if I've always kinda stated like. Everything and public ethnic. And a cool tattoos piercings and cool having nothing cool at all and will appear dark and cool here's what others act back. Now higher surveillance and it looks like Michael B Jordan. Yeah. Learn. It. Speaking of sexy. And a day. As you guys did here we talked about. Yes of an elegantly it's. With that issue was. Manny. A year with where it is next anniversary anniversary. And he's. He has been asking like totally. That he is asking to. Travel to my. The back door he. He. His duties. Lob butts and so. He's been asking for app for months and a little it's about it in years and it's like me someday. Someday in a totally like putting an oddly they've done it. Acting have a and I can pick up the so. I'm gonna give him. That far a year and I know how like he presented in a fun way so I decided to take them. Booed while our slash. Rot she asked booed large shots. And a lovely Dickie VU Liz the photographer. And we took them on Monday. And my own mind. You nervously you pilot and text in the day before. I was nervous but this is totally panic that I never take pictures. Ever taken needs LP the province than anyone ever any point ever pay cameras like so old your follow Hubert had added we just super pixelated it like it. Atlanta. Ariana is and it fell. With parents I mean I'm afraid of things inning leaked in you know this and every happily keep. You know like I screwed over something that Rampage like house it's Robin's all these pictures at stole I felt a bit worse you know on I'm not bad. Thing to think about you know. What could happen in the actions. Totally so. Now all these pictures out there and seized. On earth and this too it's cool Vicki I hear it like with the great conference on her front of forums like. You know let's yellow flag out to be a hundred years lol and you look back. Glad that I like. Have I did owning a feel good about and let us we'll take pictures that it's very gladly thought about like any naked pictures I'd sent to people. It's like if this gets leaked. Aside from immediately feeling bad for my parents like how I feel that people from buying the did the did jam you know religion jam or a tank my booty might. Honestly I think it'd be like out. That's my butt right there yep that's music that is my about denying it for got tattoos and my button on my eyes an hour on my ribs. That is noted I know though not eyebrow yes so that's not me she's very yeah that's that's it's just like the putts are not in your practical your own. Yeah that's why I mean. I was at first like I'm not into any runs in the face and it can bite my body it just looks like a body I don't have any Tatis or anything that's relief like oh that's for sure Sarah. But then I did like hair make enough accounts to sick of a lot and then let's see how they do and that's. You know the only continent get him like actually printed ink. Are gonna be ones that hey if that are out there I mean I own game be like yeah that is my bad dying. Except Ali full on getting goalie awful penthouse and an ice off without irony camera did not Willie cameramen have recently and could. Yeah it was really it was an experience in his spine is bringing economic bad yeah I'll answer purple Miguel my. Blind downstairs I mean big shoes. Yeah I think you'll want to get things done actually set up but companies are buying plan my lights and sets up about it for awhile but I had. Wary that I buy like expensive good quality lights and equipment. And as buying units for the holiday the health and then never used it totally sound like if I start doing these amendments I know equipment that. And it was that she made me feel very comfortable and she game you line so I can't get airline like here tech. Following me. Asked that we're gonna at them and today today after the fund has actually are. Out organ in exactly. In some of the Internet and Alec to answer them and which is still that aren't huge lake humorous game yes it's Christina yeah exactly concert to protect the attic. Lake coming out there handling people are corny cubic on the beats the gas on the I have like a bond on in the but I have like a whole course that ain't fished at Thon in panic he donated a manic. And the sunshine now exactly. Like I've seen a lot more like just Pena didn't like Fremont during the Perino hunt. Yeah I expect at some. Time a lot of rappers. We should and it airs we go edit I mean personally I only just and it may Aaron let's do it and see dad saying.