Broken Lizard Interview 6-17 Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan

Friday, June 17th

Steve Lemme & Kevin Heffernan recorded live in studio, they're in town for a comedy show at The Parlor!


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I can't play. Hi SW the rock of Seattle beat him we always love having our next guest on you don't from super troopers Bir best club drag. Simon examines some of my favorite films and they also called their comedy special. Fat man little boy and that makes me love them even more please look at the show cabinet government and Steve I mean. Yeah. Leo where it's so to have you guys because we talk to you before I you've got to you've actually got a great start as she was Steve or myself and all the deny any appearances. Which I which we found out I didn't realize is the first ever press appearance you did. For radio for super two resumes on a show Steve did here in Seattle I didn't realize that was the first appearance as a remain for the the movie yet many that we started six week tour we started. With you yeah mr. McNeill and I don't even know that until right now because I. Came across the movie rap when you guys came in it was for super trip back for the movie and ever even came out and he said had found this picture appeared you want it. I'm like yeah I've been looking for as the I would share this through my friends like that also love super troopers like. Yeah one time they came in dressed as a super troopers like all crap they never did that might yet they did before the movie even came out and then like a year ago I get this picture and Mike. Man. And Graham knows that I got this guys where. Yeah it's an if you think that picture we actually are like five minutes on a massive internal fight yeah because. You know we knew coming in to that radius it it really was the first radio spot we did her promotes super troopers. They told us we are gonna judge. That lit this it was having a contest to find their new lead guitar player strengths and we're gonna judge this contest dressed as top justice cops they made us Wear uniforms pitched. It's a radio show. You'd. There and I can't for the energy in the room but I hope that's we are freaking out the guitar players who were deafening all carrying wheat because he's got a right breakers you got a bit when you walked and at first I was like who is even prepared we didn't know that you were coming out of those cops already know that's why they had us we thought it was weird we've been the yeah on the radio yeah and these poor guys who relate depending on us audition took their future. I'd like messing up the guitar solos to let that they worked so marks. On every level that's so bizarre because you always like to gain ground slower than in you know people talking about the first time it was Pearl Jam play went back to normal keep it locked stuff like that you guys coming in you know wearing the uniforms out of context does know it's seen the movie nobody knows the movie at that point. Don't know if you moves gonna do anything you've had this and bingo what we think it's funny Scott knows. And I remember behind the scenes wipe there memory when the Marisa hey we want it we we've got this new movies coming out it is group and called super troopers have broken lizard troop. And in them and I will sinuous screener of the first ten minutes of the movie and then watch it and let me know if you wanna have them on track and owners of the attacks and I saw how that somewhere packed up and remember. Clinton and then you know Michael Anderson with this is all about and there's only the first scene with as everyone knows it reacted to opening scene. And I'm dying laughing and angular hosted at the time image you gotta watch this we really need to have these guys and take so by glad my gut said. Because now looking back assuming all time favorite summer and at the time Mike I don't know what that. Time were you like dorks copy yet. Let's not become and his studio I was pumped when you got Afghanistan and if you look at the photo here's what happened so like base name modest that where these uniforms and anonymous on the Buick as we just we felt like tools right to assist and then. Was the one who has the know I think it's a great idea irritated you know and if you look at. Go to their he's he's in the backer and he doesn't have his uniform on a note and then tall and I don't have our ties on these were a ballot and we didn't wanna. A pot has since passed out you grow best ever that's fantastic and warm for six and Alamo. You know what I'm asleep in my content for. Well out now you know now it was okay we know what's up yeah but I get to who wants to be the guy who are these guys and nobody knows anything about anything. Now man and of course. Those. Beautiful days because the the innocence of just guys who got together at college came up with a sketch team act then you get to make a movie which you know now it's easier I think for people make movies now. That was back then because you can have the Internet you can have distribution unit. Equipment digital audio the barrier eventually was hard so I really. I mean I think you guys like you and Kevin Smith like hot held that this happened because you know mainstream holly was like who are these idiots and why we know and these guys making movies. This was the YouTube of the day was independent film now that was that was you know Kevin Smith and and linkletter three Gary guys rob and Tina films that we. We had kinda had the same kind of ratchet them dissent we try to do it in the congress sent. A lot of us get to nicotine reaches its editing movies. And it just paid it worked out it would lose like in different flavor movie it was weird with Sundance. And we did you have angry dark movie at the funny that there and aromatic everything what are we. Do with this relax and in this movie I don't I relax. When there's a laugh at Sundance yeah they're gonna collapse. And so so Kevin heparin is Steve Levy are going to be at the par alive tonight tomorrow you've never seen these guys live. It is a lot of fun because I you guys still do one where you know you both qualities of stop and you talk a little bit about stories and and of course I mean you know you you've got the famous Patrick Swayze story that came from when you guys not to tour which is still one elected one of my favorite stories we talk about that tonight we we that I would like to know because that is a great fan boy moments and you of course it's been a long time since that patsy swayze and when Mona. Are there any more embarrassing at times. Or has hasn't happened for somebody else who winds up being somebody because you at the time you met Patrick Swayze. You know you guys really you weren't big guys and it wasn't until later when the movie hit you got a chance to redeem yourself. And I and I and you'll tell that whole story at some point it is heads had he had some meals or is somebody had that would you who turned out to be. A solid and big somebody you guys all while I feel bad that they were so awkward I. Kevin Hamlin one with that I had with Schwarzenegger. Not yet I we mean nuclear test a yeah fasteners that Germans and again Moehler who's wild and factories. These different Schwarzenegger as a walk down the street copier temperature in beer fest and he's eating lunch Schwarzenegger and outside. Like cafe something in his maturity as a governor so there's a Secret Service then. And so I walked up the route say I don't. Went in Sunday Thursday and let me forget an egg Moffett let's let's back it up for 12 pen and Kevin's true confessions he was like. I was just gonna walk pyro and the and I saw exports have to look at that I got it. So I want to prop was whittled its racy and I said guy and and he. Didn't know what was he had no clue we spent months couldn't hear that the league didn't recognize. Oh and it was so bearish and with the Schwarzenegger and he had this space that loses your not often and so I looked at this service guys and they were looking at me like I was crazy person. And then I just said. Governor and it turned out walk and I. And then later on. We talked Ralph. And we some again like what in his eyes I didn't recognize you but apparently the Secret Service guys recognized me. From beer fest pop. It they're like why didn't you say I did it from their best. They yeah above and and our question for Kevin was like why didn't you just tell him you're in your fast the other is they I don't know this is scared of Schwarzenegger is an analyst Schwarzenegger I freaked out there and oh yeah. I appreciate that because when you've spent some and recognizing and they don't it is your work and you sit ago. Not at your brain goes. I bet I. Did not have any I think your life for years they get there but on the flip side and somebody walks up to out of the blue as I hand the Conan. You don't have any contact sport that's also like John. Yeah I'm not. I don't that's a hard time for me is somebody's wearing different outfit than I'm used to seeing them in general isn't yet a Mike like yeah you're. Yeah. You know it's funny retired about beer fast remember it I don't know if you ever been an aid from the Washington a few times editors please go leavenworth it's a few hours away a guy a Bavarian village CA IAEA and it at all he's crazy shops remember there's a right around the time bureaucrats came on I was there aren't as obvious is awesome that. That movie is connected that quickly there are bunch of people and make this shop and they're all holding the boot the glass lewd act and it was they took a picture DOS. My ass okay I'm not the only one that's going to be about the fact that there's a glass Booth here and of course real bottom yeah I got to drive compute demise I threw it away and a half. Just yet but doesn't problems now when we go around people wanted boot. And of course you are there problems yeah. And my kids. My at my four year old has graduated from his preschool. And that's as far as who has. That's a kid's dad and was it what he do you know I told him I didn't and I mentioned beer fest is a common beer fest is one of my favorite movies yet. I have one as a DOS boots hanging over my fireplace and I eat you know and he's in what he'd do fort as opposed Finkelstein and and he geek down so hard. That's fantastic yeah because you look Amy Finkelstein muscle I mean look you're not you don't look like faculty and he's really might have been different yes so it back that that'd be it should be like what you really. It again I I mean yeah yeah I was tough time I lived that way for six months with male pattern baldness. And an Afro termed out. But like you know I went out like that on Friday and Saturday nights hey everybody and that the bald spot would be going back and yeah like it's doubly what's up with this guy it's not all of bedeviled by desperately identity you go to to skew you Larry Fine that's exactly yeah yeah. I do love that is one and just drink what you got out imagine all the time it does that. I mean I don't know if Sox but I mean after putt it because it's such as a cause and also an uptick in the rehab businesses really cut it. We can't what little ways to get around sometimes you know people wanted to shout street that we heard we're cued the Dukes of Hazzard. Movie with Johnny Knoxville redundant Baton Rouge and we go to these big like college bars and it would end up being like you'd look at Jeff Knox will be stranded by like hundred blew a college women. And then over in the corner we we struck by as much due to the baseball hats on backwards and give you shots you know I mean that yeah just the littler yeah we realize we did. Something wrong. I attacked and I have no camera yeah looking out for it not been longingly surrounded on all of that idea. So as I told him you gotta see these guys live it's really relief financial Kevin Chapman Steve let me part alive tonight tomorrow two shows 7310 o'clock. Get the tickets have parlor alive dot com you'll not be disappointed. Are right well the other thing you did which again you talk about making a movie it really is becoming full circle the grassroots thing. Because super troopers to rob funding. Which. That fund like when you talk is soon as you put it up a fund I mean it was where you get to make a movie. Without going through all that stuff that usually people have to go through I mean that's just amazing to me. Yet knows it it was so humble like we know how much money race which you know it you know that's you know what the app that is for. And that's part of why studios balk at doing things. So we did that thing and we raised two million bucks a day penalty rates forum in box she equals yeah which should. Regret it yes I'd have you shot at a or are we start we shall we shot two weeks in the last year and then now for the wintertime book and finish in August. You're just in Boston yesterday action. Go on and off if you just blew the money on something complete and are afraid of Mexico thanks our guys kind of went on a Bender it yeah I doubt you wouldn't be the first crowd understood why I sort of went to Helen tells the stories about the guys have stated up it's been a year and a half since we raised a lot of people are that we're getting some angry letters and I need you guys that often you right now and I takes a while it still hasn't -- -- the other set a crowd funding is now you've got a bunch of micro managers if you thought a couple of producers were properly. There are producers and yeah exactly we did a we wanted to prizes was we have beer fest in Chicago which got 700. That your that's on which was fun and crazy and put a lot of people age when -- the move that what was the -- of all the incentive prizes that you if you remember how terrible it's gotta be that's point five million dollar we will sire offspring for. Yeah for a lot of the Avon and we lowered the price to Tony two million. 24999009. Million dollars and we should be grab bag where you don't know who really was the father in one of the finalists would. Yes I can't if fat on came out in the community at the slogan avenue now. What it because you gently in this world. If I'm crazy rich. And we all the these wise guys and no one's gonna do this. Yes like how would this got to be done if in fact some crazy person. You know like the virgin airlines guys aside you know you know it or are we thought healing hostage you know what rather than go to space here's organ at notre well we were we were worried that like some Saudi sheik was going to do that point and a dollar prize but then demand. To watch us like make love to his wife. And effort for retirement I'd do anything. And that is my pleasure for twenty grand yeah here it's my 500 look at things like or maybe you know he's gonna want me to make love to you for coming and how act which I did it get I would do it all again and you do that this is a good at this that could value amid its value added prizes at this point I would make lefty well for coming back on the whole the whole shout yeah. I would I'd kiss your neck. Are. We're moaning and Roman. It will let you guys talk about how you do in general back in the day so what the heck can he he'd be haunted by he'd walk the earth longing for me that's like just one marked Saudi sheik rather funny and I am thick collar Telerate. And we had that we would we would just don't think about how the fact that he EU would he would never be able to find true love every game you'd break him in ruins and oil have no relationship whatever working on at 25 million yen well we would have Tony that is. Great that they that you guys have been doing since college days that you guys have been a group and doing on this then looked back and I mean who's changed the most since the policies do you think. Mom beaming like looking or just personality just like an overall personnel are looking. Yet it's like somebody. It's like somebody put an air hose and his nose and finally it has. And could talk a little. And then. The literally don't know. Thinking about right now and and Pakistan are as an anti everything via in the old days you can bash on your work bodies of yahweh with Agassi I don't know about that fact that you could fight about not wearing uniforms today they kind of go well there are cameras everywhere you gotta put the uniforms on and yet a lot of a lot really has changed. And you know it's funny because we see rock bands that have been around and they have fights you know get together Chris Guns 'N Roses finally getting back together. It's me I don't know is it different for free you guys as opposed to like serious rock music's at least it because your team you've been together. How do you stay together does open the usually don't this long year. I was kind of plenty of fights but I start so it is notable identity that back to LA and and hear all about it and hear that now you know I think it's. We started out as friends. You know a lot of lesbians come together with an ad in the paper installations in slash walks in the door and blows Malo and Ian and makes its nightmare yeah exactly but you know we are friends we you know we know. About the fun part. Of what we do and that's. That always is the best part you know ultimately and we make the movies that's that's the reward. You know and and we have a great time on sat always that the fighting on the center is minimal and if -- a secretive but we fight weakens. A look at it and Kevin and I have a whole different thing aren't as weak as we traveled around doing these you know live touring. And so IDF Thursday when we arrived in the city were best friends sit next to each other on the air and we would amount on each other Sunday like we're not even talking to each other with the last fight you guys had. Hi last Sunday. We sit ups and yes you know you we walk about a hundred yards apart at the airport get our bags donated say about it like this well again you know really until Tony five million command YV intimate you act if it Scott Edwards don't give the milk away and dignity and by that top right yeah whereas when he finally worth where work husbands if portrait that like premiere night I'll make love to Kevin well again you know out of Africa for 300 bodies. I'm in them if that's what he wants and deathly donkey punch and next as you declare. That. So you know it's funny we get it you guys have any trepidation at all about the fact has been like thirteen years right around about it moderates have attributes you know. A lot of folks feel that way about great movies I mean anchorman okay we'll do another one. Did you have any trepidation at all about going to do we want to do this because super troopers it's so great. And if you did how to get over that. Well as well yeah we definitely we definitely were concerned about it but that the weird thing is what he shared writing it. You realize how fun it was to be those characters again and that kind of overcame any problems you had like. That's when you make a movie a lot has a heart parts find that character but when you're doing this kind of figuring of the character is so made to release it right and. Yeah I was great in you know it's like the first day of the shooting was a scene between. And Kevin and me. And you know it's like seeing an old friend like carver. Watch out there shouldn't garment like yours. And is blowing heat out of his mouth you know you got what he talked about it. Yeah I mean the lines of dialogue we've written her farm now that everybody knows as far as you read through your like. This person actually has has had an and you risen and it. As he's distancing us as guidance and is let's see farming in the last. We've got to Kevin heparin. Steve Fleming in studio for a of course have broken lizard a super troopers here for some degree move Islamic sentiments of 112. Club dread so. Are you want to stage because a lot of folks when they get to the stage especially comedy folks that come to Angola to I don't care what Japan meet Pena scale. Just wanna work with you guys. Has has have you had that happen it always I think Michael card Duncan and it's an amazing actors such great film was it Graham Harrell did was I mean I will I always loved his work. And I was out what I see surprised but I was I'm surprised yes somebody go all there and I go okay they had to love you guys. Because you know on the what kind of budget good to have it you know Michael Clarke Duncan is huge and meet you are you do you have people like that his love you are rightly any time any moment whenever you're doing I wanna be when he was I don't care or pay me enough. I think I mean something like the Michael Hart Duncan won he we just wrote him a great part you know like I know it's our movie to slam and salmon but I honestly do think. Outside of the green mile at that might be the best role he's ever played because I mean if you if you know the movie it's actually all about Henman he's just got huge chunks of dialogue. And then he knew that he hadn't done something for the public which was really show them his comedic chops and he showed up and he improvised as hall. All this stuff which has amazing does that crop is not easy for actors. A lot of cant do you injure it but then. It was so scary Easter in Browning and you couldn't stop afraid of him. I. Point. Out. But now you Rosie was a good active in the Bill Paxon of Trenton and who you'd seen super super it loved it and and in pursuit. And then use great via network which yeah I mean it's. And then you know. In beer fest we actually wrote the part of great game and Greek and him with Cloris Leachman in mind. Just so she so amazed she's amazing and then her agent actually calls a problems like. My client should be in your movie and we exact source Leachman and we think she's purpose partly. Out comes together I don't need my sausage and anyway and it got to one up. On the it was a little. It's that's so me is in his. Just what she used to play on TV and UC ID ego and although although I will say that we had one more gang no pun intended we have a more gag. That she was supposed to do which was. She was posted deep throat the soft she's talked about opening your throats of the climax she's an opponent and it was. Who was a soft dollar dinner throw and we built the prop department built a telescopic. Sausage that would. Hold up actually slid into her master she can do as thorough but ultimately I think her reps were laid down a the writers outlaw all man. That's the party is over there waving his finger and it's I don't know and I don't think we get a break I got a woman's question. Could you mention props and they've been so many great things you won Texas and they went to beer fest and what dressed in the USA jumpsuit. Do you do you keep the props to what's your favorite prop from all the movies that you are about done. Yeah we can we keep like I have those beer fest in my house and we had to get him Warner Bros. which made the movie Adam and some warehouse. And I beg to guide it Tillis and he maybe sign a contract apparently each one of those concerts were 5000 dollars from an in my lost them I paid. Now but then I got fired and so I kept the game at the end and all bets are out of harm's. Into them yeah I have the my bulletproof jock strap or super troopers and the house. I have the eye of the Jews the contact president or beer fast. I have always beat us on club dread beyond us and that I had my comic Mateen you know saying on the couch I love. And and also how idiotic our analysts in a move it says my parents went Amsterdam and only running back was this crappy low and I have to bear the bears that you cumulative in them. In my garage all's I I'll call home yes she's not likened it now looking guy he thought part of it that's that's all of us so that there. You can't let me go get that kid let her age she's eighty gracefully that it could have I think that's a shame really that. Well the guys first of all thanks again up early come and because I know this is really are scheduled for doing comedy. But you know we've we've loved your work we love doing the interviews and it's great to Seattle connections as we talked you know about Lloyd Lloyd McClendon as they went crazy people not being as serious and it turns a lot of mariners were watching the super troopers while they should prepare for the game. Yeah him. When he was mad about how unfocused the Mariners were at that point in time. And I realize what's your returning behind his back he's ranting about. Yeah that's that's great. Kevin effort is Steve let me of course that you know from broken lizard a lot of great movies they're gonna be onstage tonight tomorrow to show 7310 o'clock both nights parlor alive. In Bellevue go to part alive dot com a C to show you gotta see it may and you got a lot of fun. Lot of great stories lot of great comedy guys thank you get for thank you thank you avarice what happens when two guys that outsmart each other on social media you know what happens. Another edition of FaceBook drama you can hear it 819 on Iraq. Bigs mornings. On the rock I mean nine point nine K I guess tell you.