Conversations 3-5-17

Monday, March 6th

Guests Joey Dweck, Don Schwartz, Bill Latham, and Emily Mosera join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome the conversations I'm your host Greg Tom assess and thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Joey to wecht founder of weight loss but he dot com it's the internet's top ranked. Online weight loss support site good morning to you. Oh good morning Greg thanks so much for having me on. Excellent Jonas is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation for as long as I've been alive and certainly for a hug as we all will live fad diets will come and go and people would get rich in designing Neman marketing them to people but. How does our intake of food action culturally changeover time what are we doing wrong and bright where should we be going full there was a support site to listen that well. Joey Nowak has the answer is created a social site to try and get us all set and on the in the right direction moving the right place at Joey. What it is very interesting fasting in weight loss but here in second but. For people doing aimed correctly when it comes to dieting worsen things that you see did you elect takes. While that that's a question that so loaded let made. Greta good way let me let me take a peek at it the guy. And the painted it that intimate setting that. Four Americans. Eating and being obese and overweight by and large is due to. Emotionally. I don't want to say every one. But by and large the people eating out people used food. Do with a lot colder stressed. And and you feel better and I'm so if I had to start the ball rolling. The first thing I would say why would be that people. Haft who learned to. These stress like themselves. And be aware of why they're eating and not hungry. Out of that athletic. Like anything beyond all that said that resonates. Chair like all of five having a stressful they may not have a big fat and beer or something like that too. Right right when you know we will have to look. What we're we're here to enjoy life spoke as well I'm not one of these people other than I did use a book outrageous so great yeah kind of recommendation that people can't live wit. But via barge. People have have a problem. When they're overweight and penchant for the very reason that a bit about that part about. How hard it is for people to lose weight. Well cause they're our friends and family. Otherwise it may be to blame for this study says. You know we get used to walk our friends our spouses or significant others. The way they all. And what they did do was change all of those wave or become healthier a lot of the immediate circle is threatened. And that becomes a major. Problem when people don't want you to do the right thing or get better. Well when it comes out. Yeah when it comes to family he did he can catch a family off the same way maybe through portals and Allan Rouse has been is there you have to then. Workweek your family to accept Q is this like a therapy situation. Well that I would I would say that body was allegedly swarmed by it that the local would cost between FaceBook and and weight watcher. But believe that we warm body was out because it was so hard to find a body. I'd home or in the office or at school are in the studio called cracker. Nobody was met one was somewhat related change what I believed it. You know they went to the dock all look themselves in the Arabic couldn't that it was certain dress so they just didn't why getting dates. And then they're out on all of the I got changed that it edged. Nobody was supposed to be sort of a catalyst of that change he'll go find someone who. You think can help do all of that initial all due to begin to change your lifestyle. But it comes so diets that people if you're not using a support group like Al we lost but he ducked time. When it comes to lose these fad diets what tricks are they employing to try and teach to jump into something with the promise of a big change. All my. That was that's. One dollar question what exit they use it well let's look at some of the biggest ones some of the biggest ones by the way out but could be successful. Age question has their own metabolism. What are you talking about Weight Watchers say you talk about Jenny Craig are you talking about the trip back. You know literal all these are all. Diets lead and then that got my head of hundreds of thousands of people and people walk like bad. So as all these quiet tricks now the lending diets in the one ball lately we have the one that could discuss later on. Bomb and they are a little bit on I'm I've met. You know there's a tricky side in this kind of trying to induce you to live a healthy lifestyle but most of them. I'm not sustainable. That the big ones are. So the answer is. Most of the big diets around whether it's dean Hornish is diet or I think it goes. They're pretty they're pretty good way to do this to a diet and lose weight. But you've got to be you've got to be ready good you gotta be back that's the point. OK so I'm hearing to speak to Richard just on metal but I'm hearing a lot of bouts you say cleansing diets but also. Fasting diet it's an intermittent fasting. I don't know a ton about some so maybe could fill some a little bit about what fasting diet is now works and stuff. OK I made me again and then this is. And it's gone this same act first a little on the gimmicky side and it is and so far away. It's accused basically that the jump start a healthy lifestyle and healthy. You know eating habits. But not lately the F five day out fast is composed of limited caloric intake 11100. Changing on the first day at bad that. 750 on base to his side and then again. And that. People who expound they feel great they really keep at all for about a week two weeks as they used to in the wake. But I guess it's supposed to be out like a springboard to help people say what what what what do I don't know yeah I wanna go after five days and I simply say look. This could get away. Two to ten and introduce you to feeling better now a lot of people Greg when they begin to feel better at all while while it's. Great and now Bob let me let me keep it up and then they'll adapt. Sensible eating wild or someone else's. So the final days fall side. There's no way it's really meant it as a healthy diet not so much as a weight loss diet. But people do lose weight and people love it. How about what dust you know I think it's a solo report about USC researchers are some I believe it was you were talking about the effects of like a fasting style diet. We've it with aging what do you know more about this do you know what the impact. I don't know I don't know about the US. He's got AM intimately familiar when it. All of now well wait until well put out some disclaimers. They course they said hey listen you know you're you're sort of representing what you're doing as this what we did it USA. I don't we will much more rigorous. Then the five day fast diet that's OK okay you know we popularized the concept we popularized the idea. I always thought Obama upside to not instead of trying to stand on the shoulders of giants. So yes we elect these that they had specific protocol. Would limited calories and they ended up being very happy would like they did. I'm and they need all the blood markers and moved moved in the right direction and bad and so forth but that's. That you know I've had to distance myself below that some thought it because they were more rigorous and what they did we we got a popularized settlements. You know it's all quiet event. With a lot of happy people but we based. I like kind template based on reading the work of the US sees that. Interest okay. So it's committed to effectively fasting for a few days to jumpstart your. Almost your mental game as well that sounds like. All I loved that I love that I love yeah. So that you can Brett you combine that with weight loss bodies than to try to find other like minded people like how how would you tie the two together I guess is my question. Okay well what we did what we did like an old baby not twelve but it is very interesting great. Do you go on to this side of delegates says that you can't help someone out there L. Without getting closer to the top yourself battle Matra and it has been for the hundred. 75000. People we've helped over the years was a what does that say. That thing go help someone get out of yourself. Go help someone and by helping someone else you'll feel better and he'll stop using food. As a clutch. Those I'm going to buy into. I need help I need some help they are now within the U go help someone. And in doing that you'll get closer to south that the. Dynamic. A sort equated this way but it reminds me of how much when my dog needs a walk desperately she really wants to go out we get a half hour of exercise for her I'm getting a half hour exercise for myself as well hold. And make it don't go to dog leg itself but isn't then got. What that your enthusiasm up for helping people when it comes to weight loss and dieting. I don't know what my life love what older she's 38 we had a first trial or about seventy years ago. And you shouldn't put on the baby weight and down and Mozilla folks on wall there. And I said this little wave before FaceBook there was of course some and I'll let that could this is called MySpace. And down and actually you know who I'm crowd sourcing totally lost would be great. And that's what got me and I would never overweight I so I never needed that but like I I love the concept of people helping people. People helping each other. And that's what got me interested in buddy and I have been very very extreme by the way let luck buddy Graham site I didn't say. Flip flop authorities dot com is very cool. So long as anybody want to go on make it helped by god that you're aware about and that's that he held. I. We're the most news go to find out more about the five day fast diet. Okay well they can go to know WWW weight loss buddy dot com where we have links or they can go to WWW. Not five days SI that was the number five. Why they can't thank god come I'll double bock the bell to you and if you decide to do it. Then you decide that its its work. Yelled something a little that they did actually get back together again. Current thank you so much for your time today again its weight loss of bloodied dot com where is our guest today Joey to wecht Joey had to suffer great rest your weekend and a great week ahead. Are you so much it's an interesting take adding a support system. Anything you do to be able to tackle challenges with the other people who have the same battles ahead of them or people have gone through. Really fascinating there Joey direct again can be found at weight loss bloodied dot com no real enthusiastic. Go getting to go getter type. Up the rest of your Sunday as wonderful help though week ahead of you is going to be a great one you can do it by having a good attitude and starting yourself. So we would like to keep thinking about her. I'm Greg Tom assess this conversations a public affairs program of the station. Flock to congress on your toes here curtains today we are talking to Don Schwartz. Vice president of program. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation how are you done. Very well thank you are you not an uncle and like I said you know when we get closer to weaken them a lot happier than I thought I can understand. Is so don't tell a little bit about the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. So we aren't largest foundation in America funding entirely. Around health. And we are. Working with others across the country to build a culture in this country that is much focused on helping. So that helped becomes just the way we do things. Your general health. Yes okay so nothing like specific like there's a lot that you know convert cancer or something different types of cancer and this one is just health in general. Yes and are particularly focused on the fact that we hear people live in how people lived. Makes a big difference to their health. And lifestyle. Yet okay. So I did go on your your website because I was like wait I'm night and less so than I understood it a little better but so a DR Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and is basically partnered up with the 500 cities project. And that's what we're gonna be about today cell could tell me about the 500 cities project. OK so United States senators for disease control and prevention which we usually hear about when it comes to influenza or a virus or other things there that people who work. Focused on health within communities and states across the country. They have for a long time collected survey information from Americans every year about prevention and health. And information has been released about the whole nation so we know. As a nation how we do in terms of going for preventive screening or what obesity is like across America or even how people view their physical or mental health. In that information has also been. Calculated downforce streets and even counties. It's never been available for cities are at the neighborhood level so that people within cities. Have a sense of how they're doing and what the issues are worth them. We their. Other neighborhoods with in this city and they admit we've never been able to compare across cities before. You know which cities are doing particularly well in which cities are having particular issues. About which health factors now we can do that for the first time. Irate and you can do that yourself by going to you the web site correct. Yes sir they can just Google 500 cities and they'll find. The project. On it but you can go online it's I did this no super easy to CDC dot gov. Slash 500 cities. That's right 500 written out as the number not the word. Correct thought it thinks for clearing that up so I was cure DS MI you know their dollar knight's tight pin now Washington. And then I zoom in to Seattle and it breaks it up by AM binge drinking at current smoking physical activity obesity and sleep. Cell. Do you believe those are the five like health factors. On new. Those are five unhealthy behaviors and beyond that if you continue. You'll see health outcomes like arthritis and asthma and high blood pressure and kidney disease and pulmonary disease and then after that you'll leave NC. Preventive services and screening. Like having health insurance are going to the doctor dentist we're taking medication for blood pressure and on their 27 different. Factors that contribute to help. We're indicate how help you is. That are included for every city in every neighborhood with in the city. See I was too afraid to scroll down. To what I just started seeing those numbers because. One that scared me was sleep because they don't connect. Seven hours of sleep again 85 and a half six hours. And acceded to started wearing affected just like an on how much I do asleep in his sleep lessen your retirement. A slight. 'cause like I don't know of Allen a scroll that I don't smoke on very physically active you know sack I believe I live a very healthy lifestyle but there was one thing I needed to change or could change it would be nice the patterns you know from but it's kind of hard to do this job. And try to be alert and know what's going on in the world's all the time. And and and especially Buick a path for your like panel but I still wanna be weekend 9:10 o'clock you know. Yup and what you saw from looking at the maps is there a lot of other people in Seattle where like you. And does not even it's not even across Seattle so their parts of Seattle where people tend to get less sleep. And parts of Seattle where people tend to get more sleep which we find an interest in after. Yeah I would hope. Pete people will get from this by going to this website was sort of insight. On do you do hope they'll walk away with. Well they're different things one here's what we're already finding because we. We started to release this information in the pilot wages to see how people would view it back in December. And we found first of all that there are people. Who had no idea how much variation there was with in their city. Were made aware. In which that's led people to begin to say gee. Maybe we could. Do things a little differently. Than that maybe when we have a new park we completed in places where people. Don't get much physical activity and their nose safe places to exercise maybe if there's. Money for a new grocery store will put it in areas of the city where people are having trouble getting off the food or. If there's a resource to do home repairs or if I'm non profit organization who helps build new houses. Maybe they'll do it in places where people were having real trouble with asthma because housing quality is so bad so. We're finding people are taking action that's within their control. Changed the environment in the cities and then we're finding out. For instance in. Brockton Massachusetts where there's a program. Say hi it's only know Brockton 'cause I went to school in Boston my final in Brockton self you know. Okay Arizona copper are exempt the puck. People are saying we have a program for diabetes. But we've never had the information about where people really have diabetes to target the programs so we're gonna change where we're doing our diabetes education. To that we actually get to the people. Who have diabetes in it. Think where else in. North Carolina. People have a program for. Eating well that's an anti obesity programs they can now targeted to communities where people. Have obesity in. Milwaukee. They're using these data now for urban development and planning so where they got. With stops on transit what are they gonna do with zoning policies and so forth. So we're hopeful that people will begin be able to begin to build health into the kinds of decisions they're making. An old pair. Making things available to people with need. Sure hope so come question on though when I did go on the website which is CDC dot gov slash 500 cities. Are you able to customize it the the map as far as each. Because I knew it was like if you're eighteen and older these where the the numbers continue to break it down even further no Alka. And the reason is that this is a serving. So the numbers come from taking the surveys and applying it. With statistics to each plate. Yeah if we try to make it too precise. We make yours so this is as much stated as we can present that we think is accurate. To represent what's going on but what you can and do. You can overlay yet we have the age distribution in a particular sense distract group poverty distribution or at. Unemployment distribution all of that's available on line in this sense distract subpoena your neighborhood. You can look at what are there conditions in general economically in my neighborhood. Compared to other neighborhoods and begin to get a sense of how. Health varies. According to those factors. On EU and we started interviewing you are saying. Basically you can kind of break it down and see who's doing. Really well what state would you say is doing well according to your to the survey as well. Right this is all about CDs and when I can tell you is one of the cities it's two in the best in the country is Seattle yeah we are looks at her fifth. We're really excited if you look across many of the factors that. Often don't looks so good in cities like yeah like obesity for instance. Like smoking like physical activity and exercise. Apple looks to a real effect. How do you rank this city is now. We're not ranking these amateur media thought about it we rink the counties in states. With something Cook County health rankings. But we're not ranking cities at this point. But there are you know their challenges and -- also of their parts of Seattle where. Reits that are rated for instance are particularly high rates of asthma are particularly. As it's it's to the green. I don't know why guys. The variation is remarkable and as you look you'll find that just a few blocks for instance can double the rate of high cholesterol. Neighborhood by neighborhood which they have to do with he needs to people living in the neighborhood or may have to do with how people eat. And on the city. There were hoping people will go to the next level and try to figure this puzzle out. Yellow I'm originally from the East Coast and I woods I will say and I've been out here prodding for about a year and a half and people are super active here. Whether it's hiking or going skiing or EL so working now you know there there are always there we had something. On an S buyouts this go activity as far as some smoking I know. I our current low keys in if you smoke you have to pay as far as like if you. If you have the insurance plan that's provided through our company you do have to pay an X amount every pay period if you're a smoker. You know and extra Baxter the cell that may deter people from smoking. Could you. Yeah whatever is going on it's working I know that Seattle was one of the early cities to be smoke free as well. I'll crank that they're very worried about that yeah in a cell Juan good pack and the backs process to keep them for all of us here in Seattle late. Our right not anything else wanna add. The podium to thank you so much and I hope that. Your listeners a conversation. Take a look at the 500 cities. For sure definitely think he's some lights and you have a good day YouTube. Why it's good to hear some Donna good to hear that Seattle's doing good on this list here on again the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation was worked to improve health and health care. On there working with others to build. National culture of health enabling everyone in America to live longer health lives. For more information Monday and just go to www. RW. I asked dot org I'm sorry it's not I its RWJ. Asp dot org again. Www. RWJ. Asp dot org. And don't forget to check out how Georgia OK you can check out. Seattle and other cities around the US including me be moved here from Boston like myself or Rhode Island or Providence on you can check out how they're doing. On on this by going to CDC. Dot gov slash 500 cities and that kicked off on Thursday sued the brain. New things like detected doubting your area. How neighborhoods in your city compared to the state enacts. Thank you so much Don the vice president of programming. Johnson foundation. Conversations the public affairs program. Welcome the conversations I'm your host Craig Thomas passed thank you for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is bill late come. He's the CEO meteor education and co author of the book humanizing the education machine good morning sir. There are quite well thank you. Join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. I can't remember a time in my life that the debate over education has been its front and center as we find ourselves now it's the perfect opportunity. Take a long look at the way we insist our kids be educated. Have the systems changed enough too much no one knows because they're too many elements of the way these are all things which keep the bottom of an understood how to move forward in the future. Before we get to your solutions built. Do you think the biggest problem facing our education system is currently. What is this thing in 2015 Gallup asked parents. What did it mean bid that your schools are effective. What do you mean you just effectiveness in this school your child attends. The top answer their parents gave it they've rated most important was that the child would engage in their school work. The second most. Popular answer what that they were hopeful about their future. Other thing that were below that was put into graduating from high school or going to work right out of college are going straight to college after high school and what we saw Matt. What is passing standardized tests. I think one of the biggest challenges we find that the education has whipped itself completely the opposite of what Arabs think effectiveness looks like. We actually set up students often times to be successful on standardized tests so they can graduate from high school go on to college or career. And if they happen to be hopeful about their future if they happen to be engaged as a result of their time school that's a bonus and that's. China what led do I think erosion public confidence. In education. Let's interest in how we measure the effectiveness of education if there weren't standardized tests. So you have to think about standardized set kind of what a profit and loss statement and a bit. We when you when you set out of business there are wanna be profitable if you focuses on profitability not a customer. Satisfaction oftentimes we find the business which failed because they don't understand the fundamentals. But what it takes to produce what we would call a lack venture like passing the standardized test will be profitable business. But there are certain leading indicators that somebody is going to be successful. In aid standardized test environments at all. Because they've learned some. And so those measures of learning. Not those measures of standardized test results could remember standard I protected me. Deciding what someone else what's important for them enough. And neither does involve bananas that set a date or experts that are out there that they. Spend a lot of time actually come up with these type of but the task these sort of assessment tests and really kind of like reading the newspaper that you thinking about things that already happened. So the question education I think really need to focus on how we actually effect and that might lead to outcomes. Like better standardized test but even more importantly standardized tests do not address. The song ills that are necessary to the success it was one person true workers there. Finally about the pacers' one more question. I I just don't know how much education has changed I don't know what the history of these standardized testing is but. I look at the math problems that kids do now and they don't approach it the same way I do so I guess I've always just assumed that education is changing. How much different is it in the last fifty years hundred years. Sadly enough to Rip Van Winkle worked a walk into a classroom today. He might not feel uncomfortable aware that he wanted to almost any other segment of society he would probably have no idea where he was. And anything that doesn't just say that there are amazing programs going on an amazing educators out there that are keeping their level best. It to help students develop into something. That looks like writing a dot. But I think what we find it that a lot of tradition and folklore. Still bring it about Madison 200 years ago. It was all or tradition that that was essentially to practice of the day. Evidence based medicine changed the act gives you if you will of medicine they need so much more active so much more power. And we just got to assert that the evidence based education evidence based neuroscience and as you start to apply those. People Woolsey. Is dramatic ships and education but it requires something very different both the students and their instructors. And it's an uncomfortable and uncharted territory in most schools haven't gotten. Okay so good what's it gonna take for us to start seeing. The school of the future develop. Or the bottom of the first things that we identified that money is extremely relational and it is not necessarily transactional. If you think about the learning experiences that are the most powerful men and end. Marking your own why they were very much at their Cora relationship. Between you and someone else. So that you imputed value into somebody that you trusted somebody that you you've had your best interest at heart engaged you as a person. And only think about it and put it what we were talking about a minute ago standardized test. Standardized tests or anything but personal and or anything of a relational. And so as we elevate transactions. They didn't that the transaction when it technical skill as opposed to a relational saw bill. Well we'll find that we find we find it connects. In the way the students feel about themselves. The way that they're engaged in what they're doing what they're hopeful about the future. I think one of the person we have to do is come back to just be intellectually honest and say. In many ways you can have two very well meaning parents the actual over the don't fit the machine just why. Instead of machine adapting helping your children to be successful it came to grind them up spit them out. And very very passionate parents about hitting your children through an education can be very frustrated by the system that seems to be very personal and they try abduction. I think relationships are one of the first to an end and maybe one of the most important things we have to get back into the public arena that it's. Tortoises bill with them we're talking about how education would need to change to prepare us for the future of education itself now. You mentioned a few minutes ago bill that it wasn't just the students but also the role but he churn a classroom might need to be adjusted or to adapt how would you go about doing then what's the goal there. What is if you think about some of those. If you think about some of the traditional roles that teachers. Aside from being positive role models and caring for kids it's going to be. Sort of dispenser of information classroom with a person who is responsible for. Ali content out into the they're humans would. We've been you know exam study and these tests at all. But the world we look at how it is a Google world order chapters deal with the orchestra and good verb to Google. Impact as whenever that content availability at just about every time. And it really changes in many ways what we're asking that he shouldn't do because instead of being the dispenser content poorest subject matter expert. By asking him to become more excited students in the late to start help in the look at what they're. Team concept and really neat. And expert addition expert model in terms of critical thinking about the subject it is really easy to find just about anything you wanna find. In terms of acts. Now with Google. But challenging the skill set that we didn't need help people develop is to understand what's true. I understand much about how to understand this method some of them could lead to the conclusion that their reading which. If you will content sources are appropriate and it can be valued at which ones are a lot sizable policy that's going on either Republican read today. I think I can read about how this thing is good for me that premier has no effect on the question is which one of those. Microsoft deal out of Reading it are skill that tactical skill that I got there is there's a lot of confidence that. But making meaning other than understanding which. And I might actually be corrected. Make that connection think creatively devotion about being told. Dassault build those of the trying to think Patricia can. Bring to their students that no one else will have access to the students to get. It's teaching kids critical thinking as well that sounds like then. Or even teaching them how to model critical thinking you can you're going to adopt and start to use critical thinking strategies we leased it model well just like they'll learn to respectfully collaborate with one another. When it's modeled what we think about public discourse today in politics or what a child might pick up at home. They're not necessarily gonna learn to respect fully collaborate with one another and usually so where are they gonna pick up that it's still the teacher can be invaluable and show them. Kind of a path forward. In a respectful collaboration. And it inquiry. And it learning how to shoot I think critically about something and students can begin to apply those skills and future becomes much more that guy fighter facilitator for. If you like that we work and I don't know and we've worked with the guidelines that kids are kind of malleable and adults are sort of sudden their ways and firm. Who's gonna be the bigger challenge for navigating. Our education away from the current system to something new is gonna be harder to get. The children on board or to get teachers to change that strategy. I think it's that it's overly simplistic essentially give the teachers to change their strategy and future wanna be at their core fact is that there's people. I think the students were very well adopt these more human approaches to education so to answer the question that way teachers of course are going to be the the ticker channel. Cables and what are with a community then Mike how do we get people to navigate toward something else who's the biggest roadblock against the real question. I do think the biggest roadblock. Is what's happening at that instructional level with teachers and students but for maybe a different reason people like it. It is and that teachers don't wanna change it that there are really port strategy doubt they're open to change here a couple of challenges with the but credible tip of the United States. Changes over 100%. Every three years that we've done getting a new leader by school. Every tree so we know what destruction the leadership can be like and actually engaging change. The burnout rate with teachers based on some of the high stakes testing they've done. Did that complexity that's brought in to their jobs. It's particularly the fact Gallup tells us that seven out of ten teachers are either passively just engaged or actively disengaged. In what they're doing and they missed an average of 2.3 million more school days a year that Jewish counterparts but 2.3 million instructional days that would lose. Every year as a result of that disengagement. We're talking about a group of people that are if you think about the well this conversation. There is that well. They're not well. And we were not well that's because they're at the end there are a lot of they the ones that are responsible for this change but they're not empowered to make that change or supported while making the change we're not talking about pay. Talking about. Back to that relational vs transactional machine to machine doesn't just chew up shorter. In this changes up teachers and the treatment of those numbers and treat them as digits. Bill I hate to say we're out of time able to have you back on to talk more about the subjects from time he's delay thump. The CEO of meteor education which can find more about a meteor education dot com or pick up the book humanizing the education machine thank you so much for joining us today. There. Here's to a great Sunday and rest of your weekend enjoy yourself conversations as a public affairs program of this station. Welcome to come in on your clothes at crews today we are talking to. Annaly most Sarah senior campaign manager for the firefighters stair climb which is actually. All right believe it or not on March 12 but. You. Do you might think the problem right so this is the Scots firefighters stair climb for the leukemia lymphoma society corrects. Yeah. And I was reading on line and I got really really intrigued. Locate. So far errors on it I'd like to separate identities like is the staff firefighters steer climb separate from leukemia lymphoma society. Now not and I actually that and then retired organically here in Seattle by a group of firefighters here locally that are very passionate about the mission and other leukemia lymphoma society. Until something that not a lot of people action now in iron and then at 8% more likely to be diagnosed with their due to increased exposure occurred in the. How I didn't know that while okay. And is it typically leukemia lymphoma mine hot and none other diseases like that other cancers. It is typically blood related there are other than that I'm wrong but unfortunately. But we do you eat it like Jimi Hendrix who was a member of the camera in Paris apartment that we locked we only. That led Italy Obama does occur in the fire Anderson. All right so tell me a little bit about this climb that's happening on March 12. Yeah it's amazing tournament let me think here Aaron how how about every year and our series. We've yet why don't actually craft a computer at them up. It's a case. And that 2000 higher traders income round when he can eat and eat different countries. And it. I'll just ignited under the common goal of my teacher for cancer and in a shell out and an all day care I start climbing eating salmon and I'm out I'm Kia. Some assuming that they all going different at different times correct a staggered start. It is the angered and it's one stairwell and anchor I'm all of their ears and also on air and at the largest on her client. We need on here what does that mean. I'm not saying I'm an act up public its on air mis hit a. And it means they're using their at he equipment that they actually have air packs strapped to their back you know it. Like they're going into a fire for their breathing on the air act as a monster breathing in the air and the environmental. Okay that they have to go through a bottle and process most of them you have went through. Existing. NASA that's Rick Scott C eaten our panel under and then in May occur by ala the air act and and run our air trapped in it. Not interesting operate cell I didn't now this is happening. At Columbia center which is right in downtown Seattle. Com it's the sec tallest building west of the Mississippi. They have a bow on 1356. Steps. To do an about 69 floors of stairs that's a lot and need to know that registration was only open to firefighters and I cracked. And when I didn't know what you just said why is that they come from all over the US. Which is crazy I thought it was just you know Washington thing but now all over that awesome. You do it how meat and let's say I'm on listening right now and I wanna know how can I get involved and how can I how can it help now how can I help out the leukemia lymphoma society. Absolutely there's a couple of different plane and the earth every day event that I went and that firefighters are kind dot ordered. There that the actor had him for me and about our how to that there's no volunteer opportunities on the day idiot but I highly it is no one's lifetime experience. And other capacities it's obviously you have the means if you parent to make a contribution. Maybe to the local fire department in your area and they claim just the talent and bit of any unique. And that Maggie Q and that every dollar donated goes directly actress. Oh wow look at the name dumb stuff leukemia and lymphoma society before I've done races mom. Can you explain to people what exactly that money is used for that the that they you leukemia lymphoma society uses that money for. Can you explain. Certainly and then we're incredibly fortunate to be one of the U nonprofit remaining provide directly benefit and Aaron they're gonna come my apartment cocaine at any of people think. Don't have insurance companies cover their entire bill and occasional hit and obviously Matt Emmons you remember it can't only be available to Chinese children and the doctor's appointment that there are you in your bag not a camp they're. We all air support local researchers. There are here in Washington. We und local read their achievements 3.3 million dollars. Ayman and we also on international and national project we and the high cutting edge reach their age and a lot of other people out there like keep out there if for example and it's and MP. Hello lap but behind Matt and funded Eric researchers created. Wow okay and like you said you can donate online you do you have to know a fire Freddie could just general just donate to leukemia lymphoma society. Specifically. And donate. You can just downing generally in the event and I hope apart. On in the past last your Dina how much money guys raced from us. Last year we read you point three million dollar iron that you are on actor he went just from the Klein itself. All. Eyes on. Some that's amazing wow or do you have do you know anyone off he and that typically does it every single year and raises in prodding in Washington in meanings come to mind any firefighters. Well absolutely I mean we have great support actually from Seattle I think she got into our government that this year's kicking my heart for tiger but how. I enacted its heat again in Seattle iron. We actually have one of our top fundraisers in healing to pretend sham and he bit at a scrap iron we have. I'm mainly with the court if people just show up when you're in and get back end. Sounds like not a Lal OK while that's going down is that marched off to people uncle and watts in and tear on these people in other enough and steer case in it's kind of hard to cheer him on. But art is usually a big crowd. There is an outrage in the area fell on Fifth Avenue on that I and the Columbia aircraft and family I'm. Went on gathered there at their state tax and the live feed of that and I'm. You can topic in the lineup that they. And here's the final question now once they climbed steers there up on top to get to take the elevator down. To begin. With. An ally that propelled down on until. I happened I was thinking to myself that that's an option you know I. You know it did not do that. Says. I don't know the island but in my mind that ideally yeah I thought something better. Idea to saying and a all right Emily I appreciate your help on and explaining on as kids you can't give that web site one more time for anybody is interested in donating or quote they contact also the year Justin volunteering. Aaron for the web site at firefighters air climbed dot or. And that they're interested in my arms carrying and that would be my L that you would be contacting you mean my information at. Actually on that web site if you go to the about page. After contact that is right there are greenery and I'm. Sweet and key new one with question I know I keep asking questions. What are some things that volunteers get to do on that day I'm just so that. We get a general idea. And the amazing people that does it take about 350 volunteers called at that. In the rat is acting in the registry and crack at the very bad and I mean. You helping out at the top when an and the guys are obviously very Heatley helping your mobile chip that state. They are covered up or and then back down. And this standard teacher and crack I mean honestly it and like. You sent timing chips so I know this is the real hardcore race on because there. They better not be like you know skip and on the tenth floor into an elevator up now acting in is because that's. It's at we'll let people know out there cheating or not I think the welcome to saint. Yes we'll definitely catch it and right now accurate accurate and minute and wary that. You. But. This is crazy to meet what's the longest talent like that long is that someone's taken. I'm now we're out of her now are you know aren't. Right it could be some time between thinking. Average in between a half hour weary Edmonton ten it's like skip went to steer us. I'm not actually hit from Missoula Montana and get on there are draining. I got to does he come back every year to do he got to show is about what does he always win. Yeah is there a price for someone who winds. We definitely recognize them but there are and that is primaries here are embraced him and he's saying now you know somebody wow wow ten it's important wildcats' NC. The rate will only think you so much for taking its time resides in me. Absolutely not and Atlantic IRA appreciated have a go and you can't. While and was full of so much knowledge that is in scene ten minutes and 43. Seconds crazy while. The Scott firefighters stair climb. Happens at 780. Feet the vertical elevation the Columbia sent our. In downtown Seattle it stands as the second tallest building west of his Mississippi like a touch before it takes 69 floors six the stairs and 1356. Steps to reach. The top the observation deck overlooking the city the Scott firefighter steer climbs supports the mission of the leukemia lymphoma society freezing money. Through sponsorships individual on department fund raising an entry fees the Scott firefighters stair climb. Is that the leukemia and lymphoma society's annual fund raiser open in. Only to writers in completed in full structural firefighter gear like Emily has told us. In 2016. In the event featured over 1900. Firefighters from over 330 different apartments. And five different countries and brought in a record. A 2.3 million dollars for blood cancer research and patient services you've heard Emily saying they're on track. To raise that number 22 point five million dollars. While completing the stair climb is it physical you know achievement in itself it's also symbolic of in comparison to the street and the journey that all cancer patients in door as fire freighters raced in the top of Seattle's tallest building they keep in mind every step towards. Is symbolic of moving forwards. Line moving towards finding a cure for all those battling a blood cancer today LS has invested over one billion dollars to develop cancer therapies. And Indians the production in application of any drug treatments now in its 26 the year this event has raised over twelve million for our last. By the air continually astounded by the passion that people have Andy are excited to team for a 2017. Fund raising goal of 2.5 and I think he'll make it I think I'll definitely make it but wow. What an accomplishment. Check out the Columbia center in the air and there's a lot going on in you could also. You can donate online easily by just going to fire fighter steer Klein dot org one point two million people in the US are rooting me. With or in remission from blood cancer and spite of all the the answer as we have meets certain sub types of leukemia are still being treated with your p.'s developed forty years ago. Hello last currently under 277. Academic research grants from around the world. Fire fighters can't find out port. Conversations as a public fears for.