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Friday, May 18th


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The conversations. I've you know please stay on the show we're really excited to talk to a local gal her name is Emily Houston. She is it council here and volunteer for camp promised. Emily were so excited to have you today I know your busy girls of thanks for taking time to talk to us. No order. So tell about can't promise why is it's. Still can't trying to essentially is eight summer camp completely dedicated. The serving children teens and adults with barrier. Muscular typically diagnosed he is doing campus you know everything that someone could ever want at the anarchy. It is completely free art campers and their families because of our volunteers. And it and I grant and donation through fund raising an individual donors business owners. Adam can't comment is a program a part Abby and which is a nonprofit with and that didn't bring awareness to that and not doing it to leak into that and about finding and they're realizing that York. I Lubbock this camp is free can't promise now tell me. We can't promise located annaly. So we actually have three different secular pan but that's factory here in Washington at the located in behind Washington so kind of out on the peninsula. And we have a factor in kinetic it with a mark yet on the east and then another factor in Colorado which is can't comment rocky. Okay great. So how long has can't promise that around. So I actually mark our ten year reunion here for camp on the left in Washington and and you know we started out there mall here in her state of Washington and we just we hope to grab a much bigger and we are looking at though it would help our campers. Volunteered our donors and we had. Added to expect. Actors won in Connecticut and won in Colorado still in Connecticut it can't on the east that began outlet and. And Atlantic Colorado. Rockies that began at 24 teen. Only get in touch with you what is the web site. Are you heading go to our website at can't comment dot or. Right he promised dot York to free listing right now anyone to reach out to them camp promised out of work. Now police say you've been around for ten years how you view in a volunteer and a counselor with the organization. So this summer will actually be my porch that summer clicking on the lat. And it kind of in Italy angry that they're involved. I have I think are the Becky here about nine years ago. Wiki prominent and she'd been able to go to can't comment. Eat in camp from the Rockies and it's been it's been angry immediately in for a. Which would Italy Houston and she's one of the counselors and volunteers for can't promise and we wanna know what inspired you. To become involved in this we realize it's sort of a fail only thing that for you personally what what brings the tie to can't promise for yield. Originally and I think being able to be a part of something that brings awareness that community that is very real and out there you know people that are. Diagnosed with Barea you know much like it to be thinking that are often disregarded and our community and they are in Harry put. Strict diet and being able to. Come together every summer and provide a week a three week logging out and her anyone's you know all ate it up over the six. It has been an amazing experience for me and being able to you provide them with lasting memories and a great summer experience. You know wanted to dig deep dive on. With the kids get to camp promised stuff in the except that expect what sets can't promise apart from other camps. Still with you can't comment. I I think I'll wait a fairly Linney to kind of have to be there it is an app you wanna say an average at a camp but it not. You know we take your ideal summer camp and although I can't we just put some and that. A no lead you are keen days in over our ten year with three different camps we have never repeated theme day. You know we've done on the game cops and robbers. You know nad bank to stay and you know with each day we had. Special activities that would not find the day we're getting Experian and then you add on stressed to the mat you know they've got. There lab coat and safety goggles. Act you know it does a great opportunity currently involved. Yeah every day were offering arts and crafts and archery. Swimming canoeing fishing ponds in voting. You know I that the island Erick something. Our campers it ain't but sometimes in the first I you know we don't have. And a lot of campers that failed it in archery before coming to barking where we have you know Poland really. Letter that allowed you know campers that don't have necessarily much motion acting yours to be a little pull back up well and she. That you know and we do things like how it shows you know we have our campers. Data to really come either shell you know they get up on aid in and been seeing you know we have had tampered with. You in a big help jokes than they do there and get the magic tricks. And you know I mean you nightly activity we have casino night we give movie night and got can't buyers. I am you know and then every week. We do cute dance that we have against them and all the week. And that her team again you know we've gotten night on the Nile in Bollywood the end secret guard and and then we have our law and in a province note special for our campers because that might be. Our first time experiencing a lot and they might not be able the get go to their school prom and the bailout Q have. He dressed up and the boot near the court sides is that they eat for dinner. And that dancing on it just such a great overall experience. And you know every year brings new opportunities Turkey especially here on the last. You know in the past they've got. Hot air balloon right that are wheelchair accessible. We had FBI agent come in bids that we stand in props show. We have how few artists that come in and they get they catch you on or tampered with shark you and you know we had muscle car show. It just everything is nine. Everything that funded that it detonated. At paying versatility rental or the medical supplies in the hospital bed. We use to bring new experiences. To camp culture. You know what I big thing here can't comment is our first. So at the great labor camp are you become more involved and get them you know I'd be willing to try new things. Yeah I mean first time that it ever get to go on to new. In my knee the first time that they get you experience arts and crafts. So our it able for them to go out and trying things and you know here can't promise we do our best. Not to tell our campers know he obviously with and they regulations that now. But you know we try to make things that reality whether you know that yet getting a camper or across the look inside. Or you know being able few makeshift whatever we can't make things possible. It into all over what we can do you for our campers in that week. Can't promise is a camp that is dedicated to serving children teens and adults. With various muscular dystrophy diagnosis and this is such a lot of league camp you have described to me it's like you have. Thought of everything it almost sounds like a dream world and only. And you know add up one of the counselors and volunteers their ballots. Maybe an experience that you've had at camp that was when your favorites what was your favorite team nighter. An event that you really enjoyed. Her only I I always love art movie. I think I'm in Munich so great that they get a big blow up screen that you know thirty feet tall. We get on a partner wheelchair out front and it we have popcorn and you know I landed at inning you know at least mean at. At movie night and definitely been the sand lot I mean at the crowd favorite. It and my at least in print that I you know all of and that means that you could possibly and that we got you know we got the looming. And at such a great experience our camper to be able to go to what we kind of that you would be at dragon air. We're chatting with Emily Hughes in today's one of the counselors and volunteers for camp. Promise is specifically can't promise west there are a couple other sectors but sure Washington. The summer camp. Is for. Bonn and Washington on the key peninsula is that we would find the camp so when did when we're sending our kids. To this camp is that where it's located. It located at in Bonn watching and at what an egg at Easter meal I locate in the Kia and by. You wanna get in touch with them today it's can't promise. Dot org were chatting with Emily Hughes and she's one of the counselors and volunteers. And get a little bit more information someone's listening today and thinking gosh you know this Italy sounds like such a nice person and I love this idea of camp promise west I'd love to send my kids there or. Maybe they're thinking rational I would really like to volunteer or donate to this program how did they get involved. So happily and you know getting involved in such a great first step. And we can Ali do more volunteers. You know whether that he counselors are programming staff who have run activities. Or even our medical team I mean you have nurses and respiratory therapist to take an entire week and other summer. To come and volunteer at. And you know we are would you get counselors that are students you know in college Canadian medical school who are tiny and physical there tests. Our doctors are here this argument you know respiratory Erekat. I still being able to get him on the decree that you can go ahead and go to our web site I can't comment dot org and to get more information and. Go ahead and buy an application on line it's well. Can't promise public so much fun annaly you know you probably have a blast their county. Every year. All of that theme nights what are your favorite theme night that you put on at the Kia. I think one of the best times but probably don't act your age stay. That we had younger camp rejecting. Like patent in all of Laney and let walker then it. Glass and the curly hair you know in it being perm we had an older camper you know that just that wearing a big. Big eight diapers and you know the big baby you rattled with the finance you know a whole nine yards. That sounds like a blast I just love this I love what you're doing for our community Emily. And the way the you're giving back Emily Hughes is counselor or volunteer for camp promise west. And we've been visiting with her on conversations today if you are listening and you're thinking gosh you know why don't greats. Program you wanna get involved you can reach them camp promise. Dot org. And also before we get today I wanted to ask you. About the age of the campers because I think that's important with can't promise there's no age limit rank. Great so I'll leave you actually start at 86. And we only do that. Because we and our camera ready to be away for a whole week you know all the sickness is the real thing. But we don't have it cap so an American or that Perry even up in her late forty. So we get wanna be a good welcome as many camper that we can't. So if you want to reach out to them today camp promise dot org. Emily Houston is one of their counselors and volunteers will they if the kids come this year they be able to see you at the camp. Actually Abby and you're. And at what dates on this odd yet when he threw that when he sticks. Can't promise west Emily Houston counselor and volunteers look for her if you're dared this year it only take you so much for taking time to talk to us today. Thanks CNN. Ideally and this is conversations.