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Monday, June 18th


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Good morning and welcome the conversations I'm your host Gregor Jordan but maybe held an arms. Texas but instead of the through this weekend. To be this segment is Judith Kate treatment she's the producer of make music day portent of good morning. Good morning Greg do you join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation June 21 118 isn't just the first day of summer it's also make music day in Port Townsend today we'll find out exactly what's on the books for this year. And how fun it could be and how you can get involved. Educate. I guess we start at the very basic care tell me what is make music. It may mean dictate is that. A participatory. Spectacle here it's actually happening and 800 different locations around the world in a 120 countries. And it started the secular Lucy back in France in 1982. I believe. And we started picking up the new community tradition we call it in Port Townsend and east Jefferson County. Last year really isn't it may we have more than 400 participants and so we're building on that this year. How how with a lot of people to get involved with really cool now you're an artist's two and a mistaken. I sure around an up and be fingered operator. Looks cool how did you guys get this thing started what was the what what what do you give you the impetus to make this happen. Well I'm always interest in community music and song writing George educational foundation which I created through. Being originally an artist in residence in different places in California and in Washington and elsewhere. We always look for opportunities to create group music making because we know how good it is. Our community building communicate and help your own mind it's it's good for everyone of all ages all around. So I heard something it would probably. One of those little bit of public radio. Like feature. Of something and it said that make music day what's happening in all these places. And at that history at their word that an anchorman on the end of the news in France. Wait back in the eighties has wanted to make happy news and looked at it beautiful day and hey everybody it's the first day is number one you go out to meet your neighbors and just bring your instruments and saying and make music on your street corners and hundreds of people did it so now it is. Poverty there and has spread all other places. And when I heard that history having been living more than a decade on our beautiful. Victorian arts and seaport town of accounts in a way out. On the Olympic Peninsula. I thought it it is like a quintessential. Wonderful. Beautifully suited idea cart community and our community looks to be creative and come out. And do you unusual things and what a great opportunity cell we get a little tiny project back in 2016. Is really hit three days' notice. And we had like a dozen people jamming on corners and art chamber of commerce visitors information center got involved in our. Local community radio gotten our pockets and everyone agreed that we should go elsewhere that the connection would make musical alliance out of New York who get the web site at connects. All the different chapters. Within US and elsewhere who are queuing and make music days. And so we can't support all year round for building a very cool community events and this year they said we're building on last year's successor. We're excited to. I have every different kind of music can all ages them I think you had a Q mark what century on Matt so I'll wait and to answer but to complete. Well I mean it's it's a super fun festival that runs all day long from 8 AM till you know the week until ten. I like about the concept yours it's not just a festival for established performers. This is a chance to try and get other people even if you've maybe haven't played music all the gonna be opportunities for people. Absolutely so of the way it works is that anybody. Can offered to host any events it could be in their backyard on their side porch on their street corner. At pocket art or a larger you know gathering place. It can be at a retail business. Add it can be in established and you which million cars are as well. Allen and community spaces. And and you can host an event anybody and offered to all who matched where. I host of the Internet hosts get to decide who they are having in their lineup but their lineup might not only beat performances they include performances. But they could decide that they want to host at our local music partner. The store them in our challenge crossroads music is hosting teaching workshops in armada. Ukulele banjo guitar. And so it's our teachers for instance or people who teach Maurice pork. People at the ability drum circle. They can halt come forward and say we want the art of this at the technology leader teacher in addition to the former. And then the whole general public is invited. Succumb to those jam session not only has a partner. But she get their hands on instruments you can't beat a card saying that last year we had a ukulele flash mob. This year we'll. A whole ukulele. Gathering at the Holler out in down town import countenance. So and I'll give you little rundown on some of the special event and moment here. Am but yet it. Absolutely participatory the whole point is that music is really good art community and tree individually. On every single level. Physically emotionally. Spiritually. And socially great. So why not meet your neighbors and have son just like this traditions and going you know and it's started back in the eighty. Judith K Freeman is our guest today she's the producer of make music day Port Townsend what you can find out more about right now but going to make music. Jed dot ORG. Slash Port Townsend and I can immediately found them more information on the then make music data out or. Slash Port Townsend now. OK I said a minute ago there's it's an all day event kicking off in the morning going well into the night but what are some of the specific deal of performances that will be fun for people to just kind of pop I'd catch. One of the thing that's happening. With the early in the morning we will open up with a ceremonial song and drum circle at the but cotton building at our headquarters so people can also come parents pick up the schedule of events that are happening all over. He'll also be free app. Which you'll find out more about it go to the regular. Web page that dictate dot org slash part count impeached or have inspirational app that you can download an office. Information on the gay epithet. The opening ceremony in terms circle take place at 1130. Followed by a song writers need to. Again. And across. A little further away from downtown at concerts music they'll be. Different kinds of music sessions including. Blues jam at noon with midnight train please stand and Chicago Bob long iron. I'm George ot we'll also be teaching harmonica and he will be. Not only teaching harmonica tune moderate which were in the morning. But at sports thirty we will have at the cotton building. Downtown against our child in that second annual Andy MacKey memorial harmonica while. And Andy MacKey was decree champion of music free young people and all AJ he also helped Guinness world book of records perhaps the most. Harmonica players ever assembled. Which was 300 ponds at. Applied one year. And so we honor him. In memory at its. Events and last year we can agree a hundred street harmonica corner has donated them all to make the case nationally and we're really grateful to be working with them make music alliance at a new York and the partners. Two that made it possible for us to have free music instrument giveaways will be giving away experts. Drum sticks and Alpert music song books for illegal aliens. Guitar. At each different each band and it all on the web site with a grand finale will be at 830. Actually cotton building again. And will be having many of the performers and musicians from that they all get together and have them a big finale together. And put out and I say about specially bad. At. And good but we actually. As I'm holding my tiny baby here for this interview. It seems that the very appropriate but he sure I bring him along to an event like this. Absolutely. The last year the youngest person that we received a free harmonica was one and a hat and that child's mom was so proud. We have to start early and then yelled what eighty plus and we're actually there with her son and to grant dollar. That's super cute. So there's going to be opportunities also to learn a little blue song Smith thing I would imagine. I'd you're responsible for starting songwriting works that's the group of producing wins under your direction pulse about that a little bit please. Shot warning or started we elders in the the current setting doing. Community not worrying and has grown to really involved many different kind of all ages songwriting sessions. That we write a song from scratch and we believe that everybody is inherently musical and intelligent and then musical way as well as. It always. And that together we usually. Can come up with something fairly quickly that really speak to the heart you saw each person involved at that moment it's very improvisation it's very funny can be in any genre of music. But it really grows out of the folk tradition. Doing and also the page and just into the body. And creating. Aren't that really become people's own. I don't know what will be having already work session purse say it may dictate this year. People can certainly learn more. About what we Q crossed the cognitive and helped continue on as well as across generations at. It's www. Songwriting works dot awards she. I find it hard to believe that there won't be some serious songwriting going on in Port Townsend for making music day. On a personal note what do you like about an event like this looks like what really does it for you. One of the things days I've always been interested in both gore and I just love how everyone approaches music differently. And they have different thing they love or don't lie and make it at all of it on the day. They get to wander around what their instrument they get to see young people but skiing we had a twelve year old you'd all. Classical pianist. Who is part of one of the performance does that he'd city public theater last year we hope that he'll be joining us began. And then of course there's more of the season musicians from the talent. But this the first time many of us have been around for years and hadn't even ever been part of the same event. So one of the things that thrilled me last year it was how many different genre of music how many different artists were all. Connecting with each other on beat out of the greater community and there's no edits to. Still between you know the stage and the audience that is all about everyone being on the same level and being musical others I guess that's what I love. It's June 21 first day of summer make music Dave dot ORG slash Port Townsend to find out more. Judith it Friedman thank you so much for joining us thank you so much prepared. Have a great day conversations is public affairs program of distinction.