Conversations 1-29-17

Sunday, January 29th

Guests Aja Estrada, Douglas Abrams, Jenny Walden, and Jenny Pringle join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome the conversations I've bureaus Greg Thomas asked thank you for spending some time to close this week in Jordan this segment again. Welcome to doctor pop Grover good morning sir. Great barrier to it quite well thank you so much join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home our community and across the nation. As our eyes weekend to weekend or irradiated with images of the world's best athletes competing at the highest level. How does that affect our own perceptions. And we focus aspire to be disliked them. So at reasonable limits and expectations ticket athlete like Tom Brady of the new England and the continued success he's had little level. After advanced age for athletes in the survey we should go look at ourselves for our best jobs are lumber yards or is it specific to his trade doctor Grover is an expert helping topple athletes excel at the highest level and he'll be able to help us understand what parts are right for our lives first is appropriate for this level of performance. So doctor Grover what is your X butcher experience like with top athlete will that include how to educate their pleas. Pleasure corporate cargo when you say advanced age is 39. That day I get older. What my concept of old this change dramatically so I think about 120. In my book you know what would we take care law automatically when you're in high end sports. Into understand how great it cited very unconventional beauty takes about a Secret Service food. And organic vegetables and about 20% lean track now to understand that. Approach you have to get into the mind of Tom Brady a little bit so he's an old competitive athlete and most people are you know at that level so if you know this basically. He's not as big as we have seen other quarterbacks in the past like you know Warren Moon original limits. She's basically the second GQ model that actually on purpose. So what we learned as we've taken care of that recent two treaty mechanic who are they blue it's not really the big size. Little things like preserve all doing a picture starts with the impulse to look. The most serious side wins social that's optional. You know explicit not necessarily that has a matter of fact he actually feel that muscle liability that's where animals whose long soft. You know really what makes its performance. Terrific because third general commercial continues new book out or promote some Kook shorted dad. And that actually create and possibly create more injuries so had knowing that that's what it diet. It's kind of based in this now as far are taking what information we can take from that especially kids. You have to realize that his diet. Use for a different purpose so he's not concentrating on that that's where the code to lose its within normal limits on the low side. So he's going for when you talk about let's just talk about pieces that we can take great. As far as our own Gary goes what is were you part of the term organic who you know are there different nutrients when people take. Organic food and really good nutrition the scene had to do with what's being added to non Nardelli who's basically elect opposite side. Even some of the chicken notice there was so much estrogens so we have no idea how much estrogen would be bombarded where it. Well Lou the food that we eat and so the book organic worse historic candidate doesn't really have you would do nutrients but also do it. You know and avoiding these pesticides and that's just about something that we definitely incorporated in toward science. As far as actual goal was sure there's actually such because regular. Well help diseases that you really have no way you can control most of it. Bible we put in our body soul food is actually yours is a drug it's it's stronger America the movie take. So I would avoid sugar says he does that could Libya. I'm really helpful than low interest of the protein that you you're young athlete trying to emulate your hero like a Brady. You need to protein are gonna be higher than what he's going port at this agent this weird. So you want to know my pitching that we presented to diet. In coaching pure younger adult he avoid dairy products some people have lactose. Intolerance. Put him cured you Europe a teenage kid. Wanna be an athlete knows that how you could be very important for your Gordon policy agency later everyone adapts their diet should. Achieve a specific result secure bodybuilder. You can do more of the protein did go more you know what muscles you cook I and aptly you would be working on muscles. Knowing that contraction and people who multiple Bible literally opposite muscles that you the Al. So dusty said a minute ago about you knowing the difference like when you're using organic first is not. And navigate some of these labels to know which ones are marketing spoil rather than something that we should be considering for our health because there's a million of them out there. There is and I think when you go to the store you're looking at the label was very important leaving them wouldn't go into that you'd buy chicken breast. Now chicken Brett is on the list that's where a lot of body builders. Depend on lean kind of muscled. Such as history can we look at the lay rows you'll see. You know whether it's grass said. That truly what you looking for is that no hormones. Added no I know that basically that go out there where the chickens. And in your beat him in the chickens are raised without edit or more so that's really what you particulate here. It exactly built current terms. To help guide what what together now a lot of but would have preserved is that so salt and use I salt content. Is preserved food Lola so these are things sit. You basically looking out specifically and not so much I market. Hello when it comes to another's a few athletes out there that do this begin and the challenges of getting enough protein as someone who approaches it from that angle. And let's kick it into what it is not really one rule of nutrition that we are even with a police what everybody. So the best thing to see how your body responds and it should be good diet there's a lot of benefit to it. Depends on your age when you Croce requirements are but yes that's always been a challenge owns who eat vegetarian diet. In making sure that they get a look protein obviously is going to be more important than your younger. Because you culture requirements are going to be much more than when your current leader like. So our guest today is doctor popped Grover is joining us talking about how when we see. Big athletes on TV knows they're big but big name athletes on TV or something how it affects our diets how we should enjoy it ourselves about children teens and adults. Should ticket trying to emulate their favorite athlete wouldn't specifically look at Tom Brady has like a diet that he's going after or other guy was big short muscles rather than long lean. Well how weak we help our kids go in the right direction torso and that's healthy for them. We know I actually think we can learn a lot from Heidi and at least of their performance there's a lot of other commercial things. I don't think traditional manner so unconventional thinking and really no current explores what I think what you'll learn a lot. It in a case of Tom Brady when they're trying to adopt out per kid you know this prequel is keep in mind one is. Bet that diet specifically. You know for the Asia and he's right now and so we know it we had that element of bad side too or it's. I think is actually saw that things are very good elect increasing Europe is special most the ratio for children is usually picked and quick certain protein. Pick a 60% complex are good car and 30% fat. So if we take those elements and I think it cheap single occasion especially in their parent that injuries are the biggest problem in younger actually. And a lot of that is because the muscles are not flexible bibles I think adding those elements. But we'll bring you really focuses on keeping his muscles. Viable. Would go a long way and urban community shall we leg injury so we're doing. Proactive step to. And after dealing with entries sudden book and we can use diamond machine even in respect what he's doing and what the purpose in doing and how would you adapted for its. Sometimes these athletes have all of these you know metal locker room full nutritionists and experts like yourself that are helping him do that. How do we navigated without those resources. So automatically when there's actually it. So pure basic insurance do you want to home. Cake and eat protein you want to avoid sugar territory away what are boy it sure in keeping martyred because won't pictured here. What happens our body release its influence to bring their sugar down there where that happens yeah stop. Breakdown or fat. There fat stores estrogen and so we have a lot of that on your body you're actually releasing estrogen. The women that increases their risk of breast cancer for men of course it is in the circle or listen. An athletic ability so that is the key stapled. Wouldn't you take cards are good statistical data virtual complex scarves which will be sure we're slowly. Like oatmeal. Then we know things like that brown rice. And you have to take a certain amount of fat you diet who taught about good. Not that saturated fat the past whose bad things like. Out of Colorado Salmons. So you need a certain percentage of really good track for everything port to work together and so I think just giving a few guideline isn't. And making a lifestyle change right as I really matter of going over bad as. Things that you can do in the long term step by except with a habit going to be the best chance to get the best result without having. I Christ nutritionist political team calling for a book. Look at CC fad diet because I think every couple Summers there's a new one nor couple like a spring is people trying to get ready for summer to have their hot dog to the beach or there's a new fad diet every soft. We make sure the were not being led astray by diets that are just blew the flavor of the week. And basic web buoys the American used you know is always going to appreciate. The week it would boarding it. You know some basics and get to trick is. When you're making a changing your diet it's what's going to be most suspected bizarre lifestyle change and so striking didn't do. This Tom Brady guy threw for three months and then go to something also just leave your your back and forth. So is to make fundamental changes we can do it step at a time a little bit. That become easier as you repeat in and the goal is what could do long term whipped. The ability to Nabil have a cheat day and but it alone you couldn't sustain. He has certain program. And then the long term not in the short term and that's where you'll cheat the wind it. They'll automatically change what you start eating healthier by actually changes we wired it so. And and it's pretty amazing culminated in the body is in terms of the doubt until the luck in the past. Doctor governor Grover thank you so much for joining say Tulsa well we can find out more about what you're doing which is talked about today if you have a resource for a specifically. Well we know about real sort medical web site where we do a lot of explanations about pain and how to solve injuries or not I know it's fine dot net this wouldn't be source you can. You say nova spine dot net. Yeah that's great I don't beer or a touch thank you doctor governor Grover thank you so much for joining us today it's been a pleasure. Thank you're at it immediately regretting the big piece of chalk the full peanut butter made before talking to doctor Cooper. Make that Sunday a great one hopefully roll out of bed and tackle the world headfirst but maybe with a bunch of organic vegetables and you know and immediately stuck on the idea how much sugar I didn't lost 48 hours putts so challenging effective got a big sugar addiction going on. I'm Greg Thomas asked thank you so much for joining us today hopefully you're Sunday dozed greats. It's been a fun start to the so far. Conversations to the public affairs program of the station. Welcome to conversations on your host teen in a cruise today we are talking to Jenny walled and the manager. A financial stability programs over at united way of King County hi Denny. Think having not thanks for our. Last minute filling in the slot from now. I. Three are answering taxis and everybody's anxious mom and by everybody mean mean to get my W two seconds of its axis. Or get them done and you nice way I talk T last year provides an awesome program for people who afford to get their taxes done. So I tell a little bit about united way of pre tax preparation service program. Absolutely so I'm united way of building a community where people at home students graduate and annual family that financially stable and the free tax preparation campaign is really her signature effort and helping build financial stability in our community. I am and what it is is it's a program offers services are out in county at 27 locations this year. I'm for free tax preparation and that's 100% freak we never charge and it really. Aimed at Serb couples making less than 64000 dollars a year I'm in our Specter open now through April when he car and they're usually a location wherever you're working lesbian or clean. And I encourage every contest to look into the option for the taxis and. Com I know people have to we'd come in order to start processing the attacks is I think the fat. To that not just to cough com where you could file already. My right. It's exactly that yesterday irons was the first state it higher open for. I am you know starting today that it. We will be able to say eat out their tax return. And I would say that there is a delayed first round spoke to get very amateur I am not sure if if your listeners have heard about this man time. The IRS is it putting a hold on re fired attempt like it short hold. I'm refunds that are coming into earned income tax credit and the additional child tax credit I'm just to review them in an effort to reduce sort of identity theft and Robert. And those are refunds will start being released every fifteenth though. And it may not impact a lot of folks that you're filing really early Meeks buried the flight delay in receiving your refund. And I am where can people see we're they can get it done where you say you have 27 locations that are providing a service so where exactly. Are they where can you know they go online to find that out. Yet bill are occasions I am an oligarchy county at art and art and shoreline we are on the east side in Italian car plant and it's our profits and Elway. And you can see the fullest of all of our tax plates aren't on our web site its pre tax act expert dot org. And and that will bring need to a web site where you can search. I yours that Canada and the corporate tax rate on that you're that cavity search quietly which availability. I'm if you prefer to get your taxes done at specific language we are volunteers. I'm speak over forty languages or are you be able to find a location at the right thing for you. And and I would encourage people to go to the web site only to panic actually been to learn more about what to bring to the site. Avenue the whole sort of at taking action where they can about that the program and that's the process. Okay all right that's awesome I did read yadda you do do it in different languages as global forty languages that's awesome. It is our our volunteers I'm you know come from the community there are parent certified and trained. I am and you know they're just such. They have very diverse group but I am a lot of language capability of course so lucky to have a part of our team. On the IRS certified volunteers where exactly do they get their tree hitting the Pope. Yeah I just. Need to now. Yes they aren't they go through our rigorous training with elite and Connie plan that. Trained them to an advance character education. And that they they go through a tax flop they take that I am challenging task. I am every night I am you know has volunteered there is as I manager at every location and the double checks every return. I meant to make sure that the quality is where it needs to be and that the information is entered correctly. And I think a lot of people don't know that but our our free service actually have. Have a high year I had. Afghans right then that he prepared which means that there's fewer mistakes on the returns that we do. Aren't really OK well it's our black mold or put up. I you guys still looking for volunteers or has that period closed now. That period has closed a year I would read it people are interested the lead back with the united way in October at least start recruiting again I'm at this here we have around a thousand volunteers were out at all the tax bite. I'm giving their time to prepare tax. Eighties that's awesome teeny golfer again on what you need for out to be qualified. Households in order to get to taxes done for free. Absolutely though. And there is an income threshold at 64000. I'm to come into our site. Day there is some flexibility I'd. I think hurt if you're around that on number to pop into art that actually event and check and with that front that. When you do come to this site pictured a brain. Your Social Security cards for every on the return or I can letters and photo ID for that tax payers and all of your tax statements the W cupid and any nine armed. I am and similar to last year at some health insurance arms are required to particularly the 10958 formative. Or people who are getting help entrance to the market playing. All of those armed people should be receipt mean I'm by the end of January early February. I'm just make sure you collect all of those and they come into the mail on the green into the pack lightly you. It BT wanna get that direct deposit of your refund and make sure to bring your bank account and routing number. I and we do find helpful if you are able to bring year I had tax return from the previous year. And it helped such as this is question between if there's any change refund were able to help identify what that is. I and that if you haven't built like Anchorage folks to bring it and as well. Do you need to make an appointment. No appointment needed all of our sites are drop and and switched. Allowed repeat flexibility right for people drop and when they have a chance on the plate you get busy and temporary I think I learned. Taxpayers pop band you know it early in the shifted they can't get their name on the list I'm but you know. And they that we haven't haven't volunteered out there that here which is more than we've ever happen though. We're hoping that it can reduce the weight that the tax bite I'm port tax payers but there may be a bit of a lame cabaret thank rich people to come and now I can thank aren't quite been the time. That other kind of and other paperwork. And damn if they dropped an end it let's say all the tax repairs are busy they just weeks for the next available one cracked. Yep that's right in there is a bit a little bit of paperwork that frantic buyers required as an antique farm and so they would just know that our plan they'd be in the waiting area. I'm an anomaly at. If it did these probably around thirty minutes to 45 minute time though it's not too long but it it is the parts are planned and cure date he about it things going on. And how long does it normally take to get your taxes done. We'll let you lead actor EU IM server in the process and are working at that attack prepare volunteer. I am the profit and it depends on the complexity of the return. I'm that it would normally be around and again 3045 minutes ledger in the return prospect that I'm. The Ontario prepare the return of decline and I am and then every return to double checked everything it looked over one more time and then I'm. And everything should be good to go from. All right Denny I think I've asked you all the questions I need to much again continued to ski about the web say. So that people confined where these services are being provided. Sure it's pre tax expert. Dot court. Free tax experts dot org and on there is there also a list if you are going on to get your taxes done. By a volunteer what you should bring with you which he just ran down. Everything I did that it on the air and it also had on their and other filing options have been on my option if you wanna stay at home I am extra united way worldwide and we promoted part of our services couldn't it'd also treat for anyone making 864 out and and it might freak accident dot com. If it's a 100% free under that income threshold and the planet looking at the site and they decide you know lack of violent commonly began and that more than welcome to did not use enough free filing option and. Okay great Lance. Easy enough easy enough if you have a computer at home and that could be an olive and it does feel overwhelmed sell like I can't you give students from here and. Which is which is why we have the two options depending on the comfort level we're happy to help you in person and or if you. Are familiar with sort of navigating through things not a computer that might be a good option to our mind. Right Jenny wanna add anything else is there anything I forgot. Now I mean I think that Eric and then. Encourage people if they have tax question that there are shirt they have their arms the pop into any of our tax by. I am in a near their answer questions and help the community is now. And their space is it that you can come to any time. Well thank you Denny I appreciate it thanks Harry had a gallon. YouTube parent I. Jenny walled then the manager financial stability programs over I united way of teen county. Now listen on tax help is available in your neighborhood any language like she said from IRS certified volunteers now through April 20 okay that's in your taxes are gonna be duke. United way of teen counties for writing free tax preparation and access to the earned income tax credit and other tax credits. The best news is no appointment is needed and no fees. To pay OK so free tax experts will help qualifying. Households that make less than 64000. Dollars. Maximize refunds to keep more of their hard earned money and avoid paying unnecessary fees. For commercial tax preparation and rapid refund loans now I know one community that's offering. This free tax service is to quell a community center. They aren't 42 avenue rated to quell up from Tuesday's and Thursday's five to 8 PM and Saturdays 10 AM to 2 PM now you need to bring a Social Security card at. Jenny also gave us a heads up on that okay. A photo ID all tax statements whether it's your W two form 1099 form. In also health insurance forms like 1095 AER 1095 beer CE. Sell don't forget also bringing up on your bank account number and routing number and a copy of last year's tax returns Denny let us know that a copy of last year's tax returns would help just in case they have any questions are there wondering how hot exactly did they do this last year they can reference set and a bank account numbers you want to direct deposit it helps to get that that that direct deposit there's so that you could get your taxes it if you don't need in person tax help. You don't wanna drive. 21 of these I united wait locations there's ops also the option a doing it at home so visit my free taxes dot com. Again that's my free tax is dot com Rican quickly and easily file your taxes online for free of course you're gonna be needing your W two forms as loud maybe your health insurance full arms on the Social Security number and and obviously. A valid a license an actress okay south Jenny wild and thank you so much for taking its time talking to us. Again on the website for locations asked to where you can go to get your taxes done for free. Go to free tax experts dot org again. Free tax experts dot org conversation is a public fears program of this season. Welcome the conversations I'm your host Craig Thomas passed thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Doug Abrams. He's part of the book of joy lasting happiness in a changing world featuring his holiness the Dalai Lama. And Archbishop Desmond Tutu good morning sir. The morning great great to be with you. Jonas is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation people who reached the highest levels of success usually embody one quality. The ability to persevere despite challenge this. The difference amongst these successful types. The attitude to have full tackling obstacles. Not everyone is so highly regarded for the perseverance like two symbols of joy. His holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu the co authors of the spoke with moderator Doug Abrams so Doug. What's your background what hard work did you put in that you got to replace Reid couldn't moderated a weeklong retreat with these two highly respected characters. It's a great question I'm I have had the privilege of working with the archbishop YouTube for over a decade. And when I wish that his wife's birthday party and a friend of mine who was the chairman of the Dalai Lama foundation. Turned to me and said. What do you think about the dialogue and archbishop Tutu write your book together that there's something fantastic idea but. Well it beyond we both cost for a moment and then we said. Joy because these are two of the most joyful people on the planet that we were having then we did with archbishop to do at a time at his office and I turned arches he's affectionately. Arched. Did you wanna write a book with the Dalai Lama. And he said I'd do anything when that man so. That was the that Genesis of this project. And in terms of my own adversity and perseverance. Which there has been plenty of I would say you know one of those things that is an iPad two you address is. Dyslexia as a child almond Coke going on him being right here with the fact it was an interest. And challenging. Process. But obviously nothing like the challenges and adversity that the Dalai Lama Desmond Tutu have faced. That's fantastic how. Differ when you step beyond just your normal computer they were with the archbishop. And add some elected Dali Lama and how does that change things. Well I mean I think one of the fascinating things was because he's their dynamic and their friend chip. They call each other they're mischievous spiritual brother and they are now Larry get together and do we do you think it's. But you know LA you know you know these kind of revered spiritual holy man you don't think of you know what kind of comedy team. I'm glad they are constantly accusing each other they're constantly joking they're playing really tell there they're play fall. And down. And you get that a long ways they're incredible people love and wisdom and and you get this amazing. Kind of triangulation where you get there there it goes the wisdom from both of their traditions and their lives. And the that the Dalai Lama said to me in and Washington DC where we are meeting before the book. You think you know this can't be a Buddhist but this can't be a Christian book they have to get universal human black. And then he really really wanted this to you know. Drawn their traditions but to go beyond them to be something that people from any case there are no faith. Could appreciated enjoyed and make. Past debris didn't science which they're both very. Big believers in the big advocates for and so we've really brought in defiance of happiness as well as the incredible. Stories teachings that they offered. I understand that it's a kind of like a three way co writing in tonight can imagine the Dali Lama pushing his glasses and pounding away at the keyboard. Is there today recorded weaken the need go back through your notes and you put it altogether. Yes so. Until the process was who we worked for many months in advance of the meeting both the Dalai lama's translator. The content but. And myself. To kind of develop the questions that we thought would be most relevant and we'll give him there are believed that there attic there teaching me. And then we ask the world or there are questions. Andy we gathered over a thousand questions. And not to come and decipher it and still those. And then. Went into the dialogue so we've spent a week together and done so I India. Indeed Dali lama's home textile. And we've spent in these they used kind of been exploring and talking about these topics while five film cameras and videotaped around. And then we also have these extraordinary experience is that having the Dalai Lama teach us to Medicaid. The Dolly woman dancing for the first time to do licenses birthday party. And so the book itself tries to bring the reader on that journey into giving them an experience of what it was like to be there. And to have these kind of what that dollar lawmen are treated to Q wanted to make a kind of relay here birthday cake if you will. You know one layer is there conversations they're teaching they're very personal very human story. The other is. The science that they wanted to include in the third is really the travel log experience of really being there. We've down bent and what it's like. You know doubt the Dali Lama turned to you with a bowl of rice could get lunch steak I loved this. Coach that's fantastic. He has got there was quite amazing. Just did just that giggle you get out of me there and it tells me that this book might be useful so I just a minute were. In America right now were in it's sort of like unclear waters and I don't outside someone's lawn we see more divided and an uncertain for never. This book how it. I just how does that help us find joy to a word the in this type of uncertainty. Well I'm one of these out see is one of best compliment we got was from the Boston Globe which called the book the antidote to the election a bit and thought oh. And this kind of political cycle that we're again. But I think the question about you know about how we deal we've got their couple things that you are sparking a new wonderful question and one is. That I I think. This book reminds us in these two keep that men who are from such vastly different traditions. And he knew in a world where there's so much division between religion and nation that you've been political parties. Remind us that at the core of our humanity at the core of our traditions we are the same we are connected. And then for those who are kind of heat into offensive there or sorrow at that the realities of what's happening to our country. What's happening in our world. I think they would offer kind of three pieces of advice I mean the first. Is the first pillar of joy Rizzo in the book we. We have come three parts to the book and you know the first being on the nature of true joy that can be obstacle. Joy. I'd Q illness death. And then the third being the eight pillars of joy which are kind of qualities in. Fundamental shift that we need to make in our lives in order to have experienced joy Padgett is a fleeting emotion but as a fundamental character trait. And the first one of the pillars is perspective. And it's about eighteen stepping back in our mind diet and seeking wider perspective. You know our life and the things that the that bother us art and the challenges that we in the world. And seeing this wider frame of reference recognizing. That it's not the whole picture what we're looking at things are much. That actually has the archbishop says quoting. The famous statement of Martin Luther King which the people and also courting is that the you know arc of the moral universe bends towards justice. And that there is new it sometimes feels like it's two steps forward and one step back did you know in the evolution if you been. And I civilization but actually things are getting vastly better and that we can be a part of that change for the first. Think it's just that shift in a wider perspective I think this second piece is about. Recognizing that we can be a part of making that change these are two of the greatest activists in the world this is not about system acquiescing to history. This is about making history and that we can step forward. And do what the archbishop describes as. Making that suffering about adversity. Meaningful because he says. The difference between African either in bitter us or it can and Coppola and the difference is that we make that suffering and adversity. Meaningful and used it for our benefit or for the benefit of others. And then the third thing I would say it is. That's been done and the if you know the archbishop of the Dalai Lama gives they're George practices in the book the ways in which they have a daily basis. Process the challenges that attitude of process practices the prayer practice that they used to deal with these you know these tensions that in practice is. And archbishop that is wonderful thing you said you need you we need to deal with this suffering that we experienced in our lives that we witnessed. Like a dishwasher not a vacuum cleaner. We need to not suck it all up and go out and just hold onto it like a vacuum cleaner. We need to take that suffering and not turn away from that but deal with it braves based on. But use those practices. Antic kind of clean out the they have the suffering of the page and put it through the pipes so that it doesn't get stuck with us. That's fantastic metaphor. That these two it seemed like. The kind of kindred spirits a little that I did that to go to Disneyland together like a grandma. And what's your relationship like I mean are they close. Yeah I did it's it's what it's quite amazing they call each other they're mischievous spiritual brother you know they gas love each other I mean I think they've actually only. Gotten out of it doesn't time to get there at at Nobel Peace Prize gatherings. Because you know global leaders don't get a lot of time to go to Disney world with. Sorry hang out with their friends and have a beer. There's such a deep affection that deep connection. So there you are you know they're constantly you can each other like you would your best friend. You know there just in bed with the people love and respect. That archbishop Tutu got off the plane. Their embrace was so magnificent it yet if the picture of it in the black. And you know that may archbishop. Is you know holding that she didn't she end of the Dali Lama the dialogue that is armed. It and I'm up arch his shoulder and Doug comment blues they archbishop to do a direct hit kind of pricked to. To proceed Padraig is less energy is it keeps you kind of weighing very kiss on the cheek at the Dali Lama cat. Tackle because I think he's probably never had a hit since he was two years old and taken from family and became the Dali Lama. I can only imagine that you're looking for another state to be in the you can write a second book to get these due back together. At the book of joy a lasting happiness and a changing world features the Dali Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu Douglas Abrams thanks so much for joining us today tell us where we can find more about it other than the Salt Lake City International Airport where I sold over the weekend. And yet dead thank you Greg is in bookstores everywhere and done you can get it online as well. And you know one of the things has been so gratifying if they hear how people are disappointed to others cheering it would others end. Really how I am profoundly impact it's having on people and we've heard from. Readers who say it helps them with their chronic pain or other issues stage you know we heard from one meter. That it stopped them from committing suicide. I mean it's just. Quite amazing to use the how profound. That there wisdom that humanity of their stories comments. This. Douglas Abrams thanks for joining us. Graded. Welcome to conversations on your close DNA Cruz today we are talking to or connecting. With Jen not Pringle the marketing communications director over Seattle humane hello. Any carried good at I think this is the first time actually spoke in since my friend adopted two TDs Alvarez Seattle humane who are doing at. Off some and I get to see them this weekend so I'm excited for that expect pictures okay. That I can't wait because of our great tennis so tell me on. What. Patsy have available how many has Seattle humane right now for anyone who's interested mom to adopted dog or cat and you have other animals to correct. Apple we can have a couple of uneven Foster care but mostly toxic. Okay all right so what do you have every now do you have any kid ends do you have stack felt you know available puppies. They'll actually with you know Adam. We have poppies are coming and the weekend and also we have the dogs of all ages our promotions because actually sport side three years about. Am lucky I am animal lovers get to two dollars off their adoption peak of the are looking for them. Almost primarily or older dot that there a daily back and like the three if I appear race. I'm an advocate rains let up because I already potty trained these agility trekked and camped out. Illegal land. I'm what is normally the seats to adopt in a dot. I'm not pages I'm adult side are 200. Small breed doctors are too badly by it and puppies are respecting. And that the particular promotion but before the 800 dollars each. OK Ari on and speaking years saying you know adopting a dog that's your Alter its when you say that. My sister lives in Connecticut but the other day she surprised me with a text message and a picture of a new. Dot she got from. Or to Seattle he mean it. And I I was so excited because I am on very much like you should adopt not by you know. Whole movement but yeah scenes he likes Miniature Schnauzer is actually I was like her thought she had before on is that spree came not those three years old and you know she decided to adopt but what I'm saying is she was actually super excited because he every knew how to sit. He already knew how to eat you know on to the bathroom or not use the bathroom indoors he's okay we're being created and he was like not going on how to shoot like this is so great that it's did you sit back and I tradition because sometimes we if you know in that poppies you have to teach and. You know it's harder to look pretty exit happening because yet there are all your albums chart infractions like having a baby. And the adoption promotion you have running is it just for dogs are also for taxer. Of Google for the weekend and particulars of the earth died tackle tail wag ahead if I had entered that you're gonna have with the dodgy friends. And it outbreak may. I race of fright this Sunday. And on. Yeah I know that you guys where. In the process of moving facilities like what's the status on match. Oh got deeper exciting that we have all reliable higher need shelter is actually already framed and Florida are and but still operating out of our am current facility. But the shelter is just going app from the same place. Am anticipating a soft opening and July 8 yeah how are animals will be moved into the new area that and are all the Phillies will be torn down economic perky and which newspaper exciting to anybody who's spent our campus that we don't have a lot of parking. Yeah and so there's no way to deal because I against your old campus an old salt that is the current seltzer. And if I am looking at where is the new Celtics I think I and I noticed construction. Well we know we have a big. And that without barriers instruction at them. Bothering animal as much but it is directly behind. Are our building where op operating out of right now. And actions he would grab my Aggie now. All right thank when I went to your your current facility manes is 'cause I stuck in the cap room so you'd think about it people blocking out towards the dog. Girl you know and out I was right I go to check out what's going on there but I did it and I just remember one person turned into means that. You're total cap person on that. I'm sorry yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. They're great she's like you just seem to work well at the cats and now might not. Yeah I 'cause I you know any like I grew up with cats I feel more comfortable around them while dot cool one like a cat but it does a pop up. Talked about the event you have going on on meet thirteenth. Certainly thirteenth at our annual fundraising gala at the apartment gaels. That kind of fun and this year we're holding it at all new location as it our banner and LDO. Which is a really beautiful speed and may include. A gourmet meal and wind up word it's hundreds of it with that quiet and silent auction items. And we ended each app has the details tonight where is a fabulous. Runway show beacon of liberty is and a doctoral pat you can actually adopt pets on the spot and Porsche at our Allan. OK the real reason I'm bringing this up Dennis coz I told you before and I'll tell you again I wanna be part of that runway show. Sympathetic to the deathly contact me about that he ends on if possible I know that typically on the runways shows they bring out. Dogs but if I can beat that cat person and I'd be happy with that we definitely are want America and you do want the community technical and as far as talent goes to people act chic it's just not like him really com and taxes and in in trust isn't gowns or a dad. People do that runs the gamut from taxes due to gallons and we are in the greater Seattle area can't spell. You know anywhere from a cocktail dress uniform out that's totally fine. How much are the tickets for the event. The tickets RT fifty and that includes the entire night we also have a cocktail reception option at the 125 dollars. And that includes on the silent auction all of the pre dinner activity is likely have a kitten titled do you. Which may release are creative. Talent and I'll I'll admit. Not serious about it like I know a lot of times it lineup unlike the let me now. Right yeah. I'm like they have a good pit entrance you throughput cats we get each other. Maybe I was a camera prior to read and you know that never get and I have a lot of people entrapment and he did it. You know what we have seen personality I either a light Hugh Laurie tell it finally did you know I'm gonna you know come out he went talk you'd like a cat will rub against right and if I'd just to. And that's how and that's my model that's how we work this is why I mean cats operates a ticket I'm so don't worry. The tickets. Will be available for the Galloway and. There are available mark spurs get a guy like you mean got or slash. You can't brought that information and Abbott to address that anyone that doesn't sponsoring or donating items on you can reach out to us earlier. Monet's RA com also is also the scene number last year you guys are doing bricks for than shelter. And you still doing. Yes the opportunity. In those are available at animal people can do that a large G. And at we have payments as low as fifty dollars and although you're getting something returns I haven't actually had a percent tax deductible. Is. Well on I convinced my my my friend Allen to the ticket visit. Again if I mean it's her turn now to go Politico. Go adopt a pat because I. When I when I tip went to videos on on snaps match and I just tell you that was a real popular cat put it manages. In seed like found love with her and wanted to adopt and then by the time it wasn't even like twelve hours afterwards who was already adopted what she was adorable. Absolutely adorable on there are a lot of cats there. And dogs on an ad like this and a mommy's in the cat but to be adopted in adult seat adult cats agree. There it is that you needed treatment that I gonna wake you up and eliminate you know now. And it is appreciate like a warm lap. Angela and. And curl up with you when you know it's it's great umpire so what's your web say because you do post up. Lot picks of the animals that are available and up for adoption on their cracked. Yes and I want this I mean that ORG I'm also very active. Is that Twitter and and mr. grant the fuel wanna get your feeds they'll let daily adopt open. I'm glad I let that get what you need. Not that violate. I hope marketing team out tank as to Indy it's like now I'll read sweeter whatever if I see something in no reads no like. Ten behind. I wonder who's operating at bucks say on. I think it is there anything else and. I like to imagine for the people who are cat lovers although that began Abbott dot promotion and I'll check back in February this group will have kept. Specific promotions as well. Okay Seattle humane located belt use the all volunteer opportunities to say every schedule. At the seltzer especially events from home and in your neighborhood I got to do is attend a seltzer orientation to get started you get more information on that Seattle humane dot org currently on their website I am under the adoption tab. And there's dogs and cats and obviously like I said on the cats persons over detect who they have available they have Joseph easy. 60 Q. All black cat named star. There's a river. Bomb that there are some key instill on my fever so far on their website is don't need. With a thirteen year old female cat. And as far as dogs because I know there's dog lovers to. Definitely check them now. Help your four legged friends there's a low key OK Allie. Seattle what you mean add dot org. In you can donate online as well Seattle humane dot org now CL a humane promotes that human animal bond by seeding and serving pets in need we of their age ability. On circumstances or geography. On what Seattle's sets out to do see out you mean that is apart than anyone else is that. They are all open door seltzer with no time limits that means. They accept every animal in need Yunel I'll help regardless of their age breeder physical condition they provide them with the care they deserve. For as long as it takes to find them a loving home a lot that I love it sellout second out stop on by. Let me give you the actress one more time you can find them at Seattle humane. On there's an online store to that you can purchase some stuff there and you can Mason donations. On there's a Claudia says adopted is my feet group read which is true. So Seattle Hume Nina is located pat thirteen at 212 southeast east gateway in Bellevue. On the are doing construction but they are open seven days a week. Man and you can call MF four to 56410080. Their adoption center is open Sunday through Wednesday 11 AM to 6 PM and Thursday through Saturday 11 AM to 8 PM called. Advance if you like it's fort 256497563. Against port 256497563. Good news about seventeen. Cats and dogs have a band that. I adopted so far in 2017. Let's number up they are OK so if you're looking for a pat Seattle humane dot org there's all sound humane teen club what's. T have a teenager. That loves animals 20 well this club is for teens ages thirteen to seventeen interested in animal welfare and becoming volunteers a Seattle humane before they turn eighteen. And the members are chosen in lace some art and the program runs through this school year from October to June you mean teen club. Needs to Saturdays each month. And teens learn about Seattle you mean received special training to repair them to volunteer at the shelters space is limited out to forty members based on the strength of their application. Essays. You can get more information END application and online as Seattle humane dot com conversations as a public affairs program of the station.