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Monday, May 23rd

Guests Scott Trettanero, Scott Schober, Richard Saunders and Jennifer Leavitt join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.

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Welcome the conversations I'm your host Greg Tom assess thanks for spending some time with a us this weekend joining me this segment. This got threatened narrow author of mastered the mystery of human nature resolving the conflict of opposing values good morning. Two are fine thank you for asking join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. Gender and Seattle across the country generates many discussions of a wide array of topics some traditional. American sitcom style thinking other times there's. Discussions of bathroom rules and appropriateness. We live in a time were huge power sources like the Catholic Church still hold rules they deem only appropriate for meant. While others will be only appropriate for women the conversation stretches back. For hundreds of generations wolf Scott trip Merrill has his own take on finding our differences and navigating those waters so Scott. How does understand the differences in nature between men and women alternately. Help our relationship chances of a lasting success. Well let's start on the other end of that. It's because of our inability to understand each other that no that's what causes our breakups divorces and failures. So we want lasting relationships. The best thing that we can do is understand ourselves. And our partners. And find out the causes of our conflicts so we can deal with them appropriately. So so really that's that doesn't that's gender neutral as far as that's concerned and that is about understanding what our own limitations are. Exactly and you know if we try to stay in the fact that we are right in the other strong. And went well that's going to end up very poorly because you that one side that's that's going to win and the other side is going to lose. And we got a 5050. Proposition here so. I don't know about Cuba. If my wife isn't happy. It's not a very good time in that household. Have four persons out of balance it tends to throw the entire the entire process often difficult to yourself how. That's been special to the woman because they're they emotional and trend setter for. Further relationship. You should come to my house that. How how does understanding the little differences though help us ultimately help our relationships are what are the little differences that you're looking for. Yeah let me give you little short course. And how men and equipment or different. And of course this is all done in generalities because she you do have exceptions to the rules. And are just buying percentages on that would fit what wouldn't. And I think what I'm gonna say is gonna help illustrate the differences. As a general rule and then scientists and in that area of temperament. And personality studies is generally agreed that. Mean most women and two thirds are. More feeling by nature which in most men and two thirds. Or more sticking by nature. And that's as well that's pretty obvious but that affects how we talk to each other how we perceive each other. And the differences in those two lines of communication. Are very starkly contrasting. In their nature. And so for the woman is wanting. The emotional part of what the relationship. Being dealt with commanders in the thinking mode. And we're not coming together there. So here's a location point. Say a woman Astro man for a his opinion. Of a drug test that sheet on the tryout. And she asked him does this dress make me look fat. Well commanders and more logical and thinking in. Tries to. The objective what what what they're saying he might say well you know you know a little bitter that you can do something a little better. Well the wife from you know looking for the answer. Yet turn knows she's looking for. Simple things that would support her feelings. And that she's feeling bad about yourself because of address that. Creates this and all these things are gonna become obsolete yet. Women do make their decisions based on their values and emotions which values are basically are most emotions. And then immoral in here and objective. We try to get down to the bottom of that in a truthful. And productive way. But sets up a conversation. Between the two that. It's just very difficult to come to agreement when both when one side looking for a that the objective. And the others looking for the subject to lower the emotional part. Don't ever get upset with a take like that that you have is is there any backlash that you get from people that wolf I think it's like a sexist look at how things behave because you're. So defining the two roles. Well I guess that there are differences and of course men have feelings in the courtroom and aren't hurt thinker to also but this is more and they. Generalized term. That could be the total opposite a man could be if you're in this situation in the women could be that this thinker. And you might end up with the same results. But this force the sexist thing. We have equal. Well let me just throw out a quote it's that the most favorite of mine. But Dr. Martin Luther King he said life at its best. Is that creative synthesis. Of opposites in fruitful harmony will lose so we need both sides from resist to work. And there's carrots at the end of each of our sticks here that that can help the other should learn and grow. Console if people except their differences. How do you become to overcome ready begin rather to overcome those differences are how do you learn to manage them to handle conflict. Yes. Were the main thing that that purchase. In our relationships. And mostly important other aspects of life. There's the fact that we get stuck on our own way it's seeing things. We believe that our perspective is the right way because it makes sense total sense that. And we project that on to everybody else so what if people don't see it our way. They must be wrong because I am right now I see this playing that's the right thing to do. Those loans were in our ego my coach believing that we are the center of the universe and that we're right. That shuts itself off from accepting anybody else's point of view. What's necessary at some point. Is to see that our perspective our individual perspective. Is just a small bit of the total perspective. And that we do need others. To help us to bring the the total picture and polite so that we can create lasting solutions and and possibilities. Can the differences. I can't imagine a half to our decision to how the difference actually enhancing or how did they help or relationships. Okay. I am by my nature. A very scientific and logical person. I married my total opposite who's the most. Stealing and subjective. Person on her. So we have these total opposite things going on she used to feel they're on the speaker she's expressed that I'm more introverted. She's grounded in the president wanting to do things for the now and I'm always thinking ahead. I like rules and structures she likes flexibility and spontaneity. So how how can two people come together when you have totally different. Viewpoints like that. I MA AM to practicing dentists or 36 years now. And I can truthfully say that because of current and dealing with for our. Can deal with all kinds of patients. In their in their best interest not mine and understand them communicate better with and helped him. With there and it's so I think that if we have a relationship where we can learn from the other. And truly understand the other then. It's going to raise our level of capabilities in Newark. Ability to communicate with others that's going to enhance our lives and all of far reaching base business. Relationships friends Stanley. Our guest is Scott tried narrow. A dentist had just found out that's excellent and he's the author of master the mystery of human nature for solving the conflict. Of opposing values. So I just regardless of what gender is are involved or what the traits are that are associated with a typically. When we do you have conflict. What's the way that you begin to. And I think what what used to happen in in the beginning of my relationship does we would fight over who was right and wrong. And vet can escalate into all sorts since. Wild and wonderful complex that you know you regret later. And I some myself as doing things and being such a way that but I wasn't happy when it seemed comfortable well. I decided that I had to make it the change here in an ally in the old conflict. I think that. Once you go through conflict and and I guess this is a necessary step in a relationship. And see that I'm tired of doing it this way there must be a better way. And you concede that the conflict. The results of the conflict. You can have an agreement with each other that hey let's don't do that again. We love each other those Marie can go through that. And I respect you you respect me let's learn from each other and if things get. To hunt Terry does make an agreement did you back off. And then tell each other we love each other in let's look for a solution rather than fight. So I think both sides have to come to an agreement ahead of time we'll. That that this conflict can be a good saying. If we use it as a tool not as a breakdown. And it would be it would seem like it would be important then that. I would also suggest that there can't be like a one sided this you can have just an overall dominance of one person over the other. No not at all just like that should be in the beginning. It's my wife isn't happy. That's gonna come back and bite me. So we have to do truly appreciate each side and and make each other feel like there so their role is appreciated. Respected. And it. We are learning from each other and helping each other and work supporters of each other. Not trying to be in competition with each other on each going to dominate. It's interesting stuff that's can send it to the American style of thinking known sitcom style that we've seen through the ages of modern America and I guess I'm to me since. Long ago. Scott tell us what we can find out more about your book and your work master the mystery of human nature resolving the conflict are proposing values. And you can go to my web site which is master of the mystery book dot com. And you can pick up the book or some information on that they're at that point and I also have a blog there. At that site and I tried to. Put something Annika every couple weeks. But have some interesting ideas that may be precursors. For another book the like if people visit at least sign up for the blog and read those and I think they can be enlightened to listen to some of these issues. Scott trip narrow thank you so much for joining us this morning. Thank you know pillow great rest of your weekend conversations. Is a public affairs program of the station. Welcome to conversations I'm your host Ian crew who's a right now I am talking to a Scott schober thought world renowned cyber security expert you must be keeping really busy these days absolutely not thanks for having me here. Not think you you just released a new book called hacked again. He can happen to anyone even a cyber security experts some assuming. It's happened to you. It's happened to me unfortunately. Yeah. Time it Jiabao on cyber security right now and all this that's going on at. Identity ass and even what we saw I almost a year ago with target. Yeah well that's really where especially some of the stuff for myself where I became a target no pun intended as a sturdy re reporting on. And sharing tips with people Heidi keep your credit cards they and protect your identity all these different things over the past few years. That I became me AP victim and a target where where where myself personally and my company. My credit card was compromise debit card. RO Webb say. Rear received attacks or Twitter account hacked and finally after switching banks trying everything we had 65000 dollars taken out of or checking account and this is. This is getting serious and it's getting tough and everybody can imagine it and by it was just when you have to give credit card compromise bill when it's multiple things and platforms in bank. He gets really messy and a lot of paperwork Lotta time and a lot of things you have to do to change the way you live so. I started documenting all these different things I was so frustrated. Dealing with the that it maybe some of the things that I'm learning in the process of cleaning up dismissed. Will help other people and eventually it rolled out into a book and and it's available on the web site hacked again dot com or Amazon or Barnes & Noble or the other places you get books and it's really not my tale of what I went through and hopefully things you can do to keep yourself safe and that's really the. You or your company that you only is a security company as well. You know we actually we provide wireless threat detection tools basically these are tools to stop the bad guys and a lot of more hackers. From reaching into government agencies and and things of that sort so. We kind of or in the space we've been in this space for a period of time and understand the wireless threat greatly. But then we also talk a lot about just. Things to keep people's computers safe networks safe common sense things as well so often educating sharing things with individuals. Well before we get into that on did you ever when you got hacked in your company got hacked DG everything that's why I mean why would come after me. And us senate special people would go through in their mind like why why did you come after me on that much money some people think yeah. Yep no he he he you're dead on in fact it's of those boats crossed my mind of an effect while it was a lot of research and and sharing tips things talking about the Sony breach. That was kind of the unique once. One of the things that came to mind it I realized that I was being targeted to bite. Some of the specific hacking groups haven't looked at my followers such as on Twitter. And I saw the looser squad an anonymous and a lot of other notorious. Hacking were communications that were following me and looking at all the seeds in the device that I am sharing so hence that's part of the reason. Targeting north will be making their job harder. And that often happens so it's it's good to check even your social media who's following you should know. What types of people are actually following you when you check your social media and to be careful which put out there. Yeah on do you ever catch these labor hackers. It's tough. The ones that are court early in the top ten or so in the world. Eventually they do get caught it's usually because they're bragging. And they're trying to steal. Not just millions of maybe even hundreds of millions of dollars. A case like or is it where it was a federal investigation but he's there again you're talking under a 100000 dollars. There's too many other breaches that are happening each and every day for federal. Investigators to really chase the bulldozed some of manpower capability they're so. The guys acme where they record now unfortunately. I tried to do what I could to to identify them summer confirmed. Were actual notorious hackers that were trying different things or web site badge but. Have you tracked him down very very difficult and very expensive and time and so that's not necessarily worth it more important. What can you do to prevent it to happen and put layers of security in place to make it difficult for people to. Compromise she again and it'll start from everything from passwords of being careful where he served on the unit lot of practical things that you could do. Look at personal level or even small business conducive to prevent. Green law that was my next question what are your tips and preventing. On cyber hacking. On a personal level Celine don't like me I don't have a business why would somebody wanna hack my information but if it does happen how can I prevent it is not quite sure. It is my great great question actual time one of the things as. Minimize your your your digital footprint don't have too many credit cards itself crazy. People yes. Well like out for five book. If they are fine I'm so many get rid of them. Score those critics don't close it is it'll mess up your credit score. And it's people that are trying to collect money from credit card companies and he's not not exactly true. Okay our little president not a lot of credit cards. You minimize one or maybe two credit cards you're going to be shopping online a lot may be up one dedicated credit card for that she can. Closely monitored maybe another one after getting gas or food to things like that use cares where possible sort of get minimize the use of the credit card. They keep it safe on the back of my critic Carter always writes please check. Idea and run and got their reason and that reason you're saying and minimize credit cards on aid because and they won't be enough you know bomb credit card doctor. For hackers to GAAP. But also so that you can keep track on a seeming seat conceit like oh okay are. How many people have six credit card can obviously monitor their statements on a regular basis to see if there's any fraudulent activity tart apple one or two on. Two very very difficult when you know they have doesn't credit card. And part of the problem is you have a limited amount of time to respond. And write a letter rebuttal to Germany back to probably will. It's a little bit of a pain but what you get that the money back eventually don't use debit cards are strongly to tell the securities and that now. Again it's like it's like somebody reaching your purse or wallet taking your cash app. Harder to get your money back into the comes out of your account credit card there's more liability protections things within the United States especially. That protects consumers are agonies credit cards you're much safer off again and he's one or two of them to minimize it. And you better do if you do an online shopping be really careful where you're going there's so many sites that look legitimate. But they're set up there really to compromise your credit card so you're gonna go with a name that you trust and you can keep the name into your browser. Never click on a redirect the you know link embedded into the public that or something. Obvious basic things will save you a lot of time. Why the number one thing that's going around our fishing scandals just a brief statistical share its fishing into scam has basically. Embedded attachment in an email. She used to propagate understand which we all ate so much in our email. How successful or they. Every day 156. Million. Phishing emails are sent out. Out of that about sixteen million are open tickets to a fire wall another eight million are actually opened an out of that 10% or 80000 people. Gailey click on the attachment which then. Downloads malware viruses or other strains such as ransom where all these other crazy things that are coming out so be really careful. When we get an email be at on our mobile device tablet PC that we're not clicking. And no matter how convincing it looks you got to really make sure it's really not not something scam. You know kind so those are few tips anything else. Don't trust on your virus checkers. And your thoughts checkers it they work. And they they're important but they don't stop everything that's the problem stopped about 20% of all malware viruses. What's important note about that. That's only about 80% are getting through and that's why these spam and so effective 'cause it's still getting through and people are still clicking on it. And getting scanned. Be really really careful there and then of course ransom where. Number one tip for that and ransom worker familiar with that your listeners. Mobile devices a big target. Computers big target the first quarter this year alone in the United States it was about. 250 million dollars he can just in ransom. From ranch somewhere and that's where the malware that it's on your computer mobile device locks it up encryption file you gotta pay the ransom is basically optic really on. Unlock it. And get your files back that you deal with criminals they don't always give you that magic key to unlock it what and you do the only thing that you can really do effectively has. Have a backup plan in place backup your data on new tablet. Is the place your computer. Regularly. If you are a victim of ransom where. Wipe your device you computer load your back up your back in business no harm done that's a simple thing that's again it's in our control. That we should be doing just like passwords. Create the long and strong passwords. Twelve characters upper case lower case numbers and symbols. That are hard to crack will take years for hackers cracked that the move onto another target archery members are right in general black book clocked a mosque. Debit card for you every number that is going to be tough for the hot area. He's got a very well that's the key. I remembered not associated do you you'll do very well. I actually. Downloaded there was an app out there on gasoline I think it is acute site passwords sure. What do you think about apps like that that helped keep track because I mean it. He gets more more complicated in all these web sites want passwords so have you it's a you've heard of gasoline. Yes they have and last aspirin one of the most popular it is and half dozen of them and they're good. It was everything good there's a downside to downsize have a master password. It should be long and strong you should tell anyone should rated down hiatus locket and say whatever. Is it ever was compromise and somebody was able to decrypt it and they've got good encryption on the air if they were at that gets what they have access everything. Wolf this is your passwords how many ever have proceed got to balance and I personally don't use it. These layers of security irate in my password literally in a black book locked safes locked office locked building. Cameras alarms on so yeah. Kindly an old school is going yeah yeah in my pocket. Used password lock him up rate of downs sometimes old school things do work effectively there's nothing wrong. Yeah I totally agree with you all right so this is basically what your book. It can happen to anyone even a cyber security expert kind of brings gives you everything that you need to know cracked yeah. Yeah exactly take you there and I I dive down into its. A lot of different breaches as well before major breaches that that happened there that the target in the off the personal management's own means. And the iCloud stuff I also talk about ransom where the different trained I guided tepid. The deep web the dark web and try to explain that simply some people get a sense of what's going down on in this this underworld where a lot of cyber hackers who live in deal with things so I. Take or that the technology side of it out and try to simplify it's so every day. Small business owners and consumers can relate to do it. And hopefully that they can make small adjustments that are like that don't cost a fortune but there are safer and not act like I'm. Yeah well we'll think they believe put out book that's gonna help everybody with this. If they give. They are great great feedback so far which is fabulous that's awesome people say hey I tried that it that you used to really help and thanks so much. Break it Scott com please tell everyone what they can not grab the book again yes I absolutely certain if your local bookstore Barnes & Noble wherever you buy it and Amazon. Where you could buy it directly from. Get a free T shirt with that if act again dot com. Conversations as a public affairs program of this station. Look at conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thank you for spending some time of those this weekend. Joining me this segment is author Richard Saunders to the morning. It stewardess as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation has filming this week gets under way for a picture that's. Sort of shutting down horrified duct it's great to see the creative writing can still be inspired by our Austin city. There's a certain type of literary mind that pushes the boundaries and perhaps. To be labeled a bit of a prankster hunter S Thompson or aide Jack Carol lack an adventurer with an outlet in writing. The names that come to mine are all from a time that this past are there. Current pictures we should be tracking for their hijinks yes one need look no further than mr. Saunders AKA the great impostor. He's a method author of which I'm gonna require some clarification about the two that sounds awesome. And he's gone as far as to pretend to be an attorney and prosecutors are currently famous politician. The first time I've used this term for the men elect Richard please tell us the tale if you single handedly prosecuting high profile lawsuit against Donald Trump. And an army of lawyers in 2007 while impersonating an attorney before the federal court in Boston this is fantastic. Chucked I'll start up quite briefly explaining the method writing the technique guy. Infected. That. Kind of inspired by the method. Acting. People so with that in writing I try to increase drummer in real life by interacting with interesting people in highly unusual situations. That they create an orchestrated. By the fictionalized the episode and folded into my novel has as a thinly disguised as fiction. So my goal output Donald Trump was actually commit to a champion who extolled the virtues of hiring. All the experience work its. I have exploited the probability in this television show the premised. Were found you lose believe he was violating the they just nation and employment act. And we have they are protected spell that was eventually settled out of court to all of our satisfaction. How about this impersonating. Reversing an attorney Amy were were you did you have to do a ton of research how do you get in that role. They've got had to do what kind of research. I didn't have to protect tend to be a licensed attorney. But I didn't do everything in an attorney would do I mean I. I hate that started with a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Who has the debt. Up planes before they can go to federal court for eight discrimination to keep frivolous claim of very busy federal court. They found my. My complaint to be viable in this should be a right to some water. Now at that point directly these that prosecute the case myself and in civil court essentially the presence of filing this suit. Access the prosecutor in the normally most people I owe it to that follow them so I just there's that kind of research and civil litigation and eight. Well in the negotiations and wrote a suit filed with the federal court and interacted with the Trump Organization marked the met organization. Believe the on my own is if I was an attorney. Fantastic so. It's like you said it's like method actors who put themselves into the position to be able to act out that rule because they've been there whether or Pete tried to be the Joker in a bat man film or whatever other method it would go to but you're taking this to the writing process so. So exactly how amount on the beat beat the acting part is this just to create interest in. Fiction and it's. Like you say with so with that said. Acting at its total Immersion in the role. Site. They're not to do these kind of things as successfully as I have two I hit it requires a lot of dedication researcher in certain amount of ability. The topic it would require a little bit of danger or some sort of putting yourself and two way. Tough situation when you're doing with a guy that's known Mike O'Donnell trump this for being so. There there has its. It is it you can be dangerous and yet that you can tread a fine line the original rim part of for them hour from Lawrence Massachusetts. He sprang into. The public domain and became famous after being arrested for impersonating a Doctor Who operated on people without any. Andy yeah. Real medical training or credentials so now he went too far I mean bottle I was inspired by by this is that as a child and that. As many of these that in writing escapades. What variety speak impersonate. Occupations so our people. But I. I thank stay on the safer side and in trying to myself what are they from. Activity that would. The right to the level where police will be looking. Sure of course. But Richard Saunders is our guest he's not just. Not just an author of but he employs a method writings his style to putting yourself into a position to experience what it is you're gonna be writing about. What are some tips you can offer about our we have a very cute creative community here in Seattle a lot of mines that are working towards things like this. What tips can you offer about your method writing process. And shook. That the that the Corvette is that the folly of passion and yet. In other. Something like this is you have to be passionate about it so. It depending on we have interest of gay area of his interest but they get time don't skip on the research. And I use a lot of creative license. The fiction writers I recommend are trying to get inundated much you can and that's that's that's a quote my activities. I see so much perfection this just completely derivative. Of people I think chances we give imagination runs free. You sit and its derivative do you feel like adventure seeking among storytellers is a bit of a lost art is there too much information at our fingertips of the Internet. A little bit of that that's right inside you don't see as many of the types it. It's so strange in my area you know worm from. What grade along with food mass superior is right down the street from reject correct this from wall mass. And we have another local law that Jay Atkinson whose adrenaline professor at Boston University. His recent title massacre of the Merrimack. Sleeping pills and it doesn't incredible story but ex date from American. Indian kidnappers and 1697. They admitted they thought our. And kidnapped people from cable Massachusetts. And put them up mop up pockets. I can't learn to cope captives. Actually get up but then killed the kidnappers and made their way back this cable so gay activists in this. Type of the American role emotion and adventurous. He retraced the exact route from papal mass Pope not subscribe to New Hampshire by foot and by tea pure and that's who. Very tough terrain who really. Trying to end the mindset of the typically was during the bulk so that at the kind of thing I like to see and that you don't feel as often anymore I don't believe. This or perhaps a way that you can you know you're you've set out and been very adventurous is there a way to get someone who hasn't. Reach that same level a push towards that as are some sort of creative license you can envision for writer who's not quite there. I think that the motivation has to come from within. It's if it's it's it's not anyway I think that these yep it's gonna end up being how hard it won't get hit so. And find you know who look within. See what. We are just really and we get passionate. And then now we'll take your long wait but it it really really statue inside your heart. That when your doing this research when you're actually going out and you're about to prepare a lawsuit against one of the big media figures and our country. At any point are you feeling that the task is to daunting have you taken on too much. Yeah yes definitely yeah he's a Nomar. And not look. Present a substantial means but connections so. I definitely get. I guess starting out on his single boy that I don't bite off more than I can handle on this and they eat this you that you push through the soft out there in the in the fear and I could sit the passion that drives you out. The famous quote from Einstein that side. But for the most part I do my major drives me to do. And that's. That's pretty much Christ out of from. An incredible thing happened just today. Another person that was the target of one might sting operations and that the writing was the governor of Massachusetts. Governor William Weld. They announced today that he's gonna run for the vice presidential slot on the libertarian ticket. So it just an incredible coincidence that shall we have in my book was released soon to release is you want to go there actually about this number now. Two people what tiger took my method writing activities that I battled against a running for the highest opposite of the United States that just that. Credible went into this just happened today with the government while the announcement. Now that's amazing now tell us about journey a short story how much research did you have to do for first tells about the the sort itself and how much researching had to do end maybe some method writing to be able to two to get this done and promote it. It actually. Static and that idea when I was nine years old I came across the fact that I was born ten months separate public Einstein. That could get an idea what. Would happen if Einstein was reincarnated. But that created a fictional character of who became the protagonist in in my writing and what I'm doing American writing is on putting myself into the mind in the issues of this character in saying okay. What was he doing this situation. And I try and acted out and then. Right it so it's it's so lifelong activity culminating with the release of the first Troy in this and other parties to come and the research is that it just the mountain of research because of that. So many different activities so well with the football is division over what some what Einstein didn't collective personality would do in today's world. Interest and okay. What about somebody who is looking to get into writing what's the first kind of step to be able to tackle amount of the size to bite off more than you can should be able to handle. Well hopefully Odeo and avid reader you know almost every good right there is this consumed a lot of Reading. So if you need to catch up and heavier than him catch up. Depending only interest. Kind of focus reading in that area and then. Stephen King wrote that great book I'm writing with some great advice now I would I would recommend that book. And then it's it's a matter of sitting down and doing it this book out the vote writer's block and waiting for the abuse but most successful right is that that's that's not really wish. So it's. No shock cut like anything else it's it's it's I've worked president than they may be some innate talent. Tells forward to find out about your work and journey a short story. OK it's not available the other eight you'll local bookstore. Most places can moderate within two days and it's available every online venue. And my web site is secret agent man thought for a GA dot org on Twitter at RF Saunders. The degree morning thanks for listening and Richard Saunders thanks for joining us they're very much revenue conversations is a public affairs program of their station. Welcome to Comverse C and I'm hosting cruise today we are talking to Jennifer Levin the vice president of marketing for the belt you collection of our criteria according to mechanically Jenny from the block. And that I would love actor. At least it looked like I thought that we all. Like guides as sub beyoncé and probably a lot beyoncé on a look like her. That that's a failed in and I still gonna call you Jenny from the China anyways from the black mean W block here. So on you add another wonderful Fashion Week. At the W collections coming up in September of on. What is taxable. That that's something that we added I can have that. Light years ago and one of the things that we were really saying with that it was really difficult for local designers to get a foothold in this market they were. Starting here and then having to live to California currently marketed in New York. And we really wanted to start to support that industry here in this market because we want them to stay here you know this marketed as such agreed Bryant. And and very independent it's entrepreneurial and we felt like fashion so it's kind of settled here and try to stay. And we start of this project. Two in order to support new designers to get them one great exposure because that shows a fabulous that we put on. And being able to that also help meant to them with panelists. From the market that have either had experience in the buying side or potentially in the construction side. Or in the designs I do hope these new designers honor re true. What the whole idea of you know who can. Eventually launch a product to him eventually wants their business. And and really that exposure that they get is tremendous between. What we do for advertising and then shows that we put on our our spectacular. And they eat at bay and they make the show because they're showing those. Amazing ideas and innovations kind immigrant rights. To secure a spot for them okay it was the era contest. Areas but it is me I'm recap the beginning of the year to get writers in the market new designers we have. Criteria that they follow and they canyon and they showed the panel in that ten minutes the senate panel where they're gonna that is science what's the inspiration what they're Hispanic. Where they wanna take their business. And then the panelists decide between them and we're actually not on the panel we have an independent panel that works that. And they'd society. Food they want to in this case we've picked nine designers. And in some cases we've had. Eight or ten it really depends on and now what they see you know in those meetings and we get a chance to pick people who. We really feel like one and they're gonna be able to produce. Ten outfit which is what they need to do they can bring well. Yet it's a it's a really big commitment from their perspective and we really honor appreciate that he notices. And Fisher were actually offering aspect and to them a 500 dollars each just because we know how hard it is for them to be able to afford. The better fabrics you know and the things that we need to be Alicia had him rent way. They got their process elimination. And then we take those nine designers and the work with them through a number of meetings since that's with the. Judges at judging panel. Where it very you're sharing your arm designs ago playing and then we have protection meetings to talk about you know which are still on Hispanic or thinking we're gonna do because we have to do other multimedia that goes on behind you know behind the show and big screen and. And it's really chance for them to the brains have been mentors to try to help launch service. So basically before they have their their close showcase you have like a little video that kind of sums it all up. Yes Floridians care what we do this we we try to attract designers stream video to the process than Leo. Easley put some of that up on our web sites people can attract the process with an NC that's going on. And we're going encouraged as designers are also. And social media out whether I'm in the process then and people can kind of follow which has really been part of the fun part is seeing that evolution has. Those early ideas and then to rent way. They'll get Cantu of plant will have a on the final inning and the kind of things that the motto we make sure they're truly prepared. That we are particular march at the closing is going on because it's much for tailored in order to set and for the shows that there's there's different steps and and the last ones to kind of. Okay there's nine designers how many did you kind of have to. What did it start with. I don't believe this year we had about two. And an exact number but I think it was a 26. Look at a rate soared down denying it. Now the up fashion show for the independent designer runway show that show is it one day or is it. Well work abilities and I know the dates I have for Fashion Week are September 21 it's we step so when is the show for these designers. I'm the show is actually going to be Thursday the 22. And we do one night it's a big production we are tickets or at Cannes the it's over at. Ohio which has part of about it I actually do this amazing. Runway a. Incredible. Multimedia that goes on behind the show that's really one of the benefits to the designers is that the production level of that surely surely New York or at me and said to be able to have their clothes shown in that way. Especially at that level this really had a great bonus for them. So we Celtics that event and you can get tickets Oliver Fashion Week events when they go on sale which will probably be. Early July late June. And it's on Fashion Week about the dot com. That's our website people can get tickets and there are we also do. Saturday night in our vote shouts of us without magazine and they carry patch are. We think it Daschle also at high in our area. All the shows there are high at our elections there at the Hyatt in her Fashion Week space in the campus that we have a big. Actually wound that outside seeking cover lean on each event has had a different. Different pretty. Event with says via or carry with the. With the idea Russia and independent accurately show you get a chance to camp in early and. See the designers working in the Fauria in the lounge economy that actually round. He actually talked to designers. Get a chance to look at there work before Vick or ran rampant that things that are in the randomly are certainly not what is atom and make it actually ground state you'll still be surprised any in chances he was permanently. It get a chance to parked at the designers and understand what it. What drives their passion and where that coming from from Hispanic and a national perspective. That's a really cool opportunity for those that come to see that strategy really can it get a little bit and the scenes with that and you might not see another faction. Mean on these until Dino a little bit about each of these designers a nine designers. Yes if we have a that this partners it's it's we have had that attitude is CD how it. Mark from what they first showed to what they. Share on the right way and apps that we have. A couple of menswear designers which we haven't had a lot of men were so that's pretty exciting it's generally been women's we have a swimwear designer. Which we haven't had an. And then we have a little bit more some of the ready to Wear. And all of these designers will be on the web sites he'll be able to do it even the kid who follow us and tax thing. Now that's cool now on the nine designers are they competing and for a prize. There aren't competing for and so the data collection offers up a 5000 dollar cash prize. Because we want them to be able to further their business. And data along with that. All of them get all of this extra assurance or it's really an even different every and you weren't the winner. The experience we hope will be invaluable to them in terms of the mentoring me as well as the incredible exposure and he's towel yet almost 600 tickets at the shadows so. Did this shouts of this this one. To this and Alia that actually space seats. Nearly 600 how. It's it's a spectacular space you can office he would like these videos on the web site he can -- what level. That shows are adamant I think you'll be really pleasantly surprised to see this coming out of the northwest market here that this is actually our eleventh here during Fashion Week overall. And while that's pretty cool now as far as Fashion Week itself which is like says from the week vs 25. He said on you can purchase tickets for any of those shows. Crackdown on line. On now I know with your last event that you had that was actually at the Bellevue collection a portion of the proceeds is going to foundation and or donating are you also doing that this year. Yes we're very big into philanthropy and passionately has always been very tied into that that what we do for the vote shall. Is we donate 100% of the ticket sales to do a nonprofit and we're in the process of that I'm as cheating in a nonprofit organization last year went to. One of the guilt or children's hospital. And down with ten Moyer foundation and we also have. A similar situation which are posh party which is on Friday night so that's kind of the girls' night out it's a little bit more. Beauty and fashion event and that when we are just not tickets to and 100% of the tickets. Ghost you nonprofits about in in the past has been tabulate springs so both of those shows we donate 100% of the tickets. To the nonprofits. We pay for everything. Is this another one that they have to apply. Out to be considered a. No these into the boat show and a posh party are what things you can buy at these are right now so decorated out of our stores here. As shows that it's it's a more traditional fashion show actions that it's actually find on in the source. That's cool I don't I don't like that. While now I know. You know it's really sentiment definitely the fashion event for the year in whole region and we have people that come from. The British Columbia markets can dance and we put her manic state for it's it's a big get tickets did a fast they have that picture watching the. So out of them I'll have all the deeds you have which are the ones that I need to be. Out there and it was the all of I had came in with a smile while let's not that date yes I'm. I think it really depends on what you are looking for in in terms of election for the person's. There's many people really want to see what is that innovative talent coming out of this market I have people whose favorite is the independent check out. Other people are saying I need a little bit to help figuring out what I want you know how to put it together for all and that could be either prosperity or the folks out depending on the into the boat show it's gonna have a little bit more of a elevated action adds to it that the prosperity as they're really fine girl go to girlfriend we have beauty of this than round. So each one has that different feel different towns. Certainly feel like fashion he wanted to go to our three but if you needing to choose to think about it. You know what mr. shear your passion for fashion kind of I think a lot snooze. She just files are close to his column to a definitely. I would say in that case speculative issues and the person as I would go to either of the two shows. That are Sharon what's at the collection now prosper your vote. And this year we're still working but we're trying to put together a men's events for the first time. To really kick it up on Wednesday night in the manner and so where we think that can be really fun excellent speaking in them. Yeah for sure while I'm super excited for it Jennifer thank you so much for a talk to me about it. I'm gonna go check out the website and you said tickets for all these events go on sale sometime in July correct. It early July check check and rightly so and we'll start putting up information. That this type that now and you can see what we did last year and then we'll be alerting people to tickets. And if your team. Under which are people that we Kiefer he is water. Easily defended after down a little bit you know exclusive at first that was because dry land sale and they can I have been. Conversation as a public affairs program of this station.