Coats For Kids 11-29-17

Wednesday, November 29th

Dean Shelton joins us live in studio talking about Coats for Kids.


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It's always good to have an assist on every year to talk about coach for kids in the Washington State Council firefighters. Seeing shell game welcome back sir hey thanks for having me appreciate it. That's red it's funny man it's it's it's like all of a sudden we go we just this time of year again and who are or get happy were thing about good toss in family and then we it's always good to be reminded that while we're having a good time there are some kids out there all they want us to keep warm absolutely we see kids on a daily basis to. To something as simple as a nice warm coat to keep Mormon drives is a luxury not something that most of us take for Brandon. I wanna give you guys credit manager at the Washington State Council firefighters because. People always give us credit so low we're all we're doing is telling you where to go over you guys to all the leg work to make sure these colts get given to the kids you coordinator under the way to get a made in Mindy jets guy I mean really you guys to all our work yet this time of year you know we're doing distributions through out state Washington and throughout actually the seventh district of the international association of firefighters. You know in fact tomorrow will be given them bless you guys tomorrow will be given a distribution tomorrow it believe it or not up third sketch account ain't got four different. Groups that are gonna begin a distribution actually believe it or not my alma mater Allen elementary there and in Burlington Washington so be given out about a hundred coats up errant. Big shout out to those four locals. They're going to be announced tomorrow and he fears seem old teacher I was very I've been very difficult when you're just now look at Florida's citrus. Oh that hundred yard dash record there on the board and I get there and I'm sure it's long gone fall you have the record early apple. Our ads are Corzine did how many how many minutes it takes you are mathematics is a better I don't remember as a hundred yards there IndyCar and learned in instances. Aren't actually only about fifty. Your brain temperature range down at her guts yeah. Popular C you're an athlete school Steve give my name was on the board for every now and then we're shocking news that helmet I'm sure that board's long gone by now that. School's been remodel a couple times you know I I can't it's a funny I don't remember you know go back to my out my alma mine I guy. I mean I know people were you know they didn't have a lot of my either like rich people at my school like the rich kids. But I didn't feel like there were any poor kids that I noticed I felt like maybe we were the lowest of the middle class and if anybody didn't have money as far as is much somebody else it was us but we still weren't pour. So it's got to be really tribute to go back Darren know that wow now I I don't know if you're aware that when you're in school but I wasn't put that there really worked his it didn't even have Cotto did even economy. Yeah absolutely on the very thing about this program is that we don't sell when I try to single kids out we try to make everybody feel I guess quote unquote normal. And so we go and do our distributions we we give it an entire greater an entire class coats. So you know me feels like hey you have this you know this coats that are are different than somebody else's we want all the kids to seal like there. The most popular kids in school with these brand new coats and as you can see behind it the Coetzer you know pretty good pretty good look to on the got a great colors that's the Seahawks -- so we are scholars on here these cuts are great none of the kids feel like killing you know because we held a news that you know we had kids that war. Choose from this maker she's from now maker Mary to kind of tell the difference in the yeah yeah out in their backgrounds are so we we try to give it to the whole school whole class and it works out really really well. Well that's sort of ready inside as the patch is made just for you wouldn't seek a person's name on it and it's and firefighters out we have kids love. And as a kid I know it isn't always the way to the firefighters as they drive we don't you just. Colin Armando Lauren now that you are really into that Yahoo! well you know that's cool very kid to have that that nice firefighter or not you still have like a little classify ever homer of the behavior and sure he's aware that I'm aware when I drive to work yeah I'm looking and I have to say you know share. So you're you're not trying to echoed on you are trying again societies it's like Chris Farley type here's fat man and a little coat and I've seen bits did I also found that does benefit that you. Thought no word now our Elizabeth. Yeah. Both those guys don't you make. That is the biggest joke that we win our many six foot three foot at six foot three kids you know we do see some big kids honorary there an irregular occasion but you know we try to make sure we have sizes for all women and others firfer doctors say he's. She's still look absolutely blown you run the new appointees he as far as the names in this in the media inside of the code you know one of the few issues with the some of the great properties for us also as firefighters is that we didn't opera team interact with kids and give them of a new coat. And so beatle interactive kids into. And net talked to them and so they're not afraid of the firefighters and when they cius on the street they do you give us a nice wave that's cool down so it's great programs immunity that back in on the right to get to discuss its warm and comfortable it's cold here and it's and it's and it's got the Seahawks colors which is nice. It's got I loved it I know I didn't think of unless he gets the whole class so nobody feel singled out as the person doesn't have enough money to gecko absolutely. And then whenever she's everywhere and those coach you realize ought to just game like it's a free thing. Yes it's not a single thing and everybody wants no way when are we didn't because it's sometimes we do you adopt entire schools sometimes we just adopt a Clausen it just depends on. The communion obviously fund raising is the big part of this program and you kiss and he's been in great part earned mail we can't thank you all enough for. For your online fundraising for us and and to do this program that takes dollars obviously and in this program is a fantastic way to do down but I don't really put an arm and honestly the inside the super warm it's very comfortable it's. Sweet coach Gary it's it's very polite way that's you know that's the thing man Carson put on BJ well he's got an early any better you know these are American made cuts here we we actually create jobs in this country making his opponents and I know that we had we don't use. Imported coats see you and use child you know labor issues so nothing else. He's going to be awfully you know if all choir in you're valid it is yes it's nice that you don't shoot absolutely and that's one of our frightened that's what our priorities are one of our criteria is for who. I'm moving in this program it's a union. That's all tied up man Michael idea. But it looks good feels good don't do you really does. Missed an amnesty because you're an ordinary day ball thanks buddy our castle you go to work every ten damage that's right. Yes. This suite code I mean guy I'm close it's close to fit me I'd like Vanilla mar thirty tend to really get into this but I can get it. It's a short the sleeves of the matter if it's a perfect ready go very nice ladies love him that's very slow ameliorate a go up I would yes Ellen did get this is somebody came in my class from my game has come to kids and the awesome. Especially if everybody it's 34 dollars to make this call a myth that's all it is. Which is a nice deal seriously you know they were probably charge close to three times this of you pay if you wanted to store and the pastor had an obstacle to me and our thoughts have always stepped up through we've we've put like 5000 hotel out there in the past when did you last year I heard this year our goal is 7000 so we're where we're asking the rockaholics to just chip it a little bit more for Sony might have been on the fence last year. This year please be a part of this and stood KI SW dot com and indeed thank you said many times BJ we can't afford the full 34 dollars. Two dollars here five dollars here ten dollars there it all adds up in and ends in the fact that they can contribute to giving a kid a great self esteem and be warm that's huge. Yeah absolutely we're looking for any partner and the rock listeners are great partners with firefighters and you will we really appreciate everybody out there let's listen to that says does give whatever they can give and and any other part out there and you wanted to partner with the firefighters. Give a call and and now let's make it happen. Yes what Texas just that I Don I just purchased three coach for you guys love what you guys do please post a picture of Steven code that's hilarious so that Kennedy had yet he's putting I guess that is what I had a video. I don't matter and we probably should the money's not going to Steve getting a coat. Apparently and we we put him because it's new it's a goal. When we get we get extra donations by showing pictures of Steven is Marco will do it. Again KI SW dot com lets you go there you'll see it coats for kids. And again dean please for the rest of again for the little rest the Washington State Council firefighters thank you usually don't wanna comes in represents but you guys do such a great job our job is easy we just ask. You make it happen I mean you get into their hands and that's tough for him we and we appreciate all you guys do. Let's Shillue partnership and never really is we couldn't do without you all know with other other other partners and donate blood so clearly if time is a great program which kids definitely. It's. Get the benefit some it's from a from brand Niko it's great program. Dan KI SW dot com that's really going to get you don't have any money you can give plea shared on your social networks so some of your friends can see that we want to get help because that's a big help as well. Again KI SW dot com for coats for kids. And makes mornings and nine point nine K I guess tell you.