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Friday, May 18th


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Welcome to conversations. I'm your host writer thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Molly Schaefer. She's the general manager of dirt fish racing school ends the call to Washington. Good morning Molly. Doris is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation is just a wall me it's easy to imagine the summit in the winter are rushing water of the falls beautiful forestry. Should tell the quintessential western Washington life I had no idea that just beyond the polls you can learn to drive an off road race car there's really is something for everybody around here. What makes dirt there's extra cool is their commitment to giving back to the community through charity. So I guess mollid it's a start from the top peer post below about the history of the school maybe your involvement how you take intimate. Sure absolutely I'm Victor Trisha and her around tenth 2000 patent and I. An amazing guy hit an actually an aviation and he that they stand at a rally he actually. I'm a barn and rake across the pond in England and as you probably know rally it's huge overhang here and it's not so huge over here in the United States. And when he caddie that I did you open up a rally votes and I've been here about five years now and my Terry getting his. A little interesting artifacts Emily entered the school books. And this is pleased. Yeah. And I am and so I can pick a fight back then you're gonna get hurt haptic class and and then went back to class here. I get hot QB and. Now I know that there. Are different things you're preparing people for with the school but help us understand the difference between the two race car on like a paved racetrack and what a rally driver does please. Absolutely they are still 100% that are so breakthrough battery tract are generally has turned out if they abstract. And the drivers are alone in the car and their competing with you know Q and chat to each other drivers and other car at the same track and everything reached against the clock against each other at the mean time. I'm implement your different drivers but you know we'll pick churn third church right are. Our region and like match with rallying and you break point eight appointee show it to one car. AJ. At a time and then Larry you know they're windows that time until one car will go pitched and then they'll get like acute treatment at primetime announcement token from that that the art to break. And in the second carolco. I am and the car actually also has to beat street legal which is there a lot of people are very surprised by that but the current bill the transit times down you know local roads and and things like that there's some time. People are. Are pretty separate and I don't not till the fear I have over an entire week and sometimes about 6200 miles and just one day at the rally cars are reaching against the clocking of 92030. Can't bring about an hour on Lou there's ad I'm certain mud and gravel I. No harm if you never know you're gonna gash. So Jack and you also have a co driver that telling you know all about that the road that you're driving giving chase now. But they're called an all over the trap car like a normal Marie Currie happened I. Yet there are higher than anything like that in correlate that day rally to cure on the down a pitched and you get a flat you have to pull over and even your character ever changed the tire right and a very cute gone out. I suspect so much. And now people come out here to school just maybe take a couple our class have to fold they may be a program or something like that. While people are learning these crazy skills on and dirt mud and on asphalt and everything. And they transferred to the streets of Seattle and ever written places where we live. Absolutely. Actually hit very surprising you know we get. We get nominated I can't let it started thinking you're go look at permit it can't eighty and prayer rally will absolutely back. What we teach the elderly teacher overall car control and so even an increment weather conditions think about how much Ukraine grey and wet the wet slippery certain that the election and that I spent Haider claiming that you can't experience you know we. We do that and that rally parent caring Bakalar gets back. Yeah you're currently mechanic and lateral that we're out of consults we do that over and over and teach you how to handle the car when they are not happening already expect. And Italy which we can't turn the vehicle vision you know. Left at breaking the darn thing in the car and all the different things that we teach absolutely lit up our. Now onto a personal example my wife didn't drive for twenty years living in big cities she never needed to and now with a new baby she is a driver full time and I this trip addition there. How could a program like this help her be a better driver for my own knowledge with. Well I think a lot of time in some people are all they're on their grip on the road their partner Trevor at the top job comfortable behind a reality kind of upset. You know eat when you're on the really even your only so it felt O Larry you are to be looking out Earl you know other people I can't I touched it should building that. Not competent on the front of the building which. It's building that ability that they luckily you have to go to you know over that teach you how to. How to handle a car in any any condition and we're gonna get you that confident that you know it when you're out on the road you get defensive back are so confident. Driver that such an opinion that allegedly tried but the month that it compare one had clerk at lunch each she can achieve it. There's no question and it Turkish or unbelievably amazing I heard how mark architecture and market jitters yet to score on the channel. Really help. Cool well and this is silly but I tonight rattle will be tell about to your facility has a tyrant to twin peaks. Yet the bad. Yet at that and we you out we see the content kicker. You know the chance that they so we see how are under their kickers a year people come and every single day ain't proud. All over the world to come see the sheriff's station that we are particularly at the 101000 where I have occurred. I put actually what Fisher Fisher was on the show I actually never in the show but I'm learning and mark speakers commenced and them and no live theater not a prime about the act it's actually where are amazing pat pat. Rock star set and so they'll ask her that and that has the athletic picture and act likely eat it's how you should be injured big. That's fantastic OK so now onto the community portion of this has I think this is Sony you work with a handful of specific nonprofits around our area and a lot of businesses would never do anything outwardly connecting to the community Eminem and make a donation or something but. Why is it important for your team to beast giving back to be so involved. You know on athlete and just because we care exit because you know entire entire school and who we are partly due. It hit and any way shape or firms can make a difference and we are to make a difference that you elect somebody that aren't a great and you say speak during that they've never at Hertz rent before and I'll. Patrick I can eat. I the company hasn't said that but we can help. Individual and Cameron are going to be expanded Internet that need help why you know why not rally about so. Very much tech community smarter adamant about supporting each other through. You know a hard time been amazing time and it's the outer at the jet template because we care. So really caught my attention I'm I work a lot with Seattle humane and that's one of the non profits that you work with what do curtain we're with the now profits that you work with and had to choose each of them. What's important to you. Then you have to push boundaries and one black every apartment and cannot currently are now looking at there that I am and I think what LA area. They are an evening at a nonprofit homework read. Arms went back trans. I'll know people that catcher might bring your or. Or actually had urged strokes. And so with Turkish involvement with Thatcher and that we have on hand can chime in and are automatic. You've Riviera Villa where we can actually make it so that they can you know they can take you can't share such an international boundary they do exactly that they push people's boundaries. No they're you know their limit until their question their to their limit and. It's they're finding that people that we're told that they email would have limited number 8 o'clock o'clock and China are having it's much more. Our ability QB live more independently to have more marsh my homes built out. That's Atlantic had a patient I'm very much and contents and another mark and I come attached a local prospect that our. It and helped gambling is let children that may have. Learning disabilities. And that may be on how to financial assistance Q and to support their can Leach coached pediatric therapy and early learning at an early crack. Nothing like that and that and that o'clock valley at the box. And an up eat like immediate jokes I. I'm so there when we carry Heatley got a because you know that would rally in the latter are eternally young and a lot you know we wanted to elect to support that came as well. And then conservation org slash as the last hour we were wet and conservation are active. You know we you everything we can't Icrc rescue it's just keep our you know our our our water clean and and be environmentally friendly and recycle it like Canada but we're not able to do. As much as these guys you and they can you check out our web site they get an amazing thing that nobody but where are you there at that part that I ninety. You know over Katherine Butler our animals can't damage and they. Baylor held that threatened ET like they're prepared cool and it's and it it gathered it's an amazing and he asked senator wanted to look at well. Because that's also in the Seattle humane you guys are also just animal lovers and us and then. Yeah half an extra trip to Florida about. Okay so most telling about what you've got going on right now there's a bunch of opportunities of people raising money for good causes tells about summer fest you carding and everything else. Absolutely so I can hang on June 15 we are taking part and get our children carding chime we've done a black eye and years. And our staff that obviously grown and not having your son hourly how huge he push that go out and cart to raise money for young Children's Hospital. That is something that geared our hearts because our own character has actually had that epic kiddo and when she was younger I needed ET Al children's service to have a totality and dear to his cart to pray tell our children event type. If we get to go Kart and raise money and our guys could never want anything more than I hope that pretty amazing I mean I think that they are. Nymex and and summer fast and that's bundle I haven't and those summer at this. Curator since it's from noon to China clock. That they were gonna have spent very little hop chart chairman hatch or chuck ash. Read a lot of money archer is the it's been donating at our companies have been donating money each parent gets back pocket gets to act that we can greatly archer each and not helicopter diet. In real life in grappled ops. And she. Give away impressed by what pell grants relative if you're really untouched immunity Japan everybody welcome to come I am July 7 of the. OK so it's the dirt fish rally school volley Schaefer who were speaking with started it tell us how we can find out more about two school what you're doing work and return. We love for you to get any can you recommend checking our electorate are always open but your rounds at its peak and part you know I've manipulate our election on the polished and that are let's say it incredibly informative as well so WWW doctor exchange dot com which I'm happy for anything I would development coming up I checked out get a tour and its. The eighty you know bickering to Qwikster a writer from. Ha smallish if I think it's much for joining us today I love a great chance to get outside in Washington. Specifically some are beautiful like snow Kwame perhaps. You're Sunday involves a little bit of rally racing I don't know Bratz who's gonna go look at the falls are enjoys the nature. Regardless it's a lot of fun here. Thank you for joining us up to Sunday it's fantastic. Conversations in the public affairs program of this station.