CES-capades with BJ & Migs 1/9/18

Tuesday, January 9th

This episode of CES-capades with BJ & Migs has the fellas reviewing the big Panasonic Press Conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  This time Steve is starting to freak out about Artificial Intelligence, and we catch up with Perry Michael Simon (All Access, The Nerdist) about what we have seen so far.  We also have Uncle Chris run down what he has witnessed us doing while we are here...including BJ's opinion that he is being profiled for being old!

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Now yeah ask god made slick DJ Max live from the CES show in Las Vegas netting exploit nine KI ESW. Its CES DH who did I am doing the big boy voice. That could. We have an intro we're trying to evolve back I don't know all the way of aids man run David Lawrence you escapades and boy it was day one interesting CD. He is give me this news. Yeah today again this is the big media day because tomorrow is when it officially opens yeah that's where the regular people who get to command and check out this big show. And so we got to go sit in on what we're supposed to be some really amazing press conferences in the you know big announcements from big companies and a we picked two with every actually we we pick three that's right we do it every penny lasted only threw one yeah that's right. I forgot about the current on your right it's totally forgot about a third third one we didn't make it to the beginning idiotic but the Wii is a failed amateur honorary we did have three. Yes of Steve it but tell folks what what we had him why we're we we are excited about the. So the one we did make was Panasonic and will be talking quite in depth about that with our friend Perry Michael Simon who is part of all access a great radio trade magazine talks on all things gadgets. He's also known from the nearest yes I he's been a part of that back in the past as well he's just a brilliant mind and he always has a lot to say about technology. So we're gonna pick his brain about what we learned from the Panasonic. Press conference there's always awesome yes Bob that we try to go to the CSI a US EC TCI. Hey we feel good to do this club there is that it was a banger and an editor music was going to apparently they have Bob broker who in. Other stuff as well also some exciting stuff with that because the roku guys said our goal. But everybody wants everything on one controller yes so it makes sense 'cause I'm a roku Guyana and that is. That sometimes you do with amusement brokers you grant the Pope Apple iPhone to be able to change channels are got to find the controller and hope that there's batteries and so yeah I love roku is well so I was looking forward to see what's going on in the world roku trying to trying to find a scene there was is it anxiety inducing. You it was a beating because the guys said to me Eagles take those reserved seats they had really cool free bags and stuff I know it's let's say hey you know what guys on the head to the rest of you guys when there and then all of a sudden knock lest we try to take this season we got a bill that. You know the there was a very aggressive woman who was not happy with YouTube and now it's a good thing I wasn't there because I think I would sit know those are your seats that guy just told us to sit here you're done but you guys and there's a guy carrying a giant heart box full of like year and he's trying to get by as in there's no room so he's pushing us apologizing as he puts into it's chaos and I -- yes CSI CG SD hits I see is how does he lost its biggest addition is a but this is Eminem we have here really gotten to the meat of it all this just media. Yeah and once everything starts up with although that the people who come and register who from all across the world I mean seriously. Northrop. It's going to be nuts and I don't know how my social anxiety is gonna handle this but let's just say I agreed upon some people who during that that that Griese techno. Exhibit that we're in the middle of yet out that was interest -- you where you were now looking happy we have it wasn't at the level of Las Vegas nights tickets problems happy that this whole we have we have humane people bit odd Twitter they realize it's not been a fun time and I'm gonna sound notre from India send any other on what Samsung and I said about that I was little and you know I've learned a lot since then going on Twitter in my there's a giant they caught the wall like a 128 inch television that's going to be coming out don't know any of this up there was talk about the press conference because they decided to you have the president of Samsung. He was some high ranking Maki mock yet yet and the first guy was okay that may bring up this other guy and yeah I was just monotone also it it was obvious that English was his first language and look I mean the fact that anybody speak moral language than the one that they were born which is always impressive to see credible but the thing is is that he didn't speak it well enough to be up in front of the crowd saying here's our big Samsung presentations. It just was in so the law at home. They're not really understanding what he's talking about. There was a dude in our role literally sleeping he beat me to you to punch I hit that is unless something guy. And he was sleeping right next to me it felt bad because finally a look at these MI yes this whatever we can learn learn on Twitter improvement I got up and sort of walk downforce and await the guy up in order to get everybody. I I've through the great press conference in resist the dad they had starting things off we. Some. Now and I and I feel like Samsung was kind of on their heels because of course they still. Have to say hey we were kind of sorry about the fall stuff but really we've we've come back from that and I think that was really where they were going and then they brought this other guy who. You know so we're gonna do great things and Benny had a couple of pictures up Aronson you know were doing great things richest. Wasn't as dynamic of our presentation is Panasonic a Panasonic got to. Here's what we're going to beat and so much so quickly and and and I I've learned I don't think it's meat that is the problem when it comes when I watch movies and TV guy fall asleep. Have a Samsung clearly that seems to be the trend SS that's what do you think that's a silly and out that's that's it you know. Whole horrible as they ideal laboratory into our territory in my against Michael sign in my my fear of artificial intelligence AI has been confirmed in order talk about it with Perry yes all but there are few things that I grabbed from the Panasonic press conference I like the sheriff you guys one of them was. Apparently there's going to be artificial intelligence to be able to tell. When you're in the mood for food and what type of food that you want yeah I here's a guy whenever Tom Tom my back hard to believe his name was he part of Panasonic explaining what exactly is going on. Artificial intelligence and connected vehicle technology all lobbies restaurants to predict. Which customer might be in the mood for a pumpkin spice slot think reach out to them and their vehicle when they're five minutes away from the store in offer to get an order started. So they can just be grabbing your experience gonna get there were so awesome. Each year but terrifying she. Where you guys that's very very true the remedy its minority report man it really really it's a NASA team at CES is how much any ice stuff is coming and we obviously the car stuff. The gadgets and on the other cool things that we're excited about but the overt or the underlying theme seems to be artificial intelligence is a lot of Akron and she's got a high eight OT I mean V our army and Al really mean you know you've got to know your alphabet to realize that's the future industrial WS and that's where active because not robots are coming and they're coming quicker than I anticipated -- and other things he brought up was that there's robotics of that a robot can guard him for UPS. And in fact also could be like Iron Man that there we robotics to make you stronger here is that Tom guy talking about that. Finally we believe robotics have a huge impact as we move forward into an integrated supply chain. In factories were developing robots that learn from the moments of human answer replicate complex series of maneuvers. In warehouse for about a texas' suits help workers pick up heavy objects. In retail robotic cashier's tally up what's in the shopping cart using RFID transmitters. For the food industry were bringing your robotics the supply chain source also. The family farm with a robot that can delicately harvest even tomato. Us. Do deaths in in the world of life size find common folks that's called an excel Skelton that you could get something done and make you stronger so I pick up everything's and we saw the pictures of a man it was like in the second knee brace are around my guys hit it wasn't like anything ridiculously you have to put on like some crazy RNC it's just. What the equivalent of a brace on your body now listening and ever robot strength. Yet do it I mean you know it's it's it's it's like you know they come until like put this to Portland he'll have super villains Obey punch in the like a shocker nude from the home gummery Spiderman movie and a camera blast can handle tomatoes delicately that's what I've always as Troy said listen. Did you handle my tomatoes delicately. I did a shut out of a lot ops are on Twitter did continue to scare me when it comes artificial intelligence that that he came up put a timeline of what machines can achieve human like capabilities yeah twenties when he for a translating languages. That's more than I can be 125 assembling Lagos. It would be taken if that's true point eight point six rating high school essays that's way more than I can do 12027. Autonomous trucks maximum overdrive they believe. Point 29 they can run five K race against people. And 2030 service in retail that's according to this one we're gonna have a so place at Google be robots at the death. Yes wow justice and according to pentagon by 2045. We will controlled gadgets by our brain signals no. And he said it was five years you're Smartphone will translate your thoughts attacks. OK we we need to start that rebellion yeah this time it's time we need John Connor hash tags diners. Are so I think at this point since we've been talking about all this crazy stuff which adopt get a peek inside the brain of our Fred Perry Michael Simon. So let's jump right into it you're an RCE escapades with Vijay makes. CES hasn't officially started but a lot of press conferences are happening a lot of companies are here so for the media it's a pretty big day Steve and I are looking each other going it's our first one I don't know where to go but luckily a very good buddy of mine Perry Michael Simon. Who we have known and our radio biz small like to stock common sources and a lot of great work for Chris harbor and an artist. He's been he's been friends for years and I and he just content is an either BC ES and Mike year. So Steve and I said. Let's yes Perry when we Chicago. The sports today let's have them do all the hard work for us here. And Perry talked about the fact that hey Panasonic has got to press conference and it turns out it's their hundredth anniversary is it is. I he has. Discrepancy is what you eat just eat if you're listening need to you can't picture what is where it a little bit a little room in the media room of CDS. And we have two mikes and three people actually four people but. I'm we're sharing so I had to just grab the amnesties and tonight I know he wanted to punch me so you have to but yes we wanted to punch me because I got to see a hockey game last night that he didn't and there's the monster behind that but. Yeah I wasn't supposed to bring that up but there it is anyway. Yet they haven't come into. CES for I I've lost count of how many years but. The first couple of days involved. Press conferences and there are some panels going on over the convention center but mostly it's the big companies take turns doing press conferences. And they changed over the years one of the things its interest in is at Panasonic which is the one minute you guys just saw. Has changed because Panasonic's. Business model is changed and when it means that you you don't really perceived. Until it just hits you in the face of one of these things is that. You could take Panasonic used to be a dominant brand when you walk into best buy or you walk into any store they were then. He may be the largest Damon Sony worthy largest television manufacturers and they need. All sorts of audio equipment and they weren't all over the place. And now you don't even think of them that way and that's by design and you might have noticed at the press conference. That a lot of it was business to business that its the error the error less in the business of selling you a television set although they do have some overhead screens that are. Very nice because every single company and is the greens convention has always. That wasn't the focus of media pick and a blue and human noticing the look past that in a few seconds. And they had the yeah they get yelled at on the side but they never really actually pointed to. They even had a different guy bring it up was like even the main guy goes out and it's I but the TVs here's here's Jimmy Jimmy's got yet at an N. And any barely registered but they were very much in interest in you knowing about their Smart city. Initiatives they were very interested in showing you the this is harder. Infotainment systems that have. The U amusingly at the very beginning. The showed how they are now doing a deal with Amazon to put Alexis. In their cars with pierce in lead in course with their system yeah and then at the end data nearly identical. Demonstration we've Google assistance but the guy from Google as it the first whenever existed they're trying to play. Both fans but a lot of this has to do with the fact that. The entire electronics industry including Panasonic. Were course or they were blind sided by the fact that. The biggest thing of the past decade in electronics. Happens to be you know artificial intelligence in the form of voice assistance. And that's Amazon elect says that's Google assistant and none of these companies. We were ready for it there are a few. In Microsoft had courts on N com date they just thought that that's how you're gonna. Work with a windows hand surprise and they had is an interesting thing because I'd look at Amazon they're not known as a tech company they were known as they're basically start early to say they hate wire books here. Is that embarrassing meaning you're Europe Panasonic I think that while one of the biggest innovations. It is not them it's a company that really won the tech company nobody wants to miss now and they're not missing out in one area which is. You're seeing everybody doing stuff would be connected car which is. This this convention is has become as much a car show at Beebe said it was that that if largest. Car show of ball and it's not a our show. And when you go you guys will be going over the convention center tomorrow I guess and take a look at it it's in the north Paul. Has been in North Pole last year's. The car companies are here. And when you see what they've got. It's it is like the car show easily Mercedes. Has some. That has at least one concept car and a bunch of models showing off the latest last year the big thing was parity future which. It is. A lot of people think is kind of a paper where company. But the demonstrated near. Tesla killer it was is its part that was supposed to go faster and further. Then anything that has this come out with the problem is that they haven't actually started making it and nobody really expects him to ever do that of course but there are a lot of army fractures and core equipment manufacturers here because that is the huge. Portion. Technology going forward. And these self driving cars they've been here for. Several years and it's now. Getting to the point where. Everybody knows it's coming it's just matter what the arms and take in today. Just for you guys got over to Mandalay bay for these conventions. So Leona. Had he had demonstration of what people eat Alley witches. But basically it's a trailer that it drives itself and can show up anywhere at any time and I'm Toyota they also show that Pizza Hut says that now we'll have them modicum of Pizza Hut truck with Toyota. He beat the out the zone dot. But yet here's the thing is basically a truck that hit it it can be used not just as the delivery system for. Pizza Hut horror. Four Amazon. It can actually be anything you wanted to be so there can be. Little kitchen in there and you can have. That you can call up and the meeting rooms shows up at your doorstep of a you can have deliveries where. Individual units. Better inside one of these things you say okay you gonna scheduled delivery to. You know they'll be. And detain goes to belt the coast of central point. Opens up and then smaller units go too weird things are need to be that was delivered and facial recognition the last people to just walk up to it. And get their stuff. Now that's amazing I thought the first thing I thought was that they all it looked like he mobile. Meth lab it looked like. Fighting Eisenberg yet and if they've looked like you don't like Walter White doesn't have to get to that Winnebago and dried in any exited desert anymore all he has to do. It is you know just collapsed the desert and it is summon enough there's Jesse get him pitch Erica but it is. But that's the kind of set that you see here and it wasn't what he saw a few years ago is a few years ago was televisions he was more televisions it was. Audio stuff a lot of core meet actors showing you know use in car stereos. The voice assists and eight of the editing it that's you can see the are really beat desperately want you to get the York. They want everybody to be walking around with headsets and don't give and it's that's what you'd be walking around holding your phone up and using AR. On it. Get information about what you're looking better on AR is augmented reality it is not virtual reality because it's not immersive what TDs is. It's what Google wanted to have happen we needed glasses. And we each. It was have a Microsoft Hollins was kind of a cartoons it's it's all basically you look at something that you get information about the of war up display of your war boy. Or you were reading a book and you hold the thing you hold your own up to and a character pops up and greedy war. You know where you gate like the sound or video OK that does appear out of nowhere. Back kindness that they they won he won Putin's and on because right now. They're hurt they don't know what they can sell you because so much of it is move beyond that in fact that you know one of the things that I've been saying is. Then see this. Used to be many factors. Coming up with stuff to sell you now the whole world does move forward and it's not about the actual gadgets so much is it is now. What they do for your wife oh it's it's now about. He I'll I'll give it up put it this way. It's Star Trek except it's not about the badge on your sure where does the flip phone communicators. It's just the fact that you can go anywhere and jurists say computer gave me this and it happens. That part of it and it doesn't matter what's. Bringing it to you whether it's this you know what you have to put something new picture or clip open owners something. Now now it's just you walk into a room and say. Make it 65 degrees and it happens the and you could do it from your card you forget eternal light off I mean that's that it is amazing. When they Oz open ask about outside interests are in a Panasonic god bout that conference they talked about Smart digital three. Mood in the sense that during your car. They can sense it knows what you like to eat and they'll put an order and he can show up and get the food or whatever restaurant is that you're picking it up to go. That's part of this part of what lifestyle things are they're pushing. A lot of that has some privacy implications. If commodities creepy as hell oh yeah because I don't you know of anybody else but I'm a 100% sure I won. Amazon or anybody else to know. That much about me I'm annoyed when I don't want FaceBook. And something that I looked at not even because I wanted it because for work at it go look up a product. And suddenly he keeps pushing back on me. Or something I bought are ready. And you have guys that day if any does think I think what I suppose I'll order things from my wife and he keeps pushing it does he thinks that I ordered it for myself if he wants me to buy more and it's like no I'm not. An adult woman and I don't need that particular type according to thank you very much but it Emmy and by the way I don't Wear those things. Plus I don't want my if I'm driving my car saying hey do you want to Jumbo Jack like you had yesterday while my wife isn't Carlo and this is the greatest act yet. Exactly and and eat it makes the these things will be prone to make a lot of assumptions that are untrue now what they're saying is that. As we move forward they will get smarter and smarter. That's also disturbing because it's. It's almost comforting to think that the AI systems. Think they know about you but they don't really. If they really do if they know everything about you. It's kinda creepy because who knows who has access of that and what they'll do it by now. But that is the future and it beat it you know I know that a lot of people who. Are very privacy oriented ninety here's some other people who say you know want that that. Ports left the barn along time ago it's so true because I always thought it was very weird. When I would you know buy something at Safeway they were the ones that did and then they would think me by name I would I would just be like why now and now they didn't they said facial recognition just like the movie minority report. You walk into a Starbucks they scan your face that what Leo so do you want that same lot they drinking and mr. you know Mike. Yeah that's just weird but are my old and people are bigamist I you know it's hard to tell I beat it what they're basically going to do is. Latin assessed at Charlotte with the we wanted to or not yeah and the question is gonna be when that we just get used to it or rebel. And knowing the way that the public is I think it's this we're just getting used to it because it and then again. Or SATA the aren't should the sale all elect and that its wheat we artists the U states where. People are going to put this technology to use and whether we won and or not we're going to be encountering it. Whether it's successful or not is another thing but we're gonna run into and yes you're gonna walk past a billboard it's going to show something that is. Apropos to UN only you know it's been that. So thank you for effectively freaking me out yeah time to rebel army to start the rebellion restarted here at C yes dad definitely. You know parry an opening at first thought it was so surprising because like you I I didn't think him much of Panasonic I see their products here there are no enemy TVs or whatever and in Paterson dynamic speaker that will make the your your smarts the experience better. Solar power I. They they're they're big into that too and here's what I want someone gonna make money off of that if there's any degree of real power your own home and who's gonna make money at the electric company if everyone's solar power which is what they're saying they want the future of me that's it that's a discussion that goes into areas that are. We've beyond what is the yes that's enough and you're right. The big news is that. For every tech now for every transformative and disruptive technology. There are companies that are going to find themselves. Like go to birds they're going to. Does not have an idea what to do that's one of the reasons why. People like you know it in my area it's at a California Edison or other companies that are in energy or. Desperately snapping for ways that they will be able to survive in each when they're not when what they provide now is no longer needed. But that's abuse that's a business and in her practically every industry. That's what he's you know that that's what. You are caught in business so let's review it disruption is coming. And you have to adapt or die so looks like they wanna be the middleman to weigh like maybe gas stations are the middleman between us in the gas and our cars Panasonic on to the solar middleman. And Panasonic sees you on mosque making you know wanting to make batteries they hear you know they. Patented business with him answer. Because they don't want you out you some. Did I think they're looking at this way somebody's gonna do it it might as well be asked because if it's not us we're not gonna make that money and it's been a killer business. So it's it's an adaptive and you'll Solarz. A bat. Battery technology is probably did he is key to all of this happening and lithium ion has. I you know limitations not that we least of which is that they tend to exploded times. Well they're also expensive to make and beer and in order to provide the amount of energy necessary for example a car you need batteries it. Pretty much take up the entire chassis that car. DP are working on solid state batteries Toyota announced that they are going headlong into this this morning and the idea is and Panasonic is also doing it where instead of a massive battery that's lithium ion battery they're. Much smaller there you know and they can't Panasonic which on a cylindrical. Batteries that would replace the big blocks and beat heavy blocks a battery that they have now that's huge because. That's how things are gonna get power nobody you know. Obviously renewable. Energy like that use the key to the future. Getting away from the dependence on fossil feels cool you know whether whether or not any yet whatever you'd be politically of global warming and climate change whatever. The fact is that the future involves. Powered by electricity. Generated by batteries. That are going to have to be more efficient and gonna have to be smaller and gonna have to be easier and cheaper to make and are now and that is. That's an underlying theme is see yes that's not gonna be some do you see a Booth dedicated to but a lot of these companies are moving in that direction because after. Perry thank you so much for me was very Michael Simon now wears her all access dot com. And we are at CES Las Vegas Tony eighteen. Well I you know I'm glad I like we said I'm glad terrorists here because very rarely he sees a veteran of this in and I didn't know where we should go away because it hasn't started yet so we really wanted to make sure we did the media stuff right and he will he was it was awesome because he was a wanna pointers in the direction Panasonic and I I got to find out if he went to Sampson and pick it 'cause I didn't see that there. If you kind of a Smart enough that doughnut ago. And if the thing that impresses me still Steve this is that the you know Alexa seems to be what everybody wants to get in bad ways immediate end and that was in and we didn't stay long enough for Samsung you know they didn't you voice actually stuff so I can't say if they do or don't haven't I haven't seen me on Twitter. It doesn't seem like that's part of their world is sort of staying like everything's and we connected by Samsung and they'll just do what all within themselves. Where is Panasonic's has yet we're gonna work with a goalless this we're gonna work with the Amazon Acco. I feel like voice assisting is kind of the future everybody's on board with that in. Artificial intelligence daddy I mean if you're not on board without and you know we still haven't seen what Apple's gonna do is gonna release there is later on the shooter which and so. I mean to be able to my car what to do. And to be able to have I don't view yes we tweeted out that mobile Pizza Hut it'll just of the of the road what's the yeah itself driving Pizza Hut trucked out your house. Where else and it doesn't have to leave my house that ethnic question now if so. It's it's crazy but then there's also a few of the things up from the Panasonic dot thing that I thought was pretty cool was turntable the debate and I know on our all right yeah I know faith freaks and they've got a couple what looked to be really cool turntable one called the SP ten are. And I think it's the SL 1000 outspoken on the pretty cool by the way just because your gimme. I'm tripping because when I saw the release that I go have I gone back to the eighties. Right cause they they mean it's amazing we're talking about our new techniques to aren't able to right just like the big didn't have the wave of the future of electronics and hey. Church able to announce it and maybe don't look at that I had never thought I would see and a big CES 2018 that day we had veto pen assigned to go and check these techniques are out there patent such as organized home monitors like that video monitors yeah for home security and surveillance and trying to connect to work with the third party. And are to be able to look at that stuff would repeat on an obvious tell of video stuff. A lot of us do a lot of video cameras and recording things there's I think it's the GH five video camera which apparently is. It's user friendly for beginners but it's also well respected and an appreciated by a more advanced video out refers hide. Op rate I guess that sixty frames per second as opposed to like your typical thirty awesome great quality site without critical. And they said what their monitors that they really were getting go Hollywood exacts an end and the people that actually you know edit these things up and put movies together and so they're like look what are you what what we want to design televisions that or reflect exactly what you want. And so they've got like about a production houses that are using the of the Panasonic monitors just so that the pad aside okay decide you want to somewhere mayor TVs and I thought okay Panasonic's is beginning in bed with all the right people like I said they didn't see that with Samsung may seem to be like we ever only ecosystem we're staying here. We stayed for fifteen minutes. The press conference man I don't know what I. Happens it could have been a lot of positives thoughts it had to figure out a way to legitimately turn water into wine could be missed that part in your acting like that they don't have anything I guess my point of amendments under my point peer music listen I mean we were there for good Lucy what he minutes ago we were there at the Panasonic forget. Or less true now about it. I saw other talk about ecosystem and everything was going to be part of bikes Samsung was in the communicate at all Samsung yes. Where in you know which is great if you're an owner of those products you want all the devices to talk to each other. And what I did what I did get from the part that I stayed well this is like we're gonna do this in his all Samsung Samsung Samsung would oppose a Smart app does a Samsung's Smart happen. Where's Panasonic said we're gonna branch out and basically have a relationship of all these other companies bright and bring it altogether so I thought that's it's a one is like we're staying within our own bubble. And the other ones like we're gonna go talked everybody. Com it will seat which one you know does well may be that kind of thinking will do well for both companies to. And it's de 146. Inch TV all the walls and some law institute appearance firewall which exist that's impressive that seems to be debate take away from a lot of people looking on that hatch take CES two when he team. And everybody is talking about that television called the wall uneven no 146 inches is gonna look like. Yahoo! well I'm Wallach of fit a 146 and Steve I'm gonna drive I have a couple spaces in the house that you know what I'm willing to take some veto artwork off the law goes sorry honey. Blue wall is going to be for the wall. Well I know one of my fear parts of god this. The stuff there were doing outside of the convention yes obviously were in Vegas and you can't just show to Vegas go to some conventions and call of the day you're after enjoyed. Biggest day and night life would sometimes him kind of meld into each other. Are so Chris as always uncle Chris you've been taking notes yet so what if a flight through some and see what's up. All right well the biggest thing I think we need to talk about is what went down with a golden knights I restore our own. The man is I mean. Like I don't know how dominant good mood today man I learned about so called gadgetry. Slightly scared of artificial intelligence doing need to talk about my hatred of anything with the name golden and it now oh man. Here's the thing it's become a server unofficial when Steve and I do wherever traveling together. For any kind of event if there is a hockey arena and it's hockey season. Steve's like look I really wanna see I don't care who's playing but I wanna see the home team play right and of course this is the inaugural season of the other Vegas golden knights and of course the unity and elderly it's this electricity in the air it looks like a blue Friday the way everybody was just tapped out. So Steve's like I want to go on I'm gonna get tickets season and you know week he would eat so we went on with third party ticket seller word is like hey you know we got tickets and he said what do you think ABC is let's go ahead new this. In my JD's are verified third party ticket. Vendors yes this is a professional I mean I went to the big boy. Due to broker and they don't have any more tickets so they automatically. Direct you to this is I'd be give you options stages and you. Hey this is where you go this is where you get tickets. I've used them before to buy football tickets never had an issue I know there's always a risk when it comes to third party vendors and I get it up tweeting me that there's not a twenty -- you should -- views that's too late because it long story short moral of this story we did not have tickets if that we had we talk we have tickets are we did the last podcast we're all excited and we're gonna go meet a what are Fred Sylvia who does radio here in Vegas. At a bar right by the T-Mobile arena and I'm like great that's all shower let's get right at the same time we're together in other showers are big here yes. So as I'm getting ready. I bought the tickets at a around what what time was a Christian is like 130 in the afternoon yet 130 in the afternoon the day before the game and now Mike Wilson you'll operation will and you vessels and you that. Perfect no confirmation that will maybe expand belt kept waiting and waiting finally a message that no I case there. You're tickets are guaranteed the confirmations coming. It's in the queue which I think he's weird like there's like somebody gets stands by NASA process one email at a time that was that's bizarre promised very weird. So nothing happens check in on them again later on the night. Nothing happens call first thing in the morning at 6 AM to what did you say to. Serve so sorry. The company that then sends you to tickets this and they use a different company to send you the tickets it's cluster absent. They haven't shown up yet but once they show up you'll have your tickets they're guaranteed here's my email in case you don't hear anything in three hours. Email are in three hours. I'm tickets table okay well this is what's up I'm like. I want that page estimates it is anyway you can twist the arm of somebody over there with the other company. Because the game is a couple of hours her response sir I'm aware that the game resumed a couple of hours I guarantee you that you'll have your tickets in times of very smarmy email response I I I was like oh my god I really wanna I wanna email about a great now what some view. Who choice words yes and like hey if it's its own shopping time is or something I can do while at the arena maybe there's a purse like you know I don't know I have never worked with these. This. When I believe those lovely people rightly people so months or too short or monsters or translate ha ha ha that's a yes adds up. At 4 o'clock our power grid come down to see you guys are we 45 whatever was and I call again hey what's up with the tickets terms of sari. Are locked up put John Holt I'm on hold for twelve minutes Wallace son. She comes on and I can tell she sounds panicked at that sir well the story is and she's. I like finally escape anoint this is scrambling for like two minutes and I like to why have tickets. Long pause. Now. Yeah. And so now I get put up to another person I'm mad I'm trying to I am like hey I'm not mad at you on just mad at open. The lack of communication from the other people I've talked to in the lead I understand this is completely messed up. Talk to a guy. I'm like dude did they you guarantee me these tickets as says guaranteed if I could have like hey man. If you don't have those tickets are you care if they're worse you just give me some tickets if we don't have any more tickets we've done. Other will she guarantee yes sir she is right when she said that we do guarantee that we'll give you tickets I'm like are you now messy so old what is guaranteed even think of like well then I set tickets you get it. Well this is one of those rare instances where we can help you. I apparently the person who was selling the tickets must have been using multiple third party ticket signed brokers like throwing out of aligned into every seat and whoever writes first that you would do or he would pull it off of all those other pages. Well apparently because. A something in a miscommunication or something along those lines. She or he sold them to another person. Before me. And again today we had no tickets and I had to go down meet up what you guys. SA hey. Realized they just sit back at you and I and we tried to get tickets vials go to the box office with they have written and it was a set because it was sold out they were sold out. Couple days before Ehrlich when you originally did it to set any targets weren't yeah MER even standing arms like well you know it let's check that out I don't care. If but this so they would they had something but by the time you found out. They were sold out in so that's what frustrates me is they took our money right away. But they didn't give back to Steve right away to tell him we don't have tickets I don't know why it took them so long to figure out they didn't have tickets. And he called the multiple times email the multiple times right but they took his money right away it did not take long it's like how you can get our money right away but you can't find out if you got the god damned. It's right away from the leave it now and at that point it's like will can I give my money back who of course there but it's going to take several days of processed through the bank and all this on site I don't. Dropping another several hundred dollars or go work put another third party ticket vendor to say it. Of MLS he belted a woman that originally kept guaranteeing another Bob Bob Bob Bob. The banks are you might night and trips have been released nice like go have yourself. In it's the that that was that was setting yummy I railed about customer service before and it was the senators are you really really wise. Business because basically. Because of their incompetency you couldn't go to the game you know there was a chance you could've. A big guzzle we get we get a sometimes mistakes happen that's OK if you don't known if we if you told us right up about the mistake happened we could have got standing room only tickets. You know we would have been a little upset the whales that things like that happen it took them so long that no we could get tickets nowhere because of how long it took them right in they kept telling you don't bother us sir we have your like gets you where game. And that's I think. I never bothered to call that last time you would never I would never gotten the tickets are an incident hologram I would've eventually given up call but I don't I mean like that does seem completely ridiculous and today I think we can all agree. Hash tag Pearl Jam was right the area definitely has ever dam was right. So much so that we went to we it was a great about Vegas you can always find a bar and of course they they love their baited of their golden knights are so everybody are pretty much has them on TV so Steve at his decked out in his Las Vegas night tax I just thought hey shirts and shirts like super Vegas nights and all of a sudden it hit it but he's actually screaming at the bar. Eight go Rangers and so the people the bar like we cannot figure this guy out. What does that cheering on the Rangers net in bowl biggest overnights here they had to watching an incredibly it's Great -- was sorry man was a good game thanks Chris I know it's okay now all right it was like write down of the third period and holds one who doesn't wanna be mad energy cannot take him. I got the best seats in the house thanks a lot Easter to be exact essence. Yeah. Guys whatever it may for fun fun experience and you know they put us on our toes and we sought a great night and we hung out we realize I hate that Ali's circumvent your your list that we learned as the night went on that there's a certain. PJ gives off a certain aura about himself. All to see this getting old man profiles. This is yet if this this is really something that I just started paying attention to and get down here and more and more it's been happening where. I am getting profile there's no doubt about it you guys stop yelling at the beginning I said something he has a combined in Iraq but then more and war. People are hard getting me. And everywhere and is it it's amazing they look what they combine them. Ed did the biggest part of it was is that we you know we had there were these you know people posed for pictures and you know that the superhero guys come to me you know you like and really got it would take a pitch Weaver money but. What do you see the Optimus Prime transformer all of this all of my guys yet again ya bin Laden used to an all too well here in Vegas he usually are bumblebee had a car accident reported transform what is it about Vegas he stood up all the superheroes and sure Muppets an amount that. Now there was it you know a couple people that we're taking pictures that really look the part the girls dressing showgirls were smoke shoes and they are and they were people all around them talking to them men but the thing is is they can't make money up people who wanna talk to them. They don't want you know they want you to take a picture would them and so that you. And I was so I'm not I'm just should I look over I see people look and all of a sudden this one showgirl locks eyes with me goes. Sure you can and wanted to take a picture with us and I'm like. OK come on and then we keep walking. Not meant more than it. There may be. A hundred feet tops the I mean I've never had a beautiful girl make eye contact and the way it is a New Jersey actively broke up a conversation with someone else yet to come and talk to you because you look like preparing it would I would like hypothetical beyond pathetic old man that would never be able to take a picture of the beautiful and unless like Vader and right they don't look at it later on when you're in the hotel yeah and so and then you guys elect. Right now than what you said you know leaving less than five minutes later we're walking across across talked. Not bothering anybody and I basically get this one dude coming right up to me and your rule I've got a place for you to go to write this limo take you to the open bar at a strip club or forty dollars. Which I wanted to talk to Mac guy and be like hey man. C'mon I'm not going regardless can you release let me know what it million on the scam of course nom in scam mode because when I go to get a Mike there's no way that forty bucks is getting me in the door. On lap dance. And open bar yet that was the deal that was the deal and Opel and are at a strip club that's how they make their money is the alcohol at the strip club in price a twenty dollar sodas. How was that an Al Anbar -- making their cash that we went there and admit he was right it was a credit. And I'm gonna they would bar so easily now the beach say the ballot today is that I Los it would Marshall yeah yeah I know do I I'm sorry but you what you you are no New York to a less than a long line of people that are profiling me and then he's look at me like a system was an African American guy is like way how are you being profiled him right it was the funniest thing because the guy was in two years but it won't repeat it tempers aren't addressed. Walk a mile high seas magnate don't know what it's like to be profiled. And that way I guess there's the I did get a look at his second season cheers he's gonna be like. It's just say but I think he's saying like like I don't know the struggles of being profiled. User because of the strip clubs and he doesn't know I struggled he double file right I said I tell you we switched bodies and when you get 121000 pathetic old do they can't give women or even rejected bigger picture with you you'll baked -- for your -- body back and he was laugh and he was a lot and it ought to go home I always wondered where's mar shall we got Marcel we're getting catch up to as every other limo we sounds like areas there's there's there's Marshall and another limo drivers we're going to wanted a gentlemen's club. Looted they talked to him. Are you and Vijay I'm just telling you man here is Andrea yes so I tell like I am going to be a prostitute magnet I'm going to be a strip club magnate and you'll know if you wanna know someone's a working girl if anyone's talking to me that looks halfway good you know there wording brokers those he'll be looked odd to me what did you forget about that terrible a stripper. Oh yeah action for the work and boy is right to profile doesn't know gender know your word viewer profile also by the mail. What what what who was he your not a street shirtless wearing chaps and a cowboy hat with another guy who was wearing the exact same thing guy and I wasn't sure what they were selling. I but I don't know I wanted to buy it or not but apparently they were trying to sell it to you well as you know in Seattle one of the best selling sausages is men's room sausages but apparently in Vegas it's these guys sausages switch to gasoline. Because again they targeted me right where I live IQ so what they're saying is your pathetic whether you'd be gay or straight you're not getting any action militia pay for a body and what they say don't. You're next yes he would meet. They're ruling lineup an unedited David probably bring your next open your wallet up that's Richard Knox. Seriously that's that's exactly what he said your necks and I'm like Jesus seriously. I can't I mean it or they edit okay political if it's like somebody will be what they were the only non adult entertainment person that reached out to you in Indian profiled you or are singled you out with Spiderman now wondering what the hell is going on under me Spiderman mask that's your question on the one Peter Parker on the web me up apparently or heater Parker yeah that's that's got hooked up and that's an actual news out of the rhythm and I had to back in it and I didn't yes so you guys now witness. And everything. We'll see what happens tonight are walking around it's insane I it is what it. I don't feel so bad like I feel like while the so this is where I met a life where people just look at me go here's a pathetic guy he'll pay for it. By the bush wrapped things up and now we'll have more to talk about the next ventures or does yesterday's event in migs or the adventures up. Tomorrow's going to be a crazy day because tomorrow's when everything kicks off its open Wiki goal and we can go to. That the main floors and see all the great displays a very exciting because this is why we're here. Yeah and and for those that are listening thank you for listening to the podcast and just keep an eye out. Not that the KI SW FaceBook page for pictures and videos. Still becoming as they go along neo possesses or get him we'll get him up as soon as possible. Also lots of blogs KI SW dot com in the near future as well so yes of tomorrow's going to be great game we hope you join us about.