Conversations 2-26-17

Monday, February 27th

Guests Robert Krughoff, Greg Kozera, Jackie Molzhon, and Joan E. Childs join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome to come to see him on your post you cruise that we are talking to Joseph child. Not an author but also on a cycle therapist which. Feel like we all need nowadays you'd have thought hi Donny. I had an accident an inspirational keynote speaker. Right every dollar ad adds analyst at things you do you are remarkable as psychotherapists who is a bin in private practice for forty years now. Nearly forty years 39. Wow while you have sure I'm sure first tee and stories that's for sure but on the agony of losing a loved one. On to mental illness and you all we're talking to you because. You have just released a book called why did she jump sell on Tellme a little bit about the book first. But it is why did she jump my daughter is battling bipolar disorder. It's about my daughter who. Was brilliant beautiful. It was a psychologist. Political psychologist and days like this clinical social worker. And an issue were pretty John Bradshaw who really started to recovery movement he Calder with your therapists. And wish it was 34 years old and on July 2 1998 she plans to prevent. Her father's fifty story window. And the middle of a brilliant career but she has struggled with. Bipolar disorder once for many years very hard to get with it or differential diagnosis. And I don't believe that she committed suicide although we've written this suicide be the issue is delusional. I see her executioner with the illness bipolar. And that literally picture out the window. So that I was at my story is about her. Her struggle with bipolar this substandard health system that we have unfortunately for mental illness. My cooking grease. The degree process that I went through as a mother and a clinician. You know feeling it from both the professional and personal side. And how I chose to be. I had a choice to be a victim survivor or Phoenix says that the biological birth there right this match is more apparent. So that I except take I took my pain and I. Morphed into a purpose. And that purpose was and I didn't know that that and I was writing the book because religious. It would just sort of and they amber is compelled to do buy them use that lived inside of me as readers are nocturnal they don't sleep. Had to go to work everyday discipline myself for the kids. So I attempt angry and I'm morphed it into. The words that I put on the computer which I didn't even know how to use that web and it. And then I wrote for seven years to get it out. Why did she capped with a question I had. I don't have that I'll never know the answer as you know when you really tell me so I have to come to terms with unfinished business. And even though we never ever get closure of Amin is the child. Is there one minutes 34. We do we do heal and we we can move on I chose not to be a victim. And not to just be a survivor and see those pictures in my mind of her throwing herself offered fifty thru window but instead. I chose to it. Chose to make the media out of her life and had a big debt and become what I call the Phoenix. And help other people who. Are struggling with family members or loved ones. And themselves. Who is separate from mental illness. And they are particularly are only. Bipolar disorder or depression which is part of the by posted. And to help them and teach them what I did. Very much unconscious level 'cause I was forced to go to war perk. I had no choice I had to pay the mortgage and the electric bill but never harm. So it is that that was one of the things that I'll need to be able to move to agree process. That the year is. It has been urged to write anymore but I had looked at what I had written I have the break I have to say years and I sit as a therapist now I switch roles. As you know this this could be a book this could be a look at this book could lead. And act help other families. Or is suffering as they say I suffered. And perhaps I can help others and by up to an. They can really help myself. And it was mainly to get this stigma and shame. After being and having known terrorists. And hoping that the system which still hasn't changed unfortunately you know he's eighteen years this up. Get better help. They're treatment act inpatient treatment long term treatment to those who suffered from bipolar. Disorder what are. Here here's a question on that Joni though so this happening you said your your daughter's death happened 1984 correct. A nineteen now 1998. 1990 OK so on. On publishing something or did you just just right eight. Just to get that Greek Faneuil. Yes it was a catharsis okay. I had no option I was compelled to go I think every single night. A restaurant that computers can discharge my pain. And I had out. Conscious intention of writing a book even after it was written it said it could walk no publisher would publish this because. It it's not a you know a subject that people what to think about. Oh right self published it and prepare. Strange things happen. That your that your listeners might. Might enjoy this city to. Went that was published. You know I don't know what this so publishing company it was it was Amazon. And at this big time. Juxtaposition to that. They're making a movie in Hollywood. Rodney Dangerfield. And the package here I was looking up some. Research on is deceased wife. And it happened to Biggio child. Is that they ain't half. It raped her daughter had bipolar. You read the book she called me up my britney's seventeen years about how she's that I wanted to make a movie at your book. And the publishing companies when I had it with a contract. Is like that that might be worth publishing and that's it was it was very serendipity it. But they have book got published land. Re recently it recently I cannot carry out and fourteen yeah okay so was there of a movie based upon it what's the name of the movie. Legacy. Tax okay all right so should be why we will be restricted reproduction so it's not out yet. Can't season should be read the book first issue we cloths to move. He hit it in pre production could take up to three years so that was it could be made. Read the book especially if you have. Similar experiences that you can't really think you know somebody that might benefit them my story. Because it's every parents. Or nightmare I can imagine. Now I mean EEC you also talk about the health care since dumb as far as mental illness. Now looking back at 1990 do you think that anything has changed now that 2016. As far as. On health. And mental illness as the hell you're gonna you get. Well on the professional side those of us that are in the mental health professionals. The doctors the psychiatrists and they therapists. We have grown tremendously they were pretty happy now much more a better understanding the scope. That meant something known as particularly bipolar disorder. It is so much. So much information now on their neck as has an event autism and depression we know much more. The problem is the left and doesn't have the right hand which is the government the government has not provided. Eight. Treatment centers. For people who suffer from this most of all black and if you if you. Knew about it thought that almost that are out there. And I almost because they're lazy and they don't have a job. Thanks huge homeless population here in Seattle. It is because most of them a separate from mental discipline and they have no place to go no money to go anywhere the government does not support. Mental illness the way it does other physical bonuses. And it it is that tablet shame because it says this is our people love our country. Who are struggling with and mental illness and and no way to go and don't know what it helped a little bit I don't have to look at the cracks because at the time issue with. HM. And very restricted to the kind of limited to the kind of option could get and we weren't pour. My father as a doctor Abbott therapists. She was just therapists psychologists but we didn't have the kind of money they can go into institutions like the men injured. The parent to do that with 3040000. Dollars and and a but encourage parents to it was an HMO would never recovered they they would simply put him in and out of the hospital at least a dozen times. Maybe it doesn't in nineteen years for two or three of four days to get stabilized but there was no treatment provided. It actually came actually outward and we she went in there really. Didn't help things she was and all kinds of medication often on headed to subtracted from. So basically it was I think we know where I tried for months to try to get her some place the issue could receive it. I hope I get the benefit of long term mental health facility. They that was closed to those during this year's open now. I'm sure this has been some improvement is hoping tension it is being openness that helped. But it was quite it was there was no state facility that she could go to the state of Florida. And with I tried. You know just it was AM it'll attempt. Wherever I went it was closed during so HMO was like. Tragedy occurred and actually we didn't have to leave we leave my support in over a 100000 dollars to treat her on them myself. Getting her into hospitalizations. But it wasn't long term they you know they got them out within. A week ten days if he's in the he's stayed at least ten days but it never really to the underlying. Disease it was in treated effectively up properly. And to answer your question. I think protester Clinton I'm places for the mentally ill. Mental health associations around the United States. Are out of patience facilities. Without really treatment but they they hosts they let people con and they know. Art in them prairie county we haven't. And I mean it is which is an art facility under the justices in in the center of the amount of association. There's some there's some places like mammy in the national association for the mentally. That department. But it's on an outpatient basis it's not really treatment. So we're kind of like still back in the dark ages. Patience is the dark ages we we have these professions. Professionals who know. More now than they did eighteen years ago and much but they still can't effectuate any change eight. Can't put them anyway. All right Joseph when he found were running out of time so I just wanted to get an outlaw overtime where people can get your book. On and how they can contact TO. They can't get the book on You'd let the white if she jumped I darted battles. Was bipolar that don't they contact at www. OK okay yeah Italy maturity. All one word dot com conversation into the public affairs program of this. Welcome conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas says thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Greg Kyocera author of the book just a frat expand good morning. Door. To a great take you join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. China is expected to surpass their green energy expectations in the coming decade Europe obsessed with wind energy and energy jobs to contest into a ball in the coming generation. But what does the future of the petroleum industry whole natural gas or fracking continue to be a standard. Will the new administration changed the course of US energy. Greg comes error an engineer an environmentalist with more than 34 years experience in the natural gas and oil industry. We'll help us understand. Greg thank you for bringing your expertise back to the show again in on conversations deadly tooth and reset every one here. And just discuss some of the basics about fracking what is fracking. Who does that etc. please. Tracking is done. Greg on virtually everywhere. That ticket aren't for all in the United States but also around the world Russia wrecked trying to track. The saudis were so it's really you know it's funny if it and we tracked for sixty years and nobody says anything to all the sudden. We begin to develop the shales portal on the report fracturing. All the sudden we became a threat to places like OPEC and Russia were they were their customers and some men with their competitors so. We're tracking is our court fracturing his his public water and Syrian people underground Tikrit a small crack in the rest of what. And that little crystal ball won't get to actually block itself and that little practiced like so are we at all or guest tomorrow total circus and not only you know home so pure arms but bones were talking on Tuesday close your listeners are wearing parachutes. Prop. Look at all the household items furniture. Awful awful petrochemicals. All come from fracking in wouldn't you talk about removals. That they forget that. When this'll work great. But it's yet make a car. You you can't. Make your cell phone that's what we're limits so we need oil and gas do we need a course record without it we go back to that they civil war. And so it's I mean look controversy that surrounds it around the processor for a lot about how. Dangerous fracking is for the environment Pataki do the past he suggested that this isn't this proves that seems. Arguments. Against fracking in wire I think in correct. We know they think of water we had me off the spill. You know that Valdez that we have to be peaceful can yes I think. Above practice. In other words after that we get this American flag thing happened. I don't think anybody in because there wasn't war. So think about this the trigger listeners is just the you do something two million plus part of the current week. Performed fracture treatments that's more than there are only about what is its well over two million. And they are still looking. Little one well. The contaminated ground water or think about that I mean it is we have the doorway those standards you and I wouldn't be brought partial partner. In terms of success in terms of failure rates and whatnot. Who would not move well yeah because that would make it as far as two million cars are armed quote what that's visitors can be nickel. Two million airline flights what's tips to is going to be an issue police tracked over trimming the current and there are still looking for one well has been awful. That's comments that it isn't a market that he'll probably. When this whole fracking and started. Eight coincided perfectly. But it brought in early 2000 we talked about the energy crisis energy shortage gap between total war bucks you know. And we're getting oil from OPEC and the except of course force them and all the sudden. And bridge building. All four terminals around the country at sixteen a play and to bring in. Natural gas to pure country to that help add that Howell pat or we are we were really in trouble. And it worried our military people to get a get a one of the bargain or you know what chart from often put in a Smart. Aren't. So all the sudden we. Ian to use what chart but we've been tracking forever but now we put it pour salt thrilling new American ingenuity. Claimed cost. Stay safe to put all the sudden we're turning. Orwell some world class well today this equally important lessons about. We're the leading natural gas producer on guitar player and a leading oil producer we re the number one and two to kernel which but we are now the United States of America. Is literally energy to a little clip we have hundreds of years will vote or what yeah that's a total game changer and that's Warrick. Don't want to pay Sharpton and post but Twitter page. 212 to nineteen the other so gasoline still keep on the small biz and so. And energy try to beat you from it would cost the more calls really our problem violence. 219 verses or Orchard Park the horse is huge and I think about the last eight years which really pure comedy. Yes oil and gas industry spurred about 2008. Real busy but more importantly. It is low and you caucuses. Can you imagine that at the end of my excellent bill 1300 or so mark one just. Two big deal for me but think about Pierre Richard and what they do that more well somewhat more to it. And black and white and or data that caught and their government is big announcement they had. 0400 million tourists business in 2050. Huge. And because people had money market friends went to Disney World the last two years they had gone to twelve years. Because they had money in their pocket because energy was cheap and it's not just energy for horse. It's energy whether it's food or along the consumer goods we buy. Energy factors in every aspect of partnership with the cost of major. I mean you know how many times that we seek to sort out what you can fuel surcharge. Comedy. Somebody get into it because that there shouldn't be search. But it appears to sink in order what does that create. Do you think is expanding they've raised a ticket prices three times already better to just one of the image you looked so you'll hear the consolidated Iraq. With the that would we are under a lot over and so think about that but why they don't because that court as people still common because they'll still. If you ought to think he would downforce part horse account they're going to do you open when they get their don't want to pay the lockbox it to the what that stunt for Florida. There are good he's going to storm force planes that have worked our way and universal's global credit for almost a construction to those are hard paying jobs so. Now we've got. Jobs being created toward manufacturing jobs contraction job all the stuff going on why. Chief goat. If if we did is we don't ban fracking and blog Fargo or gasoline. That dries up because nobody. Was vital organs so there's no way to go to our embassy. It's dark and those jobs school weigh in didn't do it he's in trouble because they play a norm. These massive expansions it wouldn't happen to cheap energy and good luck that will find to consumer goods big screen TV all kinds of other stock. That are being fueled by cheap energy that's been the big driver in the last eight years. Artists today is correct his error he's the author of just the tracks mammal expert and fracking revenue administration. And there are keen to get back to oil and natural gas it would seem to meet a few who lobbies and maybe even blunt with. Rex Tillerson and Exxon's CEO getting engaged in the cabin does. Secretary of state that seems pretty obvious that oil is going to be huge focus what direction do you see the trump administration pushing our country for energy. All our city clearly are seeing that kind of expansion because. If you think about it when your energy role player so why not use that are being urged the don't go all the problems of the two trumpet administration made you made during the campaign is to bring jobs back now. Are these debates and through their through the campaign you talk about trade deals. Put the breakaway that jobs are from and they are coming back already being Rottweiler. Our work for a group do a lot of salt in food and cultural person usaid. And the URO valid as the cheapest. In natural gas prices industrialized world. We've got water Neal are aware were close perhaps the markets in the in the United States. And right now that group is using. That advantage to abort it and actually bring foreign these. And US companies active you are valid credit petrochemical jobs in manufacturing jobs back home we're bringing. Industry back to this country we've got abundant energy it's cheap it's dependable. And you know we're used to be labor was a big issue well now were automating some things so what's the biggest factor that into she has to do. I mean their energy yeah of course it's it's well and got games to even let's say that. Or. Even basic video gaming it's you can even in risk to control the guns in the energy. Right exactly and and that's where you are I and I a year that would sort of some completely art and possibly just that there's an intro that. They're really just. But what we've run into problems when people actually believe that you could replace oil and gas and I bet this quest are the people actually ask. Well the risks are only variances. And then sort we can get in being an. Actress Carrie question could an espionage or support people. But don't understand the type that's terrifying to me to but it means that. Americans don't understand energy because I can imagine. You have been flying coast to coast Egypt Egypt on a chip point. Deal with fracking chemicals because plastic itself is a chemical so unique cracking you portal growing outdoor portrait. Or get to go until the point. What's that Opel. He gives you what you can put a pattern on the plane and go what so what else you've got to happen to them so we expect to. Why we expect the terrorists who the mortar to dean people are all our old. Pharmaceutical industry. Medical equipment all that runs and petrochemicals and when people so we don't need or can't anymore. Board you know no real quick pictures I've ever been to Colonial Williamsburg or didn't seem so awards but that's what we look like a bottle there. Great concern is the author of just the tracks ma'am work we find out more. You can go to my web sites are great to there'll. But common market to books justify our limited partnership focused more leadership and it everybody wants to City Hall. This works and in the real work that you bring jobs back. You go to shell crest its US trade talks due to see what that group storm actually. Market or or like their start super highway structure and jobs in manufacturing jobs back to that State's chief. So take a look at that stuff it's really it's putting. Our abundant energy. Indeed use that you create jobs and make life better for everybody here. And gray morning thank you for listening and drag great name but thanks for joining us. It's a subject that is largely political difficult to understand and certainly not going to be changing. Overnight something that we should understand all angles off this energy debates. Good luck to you were trying to wrap your brain around it. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday and a great rest of your weekend conversations of the public affairs program of this station. Plus this coming season on your toes you know cruise today we are talking to Robert crew off. Founder and president of consumers' checkbook center for the study of services hello Robert that's not a mouthful of a. It is quite about apple senator sought his services that they've with the organization okay consumers' checkbook is that they were far. Publication. We have considered Puget Sound consumers' checkbook magazine for. And also checkbook dot org is the name of our web site where we re all kinds of things from plumbers to auto repair shops to. Two veterinarians. But but what we're talking about here crazies search. Surgeons OK well let's talk about surgeons OK and luckily for me I don't need a surgery. But I tickle on Lyon I was like well this is a good resource just in case something does happen to you because. Let's say you do need to get a surgery how Knoll who turns sale. Well it's been a problem. There's there's never been anything. Like this until we. Put it up for the first time in its initial form about two a year and a half ago and now we've. Added to it and I think you improved it's still further but you couldn't find out about outcomes insurgents. And you know it's obviously very important do it. It needed did stayed. That we have which we've now got we've we've got about. Medical records for about five billion surgeries. Done by about 50000 surgeons and we got that information. By suing the government. Because the government had good data. About ten years ago or a little more than that. We said who we'd like to get the data under the Freedom of Information Act and they said no. And we suit. We love what. Mr. court lost on appeal and so we've just been pushing various ways to get these data out a couple of years ago. Five data data became available so we definitely use it to do these kinds of comparison. I mean I feel like in the past. If you needed a surgery you know he does general doctor that you were seen would be like okay go to this doctor he can do before you what you wouldn't know if you know there was any malpractice there are any thing that happened so I mean this kind of his website give this little insight on that I feel like it's beyond. When is it better business bureau for surgeons in my and my correct. Oksana has that oh. Our section. It's very different for the better is OK. In fact. With it was surgeons you would have been able to go to the to the states. Medical board and find out if they had. If they had it violated some. You know code of ethics like that. And you'd be able to. And and you can get radiance of surgeons infected checkbook magazine for years we've published radiance. Preside consumers' checkbook. We publish rich raised by consumers where consumers were rating in this. Insurgents. And other types of doctors and we've also published for many years. Results of searches. Sort of surveys of all of doctors in the Puget Sound area and it's 53 largest football there is the country but we have the doctors. What doctor which you. Wanna go to Africa for terrible Wii music is best for Carol beloved war. So you get the doctor radiance of doctor's patient grades of doctors. This is very different. From all that this is actually looking at the results. That are reflected in the medical record itself. So did that did those patients died did those patients have complications. You know like. Having. Problem. Bonior or something and after going into this surgery. And so that's something that's as Brad do. And you know very important that you really care about throws those results says. And the striking thing is that there are big differences among surgeons. So Frist is simply if we take parts dolphins bypass surgery. The best performing searches. Even that because it's a very serious surgery have about a day. Two or 3% that's death rate. The worst reform mean. One intensive searches. Have about a ten or 12% death rates are we look at it 2% verses 10%. Yeah we want that and we don't want that 12% of the. Would an economic data that's yet. Yeah I would comes to death that's for sure that we also report on complications and complications can be a bad thing also weather in the hospital refuge. Go home if you start to bleed out there if you end up with it was some respiratory problem or whatever and so. These medical records and enable us to follow the patients both in the hospital and for ninety days afterwards. To see if anything related to the operation. Has as a Bob that's that's really a bad thing and so we're. We're taking all that into account and were able to use these medical records to adjust for the fact that some. Peja has some surgeons have more difficult cases and others maybe they have. Or paces with diabetes or who are obese. Like that and we adjust for all of those things. So we're really comparing apples to apples and still fighting so with results that are three times is status others. So are you able to get access all that information on a surge in ratings dot org. Yes you about the whole idea insurgent raised dot org. I mean don't have to look through the Alley. Audiences. Records so. Gay and all that. But you just look for you go to assertion raised dot org you put in the zip code where you'd want to have the surgeons and surgery done or somewhere near there. You put that if you put that type of surgeries those that. Is that bowel and colon surgery is as hard surging art. Bypass surgery is it he replacement or whatever you put it that type assert surgery. And that it shows you all the searches in that area who are doing that searcher. And that it says okay Williams knows some of get five stars which means that they are that are. They have. Far fewer death rates than other surgeons are fewer complications and officers others get one star and that means that they've got much worse. Much higher number of deaths and complications. So you'd know that that you consider Auburn choose one that's that's the other who has a very good record in terms of people being in. Screwed up in a hospital or after. I'm what do you suggest to someone for example they are insurance cup covers one surgeon but doesn't cover the other however that one doesn't have a great reading so well. What would you suggest. I know that well out there are two time again you know people are like Lana I don't wanna go to triple a wanted to batter on. Yes it does kabob. And and it's unfortunate that some people will be in the planet won't have any goods but most people will be at a plant that have. That has and certainly in the Puget Sound area are effective holes in his state of Washington. Post people. We'll have access to some surgeons that will get. Those those 45 star rating in fact I. It is. Members everything it's there but I you can be pretty sure that you're gonna find some of them look very good on that front. And dad you know you per issue what a bear and then the next time you're choosing to play out. You might want to. Actually look. Look at the availability of good surgeon. If you have a choice of consumers' checkbook well we actually provide a health plan comparison tool. In the a number of states around the country. Where we. You can go to that. Web site you can see all plans available to you and that you could see which of those plans have a very broad network with a lot of good doctors. And which ones don't so at least you're likely to be in good shape if you ever need this or urged. Nature on writer are you from the Pacific northwest. Dog not a spent well let's talk about it or it's. Actually I live in Washington DC now. Cannery swapped out the Washington's. I get to that kind of stuff. I'll tell you anyway I did have to change too many words. I do. Right out and get an idea the website once again it's nonprofit correct is a nonprofit consumer impact. Right and is not a prophet and it's free to people. Half free FRB. Like that here party like that word yet. Oh he's here he's Europe uses is for us to put this up we've had to use. That is a lot of our safeties to tell you. Just think how how do you provide this website if you're not on you know to me it's free. If if they went paying for well service. You know we've because we do some things even as a nonprofit organization. That. Where we actually get paid for things what is we have. Subscribers to Puget Sound consumers' checkbook magazine. Those people subscribe and pay. And I'd guess of their plumber ratings and there are repression operating entity that are patient experience surveys about doctors. But we also do. We also do surveys for other organizations so for years. We did. All of Medicare is surveys of members of Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare fee for service plans and they paid us to do those surveys I was under contract. So there's so it's service sometimes were able to save money from that and so we took. Everything we could. He confided to put this together. This surge rated web sites so would be available. And and we just innovative sometime we'll have to charge forward but at this point where he just saw what you want to have an out there are the people that we bid for. Odds are sorry Hannity I guess its checkbook it's a surgeon radiance dot org the org because it's a nonprofit org urged. Well Robert thank you so much. I hope you won't be needing that website anytime soon public yeah I know that. You never know as our I appreciate your time. Thank you thank you Robert. So why is it soap. Important for you to check on the surgeon for surgery while preventable medical errors of various kinds at least 200000. Americans each year. Making the third leading cause of death. In the United States. One way to reduce such Ayers and death is choosing the best surgeons in avoiding the bad ones while the nonprofit consumers' checkbook. Pass for the first time released nationwide readings on the best and worst surgeons to help out people like us make Smart decisions about. Health care passing making the difference between life and death although that's kinda scary to think of but on surgeon ratings stop or provides free access to the readings of surgeons nationwide based on outcomes of old were five million major surgeries done by more than 50000 doctors he can check out those ratings and if you're getting surgery or trying to choose a surgeon. Go to surgeon readings dot org. Before a surgeon ratings dot org launched most patients how to choose a surgeon based. On limited information the web site helps thousands of patients avoid unnecessary deaths and that outcomes through extensive advice on how to make decisions and how to do their part in getting quality care. The ratings are available. At no cost by the nonprofit consumers' checkbook and during dinner reading stop the war in our faith on. He detailed records obtained by the federal government conversation as a public affairs program that he's. Welcome the conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thanks for spending some time of those here this weekend joining me this segment. Is Jacqui malls on events and marketing coordinator at outdoors for all foundation it's good morning good morning to patting me absolutely my pleasure. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation we're so fortunate to live in a part of the world where were merely minutes away from incredible outdoor activities. Snowboarding skiing snow issuing swimming mountain biking. So much to do all year long what a beautiful port world in order to help facilitate everyone getting to enjoy the Pacific northwest. Jackie and outdoors for all have a mission and a huge event coming up in March on the eleventh a chance to get outs check out the new key here and have a bunch of fun on the mountains. Jacqui we'll start which it is briefest here in just a minute that's the big event. First tell me about what is that you do it out torched for all what the what organization. Does and maybe a little bit about what which provides that the community. Yes so outdoors frog and is aid local Seattle area nonprofit. We provide adoptive outdoor recreation for our children and adults with disabilities. Successfully our mission to enrich lives through outdoor recreation. For children and also disparities so in Nike Saturday eleven as beautiful part of the world where there's so many amazing outdoor activities and we just try to make that accessible for everyone moved kuwaitis say adaptive what does that mean. They can mean a lot of things it can mean oh we have different skis for people with lower body immobility if so that they can sit ski. So there are definitely companies out there that technique equipment that attacked for people who need them and then some of it's just. Adapting to the person and that's could be. Pitting patting married. Jay you're reading something in the in RS facility is just to make it work for the individual. Now have a cousin who's does several calls and and he. The whole family was very excited as this year I was their first chance to get out and do some skiing and I can only imagine that it's the same thing now with cerebral palsy he has I mean she doesn't have function would legs and ends up arms control sport so you didn't actually have the ability then to maybe help somebody and that's a two situation. Absolutely so like I say reality sits keys for people that said then and then. 98 yen into Kansai and the mobility and their writers like how well they have balance instincts and there body color and self. We have different types to sit skis for summoned CU. Be able to use their arms and we have different types of sit skis for people tee just kind of be able to hold on on their right in the me. Had amazing volunteers have 700 volunteers throughout the year. Yeah I and we have about four or 500 of those during winter who helped to tether says skis they helped to teach children and but developmental disability is. How it's used ski and snowboard so. It's really just getting her all abilities civility you and let the let may have been received impossible to do the pos. Now when I go to the mountain I like to see the launch. Event and enough and enjoy the beautiful view that DS facilitate that as well. We try to get everywhere and outside of the lots and thus the name OK okay well. What's your connection to it a mobile actually before we get that how does this all start pounded out doors for almost become about. It has so outdoors frost started in 1979. As ski for a foundation and I so get a lot of people have been around you like it do you guys know anything about ski from Clinton's EST fur off. And so we started specifically at the salmon SO Kwame in 1979 more as aid. It's private ski school. For people with disabilities and it started with just you know. And about fifteen to thirty students in all volunteers and now he served when he 400 individuals. And different activities from skiing and snowboarding and sees cycling kayaking rat claim mean we do day camps. All over the north lasts and it's definitely. Crown and we changed aimed outdoors fraud is to encompass all the different activities that we provide. That's amounts could give during both times of the year it is and yes the thought of what did you. Personally get involved in this a cult Utica to either. Yes I AM asked found out about outdoors trial when I was in college and mentality half Congo that lasted for four and I alerts for the ski area as a snowboard instructor and kind of had a different couple jobs at dairy and that the some massive army and I just see the programs on the hill and a seed people on their bids to polemic I bids. And to scene happened as a cool how that's so cool hands. Working at this ski area there's a job opened mean CU put this awesome demo event together at the ski hill and it's. Jumped on and I got tired I was four years ago and offend then ever cents a mapping it. That Aventis briefest that is everything that Seattle. Let's briefest of coming up it's on a march 11 yes and that's up but open to all that so plumbing. And Bluetooth demo of and you just had what does that mean what are we gonna see out there who's going to be hang in. Note also that it's gonna be all the cool people up there. So it is a Steen somewhere demy events live Ali is different brands. The common green there. It's eight when he eighteen skis and snow awards for all adding on to demo. It said team fundraising event so that's how. It benefits organization. BA teams attend an fundraising thousand dollars or more are on some. Fund raise over 101000 dollars it's crazy a laugh at you on super excited about it. And it's. You know the summer as a common as a great supporters are events is an awesome supporter to get this event together Red Robin does and really awesome Barbeque lunch. To. Mean Alex is at best burger we have Ali air. And we have its brands like nordic have rousing non. Burton's gonna be there and how all these different asking summer events. Companies. And then we just have appeared are in with peer men held vents smoke army files to prove tight range Schilling. And so it's kind of like a demo appear great demo geared demo appearing event. No vote here here pedal to the Santa Anna's like music they still raise Crist is games there's prizes and it's it's really black. So the people that are fund raising what are they what's what's the pull other than raising money at what are they gonna do with that they're asking people to support. So this is kind of asking support from friends and fans lean and then the day of march 11 it's coming up in just happened and big celebration of all heidrick and don't put in the fundraising course looks just the fundraising event just for the sake of fundraising after. It's it's it's all about Colin Nestle may have an excuse to get out the mountain again able to hang its it'll. Now I don't ski or snowboard book the seasons can wrap an appearance. There's still lots of snow up in the mountains and it's going to be great and using go to. This season are in a season. April okay defense does not act play you know. This is still is deafening as it's not practicing accessible might get out there and enjoy themselves thinking it's only a few anti dissent and be able to realize that there's a ton will play against then yeah build and then we also have less no she used. So out of associate so cigarettes and a distant she to her for those of you who don't skiers snow melts or snow like this and and also good for everyone. I feel like that's something like at my advanced stage I don't know if I'm ever gonna learn to ski or snowboard boots and snapping lots of snow shoes might not be so fat that particulates briefest it's march 11. At open tall. But that's just one of the things that you do throughout the Europe big things for certain yet what other events. Are you behind like what types of things do you offer maybe that's not spree fast. After fundraising events is just please get involved anyways a sent out source for all is active like if someone is listening right now and they're like how -- I really love hiking maybe I can to help out without what are some of the other things that you do to help with people with disabilities. Yes so we have a lot of programs like is some where based out of Magnuson park in Seattle cool we do a lot of programs based out of there but we also are parents happen or that activity itself. Yes the great thing is are so tired cycling can be in the park or we do cussing events through partner with. Different hospitals or schools and double the park specifically what he isn't what were offense in what actively do you have we have our day camps in the summer we haven't adopt a cycle center for people to drop then and just print out adaptive by Selig expressed for them vocal so people that may be otherwise it BBC some of the has a little like with a hand to smooth yet he's hasn't really have a hand cycles we have side by side canyon cycles. We have feet difference has it icicles that art a friend Ari comment depending on on a person's needs. Ands some we have some people come to the adopt a cycle centered CU because they wanna buy it by. And Eric quite an investment so making sure that you're getting right bike free entry means is is that. Pretty big deal or can anyone just come out and and work reviewed and help find that we're always are looking for volunteers. We like a city of senator volunteers. I have her hands are so dependent on our volunteers and it's so huge. You know a lot of our program's lead we can only take so many participants based on how many volunteers we have served. Whether it's somebody cycling and they wanna come and help us like keep our bikes. In working order or are. Wanna come teach someone how to bike we have a lender right program where we teach children with disabilities to ride up Frey T real bikes. And that's in the park. Whether it's racked claiming half of ninety liar. What does kayaking what does rock climbing off of I ninety. Deception tracks down a familiar yes exit 38 so there is really. A few different Iraq claiming. Langston is there and Lego studs is that you know like you look up there's Ariza being her senate then. According delivered an indoor ball during some of them are actually going out Sammy reliving it act again outdoors for all the hell you're gonna. Do eat indoors probably magical force wants to volunteer would say that what that's an experience there come a bike and I like could help out what. I go to our web site that check out our volunteer opportunities yes and contact information on there groups say at least outdoors dropped out alert. And as our web sailor volunteers act outdoors from dot alert is seen as a good email and a. A toss up how about when it comes to summertime do you junior programs as we start looking towards the summer here and hoping that it's it's getting sunny and warm ideas and do anything through the summer is that your round or what time. Year round of the Alley do that water skiing in the summer we'll see how he do the kayaking so they have a lot of fun different water sports. I des champs are pretty inclusive different ages I deter anyone but you know we have. We have kids if siblings NN so it's kind of an all inclusive summer day camp. So who volunteers their time a lot of sound and maybe someone else who has some of the skills that wants to participate but isn't sure what to it'll. How they'll feel afterwards tell me what it's like to volunteer time to give back to someone who otherwise might not have an opportunity to get out and do things. Yeah so one of the things is he transferred my answer outdoor recreation and I can neither. Beat her transforming lives of participants and treating these opportunities for him his be able to deities activities together since earning lesser volunteers. A lot of them you know. Create these bonds with the people that they work with because it's such an inspiring thing to be able TU. Sees him an experience is activity that payment and never has that as possible but. Whenever knew that the resource was there. To be able to dias. Whether it's cycling color scheme heard me be it was an avid skier who had an accident or something happened and then they're able to get back on the hill and Bela dissing now so for into them before. And field experience at any minute for a way but. The freedom of that feeling still there. And so volunteers it's. Their really special people they have as special place in all of our hearts just because of the time that they put in. And aunts and give to seal the organization and to people that they serve. It's the big Aventis briefest on March 11 that's not open tall and Jackie moves on will be there. I coordinating everything a big demo but also outdoors for all dot org to find out more information Jacki thank you come. Thank you so much conversation is the public affairs program of the station.