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Friday, May 18th


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The conversations of my name is Deanna Lee and today. We've got doctor Ellie height C season natural path that doctor licensed acupuncture is an author. With a private practice in Belleville Washington she specializes in pain management. Migraine prevention and digest of health she is also the founder of the pain relief project which is what we're going to be talking about today it's a nonprofit. Acupuncture clinics serving low income individuals. She's also the creator of the food allergy formula. And online course. As well as the author of a starting point died. To gluten free living and healthy digestion on Amazon and we've got doctor Ellie here with us hi doctor rallied. All we talk about the pain relief project can you tell us how. By the pew released project got its start. Yeah. I started it in the beginning and this year. And I would net income trend that I was being in my credit practice. And I feel a lot of people they come in for acupuncture. When king came early which is great needed a state that. They've tried everything else and they come and acupuncture can I am ready to drink a lot of people are coming in and just stated. And I would note is saying is that there is right then health care costs and a lot of that. I'm aren't familiar attack may be they had an insurance change in. I'm due this year and lot of unknowns in her car acute healthcare and what does become pregnant when Matt. On and that's what the people who are also switching over into Medicare. And some alternatives terrorist is like acupuncture or actor kept. Have to medical and are not covered. And says no and that people are if they're not coming in taking care or they were stopping their care due to insurance. Or did not come in in the first place because they knew that. Acupuncture or natural topic mentioned were covered on trajectory and so the Himalayas. Early battling with me that I people knew it acupuncture can help them. That cop to it prohibiting them turn turn come into getting better and I knew I needed to do something about it though kind of and carried it what can I do and I'm not traffic came to mind now be awake for me to reach more people and also provide acupuncture. They know they're really works. Start stroking really are people who otherwise. But coming is that kind of how. That the Kitna project started what you just kind of feeling the need. The boy that was bear. I'm real help if you reached. And many people and they can't help but English. A doctor Alley Hyde's seat today she has started the nonprofit pain relief project to help people get. Acupuncture may be people who. Have had to switch to. Medicare rising health care costs and so she's helping her community out in bottle and we'll talk about. Acupuncture I know probably a lot of people don't know all about it and how they can get pain relief to swing. Yet people period they hear about acupuncture and then end it and and I have to thank the allowed fixed they're really bringing an acupuncture and cut eight infinite and the spotlight let Michael Phelps cheap crack cocaine. Out there and the people here if they want him now and when they here acupuncture people do you think as pain relief like back. Paint her neck pain and credit come and acupuncture actually really affected. Your pain relief and usually with and that the first treatment period and the couple fashion people had chronic pain actually start getting really twitches. A main thing and it's a non drug way chipper I. Lasting and effective. He normally not try and their passion about it can I know acupuncture works it's not much for many other things am I keen though. I'm not people who come to enter into Bosnia. And I eight. Our heart burn. And apple actually look for migraine and chronic migraine headaches well. I've actually had acupuncture and I went in for insomnia and it was something that completely changed my life it totally works. Yeah I mean easily with something like insomnia and keep on nugget after their first treatment. But they have their ethnically they've ever had. Actually the number one thing that people tell me when I Paula for that back. I can get it out I actually let so well that night and that nights afterwards so it worked in the evening prayer tersely issued. We're talking with doctor LE hides the anti started the pain relief project she is an acupuncture has to and a licensed in bottles he has a private practice there we know who qualifies to be seen at the pain relief projects. A lot of people did qualify though if you are low income. Or I've seen here on steak and content you're uncomfortable later on the stability. Active military or better. You quote I could be a patient at that I project and what that means that you get. Significantly reduced rate. It for your acupuncture did that and so that's really great he could have app can be can come and get security neat and actually follow a plan. I am which is really key and you like long term chick that's. Your health care is making sure the year if all of which you plan you get ticket in eat there a trait that Cheney you. And surely this. Coming to get it beacon theater film better. Usually I say I'm kid acupuncture sixth visit. And we can hear a lot quicker and that timing issue that cost twice a week circulatory leaked. To really get starting point huge money getting things going and people are usually the result after the first day. But I think your body just getting back in balance that can get it from tying especially if there's any chronic condition. And our body is really responsive to them. Do you mean it's natural ability could you help and sometimes need a little boost and kept acupuncture is doing. I'm that may need a little bit more help in fact they give it thickness that. And we should be allowed is Eckert happening. Doctor Ellie hides see she is a licensed acupuncture wrist issue as a private practice there a bottle but she started the pain relief project to help people. Cool maybe couldn't otherwise afforded to get this type of service and we're talking about the treatment plan. And the typical run of that now let's say act comment doctor Ellie and I want treatment for insomnia or. That some type of back pain how long it typically are your sessions. After it crashed and it perfect first visit is a little bit longer there are about an hour or a little bit over I'm just because they need to get more information about it helped that Jerry and what's going on and make sure that we're doing a great. Round trip plane and tree you can get treatment or so individualized. And. Then had hampered the first acupuncture treatment that first visit any all of our anywhere between thirty and forty I'd look. Am just won't. Animate a little bit longer than they lake entire practice session are off the people. I'm just because he knew of the pocket finally your body relax into that I anxious to work. Doctor Ellie is a license acupuncture issue as a private practice in ball four Hannah started pain relief project to help those who. Let me be couldn't afforded to get these services. And I want to ask the question. About acupuncture just itself how does it work doctor Alley. That's a really good question a lot of people are really curious about that car. Acupuncture work to help your body. Natural ability to Cuba itself though when they go to sleep our pairs sympathetic nervous system turns. Which is the apt said are urged tighter swipe. Course sympathetic nervous system. Can we need to be able to have relaxed and rejuvenate an order can't prepare from the gate and that's why my plea is so important and make sound and and studied acupuncture work on that level. And so it is helping your body's natural ability to Cuba itself. And that's why it can be so effective for help being a wider range. And different conditions at the same time. They usually when people come and we may be working on their shoulder pain are there's sleep. We're also work out the whole body but by people can candidate like their energy improve their guy cashing get. Editor can't be it can't help them with acupuncture to a whole body start. Sure getting back out in and yelling. Doctor LE INC is on conversations with us today and she's talking about her nonprofit pain relief. Project that helps people in the bottle community in BI and to get these acupuncture services who otherwise maybe couldn't afford them and we will talk about your pop up. Pain relief clinics these sound like a lot of fun because you're basically going to the client. Yes and this is my idea for the early projects in his number one making it. More affordable to people able to get the care that they need. But also make it more acceptable option then and so outbreak process right now establishing partnerships but some local community centers. Army seniors and asked her how the apple surely bring acupuncture. Too that the people who need it can I know companion that traveling especially at a economic Seattle track is really bad and it's hard to get to play especially for seniors. And I want you bring it to them and it'll be any pop up clinics I'll be more a group. Art community style acupuncture. Where more people can be seen. At one which is sending thinks he can help more people at the same time. Also it's really unique about these clinics and they'll be captured and even more reduced rate. The men than normal pain in the tragic rape and so that makes even more affordable for people to come in and get consistent care. So currently we are operating out of grameen possible clinic location but really it and hopefully in the next couple weeks to a month we will have them pop up clinics. And I'll be on our web site the inlet project board where people can be a two day and when you're gonna have to happen next. That is good work that you're doing highlight gets at. Or chatting with our deli heights he she is the founder of the pain relief project it's a nonprofit to help people who could otherwise not afforded. And get access. To acupuncture she's got pop up clinics that she wants to bring to Seattle for senior citizens she works with the military. End that we wanna find out if if we want to come to your we wanna take advantage of the pain relief project doctor Ellie how we can get in touch with the tell us how to reach. The best way to learn more about the parent project is the editor web site which is pain relief project that board. And I'm here we have a lot of information on our nation and who we are also. I am highly qualified to be at least at the nonprofit. And that actually a little one key application may consent securely she lets keep the if you qualify. And then we'll reach out human Agile puppy at an apartment super easy and you can also have ways and if you want to help out she'll. When they did it up a clinic I'd be looking for volunteers that other late to help out as well. I'm for the in the projects and are very active on social media he could I guess I'd keep a core to grand. Nearly project. Doctor Ellie thank you so much for taking time today to talk to us about the pain relief project. The pain relief project is a nonprofit that doctor only hides he has started she has a private practice in bottles she is a licensed. Acupuncture is and she's helping brain need. This service to those who otherwise could not afford it you can find her pain relief project dot org also pay relief project on FaceBook hands to program. I DN elite and this is conversations.