CES-capades with BJ & Migs 1/8/18

Monday, January 8th

BJ and Migs are in Las Vegas to check out CES (Consumer Electronics Show).  As Las Vegas is being taken over by the latest innovation in electronics and gadgest...BJ arrive as everyone is setting up for Tuesday's start to the coinvention.  In this episode, BJ and Steve chat with Elliott, a spokesperson for CES, and they re-cap their first day in Vegas with Uncle Chris! Stay tuned for more episodes of "CES-capades with BJ and Migs" over the next couple of days.

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Now seen as good grades will be. So live from the CES show in Las Vegas and 99.9. KI ESW. Clever funny. Hello it's Las Vegas he would see me as Consumer Electronics Show I'm PGA GA over there is Steve migs Lou hello hello. And it's. You Larry loquacious over here also known as uncle Chris. Yeah yeah. And we are but this is our podcast from Vegas man from the consumer electronic show CES two when he eighteen. We are course we are tired because manned. I have not walked this much in my life. To be happy either Chris to have an app gets show video what are we to we to do we just went from one place to another and we simplest CL on this as it was two miles to yep. Two miles and we were just getting from one destination to another and we really and that was just the beginning of the day we walked two miles before we get anything we needed to do. Yes nearly its its just over half a mile to get from where we are tethered to the monorail station where we can write up the other end atomic. Just what your religious and today almost two miles. What's funny to sob and I talked to do the radio consult my name's Fred Jacob sees big into the world to CES I chatted with him before we can't have what should be prepared for. When I first things he said was but make sure that you Wear comfortable shoes. Because you will be walking a lot of really you're really fully started CES just yet like we're here we got here on Saturday today's Sunday were recording this. Things don't really get going until Monday ish but definitely Tuesday. But just from the just going around registering in doing what we need to do it's a ready consists. A marathon it feels like of of CS capades ya. As we here's what we so basically convention center's one of the biggest convention centers in the world. And we have pretty much walked a good part of that. We pretty much covered Mandalay bay that is a huge hotel the MGM grand we have to what does everything is in different parts of all these hotels. And Aurelio we have to go to that end up okay great we go to that floor acrylic CES looks over the job masked body fat of the attendees that are coming in side where they're gonna put the hotels because I. All man BJ major article Chris are coming yeah. I wanna put things on the other and it sounds let's get these kids were walking. It is so true man and it's did it it's just unbelievable it is does the scope of this thing is crazy. We we know we got the eggs of her list Steve I've got like. Two to three I mean with little print there are four pages of eighties like hey you usually four pages of just the age people that are going to be his insane insane. Yeah they're Smart clothing as smarts the keyword by the way what I'm noticing is there is Smart everything is Smart dog beds. I think they're Smart dog that's yet to make sure your dog is not overweight. Well there's a cool thing there's a foul smelling bracelet the you can put on in case he thinks among one of my wanna beat you up. She put this bristle on an and it and it but I wanna check it out spray you with lavandera on the down. It emits no emits this smell that makes somebody not wanna be on our own Jim link straight up fat man yeah. It is Trippi I mean this stuff this year. We were looking in the bee's I love the v.s because is like a bunch of blue animals I was it is it's really there is a blue frog robotics bluebird music. Blue tiger blue whale amend your and it's just like that the best that. And that's just some of the blues idiom in the end. It CNN news as Julianna looking ahead and is only one Bluetooth. Which you would expect an NI AA I have and as I've only got to the beast just say well who's gonna be here I don't know how anybody could see all the stuff I. I think that's one of the main tips about it whatever does plan on coming to CS or you're here. Did the big tip that they give everybody is just expect that you're not going to get to everything that you hope to get to it would be impossible. There's just not enough time there's two the lines are always busy. So it to be able to bounce from point a to point B you kind of have to just give up to the fact that I'm not gonna get to everything I hoped to get to. One of the cool things and I would we hope to really even explore Gibson's got this gigantic tents that they did have intent is not even the right word it's a bank has basically erected a structure yet that it nukes a building. And we're trying to hang with them of course because Gibson is an awesome brands you know what Joseph Perry's going to be swing him by somewhere around there also slash. Lucy Hale from hail storm. Our Hussein bolt is here half the celebrities that are here is also pretty crazy Neil Patrick Harris is talking it's MPH yep yep. Excuse going and I think there's other people that they continue to come in as the days go by but you before today that we started a true hero of CES that's the spokespersons. By the name of Elliot we get a chance to chat with him. You're sick the full run down what we can anticipate what we can expect and then I act at some more about our CE escapades. Steve were alive at CES that's and Elliott is the man is gonna tell as the new moves. What we should be doing hi Eliot has a gallon ideas hi Eliot I'll tell him already we are just written ridiculously impressed and it's still a few days out this is quite an undertaking and and that's the first thing I want to ask you man it's like just. How difficult this is a put on how many people does it take you even know the number to make CES happen the biggest convention I've ever seen. I I came in tight the numbers after we have a new we have people coming from all of the lost faith community. There are people from Washington DC enemy Ali exhibitors we have more than a 170000. People attendees is expected this year so now. It is a lot of people in Las Vegas and this week. We look you have to get here a couple days early before the crazy to chaos starts and we're looking out there it's a build your own city. And we realize as a walk around like some of these buildings are not necessarily. Manageability they've been built within the last couple of days what's that like for the crew and we got to give a shout out to recruit that takes part at CES because I can imagine it's an undertaking. I I don't know maybe even flat I mean I was here yesterday just coming to get prepared and I can tell you none of the pension stuff outside or even know yet and I showed up this morning at eight and they were all there and it just. I mean they're just a monumental work it's it's really crazy. And if that amazes me is that you know we've spent a conventions convinced is go to cities is a lot of great season need to go to New York Chicago LA San Francisco those are great cities. But to hold a convention in Vegas where Vegas itself is just a spectacle I mean. There's a story of the Yemen and store in the big giant Coke bottle you write an elevator up in. And if that takes an element that most of works about the casinos the bars the gambling because I guess Kevin Eminem story out of historic I was critical of the Coca-Cola store with. Like everything in Vegas is is just so grand and to hold a convention here related to electronic show you guys have to compete with the city itself which is not usually the case if you hold it anywhere else. Now I mean Las Vegas has been really good with us and we do a lot of work with them you know they've been very generous and I mean just competing with all the technology that's around here I mean. They have every story you think of the flagship storage in Las Vegas kind of like. Another hot and innovation cell CS really clicks with that image just. You're seeing the future here in Las Vegas and Nancy yes that's really great. Now I do I know that he you know there's a lot of stuff this can be displayed periods is the ridiculous amount of square footage and it's still spills way outside of LA committees in which by the way that it that's on the biggest ones in the world and you still too much too big for that. There was a lot of blues is one event that seems excited for and I am wondering if you're back its top on your list he can't wait to see the laundry folding robot as broad broad we have a long way to is that is that your top did your top attraction is up though. I know about the wonderful they I mean I would I would certainly invest them and I think that's going to be I think that they they can't I would certainly is that is much like cut it's definitely one of the many. And think innovations and see this week it's at a meter race and. A lot of friends that are are jealous of us for coming to see us tonight really was excited about his that this type of video camera this type of amazing Smart TV the cars everything else. My knowledge that broke out there for my laundry and I've got a lot of rolled eyes from my out by my nerdy friends. Yeah yeah that that's great and there's there's there's an ambulance to a lot of interest and stop its meager I guess about that because that's our hope is to kind of find stuff that's off the beaten. Hat obviously is a lot of great publications are gonna read about the big thing that Samsung's putting out are whether it be LG or some along those lines. But I wanna finally the weird stuff like the winds are waiter or like the weird BR stuff that might be going on as well. For you would you recommend us trying to track down. Hey do you have to check out eureka park in the sands there's more than 900 dollars a share. And no one of the companies that I saw their lash him to school it was a Smart trash cans though. You threw away some thing and they have like Rasheed on they would like it can add to your grocery list can tell you how much like calories or it can keep track your health. And it and it and it's it's it's really it's just crazy everything Smart nowadays and the track the Smart trash cans that went on one of those yeah it's really it's it's really great I owe it everything slice of the two guys that are entering this I like to apologize for that and that's that definitely eureka park is as word of being at the at the bottom left them there and if you are new per. Since coming I mean you have any tips at all because I mean we it it's overwhelming and I was it hasn't started yet so we this is our first one. Anything we should watch out for any wish to look out for that we that we we have no idea that we would we wanna be able to survive. This. There is there's a lot the CI highly recommend going to see the artificial intelligence exhibit that'll be really cool I mean that is just the next ten years as it's gonna keep growing and that's one of largest. You know most expanding. Exhibit its. Everything into digital assistant nowadays I certainly had a few at home and it's just I really recommend and it's. I'm nervous the Kodak because I feel like he could be the beginning of a really scary action film. Where at CES that's an robots take over as I've nothing anywhere about that you're sent to listen to sky and head Booth and see if maybe Arnold as there and it's all over. That's. Yes sir I LE I appreciate taking its time it is hats off to you guys and this is just what an undertaking and so far it's been an easy experience for us which. I don't you know we expected that it wouldn't be because it's so big but you guys may and you got to button up he had a lockdown. And I pregnant that it's gonna be it's going to be great week and I I I know you got to see a lot of excellent often stops though. And simply your lawn as we get folded up and my trash is going to be Smart that was not a laundry tent exactly else is there a theater I say yeah I think you know I love the fact that it. We knew at the beginning limits we've met some people see us and we thought well it's nice to meet you we don't know if we'll ever see you again because anywhere web between a 170. And 300000 people. At one time or another during some year have been here sweet and holly couldn't be here develop and oversee anybody again we really run into Eliot like a few hours later yeah yeah you're not a blackjack table he looks like there's a lot of snow yeah. There was a lot of guys at 9 in the morning are gambling which I think is just hilarious that is an interesting scene in Vegas where we're getting up when you go this guy is and then the delegates that's Michael is it going to bed early and there's no gone better early and there is having uttered a that's where he starts is there is that the way he's ending his day or set up a run on from several days he's got to go home until his wife that yeah we're gonna have to mortgage our house. If you got eight kids who look I don't mind usually if you wanna go on you wanna party and have a good time but do you gotta look like you're having a good Simon weren't we just did this guy did not look like he was haven't though who it looked like he spends his like his company Christmas bonus. In Vegas and I was gonna go home and explain they lost several thousand dollars yeah yeah I'm in the town is that the town is amazing and of course that's why I talk to Elliot it's wanting to hold a convention like we talked about you know winning in any city hidden but when you holding in Vegas to so much else is grabbing people's eyes. Yeah today yet you know you've got to be big you've got to be amazing view gonna come here and go look take a look at my device. It's like I do like okay but isn't as good as the cool Coca-Cola bottle elevator that we wrote into them because that was pretty cool stuff. How big is that's so big that the Pentagon that they do from. A giant store Eminem swords I surfer Coca-Cola but. Our local Chris as we didn't now what have been your for a day and a half death his job has been to take notes and at whatever hit that he notices as Ron RC escapades. That seemed kinda Todd find news ridiculous are the maybe you can read a few of arm and ethnic. Which. Of those that we should talk about that. Let me refreshing eager guys memory from a little over 24 hours ago we first arrived here all of the stuff we've done what falling as around reading down little things that you would say and do minority said that Kristen thanks the effects and I didn't know it would be better if we can actually just have Chris re overall things are sedated. We're proud yesterday I think that's a better thing to do. Thank you among everywhere first remarks. It's a by the way that we noticed over the chris' first and last trip with us there it is. Welcome and thank you it Pee-Wee Mitt we noticed an audition lines for cocktails serving job at a place called pools. As you're walking through the MGM grand. I feel like. We do have to talk about that yeah because there's so much to say that guys are gonna wanna hear about and also girls that like other girls. Or just grows and appreciate. The perfection that is. These women now or when he's running. You up what we thought was a casting call for maybe the next Tom Cruise movie that. It was I don't even know how he may be several hundred girls are in this long zigzag line. Just sitting there and waiting and waiting and we're looking more like okay. This is like either an audition for America's Next Top Model this is. Maybe someone's doing additions to marry George Clooney I don't know what it is but it is ridiculously. In attractive girls online so Vijay went up and talked to one I decided. Okay rather than to be the nerd shy guy that I am because these women there is the day of a bit when I was younger they're out of my league they are way out of my league. I guy than they were all I don't think anybody was over thirty years old and outline how it all over the X point 50 man I Judy was if I was. I thought for shore that it was like Steve said they were auditioning for some sort of TV show some pit nines intends to what they're auditioning. Should just get a job at this place I mean no it is called pools they wanna be servers and cocktail waitresses hopefully mckinny's. What I'm thinking he's called pull your yeah or it's or it's a billiards bar oh. I don't know man but he. But they were so you know we've seen the servers as you know all the hotels that was a combined give you drinks while you're hanging at the hotel gambling and I. Don't disparage anybody you know. These women were not them these women were a lock I could be a model TV movie star I can be I mean it was under that's why I was so shocked like you I'll be honest I honestly thought maybe the Avian awards are happening in this wasn't as they were all porn star hot they were all made up to anywhere I mean they were dressed like they were going out to a club that they were dressed like look. Com I want you to think of me in a way that you think of women would when your pool there she said yeah and the almighty god and and and it was that was that was yesterday yet. Touched he delights even bigger today with a look like all different girls I'm going is bigger today and I don't know what this place is going to be Alice. I'm. Yeah David David. They were gorgeous it was he that I could you know I couldn't see anybody in that line that I didn't think belong America's sometimes that happens sometimes you go. Have you looked around wrecked the you're not gonna make any really aren't any three ugly once now next now there'll sort any I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that interview process like what. How long are those interviews because Zelaya was ridiculous Renee they're all day I mean that just seemed or did it or is he every just look at them go your hot OK OC in the second and yet it's just keep going now I have no idea but that get out to go one and one girl that I spoke to she was really cool and I was like oh yeah here's what it's about Mike it's it's just a cocktail server stop. And she's like you and they had these two big bouncers that we're in charge of the line mom might go okay I'm not gonna stay long because I didn't probably think that because there's probably a minute what are you gonna try to still them for your place don't get it got a but yeah I think they're hard to keep people like us away from the women like I had a crowd says. Just I don't know maybe we could say to stick I don't we take it discrete pictures we've bought my next then out of us. And did it's because this is panorama worthy. Routed the Eminem ball. Yeah which is dual panorama of the line of women's track they were it was a myth that's Vegas. What's. There is ISO speaking of attractive young ladies we stopped today he let them at the platform for did for the monorail and there is a vending machine. He asked if you remember BJ where they were selling the roll soul you protect flats that down that's awesome yeah staring at the idea that the model in the video as it I don't know if we need to go anywhere else. I was mesmerized model was gorgeous and she's. Show her putting on basically. If I'm Steve you thought it was a great idea that women really run and an end high heels and then they get tired of this machine we can get these flats they come out and actually we're looked rather stylish. And you can despite item from this machine it was it's it's a brilliant move. On their part because there's so many women that are walking around all day golf club to club. Wearing a sign of commercial IK's fifth with three easy installments it poured it on nine you get you some the issue but it was just basically a soft. Yeah that had. A tougher substance and young like a robbery soul but not the toothpick but just enough city not gonna hurt yourself while walking into walking barefoot. You've used dew drop twenty bucks and you have these socks on your feet and get it works and in my defense we weren't a now. That's happened you know what they look amazingly amazing stuff like defense aren't I just got back from the line of gorgeous girls through this job. And this woman is just so damn sexy showing me how she puts the shoe line. She's my kind of girl scale like curbs. And I just you guys I guess I forgot the train was coming and deserves to stay here there and looped a couple times a zealot like a tense and Nvidia dot net and I'm just there. Moon. Who rule Lewis who knows the next stimulus going to be about boss women or do we hide anything else that we did outside of Pakistan don't want her to our the next the next one was the the noticeable lace up shirt front sites. I think that's what he knows I. Okay now where I was very happy for probably note and let's just say there's hot women in Vegas yeah I think that's yeah. So we said demos are watching near Kansas City titans game at says the ankle Mexican mar. Yes and we noticed one of their one of the kickers on the chiefs at a kind of really hilarious name Harrison. Hairy but sure yeah that was funny I didn't know they had a guy named Harry put her on the chiefs. Biggio went on NFL website reported the Jersey. He's number 69 to die the day seven. And then I think the thing was is that I had a couple beverages so the bartender to good services is so great we just want by this sort of bar in the middle again that's a great love Vegas she's won two hotels and is gigantic. Mexican bar right there at the dude comes by and just make sure avocados depend from a view for no extra charge to except for the price is that your argument isn't. And so on like this is great having my beverages and then I kind of just laughed like a child's head. And everyone's looking at me like you know sir it's not that funny and you wish you look a little older than ten right into thirteen years old sir. Yeah but Harry but to request that was a great football game now man you know and good I think Pete Carroll should get really put into the the playbook next year. You know but also football the other player and then ready for the big corporate support for Marcus very Oda yeah and that's a Russell Wilson played really he's of these into the. Ahead of like a Disney movie and there's a guy so he throws the ball it. It doesn't go where it's of course ago when it hits the opposing team player's helmet and it bounces back into their hands in the quarterback who now is walking and it is. The end zones will be technically threw a touchdown pass to himself says that if I saw that in a Disney movie. I'd like if if I remember the titans all of a sudden that's the way to game and even if this is a load up unbelievable yeah brat. The outcomes unreal yeah when I believe defends CNET. Ideas remember the Icrc eastern avengers all my god yes it's what happened to find those avengers and get I don't care how much it cost I'll wanna pay all right whatever it costs as long as it's less than the price of those those old socks shoes that aren't any machines that tells you we can do there are two famous places where you can see these people dress up the superheroes. Of course is. Hollywood boulevard in the you know LA. And in course in Las Vegas they Manila on the strip and yeah it was a first look at America we've we've we've found out and they really big that is awesome Captain America is not American he's from Mexico yeah speaks Spanish and he's a Mexican man how great that's I think that's awesome and 2018 it's about time that we don't have to make Captain America beat from American exactly I think to spread it out you know way to make can be anything wanna be good now did you Hispanic or to America now look we have we know that when you saw the movie to a regular rock authority had a tough time they got Eminem all right Iraq situation. But boy it seems like after rag Iraq Paul McNamee it's not a good authorities here. The support we saw that's almost like he was look at some fragment Iraq track roster. You could. He was in all balk. If things go down here in Vegas. These ventures are not healthy it's FS now very bad shape. They don't look like they're happy to be superheroes. I thought it was an awful shape he looks like you know I'm David I kick. I think for it ever let himself go that that. And why would they let him before you have that's hackers and the other guy loses Cameron apparently lost everything. They should pay to tailor your appetite milky tea. Store losses hammer nose at the plate instead of the guy who is where elected Kenyatta head that was the hold that was terrible I was terrible to Spiderman I loved that he seemed to him that you eat. In the mostly focused yet despite a sense going Rudy reach out and give a high five to. Yeah a single meal I actually stuffed a person's anatomy and I'm going okay yeah I regretted and mentally I finally said hey man what's the Mike and Peter Parker made an apple would net. Bet although I don't know if you wanna get that guy great strength. Our responsibility you have brought in Europe about and again I think he was probably a little bit more miles morale as an analyst Peter Parker but an I they're they're very good point. Yeah is that we took it about players omitted some already lost. A yeah. Welcome him they go low this a couple of Spiderman in the a marvel universe. And then again I think miles is also Hispanics by the Manson is joining captain non America and he's trying to get a job as a parts and the please call pools. Don't go back and assess efficacy don't get to in my mind began to me I cannot believe they've done on one place the amount of gorgeous is that wasn't amazing. Mom I am the tuna what more. All right date we talked a little bit about the elevating the Coke bottle already but he remembered just the awe and wonderment the two gentlemen both experienced in the Coca-Cola store. Identical store was. It sounds crazy. Look we mocked it before going into yes I did I specifically said and no we're not going in the Coca-Cola storms today is like I jokingly said oh we're surprised it took over course during a guy like our guess if you want to. Like skid this stupid Pacific and then of course that meet meant that we need to protect the of course if. And we walked in there ready to be totally cynical ready to say what kind of crap they got to act and the amount of actually. Non drink items so we again this is a drink and and you had to go up I don't know how many floors before you actually could buy a Coke America yes. Death this shorts end up plates and the there I don't mean I hear everything you could think of that could be an item. There's Coke local item and a really good quality I didn't know they even had a all this stuff let alone put it all went. It's like this is just how powerful that brand is simply as you look in there and the place was not. Sparsely attended did stuff. This was there was a lot of people there in the middle of the evening and they're buying stuff dental can do stuff and its people that you can tell are not from America but all walked off very international but there's other people as well from different countries. It just shows like how much of a phenomenon Coca-Cola is an almost walked away with a Coke because shirt that said. I was debating whether I want to cocoa circuses cocoa in Japan since the president at Illinois and Israelis who had to make up my mind that it must file all of them so I decided not to get any best. Yeah I hated it I have mad respect for what they do with that brand. Because it was it was thousands of items they had to they had at least be a thousand items of Nam war and different than resolved there's him there's magnets there was bottle openers my favorite their resolve phone chargers like that old portable holes charters a look at the Coke can equipment do you speakers and yes OK this. Headphones with the Coca-Cola logo on them through to detect Dario wireless headphone yes and it was. Cellphone cases. T shirt dress shirts everything was available but if you need anything for your home plates silverware close. Typical child they so there's uncle Colin children everyday had to have everything there is an update there you saw of course we were it would be Eminem's through the wall Eminem's they had a wall of eco shaped glasses of every every damn color you could want there. My brain just like how all this is unbelievable in you know they didn't have all that and stock like Steve said people come from everywhere that store it was impressive and but it directs up today's episode of C escapades and I'm with anybody we keep your notes fell I think after every time we do when he's episodes we'll obviously talk about things are happening in the world that to suit Consumer Electronics Show. Not keep up on our FaceBook data KI SW will be posting them there as well Vijay makes FaceBook page to thank you weeds I can we do it tees yeah because we are about to embark on an adventure tonight. That we hope that C satellites will be able to do for a long time in our future. We're sort of doing a preview what will be like. To experience something that will hopefully get two fingers crossed. He's very excited about this and we are hoping that we're gonna have a Disney store in good data that's definitely an ad out Eminem store yes. No go to a hockey game we're gonna go to Vegas golden knights is their inaugural season they're hot they're playing really well the streets of Vegas arches I mean. If people ever wondered whether or not hockey would work in Vegas I granted there are some Taurus as well but there's everybody is wearing it's like yeah Friday. When the Seahawks are playing. It's like that here it's it's eight cent a night stay everybody's got their nights gear on and I'm looking forward to see what the atmosphere is like Kenya it's. Hopefully Seattle follow suit and N a the same things have fell into place for Vegas and the priest to resell the season tickets to the interest in the community. I hope that we had the same kind of interest at Vegas has had because it looks like this this experience is going to be incredible cats. Cecil ABC Elantra we sheriff lose us stories on the center episode we're gonna put out a podcast every day and I just keep checking just abuse. Dot com just to listen to these pictures videos all that crazy stuff. We've got to run all the social media is as well and I think that next time densely sounds good to see ya later.