Monday, February 13th

Guests Jane Zarse, Erika Grey,  Ron Mayes, and Jason Thompson join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.

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Welcome to conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas S thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend join me this segment. Is James RC author of love and compassion is my religion and good morning. Are much. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. It's easy to get swept up by media stereo types look around us and we'll certainly see an abundance of flannel this time of year and Pacific northwest any time of your other. And while that's just a silly example. The pressures put on youth to achieve a certain level of acceptance via maintaining difficult to seemingly impossible standards are amidst. Had social media to the next. And the challenges stretch it up the pressure on young girls to be popular attractive effortlessly successful fund. They can render scary results results that Jane's RC is aware of and tackling. Jane media pressure aside. As a healthy young woman look like TU. Or how well it certainly wasn't mean trouble on. I would not a healthy on one and but a healthy cat woman today to meet would look like somebody who has. Aren't real authentic our internal felt more like herself. Doesn't feel that what other people think of her is how he has measured but really being measured by how she feels about out. Well okay you mentioned and it wasn't used to us about your background growing up with the what are the expectations put on you by day at the culture at that time Bork always like pick just tracked. You just mentioned that mean I really do I wanted to be popular wanted to eat like what I want it to be out all of those external. I would have been substitute with materials saying like I I I have the right outfit or iPad like car. On this anything to get people I want it to be acceptable growing up I really wanted to be accepted and I was going about it the wrong way. They set by equity. Emphasis on an external thing. And how did you get off track them over the consequences of that. Well. I started shrinking and arm its started out you know real and it that we are also real fine. And then I started out and dedicating it for feeling and that's when it became problematic. And if you're reaching for something externally. On to fill us in virtual reality there's something profoundly honor and that's what I was doing for many years. For someone that saw it always the type party girl. If we start to air when he tried to spin out of control we set to lose the get off track too far. Just step we commit a first step you could employ to improving condition without. Not I wish I could've erected it earlier I. Not being in denial I mean denial perpetuate the C. So really acknowledging that there is a problem. And be willing to do something about it. Not ignoring it can't change anything that's not acknowledge and I and it would acknowledge how bad like one. Until it became devastating. How much your folks how were they involved and from the beginning to bill and part fairly well at what was what was there handedness. Oh in LA and I bale say everyone does about they could make parents were really focused on making sure I went to the right school and I you know what's provided for. On and they did it they're really good job with that but I don't know anything about some internal power you're too cloudy all of it. On internal south war that ended comments on my late thirties. There's a time that they that they overlooked as well or maybe did they not under fans. I think people in general they I I don't think that people talk a lot about I'm. In actuality edit it anything like stat that people could use as a tool of real powerful tool and it's hypnotic and discussed in schools. What do you think we're not talking about that is is is it ignorance or is that something the word choosing not to talk about what why is there that apps until a lot. I think a lot of people in the late here I myself included. On when I first. We alike but they had a problem and I went alcohol not an. I thought the word got on the wall. And I found it really don't want I thought holy cow I have a terrible drinking problem I'm drinking myself to dot. I don't wanna be bombarded by Abacha won't all holy roller. I I think there's it's in night that hate there I didn't realize that. You know god can get for good orderly direction a group of strong or higher power or object to connect into. It's something bigger than yourself I find a power bigger than alcohol would bite out of drinking myself to ask. So at that point the gifted desperation came and I was desperate enough to try anything that jumps. But it doesn't have to be so organized religion can be simple comment. It can't be an I believe it is I believe it has done you know any form of a lot or any form of prosecuted. And a lot of people you know they want to. Brand that would have religion like they're talking about spirituality or got people honors on religion and I'm not religious at all. Your parents keep it. I acting people confuse it with spirituality and religion you know they say church occur people that don't wanna go to house spirituality for people that went to hell and don't wanna go. Hold let's get elected to give quips Jane's RCR and I like yeah. Author of love and compassion is my religion. Seeger parents thought that they were providing you all the right things blow by the education and one album and you didn't grow up with a sense of spirituality. No I did not like I did not learn about that actually that was lit by the eight Alice. I didn't know anything about it until Riley thirty. What's it like. Opening your mind to that type of ideology used to make that change. Well. Idol for me I had to be desperate announced I mean I just couldn't continue the way it wired and I think. You know a lot of growth happens through pain. And I haven't got enough pain to be willing. To be get on that a lot of problems B open minded and then again to be willing. You know 88 got numb enough room for the people who want it in need it it's it's really they are for the people who are willing to do the work for it. And down initially I wasn't. I I wasn't willing to do what I needed to deal. Until I almost died. I'll know what you know now what warning signs seemed so obvious. That you could maybe parents of someone going through which you do to maybe we see. And take action on. Isolation and depression and saint is in mood. If if there is an external not stand watching how they think like that. And that's all this all went on a new year know your parents didn't catch on they weren't able to notice. It really spiraled out of control after I graduated from college come as a woman. With really no sense of direction and a lot that's one thing really. On started to snowball. And they got it it I can say with certainty that alcohol is that the grass is it's not come Dana concluded by repeated attacks book I've lived it. But it's watching for the bank to keep its search ranking in the morning. It is that trying to there's a line in the sand like I'll never get in the car after in never drink before 5 o'clock although thing. And then you know you start crop you know not. Eric Roth you know playing in the band clearly got a problem because. If you could I thought my old drinking when I didn't even want to during and it it gets to that point an addiction. Besides just the drinking did you have other friends going through the sip maybe have other symptoms like eating disorders or anything to that effect. Oh yeah I had it I actually I had. Credibly make it rarely twenties to work. A couple years and that. Pets which is like switching seats and the Titanic fight with alcohol and but basically I don't care it's rude or rock or. Or pollute like it that you're reaching for something externally. I believe there is spiritual malady. And I also believe that spirituality can heal anyone so many and. Thumb when you're living that party girl type lifestyle. I imagine that reset earlier than part of it was trying to be asked out by. But gentlemen one not all the guys chase after you. When you're in that spot would that physical of spirituality. Are having trouble making romantic relationships work like making a deeper connection. Oh yeah it here if you sicker struggling with addiction you don't wanna get any note you'll let allow anyone to get to close consulting and Matt are. You know itself. Keeps people aren't blinked when you're when you're in that cycle. But yeah it was very difficult to connect because I was so that. How did it change when you got yourself help. Well the thing is reelected and their hope it really is I believe your thinking change your life. And it's really wasn't my circumstances that were a crappy it was the record you ram and that shift in perception was really illuminating for me. That that really helped. Looking at things from a different way can. Hope is believing gripping you're gonna happen when everything looked at he can't see it but you can feel it and want that started to have that feeling of I hope that things could get better it change your thinking and it actually want easily feel about yourself and just work and yet. Your relationships change after that. The relate it seems when it's in the relationship was like well I actually. Started Q. Like myself but in her wedding ring your wearing your drinking like that there's a lot of denial and I thought like had a light it up or not the first that would be. Are honest about myself of out drinking my circumstances a horrible circumstances that created. That that was the first bat and then honestly. Knowing that. You start to feel good because I had I had the light of wheat for you to cover up now on how I would think it was. It was but he was abusing my body with the economic alcohol. But you're telling the truth and feeling better about how. That that helped the ability to Deion. And then once they start to feel better about myself or what that act like myself better. It was a natural progression. Include developing relations with other people I think that's why we on this problem in the world today. If people don't genuinely like and Albert loves them out. Don't even know it I didn't know about it involved my alpha and I got. So and let's start to care about your health that's where can catch and it's really hard to be compassionate for other people you're feeling. Willie clarity about just felt so I think it's natural progression when he starts a lot yourself it's a lot others. We got time to write the book called love and compassion is my religion. How did that help you expressed some of this to get some more of that I have more transformational. Couldn't tell my story towers where it sickened dark secret. And that about the book Ernie was for other people contacting me who have gone through that same struggle and all that they can later helped them that made me feel really god. Clinic in the book is called love and compassion as my religion the author Jane is RC work we find out more. Always funny Ramadan. Simple put up To search for love and compassion is my religion. James RC thanks for taking time to share your story with us today. A much. There's so the rest of your weekend being a beautiful war and filled with something going on that's great may be Dixon time to create something positive for yourself. Or in my case just have another a couple of hot coffee. Conversations is a public affairs program of the station. Have a wonderful Sunday. Walk the conversation I'm your host he had crews today here talking to Eric gray the author of the new book according 666. The number of the beast I know Erica. Aren't half height no we have some not a both originally from Connecticut. Sell on that made me want to interview you and the other reason whys and we want as always like. Afraid of this 666 companies in and you know the EDC it's bad luck in all the stuff sunset you know she's decoding I wanna know about it sell on Tellme a little bit about yourself and about the book. Well I have a web site www. Erica green dot com. Where I right. And how current as they are are lining crack addict writing you know XXX. Is. The Bible is revelation greeted the riddles. Revelation thirteen eighteen. And what I do in the book is I decode the riddle. Aaron. Show you that we are in contact all of this everything with technology is lining up we are what the Bible there. And six XX which is a frightening number because that is the number that if you take that mark. During these rivals this tribulation period. You will. And gap in eternity in hell it'd remarks it is the number on GAAP. Spiritually. Okay and I use saying that this year is cut is is going with a 66 sicker how how are you how do you explain. Are you saying just I don't understand. Our is it the year is it mom just the things that are happening now. That are aligning with this. It is speech and actually technology. Where. It's how the anti Christ who is going to be a dictator. Who's going to rise from the final world empire which are also worried about. Is going to happen the ultimate police state and I support this this is backed up and scripture. And in the police state. He won't use technology. Monitor you but it's going to be more than just monitoring buying and Alan. You'll actually be able to put it sparks and sorry that you. Oh wow okay. And that's where technology is happening it's actually frightening frightening your zap is brain interface you have art and computing. You have the next wave is. Actually brain to brain. Aaron it will be the ultimate for this dictator that the Bible or attacked over 2000 years ago and even more. That this was coming and I show that this is all lining in this book. It is the book compare to you really goes into some parents. On the market could be swept a police state will be light how the mark will most likely be enacted and how the technology now a bit. Back cancels billet and those technologies they're seeing her act. That's theory of what's. Right right in you you named a few things. What what other technologies out there that eat you think is so filling us. Until computing is here next week in computing are than well computing will be harder hit. On Luntz and computing settle. Quantum computing in the next day that will take over from there. Current binary code that is now he's caught up with computers. Will be able to you so much information. Literally click a button. Where Al. It's not. Faster on easy. It would be B I'll I mean anybody would be you know anything about Hewitt and jacket. But industries. And can use this. Because you know medical use and you know put at church and ending up with cancer. Is the positives and negatives. They are the positive or negative it's that the cart is going to use that struck the Bible has. Positive message. You know Jesus Christ as your personal savior will not go through that a lick our anger is workfare. And added the Bible's message of hope that part trusting in Jesus. There is no. You will. I Carr stated through what we believe is Crocker rapture where we are seeking out probably through eight. Natural disaster that will be some kind of weird disaster. That will actually. Are they to appearance as people. I so coating 666 is also a message of hope does it get into. Other matches to open in the Arab and actually decoding XXX is pretty frightening. Picture and what it's frightening how. The technology completely lines not been able to piece this together. Aaron. And shall also where technology is going it would actually allow their dictator actors got because. In the Bible for track. In the global forecasts he is he last seen Scott Robert. Will sit in the Jewish temple that is going to do it now and complain that he is god. This technology. Is going to try to act and god. We should do is lie if anything mark I'll Lakshmi. And you will have a choice though to take bigger notch in there are going to be a group of people. Who will be believers in the art of the Bible what one Kmart. And they will be believers in it is hard and they will be martyred he will Q well. Anybody who. That's not believe in hand which is not uncommon in a dictatorship. Well let me ask you this when exactly did you write this book was it before the much. At reported around way before the I'm just I'm I'm wondering here. I'm actually yes it was before it was while everything was going on okay. Lobby elections yet that was written before the election. Okay RA and if so is this basically your book decoding. 666. Sort of like the beginning of the end it is that kind of what it gets into then. It show you an aspect of the the end I mean I kept other books are out. You know the other books and we'll focus on. Different act XR one focuses on the final world empire which is the European Union. And another one that focuses on the mark of the beast which is. Actually an analysis and report on technology vs a prop at a court trap and coating them are. Showing you. What exactly mark is how will probably be counted. Giving the information that we currently have. Are those books part of the series because I know this is the first in the series. I'd known as the first of what's called the match I report to the biblical match I were analysts. They were they existed that the China Sherrod when there was no looking profits. All the king's way she's match Ike. And didn't know I'd modeled my work on merit and I are providing analysis or master report is actually an announcement. And that's what fiscal years and I happened other. Couple of match guys that will be following will. Deal with different acts stacks and her cry. Factual evidence. And kind. Com Erica you also posed a prophecy talk correct on YouTube. Yes our current wearing provide commentary. And down the road are what our interview on the show but currently right now comments. I think our headlines. Lot of commentary coming on O'Donnell charms presidency. And I had stated that our higher she is getting elected. Parts stated that there would be eight geopolitical tectonic shift. Where he currently hand and we are. That is speaking won't happen. And you have to tune in to find out how that can play and at tribal property that and several pieces. On his election. Fire shook his election if he were elected. If when Elliott so I thought out here that change it change your tune a little bit on the where we find on YouTube to Regis Google your name. Eric Gregg you can Google Erica great property top. And you can find me I'm YouTube and also my legs are Erica great dot com and usually I do YouTube video. From I'll have an article. But standard many videos where there is an article because they're cute sure. A great short commentary. Com can you tell me a little bit about you mentioned your other two books are there any other ones in the work. I'm currently on our end of the world that revelation prophecy. Anti Christ. But just dealing with the anti Christ and I have. My first book which lies. That seen in the abstract artist Bible prophecy here in union where our trip ride ever and EU. Is the final world empire spoken at the Bible prophecy. And acting on our right will be watched. A movie. EU and what's interesting is. I in my career. Hasn't that there writing about books starting in the late eighties. The original. The EU continues to grow and of pop. And even despite doubts her and they are meeting in Rome. The 25 of march for the sixtieth anniversary of the treaty well. Aren't there already commented on the draft proposal. To revamp the EU. In Q any. More a political union and I and I did it keeps on term and that US EU relations. Act. What they're going to look like you that the world is going to see is that the EU is going to surprise. Despite the lack. And then act provided some acts on the strength of the EU right now despite our knockout bracket despite the hard knock of Donald charm. Aaron. You're going to see you continue to evolve because that's where it's dark and that's what it will continue to do based on Bible prophecy. Until it is that am tired of the sport. Is it hard that power and Bible prophecy. I'm. OK Erica where people on a pick up the book. It's a code being 666. And also get there are holding you Riggio. Amazon Britain on Amazon Kindle and audio books. And whatever online the book is available all over online. As well as from Google Larry. And you're reaching neat you can just go right to the web site kept contact paint you Aaron. I will get the message. Quest to be audio books you mentioned that you had this in an audio book who reads that is that you see your voice. Actually have a narrator we do have American as a star is one of close the author connect Syrian T yeah. Where now it if I mean but you have to be setup to do the production EUX with audio books. You're you're getting a professional. Specialities are just not that I should do that. The layer that is. For it or have a computer producers. Produces it and the talent and it is a great job they're great believe how fat and audio version would very much. Conversation to the public cares program of this season. Welcome to conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Ron may is acting executive director of the US and resiliency council good morning sir. Good morning how are you this morning. Well thanks for joining us join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. When you don't different places around the United States you'll find the concerns for emergency are a little bit different preparedness. There's often spend specific to the region like our near a river flood. Live in the desert but you water supply the midwest worries about tornadoes just buried. General examples when new over the Pacific northwest we have to worry about earthquakes and other seismic events those. Big mountains can over the look at the full blob or the blow up at a time well. What are the things we need to know to make sure we are buildings and structures and our lives are safe forts were over talking to Ron today. To help us understand them so Ron how did you get involved in such a field of study. Well I'm originally if he's still on. I didn't. Mind you. Almighty studies in New Zealand New Zealand probably. Am Pacific plate. Are subjected to earthquakes are. I did my Ph.D. thesis on an earthquake engineering. And have been in the literal sense 45 years or so so are. I didn't lift he's a London 1972. Then went there. Vertically and have been. So when you're northern California or some. I imagine that the human polls. I imagine that the seismic studies are similar between New Zealand and a place to drum up on the opposite side of the plate like that. Yet at bay Aaron McCareins and he's still on the design current and construction techniques. A role very similar. We'll tell us what exactly is the US resiliency counsel please. You have days the unions resilience become a little eight year non profit organization. That was developed senators. Probe under ratings system for the query performance. Off initially commercial structures and hopefully in the next two or three years residential instructions and initially. I commercial buildings. Would be in camps to dispel a lot of the met about the Viet quake performance of building. Many people today. I think when they need employs very good architect or structural. Engineering firm. And they get a building designed to today's birds they recorded. Giving an earthquake crude spilled. And in fact that it's not a case they are getting and eight life safe building. In the building the entry into the building Karadzic's. To ensure that the building will not collapse in the event. I designed a little earthquakes. But it may be significantly damaged and in fact. It may have to be a torn down after a significant earthquakes. Now most people really don't realize and this all came. To the war in 2000 on late in the knee are stretched quite Russert took one. Third largest city and you go on. And I had a bigger critic company and they've done great in 2011. And Cindy could sit in the 0% of the buildings in the central business district of the city. Would have to be torn down not to you look great. In you can imagine met quietly quite shocked period. But the structural engineer proficient thought that it wants exactly what they would delivering. And that story two buildings that until it collapsed in the earthquake and by the sort of but so the buildings did not collapse but they want. To Sydney percent of them were damaged enough that they had to be torn down and rebuilt. So very BI here are raking system. Is two per applying the three dimensions. Safety dimension. I need repair costs to mention. And a recovery can mention you'll hear. A lot more about resilience and the ability to recover out. Significantly and as we reported to the future. And senator resilience it is the recovery dimension so aren't. Code designed building rather than being fired stop building more troops you know and the couple top level performance. You can send a priest rated film so it shall I say. It may have and it took 20% of damage. And it may take a year rumble you. Repair. Or replace the golden. And so it's. Crying the content of the user policy is to provide a rating system. It's based on a very significant technical. Assessment that the build and but producing those results and I hate the way there general public to understand. Oh my goodness okay Ron Mays is our guest today and he is he sits on the US resiliency council as acting executive director. I just then hearing all this three star ratings in one night and making sure the buildings or optical place like Seattle. If they're not as their way to make unsafe building structurally sound without knocking them all down and starting over. Yes and the time to do that of course just say it at the end of the bigger. I am not the technology. Exists today. Where we can do. A pretty good your home in not retrofitting. Existing buildings. And it can be done previously able performance. Depending on. The owners' desire as. But as an example the we dubious mobile highest performing technology. Available today at one not technology called base isolation technology when he put chalk and sold them under a building. And you can hit an existing buildings aren't we can bring existing bone up I that they will. Essentially put format at a high style legal there are other technologies like disgust and com. But it can be added to buildings and that will significantly improved performance should sorted it forced sort of political moment. Yes and so in debt being ahead at the end the colossus the wise thing to do. So the idea you're at the braking system most important. Information. And market forces to its. To get building under there and compare. Upgrading of the Golan color I want you heard what they could currently work collapse it they're on my shoulder building. And a world potentially can be retrofitted so they control very well. Now our studios are downtown and highrise building of about eighteen stories here and I'm looking out the window. Add to the surrounding neighborhood capital whole neighborhoods were looking and I'm looking at all these residential buildings that are commercial but they're not. And they're not skyscrapers. As a look at them I don't see things that look like their structural he very sound how white. How do we know if from residential building like that is going to be safe for is there any kind of measure in place to to look out for that. Yet the biz say yeah residential ratings for amber and Crocker. Right now we term our here. All commercial. Art. Buildings. And we were able to fit the technology exists to assist residential structures. But that hasn't yet been converted into. Palace presidential structure is what reform. You know in terms of the rating system well those the a lot of background research going on there are unable to be there. Well how about a other civic structures bridges dams things like that or is there any sort of means in place there to understand how they'll perform in this case of a major murder emergency like an earthquake. Yeah yesterday we do your parents the capability now. The rating system that we are talking about that is not applicable to bridge structure is sort band. But they have. Certainly other our. Systems to assist and bomb the safety of bridges. And end and goes well sorry you know me and clearly the performance of those loose. Critical of the ability to call an area to recover. You know if you bridges down or pin. It breaks. So reels. Disaster. How how active in building codes for earthquake efficiency. Is the US government become my real busy work for an organization that is in charge of this type of thing but how much support you have four buildings going into the that are going up now and into the future. Well. The I I would say. The federal government significantly. In both in terms if funding. They're grounded to third third third sort of real war. Pitting government organizations. The National Science Foundation. Put. I would like sail and another 510 million dollars a year into basic research. Prom. Nest which is the national institute of science and technology. They earned goal more on the practical side. Sort of research. Applications sign. And then FEMA. FEMA are the ones that in fact. Some bullet code development. Work. And they have done that world forty years also. And they have an ongoing program. To. That some sort of takes research forum. Of the recent Serena into practice and finally entered into. So our team courtesy organization nuts. Jerry I don't and on an annual basis for like forty years in helping with the current development process. So that's very significant to our very own region here right along the coast without active volcanoes and on vegetable plate. How do we find out more information about earthquake preparedness. Via the US resiliency counsel please front. What we've got to win side it's called oh am new currency go all. Tom and you can get information they air. These structural engineers association. On Washington. And Oregon. On the web sites have so a lot of useful information. And the US geological society units cheers were to scare them organization had a lot of good information. On me so looks good the earthquake. Soledad. Good geology so I don't earthquake. It's fascinating stuff and at some point it's going to affect us a hole here in the Pacific northwest brought me thank you so much for joining us this morning thank you and I don't think you. Conversations and public affairs program of the station. Welcome to conversations and I'm your host he had crews today talking to the executive director of a feral cat projects. Decent cent high decent I Dario. I am an and I'm excited to talk to you because one of my good friends of retail volunteers over the air on the and other she's a big dog person. I am a huge lovers so on. She tells me and I actually think she's volunteering the next couple days about you know twenty testicle win and help out guys putt up teach first time every one and what exactly Farrell cats Arco I don't know. To some people that don't know with the air. Yeah and that it's it's a very common question. And thank you actually. We. Our name that Arafat in your project that we will we talk about the cat we've actually switched over to using the word free roaming more than Terrell. Because leave. As time has gone on since we restarted and back in 1987. Wheaties this community has grown and grown grown. So the original definition of a barrel. Which is a wild cat cat that lived outside that cannot be like that and domesticated or indoor pet cat. So and that's actually where majority of our cap over population coming from. What does those terrible character we're looking outside that people on the unaltered and then just making more and more babies and then those newbies just became fairly well. That kind of thing that we we switched over to eat more free roaming. Which is kind of an umbrella term for Erekat are part of that. But and there are all the cat. Who are live in the community they're not necessarily Terrill what they're all on not only indoor track as well. And they're more like working cap. I think they approach to all cats like can you. Of it they're. It kinda I would say in between like they're in between the cap that they are living in fact that there are there any companion you and that Erica. Foot today they're they're out about Lincoln but there Ali who are working cattle by the because they they are working out there they're there helping with our you know with rodent population in this you know days are taking care of the areas that you belong to so but sometimes there approachable but they're just much more comfortable. Living. Outside and they are living inside. Okay all right so. Going back to Ferrell cats so it's called zero cat. Stayed in new leader projects how Everett do you also om du also service team the whole pets as well. We hear that we go on in 2000 and three earned her 2005. Under a co leader first oh and check to communicate better in 2005. We were only going Erekat. And we added I'm a owned and pat cash because. You know Ferrell can be kind of a speed of mind what they're a lot of caps that start off with a look at that and get them and then because their owners moved away or get outside and get lost and can become federal. Though. We Elise a look at doing our duty to who the girl population by and by making sure that we're in all cap and beating her because any of those trapped potentially could become. You know outdoor or Erekat. Okay sell out briefly give me an idea exactly what. The feral cat spay neuter project is about. Now I'm okay go ahead. Until our mission is to you know offer little truck wheel hop high quality. Title in Spain hitter for all cash. And it should prevent. The or population of Canada that are coming from outdoor cats in going into shelters and hunting. Euthanasia within the shelters. Got you RA so come. Let's say I live in rent and an ice I need to hear it ours feral cat hair or maybe some K and spray can. Com and I have no clue how I can and bring them to you guys write or how they can get spear neutered. How to why do you guys assist in helping pick the mop or how does that work. They're that this is a very is very common question we get and it doesn't really know like one. Specific answers well try to. B is complaint does. Off the blocks. Time in the world's least thank. Well I've been known by that especially by a mixed basket are we too much so like I am trying to get my check and balances and she's. Oh. To penny and you'd. Anybody within the community but actually anybody in the state and we get phone call on our country what we're dealing with situations like you're talking about. Can they can always call us and we'll we wanna do you look we want to be is a resource for them. Now our focus in particular is the Spaniard and any animal that needs to be in your we will hear that about whether somebody bringing the capture what he gets stayed in her. Or working with them to connect with an organization that attempt that would assist them in getting that that the cat or kitten to. So sometimes that is connecting them what they're local. Nonprofit organizations and articulate their local shelter and controlling the tempo and it is just working with certainty and confidence up a trap to catch a personal cast. And this is anywhere in the USC did us. I'm well we work with the people in our community and lot of we will work with anybody would country yes and we get I mean I had. And I get in now at least once a week for another organization in the country we are national mentoring organizations. We we woman we venture organizations across the country and if you go onto our website there's a specific portal you can log into an anybody across the country can. And it basically tells you how we started it who gives you the blueprint to your own theater nonprofit organization. Okay REE so assistants let's go back to that comment on on getting those feral cats are in your backyard so yeah do you guys actually come out and do if it's local. Aren't we don't have the volunteer base that does that he'll come. The because we had all of our volunteers in the clinic at EU fishing cap today and where operate ordained that we believe are like culture of hate to just be sure that we're providing you know tha the high volume low being here. But there are organizations specifically like the community cap coalition. Where they will work with your work with the person you teach them how to do it themselves to. And that you they have all the tool belt trapped in the training guys in the name do you have classes at the upper one month to keep that. But it is that is not possible but the personnel working that they will work with them to. You know find in the resource is to get the animal to our. I'm clinic to get beaten neutered. I'm one bailing out those in the last year I've actually been two years now we have added transportation program though. Our goal is to. How local. Transport and cut short people that they don't have to drive all the legal inlet to look the gamble he gave them in Renton. We have a monthly pick up in period. Don't we pick up on caps so we can coordinate with them that they can get the cash short period location which is much closer race. Then it then we will try to catch up to our clinic to the senior guys are back later in the day they can pick up two periods the network. Our goal to breakdown as many barriers as possible. But we also wanted to make sure all our resources are going to just providing the best quality spay and neuter that we can upper. While fifty tack to date. Yes actually act crazy. On an era feed. Four if you bring a feral cat in to get in their neutered. So with Ferrell. And actually it later it will free roaming any cap that is going to be. An outdoor living capped. That surgery history. There's no cost the surgery. And we do also get a read vaccines. Well they're certain they do get something what's called an ear cup which based on whether the male or female. Figured it kept. Indicate that it can because living outside. That the cat is speaking neutered and it is a free roaming community Carol capped a two on her own cat. There is small charge that eight or 25 dollars and commuters are fifteen dollars. Which. Keep by the way that's super cheap actually adolescent I have two cats my own and that's cheap. Yeah. Well our goal you know is that. You know execute a break down barriers and we know it costs can be a barrier for people. And specifically working with our transport programs we've tried to reach out to communities that don't have access to stand here and they held on a regular basis that they wouldn't have been able to get them altered if it wasn't stoned to transport but also for the reduce costs or offering. And we you'll heal our protection services at the trying to stay in the order we offer vaccines. Do you learning and microchip implant patient. I'm an older ought to reduce rate is well. Com and now if you are bringing your own castle only to cats not to use the facilities it do you have to bring them to Lynnwood orgy guys also provide. Transportation for that. How does that work. So moral majority of people bring the capture work Andy can end on he appointments are we made all of our when it online bill again on our web site feral cat project dot org. You can make anybody really complain leather apparel or don't cap. Our transport program note. We don't discriminate whether the air or on our corporate can anybody can use that. I'm and where we're working to continually to expand that program. They that we have to stop and period we'll let a thousand full and and we had to stop in at Brett. Time and hoping you know that you're going to continue to offer I guess this is wide network of transportation president. You know gain tour card is never a barrier for you get your hand altered. Well I mean is this census services so cheap and saying it is. Is that I'm just like in on here but on. Dear veterinarians volunteer their time aim or from like Heidi how how are you able to buy these services from a such a low cost. And it says that the mean we we were able to operate it is through donation. We are. We are about. I think in the capacity. We get in about 400000 dollars what determination to years. This supports. And low costs. In neutered because we know that you know caught it was used by far the number one barrier people getting there and altered. Still our donors and our supporters who believe in the cause I'm content and want to support and so that's where how are able to offer a little hot and something that we really. Prioritize. On the that we want to keep it popped it looked possible because it. Is what that's really for the cap. And still so we are nonprofit and you do runner donations don't even know what I don't experts say it's very common. For people to stay here let me just give you what I would have hated that clinics. And then the other part will be a donation and that's all on a tax deductible donation. So. Because of the week you'll high volume we don't want to. Do we want our personally that the best quality. So we make sure that we need you know we have a full time veterinarian we actually had two veterinarians and that's one term medical director of monitor these inherited and we wanna make sure that they held it as you know. The Australian that quality into other there even know it will cost you're getting everything that you normally get at a regular at clinic. I'm so that's what those donations also helped to make sure we have I qualities that as well. Activities and our race sell on just give us we need your website so the fact that people could go on there make a donation and you know they have a cat or they have to ends they can schedule an appointment there are so what's your website. And it www. Erekat project dot org. The Ky on and you guys you have a phone number at all and we do okay I don't know if you play billionaire Ron number I got a lot of fun out. I don't know very fortunate about it. Industry. If you do go to a conversation into the public affairs program of his station.