Comversations with Camano Island Shelter Association 061018

Monday, June 18th


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Conversations. I have to Italy today ordered. Really excited to talk with a tomato island shelter association its concepts for short that's their nickname cash and their shelter manager for the last nine years. He can locker is with us to get I know your busy so thank you for taking time to talk to us today. A problem. About how you got involved with a cost you've been there for nine years well that's a long time. Yeah so. I mean it really want to looking for something you're trying to I kinda pushed into it by my husband to which it's funny. I actually ran. I'm and still do aid and other nonprofit Washington so I laughed but the cult founder bald like you can request. And now. Previous to that don't get another rescue or have a great deal of experience in nonprofit. Anti of what you shelters for many years prior to that and so I would not wish when they had openings in the side of why not. Common ended up getting the job and it's pretty much changed my life and change the shelter. Senior theories familiar. With wine Foster homes are so important talked to was about costs and your mission statement. Is to bring to get our animal in need and caring people Trevor enriching their lives. So true back we've rescued lot of animal whether beef from. Them being a string me coming coming to the shelter. And waiting and either having a pick them up or not armed we held on a surrenders but come on. I'm a lot of times we get animal that really are not prepared for adoption and light underage kittens and perhaps no mom like Alex I ate a piece and then we can get a lot without their mother. How many people who depend on not either to feed them or do simple Carrick on the field Foster homes really critical to what we deal because actual Turkish. If somebody has been their it's really really small. I'm what we kind of jokingly called the clown car. Big hit they're really a lot going on in it and people are amazed. When they realize that we don't have a whole building that they can he from the road and we have a small portions. So. There are times where we would have more animals and fostered in what at the shelter. Oh it's really critical trust to hope that many animal that we can't have people that will help from the right. If someone is listening today and they wanna become a Foster parents. For one of these amazing animals how they reach you. I'm not many rectory just he can simply email. That you can come the that the children per thundering up and how are we are only twelve Colombia to April and all other days. You can also visit our web sites on the world we direct links to more information about posturing and I'm hoping he can contact. What his legs. I'm a web site is committing you know animal shelter and dot org. And then he said come vibe what is the address where you located. So we are located on the 19 he can too broad a communal violence are. Location of the little deceiving. And we are actually EC east camino where. Have kitty corner from the golf course. Let's talk about this award it was granted to Costa from marina Lambert's in my nation that was a bit exciting. Yeah I would create meetings so we had a one of the staff members to. Among elected not to love Miranda Lambert she really quite a fact that her and really was determined to tell her about our shelter. And how their foundation just kind of computer crashed. That she has been doing that I think the last two years and so. I'm she'd gotten a lot more information and suddenly apple mail one day and here is the letter from them with this circuit again and attract. And it it's really huge honor proud of the meeting were tiny and the temperature a big person and a big foundation. That is so amazing and I know all of that Miranda Lambert's mad nation gives grants. You shelters all over the United States have to be recognized like that that's congratulations. So talk about the custom membership how do you become a member. The membership is basically he just kind of a commitment to ending little donation. Is a smaller donations by every donation account. And there are multiple things that come with the when you beat the number that you. I get our newsletter mailed field. That you get first noticeable trend and things like that I'm and it's really just I'm likely to show your support. In irregular fashion for a partial to. We're talking in the team locker she's this shelter manager for the past nine years at casa Mano island shelter association and you can reach her two Mano animals sheltered dot org if you'd like to become costs a member of it was about why is micro chipping so important to get. Micro chipping is really huge truck for the shelter. We have become pretty long now with our frequent that we do. I'm they've got a lot of people out. Even to our islands to block the beaten path. It is really critical because. Like you captain link the apple just because they're kind of high. I'm there are a lot of capped in the world. If you tell somebody my cap it cap either gonna fictional outlets right back when it comes onto that there are thousands of different happy. And half time. People say my calico and really cute picture that's a happy. And they really aren't defying. So much what I believe a dog car. Well I can say I have a French Bulldog somebody who say I ever did not actually are and how capped. For the really hard to. Differentiate between and they are the ultimate needle in haystack. So weak and more in the we're gonna have a binder of hundreds of caddie kept listening and it's almost impossible. To really make sure that we eat. Are matching up capped properly. I'm no matter how hard we try the colts were all shelters so how do you microchip and warm one whopper bar scanner and we have information to wolfpack have a long and we can expedite getting that cap back to the Cold War are getting it medical care actually it came in with the trauma and the center with a really critical and current and intent. And know just how to match simple thing which often can be free like with one of clinics and can say blanket your animal or shorten their stay at a shelter or are. Really take the children of the equation completely at a senate couldn't bring them to a back in the game and corporate and special or just to get scans. It's really one of the most effective things you think victory animal to the club to take off with a collar. Right because the microchip is embedded. Yes it's like between the shoulder blade that you really quick any peace I think there was straining Crocker that probably the thing that bothers the animal promote and people think it's a big meal but it's really not a bad. Experts argue with ticket locker she's this shelter manager for that tomato island shelter association you can reach them tomato animal shelter. Dot org and you some blind events coming up like your costs a car wash and pet food drive can you tell us more about that. Yeah so we have a car wash each year the jerk on June 16 showed it to the couple Saturday. It is from eleven to 4 PM. Basically didn't come to the local pressure so it should the IGA. And in the parking lot we'll have a ton a volunteer after the diet and and each kind of you drive your car trail and everybody doesn't different stepped. I'm make a donation to the shelter and when I agree on Lleyton studio that we depend on to think I. And it's also it's a pet food drive did you mention that. Note to let the same time people can either going to Russia are all they can go ring saying I'm for the food drank and we need everything from kitten replacement small bottle you dry kitten food you adult dog food. To the last specialty dog that we tend to feed green tree look and act green if you wanna donate apple Google a lot. Through a lot of food and litter. So come on June 24 you guys are holding a constant twin city by dealers in steel and what can you tell us what that is. Of the twenty I didn't actually aid big events for the nuclear club and that. Like cool car and the vintage automobile collect classic car and so. What happens if they have a few people that come I have to and possible have a blue hair and embark on cheers will be there to talk. Talked about what confidant and enter any question and talk about our. Jenny and I stopped ringing. And sometimes we don't have an adaptable block there. Would there's a recent ago. Shell and birds arguments begin lockers she's a shelter manager for the past nine years it costs and I was looking online at York. Website and you have this new caddy oh and let's not some new T you guys they can you walk us through that. So we decided to kind of give via our existing dog yard and we've achieved a B quack. I'm very generous bequest that allowed us to do a project like that that we had never done before. We are very emotional and we haven't meet and support what I'm but we don't have a crime of large donors something like that make you know it was really shocking than anything and really allowed us to. Do something different or are capped. At the time we get kind of implement commitments for Don that we had done very minimal cap because there are being. So when we got his caddy though it. Was one of the project. I had been wanting to do for many years. When it finally came to head it was to collect writing what we decided to do at the same time it cover our dog yard. I'm partial to that kind of shaped like you so in the center of the U outside it was just. Concrete where you would go mingle with the dog that you wanted to adopt possibly. But there was no cover so it was raining up or whether it was not an option and Mac which really hard for us with on adoption. I'm kind of cut them short and it lied about not being adopted so what we did was we covered that and in about a third of we put the cat healed completely secure and allowed our caps to go to either dog door. When the slider coastal waters like the fighters to open and it's huge it's a really big caddies go in and demand. Compared to bring your coffee in the morning compact cap the total impact. That's public but I love it because it says here that you're casket to roam freely. Yes so after a Catholic quarantined to make sure that they are could be scream and Holler acne. It long they are comfortable in the ink on the environment we put them outright and most of our captain Luke. So when you walk in our lobby you get kind of at a clinic being locked into a bigger shelter you lock to lobby people and you see you know animal America. Secured glass Booth or whatnot. I'm but aren't you walking and then there's like a caddie expects that the cap standing on the facts that the cat sleeping in the window well. And so if I can walk in and they don't realize that a person all but nick. All the talk. All I know suspend the Kapalua Brittany thank cut. That's only so much fun we are talking with the shelter manager of constant. If you wanna reach them and maybe your interest to becoming accustomed member can Mano animal shelter. Dot org it's also there. At your shelter you display artwork from DN cost men and if state purchases artwork he gives a portion of that. Back to the shelter right he. Yeah commit a violent that the huge our communities where we are very thankful to how many supporters are local artists. Including Dan Kaufman I'm so we need the party building is really small and Guillen at first talked to us about that I probably air will be on the cookies. And I said I jokingly said the ceiling might be the only place you said Kirk. And Gerry came and I mean screw them and they're trained to the ceiling so we have a beautiful artwork displayed are feeling a cat and dog. Me and if you come and a portion of that the purchase you make apple solitary at goats do caca and helping or animal. I have got to see this patio that's sounds like so much spot and take it out with cats all day. Yes I am sometimes we just wanted to have a lunch up their bags we probably should restraint that people could commit America to. Look a little weird. I know you're busy lady and you during such great work in your community so we really thank you for taking time to talk to us today to again yes thank you planning a time. It made no animal shelter dot org if you'd like to reach them and fatigue in locker to shelter manager there when you reach out. This is conversations. I'm yet elite thank you for this.