CES-capades with BJ & Migs 1/10/18

Wednesday, January 10th

In our final installment of CES-capades...BJ & Migs (and Uncle Chris) go through all the stuff that they saw at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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Now seen as good grades with the so live from the CES show in Las Vegas netting exploit nine KI ESW. This is CE escapades do AE is seems like I don't know eighty and it can attack attack. Whoa man we've we've finally check with some people we music Chris Knight said it confirmed actually in the elevator who came up because he has been on 420000. Steps ten miles. That's what you do on a day here as I am trying to get around on average. Didn't see you ask going. From hotel to hotel. Convention senator convention center when you're inside again mentioned senator you're basically doing zigzag. Of road to row to row. The road hero of all these crazies are coming gadgets that are coming out in the near future or are in the middle being kick started. Yeah it's it's insanity in the day started with us just basically be what an hour and a half line just to get on the monorail. To get you the Las Vegas convention center area was just. Just wall to wall people and they'd either the people who run Monroe to know what to do and we were backed up all the way into the into the hotel and they really are he they they were they were trip that there's like the first day of. All this up really happening where everybody gets checked out all the exhibit's all the tents and things they that we dot. Obviously we did not get to every single thing where I mean we spent the most time in the south hall. The Norris hall and those are places where I do like the Panasonic the magna boxes and other. Things were all there and then eventually Mir which he reached a park which is what I read 900 kick starters who are worried there nine. Every hotel or at least some of these hotels they have their own convention center. Which is about as big as our own right you know the Washington State convention center. AA is incredible that's decided they say never seen before is just the amount of conventions they could have here. And CE asked pretty much takes up every DM conventions and they have and they got a lot here they get they weren't really too. It was overwhelming it was definitely overwhelming but we we did see a lot of stuff and we did reach there are our thoughts our opinions and our experience. From today starting at 10 something in the morning and do some of the first things that we take a lot Chris kind of give us. Doesn't the things that we saw them we cannot shout about what we talk about a year right. Do because I mean so much has happened between you fill it feels like that was three days ago we talked this morning yeah. Well the first thing that we bumped into his a couple of guys playing with a little battling robots are of those things or is I control wireless phone. Yeah that's not I don't know I. The robot thing man who. You know our dirty scared about it yeah while we're there we saw fighting robots he's not robot that we can build we saw robots that will. Give you a glass of water yep robots that are dancing there Royce doing everything and it was freaking me out because I'm like these. There was one that had an internal camera and we could see you don't monitor. And music's like straight up terminator takes a few zoom zoom Marciano on knitting and we don't know what is so whereabouts in the area where you would see just kind of focusing on a person and then like scan evidence has got to move with them and wave at them and trying to give my handshake. Yeah I do that was hang with the robot for awhile and that's what it may take in my hand he was we would want to give me a big hug you actually opened his arms. And you're right you could see him you know really just to facial recognition under the same way sometimes you know when you tag somebody in FaceBook he had that going on there have robots or feeding cats so. Us or feeding dogs and and monitoring the dog that he would send have a sensor and follow your dog around the house and he had any robots are taking your grandma yeah robots or take care grandma I mean this and I saw something on that thought it was pretty funny and it said there was a robot and then I look action for the -- -- it truly sorry but I won't be able to replace you feel like. Yeah you could get an online Carolina today EST Steve is like this is guy that you can't fool me. It really is don't you think about Elvis stuff that we saw this is so my stuff is just kind. Being made right now I came in a graduate CFCs and yours is going to be. Is insanity because they if you are still here and robots haven't taken us carrier robots in those days yeah you're right Steve it's it's if you you know coming to this really shows me what's going on because I don't keep myself Steve did everything going on in tech I'll hear this or that. But to be here and see every damn business that wants to be represented from all over the globe. And we saw that and you Rica park I mean if they literally had sections of eureka park. That worse than what we're really really discordant off like country yeah which I didn't expect Britain France by the way seem to be kicking ass is in the all the cool stuff was coming from France I would understand if you were not some pretty cool innovators the technical and it was really fun talking to a lot of the French people because they have those great accidents in the video what you tell you I don't I don't know what half these these people we're seeing me but if it was a woman to ship a French accent obviously got a lucky because I like values out. We we suburb to drones there was one place where they had them just flying around and say this sort of occasion with India spotted that gigantic. It was this. Your drove the agriculture staff that there was huge news of Aaron you know to compare it to mean it was a it was a large drone and had a giant tank. They eat it gets filled with whatever it is your fertilizing or you're doing you're on your gardening stuff for your farming stuff and it shows the what the future's going to be like when it comes to farming because he's drunk while all. BI it makes me think that you know what may be Amazon can't carry our package is resisting was huge burden and a dinner they can get it up the air and and like you says he just go up and down Rosa crops. Again it's something I'm not even aware of you know you don't think of farming and and drones at the same time and robots and you're gonna have robots basically just we heard general it's a can handle tomato yet you know it descends on a touch second and ultimatum was easy and it started up to sixty crush skulls. Which they had excels Dellums we didn't see what we just saw these big boxes that supposedly he's strap these your body to get these wrought the will robot assisted listeners. Admitted they were never were drones they were industrial lifting drones is there ever tell us what those who weren't in those drones were nowhere in in in evidence that she I know management that it is or carry people away for secrecy Burma is why they were gone a feisty quiet debut I was on Saddam ID gone to burn your point are you guys both got to worry is sort of learned this is to be between AR MDR today yes. There's a lot of augmented reality and virtual reality it was insane what in my favor our memory and name them but there was a you put it goggle on headphones on to and it felt like you were in the movie theater it was it was all right that was that thing you can go wanna plane wits and you we did noise canceling headphones. And a virtual school you know the movie screen sized picture of the you'll get to watch. Yeah that was cool. I like when you run a kayak Steve the kayak was fun and I don't know how close and it'll be in my house but it did not know that if it was a giant kayak rod. Are in a war against. The proper term or whatever the heck the kayak or use words double sided facility earlier door like a Darth Maul or you know you gotta have both sides the at the virtual reality glasses on and there you are in the river. On a kayak in in controlling it and you can kind of feel a sensational Lavinia Hanson and just. The way that your head moves and it is everything moves along with it was pretty cool it was a. Beautiful beach you know and and they told us that it was actually a simulation ever of a river in South Korea I can under the name and our family it was I mean I was I was just sit there going I don't want to leave guys this is a beautiful place everywhere you look you see seed. Pupils sky his son in years AME this is your eyes and it was sweet man I was like I beat paddling like this for awhile just a little thing Hannibal on me I'd bet that. Am there yeah. And there was a lot of audio tech we were checking out that there's some Marley would speakers and then now although some tables of the met the a megabucks Booth. It was kind of cool to see are ridiculous amount of turn tables on display here at CES seduces. Even at the pass is the future when it comes audio entertainment. And I think they had IOs and Marley the name where they had there you go together. And AM boot type provoke based U yeah I don't remember the face of the speakers a real throwback to when my parents when they would wanna have any stereo equipment they wanted to look like a great piece of furniture really a beautiful piece and that's what these really look like you'd think -- you'd like to have these on display. You go back to augmented reality. I mean we won't we will look at those things where you know you look at yet that they just had something on the table and there's nothing there you look through these. AR glasses and you're seeing like ships flying around. This is in its full lights. That's what was really impressive normally deceased up but lately they also don't holographic scale. You have to the lights down low him. That wasn't the case with these glasses you solid solid. He was just green thing with a blue it's a blue circle and it that we looked inside the blue circle became a body of water with a much of animals feeding him running around here zebras and stuff there and again it was full light you know the kind of like you would see an you know at a convention hall and and I was impressed with that. And then Steve the hall Graham saw. Hollowing out of the holograms those were those were tricky because that's something that I would imagine and it is it the perfect thing for the bar club or something like that you get when he's yeah science and things that. Holograms I I don't you ought to put into words man it's crazy to look at an NB got close like this moving sneaker whatever was up there on the screen it it. It was like out of any scifi movie they are you've ever seen. And again in full lights and that's what was impressive was he seems were bright enough that we saw them from across. The convention hall and it's really breakneck convention hall it decimal lol like this was a really well lighted place. And it really caught my eye like Steve said man it was it was like sneakers bounces Nacchio whales slow this woman around I'm like whoa this is like out of a movie. When it leaves out is I was disappointed now because as the number one thing I wanted to guy I was the one Droid. We any OK it was. I think I would I was expecting a lot more vital robotics. Vibe to it but it wasn't exactly that they know it's a it's it's it's a stance is looking cac cabinet that you've got to do a lot of programming with your app in order to get to the folder closed right away and we even show us how or. I do know you if you along Droid. Stand up there and talk show us how it holds close yes yeah exactly and that's nice solid yeah an area I was like OK I was I was. Disappointed to announce his. The am the first thing we checked only got over to the sands was that it brings sensing. Eyewear. On and I was like yeah I ask. Does read those present where you said let's get at all so says. And again some of the things we really ecstatic that gives you your time you will not have enough time to look at everything you know CES. You know when it exotic and not really anyway. If I think there was that cool thing called time scope where yes it picked different parts of history and you could put yourself there. And I think just what was amazing to music it was you know it was virtual reality you look you look inside almost like you're you're really inside one of those one Nichols glasses if you're appear you know and you wanna look at the ocean or so yet it like let's honestly say share your your ancestors. Over or start so you look at some like that and all of a sudden you're back in time like I was there on the front lines of World War I yeah. And the water III I'm I'm in a foxhole and there's just as muddy puddle. Any look so damn real economy it would yeah it dead meat that's what's amazing is you soon and then he then all of a sudden I'm seeing guys you know my fellow soldiers. And apparently so these guys wanna do is they wanted to score back and show you different moments in history as if you looking through the eyes of somebody that is the had lived and write and they recorded it. Which is really Trippi and it looked at it looked really good today and I can only met his lead tons better like Steve said. And years and I think we just them they enjoyed that one more than anyone I've figured you were in that world for probably goodness and fifteen minutes it was. You got sucked in the eyes I got to try and I was like OK I get it but there's funny. I want the steak is I just watched a TV show about World War I so they are I am going holy cow this is just liked what I saw on TV. Yeah you run I kind of target vehicle hit an all right next to that there was the the Spartan underwear stand are low to hit their expected to close out there fighting season. The guys are rather underwear which I thought hey that's a guy that's going to be pretty we'll see guys there underwear that bridge was us apparently that didn't write comments undefined there odd thing because they had. On their exude dead a funny line like heroine who oh there it is hi tech boxers protecting your not stem cell phone or cellphone radiation. Yeah that it was a lot of fun they they had a lot of good for you for missing names for arm our boys twins nuggets diamonds cajon en us. Yeah SDs yeah. He's very he's. Zones he had a very much and I gesture and we were it was say they were fun guys. He's a decent 900 things and you wreak apart. You know it's one thing when you you get to go see some other the the cool stuff by established brands. Even some that we don't know lol like I recommend or can't forget the name of a second leading brand of television in China chain challenged John. Heard Chung Cheng Wong into what we came up with I hope that's right I don't know there's not my Internet search Estrada fine and great about some of these things you can't I hear it though yeah. I Jang song. Is a brand and they had they had TV soul slapped the pictures were amazing yes and they they had it's been around and you go our will why would they want to TV's been around so beautiful and who gives them the back looks like until you realize there's got to help right there it's just like. So and so almost a couple sheets of oak tag make that much stick miss yeah. And that that was that widget TV used to present I think it's at five millimeters if I'm not mistaken and and the picture was amazing they even showed it to me like a painting. If you wanted to have a lot of pain of a fancy sort of engulf both. Then even with a fancy framed and I was led for a first I thought all of this is this is a cool little frame that it it and there's almost a television here because it was so then I figured that was and what are there. It just I don't know I mean I'm sure you could do much about it. That he has found out how well how old. Robots in depth personal virtual assistants are going to be taken care of our pets overtake cats pad and then now with like Gary Todd mood is that the robots are going to kill us via the feed our dogs and cats and Herbert Canada instead of forward. They. Actually Steve found a great item for you BJ well when we permit the hip pad place. Oh the air bag per people who fall. And it's like you having to airbags on each severe hit. To protect you have to take to hit the journal person it's it's X it's a really cool idea but it's CA EST I'm wondering you've grandma's gonna get a heart attack. All when he airbag goes obviously they gave all of us a heart attack EI it's but it's it's it's something airbag in your car man. Yeah it's a belt that you Wear around your waist blackmailed and there did that looks alleges in the league and if you're an old person you don't care what you're wearing I know I'm getting to that point in my life. I'd rather have safety you know over fashion bright and it was a cool thing this is a padded belt Wear around their waist and then if all of a sudden you're shaking it a little too much and you fall. These things deployed like an air bag in your car. And you start to start browser on high tribunal to break you're definitely but it. It's about yourself on your break and act now if there is cool yeah it was fun to see the guy demonstrated and I thought I didn't know we needed that but I guess we did are him. A lot of that a lot of I'm do we need that. I it's cool that it's there but I mean how off tree and use it yeah there's so many tools that I went by we. Way over my head all right heights I looked at and I go I don't even know what you're selling here but they have a great display and people registered I don't know what this is over some of them there are trying to appeal to businesses yeah that would work out work well in a bar or restaurant or at a about you know somewhere in the. Park so it's big year or so many things that went over my head gardening stuff to about gardening anything. Are you we did find the the hugs he blanket Booth though that seemed to be something as both Tenet. Got excited about where we jealous that that was the one where you know what if your baby's missing mommy. It doesn't have to miss mommy anymore because the base and make virtual mommy yeah it's got a blanket that absorbs the sense somehow I get a serpent science suggests that absorbs dissent. A bomb. And then there's a little speaker and apparently what they do their record amounts heartbeat and breathing and then that speaker provides that feeling and sound. For the kids so it feels like its ad in the comfort of it's on there was a lot of things or like things are meant to help out the only help us sick kids so some funnel things accused of cancerous it yeah I think it's cool to see some of that technology that things that are being created at will never elementary on our radar hopefully. But it's out there and it's trying to improve the life of of kids that are struggling or whoever struggling and elderly and the education. Robots that we're you know bracelet put all sorts of fun learning games it would project. Robots. The direct side. Electronic Steve forward and this was my favorite of all look at exhibit one of the last is that we saw that eureka park and it looks like it nice. Kind of like escape for a debt almost had that vibe of a long board but it's great it's a regular size and escape or just the woman in the design of escape port is very cool and it's I had agreed appeal. And then you realize always is I your ordinary skateboard. It's a full on motorized skateboard that you go for about seven miles before the charge and the media like ninety minutes to recharge the whole thing. I apparently it soon the battery is so powerful but the immediate. Not super powerful that you can't bring on a plane or Smart people that travel on its efforts of the that you wanna Neal brown the plaintiff. Let's when your luggage we strayed like mine who aha that's a whole topic a bomb or yeah Eddie goes up I think he said thirty miles ground. And a tarmac as he's an 181880. Miles an hour in eighteen miles per hour and it just. Local radical by trade and you control the speed and breaking with a little controller yeah having a hand. It'll trigger controller so then wait it's comfortably in your hand measures keep pouring yet. And it also hit you know a good torque because he was gripping that carpet yeah marriage you know which I could say another thing if you go to cons and we go you know we've got a lot of console for. This whole place is carpeted the usually it's concrete floors when you go to big convention spaces but they they know people who do and so much walking I was very impressed the fact that. There was carpeting. Everywhere in this gigantic. Convention center that's one of the largest in the country. And and that's why I thought while Ozzie and escape port on this is going to be tough but you know that that thing was that thing was sweet. They were moving in Nike said you know fit battery dies. And it just becomes escape port isn't just you couldn't escape poured in so you're able to recharge the battery which is pretty cool. Already down some of our favorite memories and experiences from CES. We went to eureka hall we went to the north and the south park area of the convention center and did some of the course of that we witnessed since I checked out. Yeah and we feel we got to see our if you get around their but dominant jump to it anyway goal we just it. We got to go into every week and Steve because he pulls and nobody did he say Liggett I'm Stephen people like him we we got some of VIP access to the gives intent which was basically a nightclub in the middle the parking lot that they create on their own there's awesome they gosh man. You walked in there and it's like the hall of fame of guitars it's really cool. When you think about the fact that all the amazing. Products that they've made over the years and they've got them featured as if you would put a fine painting in your home yet. And Tom Cox that I was really impressed with because I thought wow there's a lot of different styles and its arsenal or eighth I did and that's just Gibson editors' closest. That was our autograph or by BB keying in other people on Alex from Bob Reich and just on the wall as the most at a museum slash exhibited slash. Retail money from headphones to everything else that the gift and then having bands perform. Ask us right there are slash was there at some point. The easy hale is there also adjust and work out with our timing we were able to run into them but pretty cool thing now gives him put together the I really really well. The inside looks fabulous again that's what happens don't you you go to this and just you you'd see everything is just so grand so big it's so Vegas and and whether they didn't disappoint I really like the frame Smart license plate frame. Yeah that was it I. I don't know that's a one of those Protestant but do we need this did you understand it's I know I assists read very resilient and actually could put an a spare key. And that license plate OK and then let's just say you locked your keys. The car or something on a line deserve I don't know maybe don't wanna have you Keon you. Almost and you open up the plate and agencies who were your cellphone there's an app that Paul and and unlocks it and you get we need out there. Yeah. She's angry these things where. I don't expect at. AA she says and if some beach as a break in because it was like they look like has made a plastic. She goes look at Brandon makes an LR sound like you know yelled because people are deterred now by every alarmed some goes off because of his car alarm goes off anyways nobody easy to care that's a cool thing I don't know we meet I wasn't sure. There was the Bebop censor. The guy or that causes was a cool thing. That was awesome that resist next next level. Sensations with a glove and you feel that he should receive like as he took detached brick wall you feel. And the sensation of brick and if you strum on guitar strings you feel this sensation of that or receded gone. You feel that as well yeah the keyword is haptic which you know if you have I don't know well Samsung falter or android phones but. You know the new iphones but there's no bot networks anymore it's a have to Chris. Ponson make you feel like you're pressing a button. And that's what these gloves are. And firm for people voters in virtual reality of the you know yes sometimes at the hole to control whether this is a globe that you get to put on and he was able to shoot a gun load stuff and you can pick things up and it. You know he was able to show with a division rubbing his hand on a brick wall as opposed to strumming the guitar. And it did feel different team and I thought war over virtual reality to have this kind of haptic response incorporated like that. That was pretty amazing and this dude was like hey you know what not easy to do he was pretty proud of the fact for years in the making. Any was able to get the price. I think like around a 150 dollars which for gamers not going to be a problem. We talked to desire overt deputy in the bolt about education. Yet as I was a lot of fun. I I gotta be thinking you know what she might be early to mid twenties is passed. And Tom you know each issue should look like a girl that was you know she was she was well grass and very fun and in light. And turns out she's like this massive rocket scientist. And for cutting anarchy and or herb he's got a great YouTube channel and she's a big believer in the fact that. Girls can be girly if they want to and also be rocket science is it doesn't do one or the other. And if I will tell you she's one of the most friendly brilliant people I've ever met usually if your super brilliant. You know I mean look at this stereotype but you mean you might be socially awkward at least that's my anecdotal streets what anybody does matter what gender they are they're really Smart sometimes it's hard for them to relate to people. She was just amazing you know sources she was really really amazing and it's cool what she's doing fur for young girls so that they can have a lot of fun doing all these really science he projects but they're kind of girly looking so. You know she says I don't want to do they called the pink eye on the you know and all of like those the departments are I know what she's talking about like the whole pink out you know was the girl out. And she is we don't want to lose the pink out we wanted to dominate the things child being of course the Smart people. And I really liked or choose a lot of fun. The year short edition short story generator. That that was kind of interest in. ST gonzo the short story I I guess if I had kids I am mile long conversations. Seventy year old with an anti Amy that. But if you're cute so let's remind me. Yes this is the follow up question the Clinton gets a that you just do a glance at CNET what gender then figured that out yet Yahoo! has put in name only. That seems thinks of Adobe file I got a corporate gig because they thumb their nose meant more for my bars that you. You you get a bunch of buttons and and it creates a short story for you whether the acute short story and adults are short story or something. But it and it comes out a little mini scroll. I feel like a drunk or a child would enjoy it yes. And typical. What about the loose ball table good linked up with your happen ranked us all over the world. Yeah this is like a supersize your football table the guy had a very heavy accent so I wasn't picking up everything he was dropping. But I will say that if you're ever person loves you you know go to a bar and compete with your buddies. This was a cool tools ball table that they even had a big screen that if you scored like a really cool goal they would do replay it's. They would also keep track of everybody's like stats and so you can play over their and I imagine if you've got this this table over different places all these stats can be linked in man on your phone and you're like the champ forever. I thought that was cool because it's a competitive guy you know who doesn't wanna go there are no way you look a mad guy who back we played video games only to see our near the beginning of the you know the pack mirage a high score thing yeah. It's incorporating the high score mentality into a bar game that was not a game that was electronic so. It's pretty cool I I think it's going to be a Bellevue very popular feature to have on a food but you are. Again you know don't know if anybody at the bar said they needed it but we'll see bright. The other glove box relieve a message for somebody I think got to be found in the category yeah its cool. The cool idea how often he needs it after maybe 12 times I will tell you this when I first saw this and I was telling Steve about an ice and you know what if I run across this person. I might just have to tell him really because. It it's designed that you can send a message of encouragement to people so that when they opened the box it's like oh you're really great person and I thought well what ever happened and has gone to the person say hey your really recourse. Then I met the woman and again she's one of the great people I think from France yet. And she was really sweet and nice and I thought all I can't my dear I guess I get that I can't pressure low ball hawks I can't do this fight over well I guess solve. Point is when you got a nice message from somebody. There would be that this'll heart gets attached to the box and it's a spinning in a circle so you know that you've got mail and then you open up the news and it's your awesome I guess you could send me messages that you wanted and you can use Sharpton Matt Gephardt black. It's a black art since Kennedy yet. What about that of resistance centrifuge bowl but and the actual Leo it's free so why we came away with today that was club. And then you have to keep expanding you have to bite the movement of your wrist and hand while keeping your almost and I and do very well but. It would it would it would build up in our yams in and we quote unquote so it was at the equivalent of a 45 pounds of resistance is and I'm not sure like why that part of my body needs because I think that's all you do what is on your wrist straight faces its system in your wrist and your four arms. There she got about fighting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and all that's what it was a guy and that's pretty cool you know what that it. We walked in the door the first thing we saw was this really friendly woman and she gave us all one yet. And we thought. Does the Beagle we get all this stuff it sees stroke death accident that gets hit everything NN but we want to wave I want to amicable and also to my phone. Odd that I could make attached to something but that was the open nor the giveaways to get there first thing we walk in do we get a giveaway enmity goes downhill from there. I thought for sure we get a robot know gave us a robot now that that's a big it. Earlier in greater leave yes we sold a bit prism play table. All right you know it's different if for us geeks man I've been seeing this for awhile oh we love all of our board games like social content and things of that nature and this particular device takes about thirty board games your favorite games in their all in the device so you never have to bust all these sports games he's bringing his table and he basically a night of more games was just as one device you're alive and our board games to be trimmed down to about seven and a half. Could be the case upset about it board games yet that we have the board is there and end guy you know it it it looked pretty impressive and in Bakes and it was even Mino expandable. I if you have on marijuana goes innovator innovative. Something. Of the AC yes at an award. Yeah they'd end there and they're ready to ship out there you know they're not cheaper is it about 500 dollars for a bad boy bug with the you know again if you wanna chino car around thirty board games you've got this. Ominous is the time to hit because four games are hot. I don't I don't think that I loved is. The Indy heads up displays that they're gonna be putting in cars yet the in dash JR he's the in dash KR which to me is unbelievable is that principally video games you always have that heads up display it's as a how many miles around. And to be able to take your Google Maps and and overlay it so that you can see where to go over the actual role that you're wrong wrecks of the road you're on you see the Blue Line in menu and they'll tell you to take a right. That was impressive plus any other stats you may wanna nobody still looking at the road so you don't have to look down at a phone they're going to return the and and she was saying all sorts of things from your phone will be incorporated into these on these they are displays augmented reality. Oil well I can't wait for that does seem so cool. That the that. What about that that scooter luggage you Tigger right on cue who could get mad at me. It's almost wrecked it was me you know. If you've got a piece if you got a scooter luggage which is which is a piece of luggage that you could also ride like a scooter through the airport which I think is really awesome yeah you gotta try it out yet and I didn't know how to exactly work you put you've got to get it going for despite kicking yourself and then you press the button and my guess it'll go but it won't go until you actually -- -- Vietnam and then I almost ya know I know I am Spezza took some people out but they're they're sort of almost ended that day yeah the armed. But I really had fun would that Italy else could travel on carry on size piece of luggage that also can scoots around the airport. I have to tell you I wanted it is for the the amount of ground we had to cover here at CES. Right I've been nice to have one of those that's deep or it doesn't rip tide stating that are one Electric's keyboard and you're on your electric luggage staying. And Christie we carried around by drone yet. OK so you know what you know we'll have not had not even like three years away from CES where you can rent to drone now we'll take you someplace moves young's anywhere from her it's happening yeah I cannot wait to the idea I don't know I haven't got. This much walking exercise and a long time. He also hooked on the head doctor Fuji nobody shaker I was that. Yeah this is this the now I've heard about this technology before it can basically it bounces you if you stand on an and then it took you to the right institutes of the left very very quickly so that he basically it's like your little lazy just jumping up and down on this thing. I've heard it it's supposed to help you in weight loss maybe shakes up the fats of the fat will burn off better I've heard this before and doctor Fuji had a ton of these. And we all look like we've basically forgot our medicine as I get it there. Recorded all of us and decides it's going to be the new version of the C wait it's going to be a viral video clips noted that all these people like us is seeking high and are we seeking all around as we're standing on these things base. These things is supposed to help you lose weight even more even if you're on the plan but I don't know man admitted he was weird feeling. The there was a gentleman who showed off his says super powerful gaming mouse the thought Ted gill might get a kick out of the guy you know I had my summer I don't know it was called but the guy was really profited heavily for it seem like he said it had like you joy sticks and everything on the mouse yeah really site Corey. And sensations are itchy feeling use. I doubt it it did it was Ergen ire you know I may know of gamers PC gamers men are always looking for a better mouse always an offer better keyboard there were. There were walls of keyboards aid in the one particular gaming area of CES it was amazing. You know PC gaming at least in this place is still alive and well. And that's that's most of the stuff we did you know in and out show read their guys I mean that's I mean it was a lot but yeah that's. You know par through a different types of robots that's that's what we got a man. We put it didn't mean we were we were not busy all day today. And we really didn't see anything but a fraction of each week you know we we really wanted to get he Rica part because we heard some good things about that and that was a lot of fun most of the big places inside the main convention hall. They don't have time to talk to you the could we see we to Parker is in they wanna be discovered so they do have time to talk to use writers great. But the big boys stay just I mean there's so crazy busy yup. And hum man. It just seems like we thought all right we cover this whole area the little down on always there's another whole half of this entire ridiculous convention center that's not even the main convention center. Oh I mean it is. But you know what you get your money's worth stepped. You get your money's worth and eyes CES does it right they really really do either the the professional set up how smooth it runs for the scope of this thing how grand it is. Unbelievable unbelievable. Well yeah I would like includes our our final episode of C escapades that would be Jim bigs and not. Hopefully you guys enjoy hearing about what's coming. And maybe you like me you wanna start the rebellion to take on the robot stymied. Because they're coming. Even though they say that they're truly sorry and that we will be replaced by them. I think you look at either so maybe you'll be your first ES next year but that's only if they're robots. Ten K and us she wouldn't. Do. It good to get KI is that these days we'll get all the social media for cash have you posting a bunch of pictures and videos. And you could see some as a there were talking about a lot of videos of out over the next few days and I did defendant take up beating blogs. Lots of cool stuff and a lot of all more detailed descriptions of the things that we saw Vijay blog at KI SW dot com.