Chris Jericho 03-16-18

Friday, March 16th

Chris Jericho joins us live in studio promoting the band Fozzy at Studio 7.


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You know we always on my next guest on if you ever complain about being busy our next guest will be they make you feel like you're going doing a damn thing. He's a rock star a wrestler and actor podcaster bestselling author and cruise ship post please welcome to this Chris Jericho I. He knows best against this city is supposed to take your shirt you're good in the show at 9:17. AM I was a B Morris has. Viewers and right to put a specific specific but I Jim yeah it's 917. So we know there as well I see I don't know what the hell's gonna are you really use I Macs are really glad I'm in on time yeah. Just browse my old friends Sierra. What a great time I here in Seattle today so. Nye is seventeen inch. I I don't for a while but I doubt I will all of this morning village actually make you my good friend will be Japanese and you really we audio. As I have to be either by 917 yeah. Ashley 916 for that action many of those patterns she. You remember 970 you'll remember at 915 and take whatever let myself Bradley said nines seventies yeah yeah yeah and then I should be more specific on tour that had like fifty and do you look that's an did you and three seconds just seeing all that's awesome job. So grab me a minute we may die so we created for all the world people that are very. Very strict in the time we are on time. And last time we saw you pain or grass right I sing at Kraft original about what I was harsh it hyperion McGrath and so does that. It was a technical errors is going on glued while you ever perform and out of my favorite of the whole day and there was money armed Astros was. Josh Todd yeah yeah rambunctious three era there I don't know it just taught in the rocker is a political. One of the Polygram's one of the random rockets Joseph as it were ever. Closing see you again we're gonna have Julia so thank you fools like you lose CN Willis some great shows. At the white river and the future of the three or four times Brazilian parking lot stuff one of these days made stable gonna get you Daschle and if you don't hit in the every theater door and out of the parking lots of what rivers all of them. Yeah well raw plus plus do you draw support tools like Judith champagne so yeah you will be there to thank you know you have a lot of snow plus thank you and I just shot in the hole. I truly outrageous hold on Jim is on the line and general holograms isn't namesake John yeah I don't know what I call them even know it's just not a tiger near Belize so yeah she's not in the conspirators don't. Plastic sphere I stumbled bench yes pluses and you know one jocks talk and end a conflict. We will then have. Did I do it console you don't need because Edwards earlier this. Angry beyond that trustee you know just happen it's what you said always happens if we do know the you know we've argued to bar like this in my name forever read your audio there. Dude you're right the best they have alzheimer's there was there with the new machine I carry my pharma block votes on any time a good 347. Times today were always on the huge machine. Looking to see was right it was wrong but I missed field they've just arguing perch. While our lives are far and you never having answer and then you'll look good road ran me down things like rupiah was at or below Rand McNally there we know an atlas that is and those other did you criticize it resent it cares what you think you know that's the one yeah yeah united as a Josh Todd and members and I guess is that the name of the fashion he had been Henman exactly it's a just I just say this is just not get deceived Fawzi add pain in the grass last year. Well you can see him tonight he and Fawzi Chris Jericho the band's studio seven at. Tickets info at studio seven dot USU. Wanna see the show because if so that's what's your studio seven it was awesome analysts and yeah guys when the Sox right irons you're examines an anti human and look there and he did did you will not get cheated they put on a good show because well this man Chris Jericho. Kind of showman you know. Good problem to show only death kind of a man knows how to really go out there and did you get time on the. State there's actually we have played a show in San Francisco the day and then you don't always have to show you go online you read between reports of isn't very cool pictures right. And the other is that this is guy and they godless liberal is name was off Chris geragos better in front of the murder burst and amateur there are better than the Metallica like yeah man. Yeah our publicity for us. Listen I'm not comparing it when you hear people say and so is the Steelers out thanks to Randy shorter guy from San Francisco where you know when you are there are nice people on Twitter I think it was I Vijay Joshi a shady past and this is yours and I was that I've had actually taught in the B Jason Smith you exactly how this is BJ I wanna do you BJ what does that mean much. And I have I can't pay and so yeah yeah I'm all hub dumped there would you do doughnuts let's import low Jackson late night actually get this a big donors there to looks like Gayle Wiener and this. Would the colonial countries and various cities here. Some bears yeah there are a lot of military experience in every out of the job some cream and actually stay solution. You never know does that give we added this I know that edited what I realize now as I look at Jack if he's standing on there in Toronto he's got the best job ever Jack. Yeah he's isn't totally englishman and a Fisher then you jocular fashion hits and that is something. We're actually does something English. And quite English today on what you're just everyday you are what's your favorite thing about working with Chris Jericho. Waking up birdie. Arianna that always gets yes of fruit tackle and Arizona's out of relentless attack on merit and there's times that we are now Spain he may remain out of they can see insulation on the air. Maybe we'll I think you can now say Felicia oh AM ER I police showed a vodka bottle well the other guy. Anyways good times you don't lie I tell you at the rose knows exactly when talking about. UK is always had a list of everything including the early in the gleefully showed what the models we don't know the army corps for some insurance in my currencies certainly don't know if you've recently emerged so I learned is that tough to ban manhunt. Josh ought to continuously show yeah yeah yeah. Often as women gunned down a dark path do you have listened rapidly in Seattle one of the greatest structural sounds ever you know playing here we haven't been here. Sergey proper. Since this action show which reopened do we played a couple times I don't know why the white river I was like essentially the four times yes yes always really great job and I got a question yesterday I had a question please keep provision in Apollo seven was sure. I is wanna know because YouTube videos which are really the video for Judas via our panelists. I wanna know hollow. Everything is moving in slow motion or fast motion and yet you still singing the same pace are you back assets and special event. Wizardry right there so Judas video which is now that's over sixteen million views from you know it was a great video Brownstein thank you very much so that was films. At half speed CTO foresaw any slowed to eight minutes. Yes seemed like normal when you're like you are. Iron you love viewed live along the inside or soon as the suns are doing don't talk about what you've played normal speed it's very erratically choppy in some of them are and it's still it still sounds like here it can compete with the PL go professional right. So then I'll bet you are now I think that's the extras but it's event handlers could. We wanted. You could decide the order a sequel to Jews you know whichever is in his Siegel Zune video. Since maybe like when I gonna take it and were I wanna rock back and then jump for re cast of this the Siegel Jesse also payless dude. To real flip flop gives you we do that wanted to double speed yeah a former song and do it two minutes. So that's a look at Joseph in one breath at a time do the honestly rapping about love Obama and then we played normal street is like more like you're underwater bury you they can I don't wanna. So it was much harder make the painless video. Because you have to be very quick highlight security numbers at a time WM embellished the Lola where is Judas is very slow. So that's so huge and so you basically did do it old school because most were both thrown one tape yeah mortgages those stores easy. Watch the most on new bit. Not among they do this on the David Copperfield they carry you lied to a chicken stuff plus seriously and with all the technology available that is pretty amazing and I won I'm not doing your real took a please get some breaks his kids and try to weed that's what we did we had no special effects you learn a professional match can be to their world. No I don't I made that made the though the the high school videos as well but the difference is like you say gets one takes so you got like job. If you watch you can see so that it was a little bit easier for Judas because you have. They said that half speed so it's slower it's a you have time to like. Think your hole you cynnex where's the pain in the slums very fast happened both I once taken painless is a lot of this game Tehran really indeed I'm of the radical whose G if you see in the videos. I based on the shining. Where. When when Jack do us inject torrent source. Going crazy he's in the real world and is indeed ghost world's yeah PC both. So are they are starting to see where there's two dimensions of the same time so the first video it's a bad as one dimension. All the creatures and we're churches and the other. Painless the band is also an added dimension and the only one left and there'll come a falling we try to bring me into this world so that. I doubt I don't know. Zarrella like he had. This match join me on this one I can't wait for the third warmest heart a manhunt is really remember and gives it shows you how you're doing gonna make it a trilogy assuming it now tomorrow are you know yeah all right endless reels are lovely together and once you dreamer it was doing he was Simon peg let's make a drill landed okay do you guys do and that's what what what what because children -- god and I don't have a coronary I'd make yourself a corner and so is with the idea Charlotte says. Heart slows and then the world yes that's it's that's the corn added well you got it in my you're there much rest of that I'm very impressed I just watched world's end with my son he loves. Partial list. Our what do you think worlds and have a bad. That's about it's it's it's okay you did. You know it's tough after Shaun of the dead I mean I mean I'm buzz is that she may be better for me really like Somalia I think okay you know I don't know how the world and doesn't matter and he had to leave on Saturday. Mcginnis and he's over screens all over June 30 out sooner. Well eight and again and I'll tell you what man Christopher Knight as she takes a mushroom yes at the father Joseph do you could do whatever you want. And you wanna take my shoes you wanna just doesn't coffee. If you wanna jump completely sober and have a great time we're Van Halen in 1979. We don't have giant dragon slide from the ceiling or pop up pyro going off we are the show we have a great time every night and they showed that people enjoy themselves well and brought Jeff trust those you know right there yeah great great rocker there what I can tell you maybe you guys fraud did. I'm based just came and helped the saudis a great guy and then easy rocks do yes I said the polish appalled lives are basically the only guy that ever. Was is cool lose you on stage it was Jeff Krauss a lot of I think he showed you guys got shades on ripped jeans and a leather jacket I'm chairman to jam this man can I got I got an untidy why he's. Did you Amazon cure. How I guess tomorrow twins and frustration are just roster he plays bass with me all. Right thing I've had promised to do an eskimo kiss literally yeah you want some social media. The contents yeah I don't want to contact all right let's do it three UAE 40 wait you mean just Jack's laid out how much is he sorry I had no idea we get at least 69 retreat on this. While listening to all not to take your sorry Josh Todd yeah I'll just had a way that our every undermanned just under 69 as you tell us about it was just out of the sixty nines I did some good story yes imagine one before you know it. Chris Jericho studio seven dot US get your tickets tonight studio seven ratio Dorothy thanks and thanks who puzzled. Or plus there are dark column by the idea peace and I sold it to idea. You guys hear this okay. This goes on fuel prices Alice what do these drugs sold out he's 1%. Isolation on it and I am more are here you just show up all Charlize how I hurry I live audio and and you say hey Jack and make sure he's blond girl via his solo but she superstars is always open I would like on the it looks. Unless the story. Chris was so I had this match yeah I can be yours goes occur would lose again bumblebee match rehearsal. And it did and it SI gets thrown into. A pile of some tax rate. She sits in some adjust on six now some hiccups so I I'm going to back you listen this is not so it's cool it's real it's some taxes no. You know there's no real that'd deception on this some real some tax can sticky buns in Las Vegas. And I go back to adjust to the trainers room doctors you would ever. This are taken up the tax. And I should put them all in this jar and Stillman I want to sold documents some reforms to the tax on it and see it. Well attacks reports 68 tax no joke. I thought I go to the dressing room I sit down I go oh what does that stand out there's one remaining. Intact car in my ass I'm a little taken out on our station now and our sorrow just shy of the sixty nines. The actress Jirga in the 69 actually there was lots of funny thing is not lose not funny Italy Chile is 69. Some tax. It could have been 63 they haven't sent anyone know 69 British empire and I each had not yet. And they're like they're unique well you can't say that I rarely listen understand. I'm not lying I not Tennessee 68 emergency seventy. The gods the faith is 69. If people think this is they live and so far it's not funny Israel so they are just sort of the 69 tax are playing our next champions seven point we're playing try to what did you do with the yardage are taxed I think you know Los Summers is a similar argument covenant and things can. In the world sort of along the museum exact yeah actually I don't know restraints are somehow I don't look for a dinner that's a tough. Scam all right well listen you guys are something. You're Smart shrewd polarizing and here's who zinni's more which we don't yet again. I don't know what. I got to play some music I listen I got was amusing and robbed and you might Hurwitz called Fuzzy. I guess so let me get some fog and pockets Chris Jericho and Fawzi performing tonight at studio seven studio some WS but can you stick around as we get back. A wanna hear more form are gonna go. You guys are dragnet to be nearly 917. Had tell you we gonna go we gonna seven did it suddenly attacked 47 I mean I'm not sure we wish you do that I thank you yes moral and Chris Jericho like you said his band Fuzzy studio seven tonight. And here is Fuzzy on the rock. And mixed morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all. I play nice guy comes. The Iraq CL Max was five C you can hear Chris Jericho and Fawzi live tonight studio seven at. Tickets available studio seven dot US or what's the Fuzzy web sites. Plus Xerox dot com then that's it yeah damn man let me get showed they were cited its Arab emeritus section holy crap migs that Chris Jericho is Ben is there anything this guy can do. I can't have a baby. As yet I want. I've had shot. Junior are sort of did you judge sued him alone which actually is an emotional time Jackson zillion others that have heard of selfish Danny. And it never hurt himself but drinking coffee so did you see that. We have good news about Jack what are we just found out to Jack sisters listening double A-Rod why our Jack Jackson. As you know I look Richard yeah about Jack's sister joy just laid out your Energizer he's got this now. The drummer of AC DC and your story. Yeah Chris. Chris played the judge them a nice guy. God god will play the thunder struck it well our own his seed created this tie Dan yeah. There wasn't very strong one because I'm very skinny yeah it was not easy and yeah so I think you decide that day. Now here. Jackson plays the star of the show you my want is my radio personality so it's actually always on the good morning jog and Seattle radio if you're gonna might summit really now he yelled tell us you have a favorite memory about being involved in the world to me CDC. Who Demi Mondale look up that was nice yes John and you sorry Jack OK so. And so Lou when data rejoined Barron's and visited thousands Justine in two dozen fifteen yes thank you. Well towards the rim Dowd wrote a coffee machine I will send city try and save today. And I discuss I'll join us as seen you've grown and as I've. Literally five years later I don't. I don't know Aaron. Is originally from years I guess I wake up. I said right now and I'm listening so us on Iraq general royalty right here are some fats is a great pitcher Josh lays dad. Remote seventy one's image you goes sixty's a sixties or whatever and he's hanging out you look at Jack's laid Elvis Presley and Tom Jones and oh well listen Tom Jones are both courting. Chris Slade to play drums of them you know yeah he Joseph Josie shows Tom Jones. Because some Jones had three months is digs votes and I was only had a month back today he would take two gigs whoa that's your pictures there yo. Jackson lately he's June oh Seattle sixties which means Elvis was still looking good pal yes yeah yeah that's a head and yeah so I was how. I do every raid this issue as the one guy is on line looking up stuff he does not have a guy. Try to be discussed it after you read you a little idea who reasons we'll see this as a career you've done everything else is high single how we can make you like web guy if you and you know I don't know Reza mellow and IRA IRM premonition I'm gonna and that's working as he had to web checks. She's right here you guys in about three or quality of this integrity committee would just to figure contract I'm trying to talk and rockets and trying to give me great great job and my thanks do very impressed thank you know below the eighth on the picture all this guy doing is right there are. 08. King you know resemblance to Elvis is totally blue Hawaii right there he's looking in light well I you're all right Sara L this makes honors always talk show some Jones is still rocket like the women might still want him and a picture Elvis. It looks like when Mosley filters on are gone snaps does its release this news yeah so hot men's beyond mrs. Elvis hottest guy ever I want I think I'm just blew why you're talking now Vegas aren't talking Ellis all the wizards elves is cool man they have. Karate this last hour I'm an obvious idea I was on a Bender is my favorite without the secret signed one peace decisions these are these guys want some of these funny go on these human look of Elvis come true moves. And you see like your vote ten minutes from 74 Vegas. We're just truly go unlike. In the geared to older got hot. So it's just a friend yeah tell us Tom Jones and Chris slavery there that's valid picture right there by proxy. Oh this is your dad Jack Elliott is my dad I don't know I mean I realize until now by the transit of property yes just Camille Little elves CNN's like that's a series of something right to you know these other guys involved shoot through one on rock to the pros are a lot of assists so many of them neo dad may have smelled Elvis so adept fooled by his she's there you go then you smelled Elvis affirming his stuff for me to this day the smell this smell. Well god. One that's why you guys who throws now. This is Josh Todd and there's enormous new yeah. I'm what does not island our friend Jeff Krauss is here and I'd love dearly you do toward would we Chris Jericho what your spirit Chris Jericho Arianna and I have that is why. Wisdom to college has a lot over maybe what was so I see Jack pleasantly what a great guy and I really love Jeff Rouse I think when you come here it's almost like you're. This is the homecoming I know Craig gas is flying in yeah later. Him last nine years earlier and ML Rockies Jericho data as credit guess he's always and everywhere everybody out. Everybody can make Casey were you gonna Jericho shell US economy got you good great great guy asks a million as it is a great Eddie Van Halen limitation then everyone does like you know Gene Simmons or laws already. But he does that Andy is still get I have to get a new and any other I've ever heard is that I don't you come here it's a may he live with Eddie don't know. Every governor Corzine did he did of course you are well here's the thing we are going because it did you maybe think of something. I wanna talk about the latest and you have after we talked to Jeff I don't wanna forget that. So that wasn't the craziest favorite memory about being on the road with Chris Charles so. I admit these guys in Australia and in I think we would go to the gym kind of day you're playing with Lotus is definitely an element in the van democratic colleague while government. And we've worked super type in any event. The first couple nights in the bus for just great in the kiss up all night Van Halen fans and Chris is an encyclopedia of everything and it was really. Geez that's why he's going to be a new tech guy yeah. I had brought the mother love bone document. OK so allow homeowners to tell you one night I think I mean Chris covered a couple. Yeah boys or something and a half and a mug on the rocks he ended up in the background scanning and it's kind of the first. Time that mean him really got to kind of connect and we sent out it was. I was really really fun. And I know this crazy stories you could tell them that night of just talking about mother love bone and in your right yeah. And we are we have I have to thank you we talked to Peter McGrath an immigrant and he would not just like Jericho is down in Hollywood for sure I would only. And I was each darting do you mother love bone and about 94. So it was after Andrew dye but news right in the middle of the hole grunge scene hasn't that's the best corn go grunge fans who. Which move that was our garage do no grudges or disagree rock general whenever woods lady. What a great great front man and that charisma and five in the whole thing. And does suggest show me the document she was just watched. Publicists on CO again yet it is I don't really existent social Garrett Jeff Z series she's the Andrew would. Documentary. Do you I was still there at the terror. We'll zoom among Boehner to fare which it was the old document yeah there is that new ones the new one I can know what I Ayala functions is it. Multiple stories yeah illustration you remember that I don't know that is the case of my other favorite story about turning there early as there because. And there's a lot of roses. I was in the best shape of my life. Athletic like you know like everyone can and that like rich. They're restrained strains on trains just like roasted chicken it's like there's good food and you know and I stuff and see pictures when I played if you in the Serb officials seem unlike. Where did how. I'm not like I was actually doing like it's like a couple hundred pushups a day as it adds we were like I mean it was really. As we don't allow late peace backstage and that we don't like that. So is Lisa it was a roast chicken every night and there's fruit and also we don't have linked to junk food thing. And if you're in like if you're in flaws that resemble us and we're ready Chris usually do donuts. In Portland which is obviously crews don't shuffles like if you have she made Jonas. Uncle ward Chris Warren look at your unit of the donor and how. I was going to use it really be sure he's good at the guilt only talent bank simpsons' do we were terrible and positive I met. Scenario isn't your ribs I don't know I. It's not easy yeah I'd be kicked out there isn't that Orlando that's Orlando that's right that's a let's look at other straight men and as a lever we actually use that picture. For a tour picture like the Fuzzy Jerusalem's it. Most trade big backdrop and then rose setting up front delivered a rocker so there's. That's you know I don't know what happens we're talking I'm talking to Chris Jericho he and his band Fazio performing a studio seven tonight studio seven dot US that's we gotta get your tickets. So the thing about this it was so awesome is that look we see performers in different the different lights you know. You got guys like you wrestling never knowing how much you actually love rock music another dude who we loved for years Jim brewer great comic did not know until as the years go by how much he loves loud and rowdy GAAP and you know. And GM are part of something. Pretty guide damn amazing. And I I just love the title Chris Jericho is rock and wrestling a razor see what the hell is this it sounds ridiculously amazing. What Syria the only Italian and remind me says Jim Bruce or so while we didn't just cruise a couple years ago and it was one of the best experiences as a as a musician as a player as a fan. It was just it was just total blast as soon as the boat landed shore I said OK I wanna do so once in my own crews. What are my known for rock thrown resting sort of warn you my whole life since I was thirteen years old I won't be Iraq's role bad I want to be wrestler. And that sort of done so I want did you go crews. That had both of those elements including. My view was a wanna have wrestling matches at C. On the boat in the middle EO Jim Hoss who I actually do I had to have it engineer. A team of engineers come on board and discuss the average juror and the most everyone colleges vote actually have a ring on the seat on the listen. This stage is way bigger and weighs heavier and arrests and bring candy and play every night and and while it's a series they've approved it and they can figure would you. So just reach you years to get this thing going alone and we went on sale on September and it's we're gonna sell out its its its. Everyday is a matter of fact they get a report of army cabins are sold. And once and while I get a zero new and it's like when your phone gets zero you feel super depressed and angry I've had a bad day. Every day at 12:35. Eastern time I get my email a comedy albums have sold and it looks like. Juice 357 or my great day if you're zero. I'm really sad and depressed. So we're gonna sell out and it's gonna be you all are greater stress on my goals latest annual thing Macs now so I signed all these people who won what. And it's our Chris Jericho cruise dot com yes you wanna check out Wichita and check in check out the the amount of blood and that's crazy online at the lineup Tracy is continue to get crazy begin wrestling superstar is rock and roll bands talk makes life podcasts that won every year is young as a community wrestling fan the volume on the ring of honor guys Namibia Kenya may yet but AST I credible and even if you don't like Chris we are we really like so many great bands are coming comedians you mentioned sure. Harbaugh I was rose work the president well here's the thing yeah. Brewer is no longer coming on the true because he was stolen away by a little band told Metallica. Oh I'm on whose dad. And I never heard of exactly I call loves to listen I got your opening bell reaction contract so you'd better you'd be nice to me yesterday. You know Metallica's doing this tour of late. Yeah seven shows a month she's seven months. Would just so happens that two of those seven shows are have been read no my stupid cruise I don't like Burr you do this or not is it cool measured grew he's got. What's your soul away well below zero am so farm would work but were you got a feel good about the fact that you had the right guys and I. I guess I've Ubuntu Dre gases in the coming now. Shot solution. I lose everybody crazy ass is Mario they Jim brewer as guys I'm Jim brutal absolutely no what are you out. On the cruise. On Germans are you and I guess like the Mariners in the CI Boston Bruins the Max yeah Julian Rosenberg I immediately after I guess what a great guys John let me let me just say this right now I'm sure Craig gas is gonna yield to cash for this until I know he would have done it for free. Just let's not hear a federal agent for Greg asks what this hey I'm not not a not attack began to not necessary to ensure. You had not done. Freaks and she called me. The promoter I have to like worry about all this stuff look I'm IA agent Bob Bennett's what did you expect Craig gasses sneak into this is just a no go crews not doing appropriate Ted got a all right well you know next to negotiate for a net. Please I don't believe you guys teleport we will not allow let's do it let's go Jeff here until I'm going where you are slowly in the wind which what do what do you Jack's sister she'll show up yeah. We employed parents listened Jackson out of either do for the right price. As. Yeah go to Chris Jericho cruise dot com I know we had a run in general Roger showed you we're going toe in to save some guy's gonna advantages are designed and I didn't understand the pan am now I know this is the one back to bed now all right -- this calls remained I have to say -- to match review and can you may go oh yeah what was I mean Edwards sings imagine yeah I remember watching thinking OK is communal IMAX Sydney now watch him make this is the most incredible match is seen thank you and here's my here's a good arrest. Clinton knows him knows it appears that makes you laugh OK and this is this is why. I don't know why am who I am ruby. Would you like it is get your hey Jerry Jarrett who can't keep them with Tim lake to listen to your ears with a finger on the beat button. I don't know I don't I don't have to be brought her mother at first I got much better I know doing a write this for 27 years I know exactly how it works so. Would you like well. These aren't really keep up no Arabs keep there was anybody I know exactly what did you I know my limits that I know who I am isn't horrible I knew it was going to be gray yeah. My way my goal is to put as many but this season rivals on the show's possible. And as far as it being investors cherica mass of all time that's up huge. You guys to decide I'd. Others are okay America's best match I think you brought the best you can go a little guy while that's why do what you have done for 27 years and that's why I love that concept. I'm doing this match in Tokyo. In the Tokyo Dome against another guy who's also from one of paid by the way which rhyme from. That is some really cool idea and concept and vibe and it was a huge success so I'm glad that everyone majorities or someone else that you would want to do something similar with him I don't know many Japan's reared so we're we're talking right now but I don't think you'll be doing much more with them yet he and I don't. God I would like Cuba listen. This amount of money that was made about that match didn't you know do you have to stand up for yourself so this if we can work go to deal they have just not humble move on to the next thing. Not even need to panic is any arrests or you haven't got an opportune estimates I think he'll make it kind of situation is there's somebody out there that you see that you like I'd like to get involved what I did a mother that type of guys like yeah if if it comes up fine but it is done these big leagues and did you attend school but it's not. Don't be there are. I work for Vincent man and that's the guy that I don't work for. So what I thought I would go back to it's a wrestling then maybe masters this this to recycle is done with Fuzzy right now you pay you played painless. That's already going to be in the top ten I think this week Judas got the top five. We we really struck lightning with this album and you have to take advantage of that now is our chance to really get to the next level. And stay there so. Foss is the priority now and so we're gonna keep. Rolling with this. For as long as you can might be other years years that we get. I hit records suddenly always found got to offer in Japan over drawback to Australia South America is calling. Your halo I want you for a show whatever may be. So we have to stay on it and that's we're gonna do. That's a pretty awesome so of course you've got the podcast. And you know before we head out. Favorite gas weirdest guest on your podcast talking Jericho the last episode I listened Madonna semi Callahan was just awesome all those just came out last night yeah I listen on the way and judge essentially you waiting in young and allegedly come out I was a soldier plus listening to it. OK Tom I tried to work is a forty minute drive is a great analyst and I think you know I'm definitely glad that's right. Bit like an hour ten. Listen the wrestling guests are great I love them. In the Russian world having called colgan on those great is that actually had a really cool. We grand Hulk Hogan on. Like on Thursday and then Paul Stanley on sounds Saturday so Paulson and as Richard is that was let's my hero but that's my guy he's only three or four times. William Shatner are very young alumni ownership great guy that crude Soria that the death and shatter Ron. Everyone else it castles for the day. And then shatter called the studio on the go easy and canceled due. Knew he told us that shatters and I can tell you get out of Iran William Shatner you I don't gave up on that she thought yes I don't know exactly bill ice was great what a great story he had. Just did it's hard to pick a certain person is. I don't have somebody I'm myself I don't think that you're the age thing yeah and we always have a good time and I have to questions I don't have. A list of things don't are where we just talked I didn't do normal policy now I agree I don't you just stand and that you. I learn stuff I need to know we have ever had on for a just alive fortieth anniversary Panama for revenge 25 and now we just he says you must do it shorter one. Because I called yes I say happy fortieth anniversary of his sore which I thought it. That's right or the market both our math is wrong it's a 42 anniversary and conservative chairs so they go. Chris Jericho and this is seven and Arizona I'm not give any NSA you know he and you know he's he's he's used to let's go and we're gonna stay until noon I don't know. Advertise a flotilla is Jane may I got some ideas of Saint Patrick's Day sixty I don't have been registered day that's right I'm not. Christian is grant Bosnia performing its studio seven tonight seriously you wanna see the show studio seven died US. And of course to so many other things it does Chris is a ball with you can tweet him that I am Jericho. Chris thank you for getting up Jack thank you bring in a mandate. It's aroused circular ordering her surprise then he would actually show up this. And they X mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW.