Monday, February 20th

Guests Gene Stone, Robert Buettner, Rebecca Sorenson, and Jason Thompson join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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What are the conversations on your host Craig Thomas passed thanks for spending some time with us this weekend. Joining me this segment is author Jeanne stone good morning to join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation now. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum never gonna generation have people been so moved by the current climate of politics. There's a big opportunity to take action and gene will help us figure out how best to do that. And junior the author of the truck survival guide put in hoping we can keep this neutral please it's a public affairs show after all. I didn't know before you discuss how to take action. If you could help us understand what the big issues are that we need to be clear about because it's so easy. To get them from some lost in social media outrage or biased for a blow up by the for profit news coverage and what are the issues that we should be focusing on. Well that's been great question because and you say this film they're still waiting to be very politically active without necessarily big Republican or democratic. Obviously I wrote a book about coping with trauma so I'd lean toward the left but the book is divided into. Twelve issues that I feel would be most important issues facing. The country right now from civil rights to the economy to the environment. To women's issues and I've found that although. As I said the book was written wood something of a democratic slant. I have many Republican friends who were. Very interest in the environmental and not particularly pleased with the current administration. And are looking at the book as a resource guide to help them figure out what they can do. Excellent so we're talking a education in entitlement programs like you said the environment immigration and Lucille these things pop up every day but. When we want to get involved rather than yelling about it on FaceBook which also might feel good from time to time how Kim taking no rule in local politics be effective. Well one of the things does he really has taught the left after I hope this teaching the left. Is that. Local politics is really the best way to effect change on the local level and eventually. Well known national level fifty party very club released became involved in school boards and community issues and such. And then not only was able to make changes. As they wanted. But these also were able to develop a bench of very Smart and savvy people who eventually rose further up the politics. As you. Probably noticed in this last election the Republicans have very deep bench of very savvy political players the Democrats not so much. But that's just due to people working on an in turning around the systems that are a root level that it looks the turnaround time looked like on something like that. We don't singe sing some of these politicians on the right. Has had a meteoric careers they entered politics. And within four or five years there thrust on the state level and suddenly they go into congress so. These turnaround switched. Many many years ago used to take a long time when the Republican democratic party for much more functionaries know these things can happen very quickly. This was social media to back with interest and when it comes to organizing in volunteering how can we best put our efforts forward. Well I think there's so many organizations that anyone can volunteer for world where that I wish more people would go out and do it. There's never there never enough volunteers. I think more important involves sharing is organizing. Another that is really Smart thing that that Tea Party did is it wasn't just that they would. Individually volunteers. They would reach out. Meet each other foreign groups. And the power of numbers it's always impressive if you have. Ten people working on an issue too much more likely to affect change that if you have just one person working on it. Kill what happens when you get those ten people together and then you go out and you find a representative and get I get their ears that way. It's up the next step. That is certainly one step although one of the things they say in the book. Is that the best way to. Has any kind of effect on your local representatives. It's not email. It's not a letter it's actually called them so that these. Back of the book I have the template for how to make that phone call no matter what issue do you wanna talk to your representatives about. Calling it is the best way to do it but. You have to call wisely she just won't call up and yell at them since I'm not going to care about your phone call to actually have a script in the book. For a exact phone call that I think we'll produced. Best results. Why is pulling so much more effective. People actually listen to calls that he emailed all over the map and they don't even get there they don't see it or some Stafford throws so it. And letters just don't seem to have any kind of effect whatsoever. But when the switchboard so overloaded. It seems to have not just armed. They. In effect on the staff but on the congressperson or senator himself and he's this. It's do whatever it is. Is affecting so many people that are actually making these physical effort to call calling actually requires a physical effort you have to. Make your decision to make that phone call. You have to get on the phone and then of course you probably have to wait 101520. Minutes before you get crude anybody and then when you do you have to have a reasonable conversation. So that if so who's the political representatives. Debt you can hear that much about an issue. How about when it comes to getting in person with a tone holes that's really that we are organized. Ourselves or do we lean on others tried Philip numbers how does a work most effectively. But tell Hulk has been insisting because for the last few years they've been dominated by the Republicans particularly those. Outpost in polish government or Obama here. But if you did notice in the news recently it slips now that the administration. Is Republicans. It seems as if these town halls are now being filled up with people. Objecting to the Republican administration. And much much more interestingly these. Republican representatives to where fleeing Hillary welcoming the pedals before now seem to be running away from home. So it's actually proving to be very effective and of course in. In your social media we've got photo ops are so important there's some of these photos online now of representatives from running from their constituents. How about in an era where herb products have to have a brand on line to specifically look with social media how does when it comes to boycott we saw a lot of people put cutting a car service company and how a fact. Active is that when we put our money where our mouth this. But such a fascinating state they really are you know you go back to we'll be initial blood that was actually gets to their name boycott in Ireland have that crystal starts. But then if you go in the 1950s Rosa Parks boycott are against the Montgomery bus system with enormously effective. In the sixties and seventies to boycott against apartheid South Africa was very effective put out. Indeed enormously effective Bart. They have to be intelligent and they have to be directed toward a company that cares for instance in the nineties. When indeed this was shown to be using labor practices that. Well they would they would convert good. I'm probably got a little idea did change to the other company's direction and they apologized. I don't know if you saw recently that this CEO of under armor came out and made a very positive statement about presidential. Team's immediately bomb bargain in social media. And just the other day the company under armour I do love a full page advertisement in the Baltimore paper. Basically saying don't listen to him this is what we really sick. Here in Seattle of course there is the boycott of the city money going to Wells Fargo with regards to the pipeline building that was an interesting topic here locally as well. Seattle's been around settle for the extraordinary city and that it's it's it's municipality where people really do seem to be able to get together. And effect change in and local groups and I and that was what cities were like yours. When it comes to putting our money towards things with donating. Toward donating his so important to you obviously know that if you could million dollars in donated you're gonna make a difference but almost nobody has to million dollars. But for people who only had maybe five or 10120 dollars to give. That is so important because you're doing two things of course on the one hand you are donating some money. But you're also basically voting for that organization. You're making the people who opened that envelope happy. As we also noticed. In this last political. The primary is for the Democrats Bernie Sanders did an extraordinary thing. He was able to raise. An astounding amount of money from people sending in less than fifty or 25 dollars. And it helped propel his candidacy from outsider to something that Hillary Clinton has to take very seriously. Stay educated with out being puppets for someone else's agenda. How well. You know if you don't social media if you only get a few indications that people forty to educate as you think and you're already do. So would I would like to do and I'd suggest to other people is some. Obviously I Eileen so much to the left. But I go to Fox News and I go to some of the conservative web sites because I really know what I think they already know what other people like me think. I want to know what they're thinking because sometimes I actually could learn something. But I also can figure out ways so maybe arguing against them a little better if I understand what they're saying better. I think it too often we stay within our little political social bubble. And it would be much more effective process we wanna go out and argue our case convincingly. To know the other side is gonna say. We're very concerned about the pitfalls of those profit cable news are for profit cable news networks and our dependence on social media do you think these things that affected our understanding what these issues are like. How we avoid letting them distract us. Well that's another feature which crashed soon. And it is easy to be distracted what are the problems with these cable companies and network companies consider. Is that that depend upon ratings and they won as many people to watch as possible so David tendency to only put on the far right on the far left. Because they want sparks flying they went arguments they they want news. Most of us are probably in the middle whether we leave and so much left or someone right. So for me Chris and I. I really can't find any place on TV where I feel comfortable. I'm just saying that to my wife of the day that I and find out what that talks to me if it's the trump survival guide by Jeanne stony can pick it up and find a way not specifically necessary to try to construct what ever but to become more. Active in your community and politics Jeanne thank you so much for joining us today thank you. So I think the gene had touched on during that talk was about how important it is when you were upset about how your government is running. To reach out to them and how they respond super positively. When it comes to phone calls specifically when you can get some sort of human connection that's not just to digital. Even though your phone signal may be just digital McCord big make pictures speak to somebody in face or over the phone at the back of his bookie includes a script that you can use to get your point across and respectful way that will hold puke. Make change hello my name is your name a constituent from city and state polling to share so my concerns about. Issue with senator congresswoman or congressman whomever first I'd like to thank the senator or congressperson. For whatever the couple that would be the Buick panic. And then move on to what's sure concerns are employed today to share my concerns about this issue which is a problem because and to ensure your reasoning your concerns are how the public Dexter personally if applicable and to community. I asked the senator slash congress person. To then take some sort of action whatever it is that you're looking for and that can be your choice thank you very much for taking time to speak let me simple. Hopefully regardless of whatever side you may feel. They're hopeful day conversations with the public affairs program called the station. Welcome to conversations and I'm your host he had crews today talking to Rebecca Sorensen the event's director. Cascade bicycle club on specifically Chile Chile. The bike ride that is taking place on Sunday every 26 hello ever backed up right in a hurry I'm good I'm dead unmet. I team across you're out you're posting there Tom and I was like this kind of collective sigh last year. And was interested in math and big up on the big bike rider but the fact that it's on Bainbridge Island is pretty cool cell. Tell me a little bit a ballot via bike right chilly hilly. Well we really happened. Last Sunday in February every years. That here will be the 45. Anniversary of that. And it buy. It here as our forty. How how organized. I am yet that they really that there are on land and that. Great data can make it. Bicycle riding season and then you know well and that's what. And hoping that the Lleyton. Yeah hopes Ohio and on the so it is is that why it's called Chile Chile because it is so chilly and we we know it's Kelly but. I'm I didn't know if they were may be serving chili at the end. There is a community group Bainbridge Island it's really the Connie tell. Yeah I add although we support them. Am really try to help them raise a lot of money. That is in the group and money you. Would never vocal. Got to yes because I saw that Chile Chile is tied into you on some local causes in the money that you pay the fee for an entry fee. A portion of the proceeds go to. My correct. It goes through that act. OK so then we. Bainbridge Island used services man as squeaky wheels lifted a local favorites. Speaking and we have the girl out and then there's the island rope if and apple when people. Really region and is being eight but you're in it. And really have surveillance and and. OK so chilly chilly about how many miles are you look at that. 33 and I know there is an opt in that would cut up about six. It unfortunately doesn't cut out a whole lot and it will. Can hardly looked down bad favorite. RA and I'm have you guys worked out I thought I saw something about transportation to get to Bainbridge Island is that is the theory over our. Yes that's correct than anyone coming from those Seattle side. Are at Coleman back. And where is. Is it Marion street and as Mary. With their officials and and and that they're very thick in this area and right are you. Old as backward as allow them to get. If. Okay and what time does that it would times it normally start. The others for a period that the writers can take over that earliest lemons. And I have and then the next three consecutive with and maybe. Area that it all in. So it's a staggered start. It is Abbott it is now electing. You know you if you wanna get out there and right heart in and is quickly the embassy that the series you know if you'd rather kind this. Out of the writers but is that the later here is that they. And thirty. All right and so we're back are you doing missed. Are you gonna do the right right. I personally can Barack and I know he's bound between the mid brain and the Bennett blather Mickey that everything's running. And other items when he like you. I have written there. And how it it typically takes some mighty what's I mean I know that a lot of people in the fast or slower but what would you say. Here on average about three to four hours. If you add an average about ten miles an angry at him pretty well. With locking them and they need to know. Do you come Deepak snacks for that. I you can or we have a free. Halfway through the dollar is unity is felt bad before you get on the Ares. Make it mean. We were used wrote it buyers and the girl. As a there. It. And then and it and it. I palpable relief or in the and the and the wonderful. Sunny day that Sunday. We'll see I am not married not like cream like today adds that the known now. Who via chilly in 2016 about how many people. I we had about 4800. People read that. OK. How many how many people do you have. How many people do you this year so. Profiler. Public of you out then and then the events usually. In decided you know when the final week out weather report. That was. It as a compact looping out at looking back. OK well like I said sunny days I'm hoping keeping my fingers crossed the one of those odd days we're actually steals extremes here and it's the sun is nice and right in warming like this is not a typical Seattle day that's which are hoping for. More bold. I'm hoping they picked you figure you cleared diet and everyone saying this can't be February. That. What's your website where people can get more information now also sign up. Even though it more intimate been kept me about oh OK all right thank you so much Rebecca. Thinking well have a Golan. So if you're interested in Chile Chile bike ride that's going on Sunday February 26. You can go online like Rebecca sat act cascade dot org that's CA and CA DT dot org now. On interesting facts about the cascade. Bike ride or the silly hilly bike ride the record number of writers is over 6000 that was set in 2010. Other depending of course. On this year over 3200. Registered for. Let's see at typically 20% of the writers are female set 6% are male. The oldest registered writer was 81 years old the young was one and a half years or accompanied by an adult of course okay for 13 of the registered writers this was their first silly hilly okay so don't forget register online at cascade down ward and we run through the race again what exactly is silly hilly. Well we really happened. Last Sunday in February every years. That your will be the 45. Anniversary of their. It buy. It here as our forty. How how organized. Italy. Yet that they really that there are upon men and great data can make it. Bicycle riding season and then you know and that's what. And hoping that the laymen. Yeah I hope so ha ha good. Unmet so it is is that why it's called Chile hilly because it is so chilly and we we know it's silly but. I'm I didn't know if they were may be serving chili at the end. There is a community group beaver island the chili the Connie tell. Yeah I add although we support. And really try to help them raise a lot of money. That is in the and you. Would never local. We. Got you yes because I saw that Chile Chile is tied into you on some local causes and the money that you pay the fee for an entry fee. A portion of the proceeds go to. That's my correct. It goes through and act. OK so we put. Bainbridge Island used services man as squeaky wheel which has a local favorites. We have the girl out and then there's that island wrote it and apple when people. It really be just and mine is you engage the community it. And really have surveillance and it. OK so chilly chilly about how many miles are you look at that. 33 and I know there is an option at a cut up about six. It unfortunately doesn't cut out a whole lot of it will. Can hardly know about bad favorite. RA and I'm have you guys worked out I thought I saw something about transportation to get to Bainbridge Island is that is the theory over our. Yet the track than anyone coming from the Seattle side. Are at Coleman back. And where is. Is it Marion street and that area. With their officials and and and that they're very thick in this area and that the right or is it. A role as backward as allow them. Okay and what time does that it would times it normally start. The others sport period that the writers can take over that there early if one is there. And I am and then the next three consecutive with and maybe. Area that as well within. So it's a staggered start. It is ad but it is self selecting. You know that you if you wanna get out there and and right hired in and is quickly this and that he that series you. If you'd rather kind it. Out of the writers. Is that the later here is that they. At 1030. All right and so we're back are you doing missed. Are you gonna do the right right. I've heard Lincoln Barack and I hope he bounced back in the mid plane and the Bennett Glavine making that everything's running. Other items when he or are you. I have written it. And how it it typically takes somebody what's I mean I know that lot of people in the faster or slower but what would you say. Here on average about three or four hours. If you it an average about ten miles an angry at him pretty well. With locking them and they need to know little. Do you come Deepak snacks for that. I you can acquire we have a free. Halfway through the dollar is unity is felt bad before you get on the theory. Make it it means. We will see is wrote letters and the girl it as a there. It. It then and then and then. A palpable relief orbit than in the wonderful. And. For a sunny day. That Sunday yeah we'll see I am not marrying not like rain like today adds that the known now. So if you're interested in registering. Fortunately Kelly. Again it's Sunday February 26. A portion of the proceeds do go to the being bridge bicycle group there and other important. The ancient community organization. You can go online to www. Cascade. Down the war yeah. Again and that's cascade dashboard Sundays every leasing. Conversation as a public affairs program. Welcome the conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me to segment is Robert Buhner good morning sir. There are good morning Greg is great to be what you eventually they'll be back. Great to have you back join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. Since snake oil has been sold to Dole's desperately needing snake oil the idea of an elixir pollution. Found a long life has been one humans can't get enough thought of according to the national institute of health the life expectancy. Has gone up in America the last century by something around two decades. What does it spell for earth though do we have the ability to live longer than that the next hundred years is there a cap. We'll ask Roberts he's been a National Science Foundation fellow and paleontology a lawyer author and army intelligence officer. What occurred prepare so. Robert from military intelligence to. Paleontology who fuel that type of good quest for knowledge. And then all of that they are I carried good looking and are these things. Long time ago and actually with regard to the issue overextended life. The new book accuses. It is it is kind of a Jurassic Park Parcells science fiction novel brought to the news. It excited me was was sacked. And that's the idea that the first person to lose 2000. There's all eyes today is no longer completely nuts. I'm just crazy. Laughter. It is pleased that you just pointed out the human body uses presently constituted pretty much word south around a 115 years now that's no matter how many sit ups you do and how many he'll do to kill movies you drinks. Well that illegal but what causes that how come we are old we are capped at that age. It is principally comprised principally of function. You know cell in the body which you know. Suspect it would die and reproduce themselves by the millions throughout our lifetime and infrequently. Has themselves. Losing your ability to do that. Is they get older. So we could eke out on the on exactly what's going on inside the soul but our. Just saying his group won't what has moved things there's to sell the ability to to defend us against those things that we are able to afford to 125. Is that there was a way that's when we get a problem our pit towards fired. You varieties it's like pneumonia produced solely our position right into our President Bush. The more you put you were here into the into the icu. Well that's a principal problem and that what is new is that today. We're now very elaborate. Rory used to seeing the lower east. Losing two centuries in college years without many of the symptoms of Beijing that normally experience. Problems are losing six centuries in warriors know the point of that is that you've cited the most. Cells inside of wrong or insult. And basically the same structures and worked the same way as human cells. And today and tomorrow we can change that stocks. The reason most elaborate cut experiment that are in the first place was just a drug called rapid price and it was actually developed a free use in humans to suppress. Rejection in organ transplants. Guess this though this is drug fueled this is I mean as we look at crisper technology and simpler play a part as well. Yeah I think he can do this very. Listen to bottom drugs but he didn't do me. Specific technologies are important as as the emphasis. The prisoners are saying. Like I can say yes. Want to know what happened and why have stated I have missed. By and twin sister named global community billion I have dollars toward extension researcher so it. Well I'm gonna bet on somebody who could recognize the next big thing and make it actually happened to white people. And Google you know I won't let billionaires are jumping into the field to. Maybe for selfish reasons because donors don't need to make more money they need more time to spend their money. Well. To being the issue now is to know whether we can't do it but more importantly the issue is whether we should do it. Yeah because what the ramifications if if we extend our life by but he wrote saved fifty more years. These are waiting I mean harm Social Security coverage even selector twenty years. What we do bridge to retirement age of 20900. I mean if you are able Biden not to work 900 more years. And how much of that time you'd be stuck in traffic. I thought the I don't think you done. Yeah and then some of us wolf for example are a lot of your listeners today are we already have further trouble Schilling. Saturday it was raining if you know and that's out. Well you know how many times can you reorganize your junk tour probably times you want to. Everything. That did this occurs to you is that when this technology your rise this did you wicked expensive it's the 1% to live forever. The rest of us know. But look at all the liquid television and you know when it started out it was 5000 dollars and making it costs go get a for 400 bucks like at some point it would become affordable to everyone I would imagine. It and yeah I can get at some point you were significant factors. There's no motivation. For all four people together there. I mean. Between mid there's a little bit scary about those early. Early years which probably would dorms prolonged trying to win always the one person can afford it it's really the bigger problem that you right thing. I mean we will listen income inequality I think there was a story out recently that says that. So can locate people controlling war world then the bottom three and a half billion people come Barnes. Also we're really bad guys getting awards what's that Carl why is that they're partly because we know that in the end. No broad group who's just as does is we are very adept is a great equalizer. If that changes. Then dust ethical society. It could rupture. So there're there're a lot of blue a lot of problems out there that we need to be thinking about. No I'm obsessed with the an opposite idea sort of that if we live twice as long. A death an early age of childhood disease or worse in an accident would have an impact. Far more than twice as strong because all the lost years of like mature adult productivity like. Simply being the victim of an accident if you could lift 200 you hackers is totally different game how pretty I think it would change our approach to safety as a culture. Well I think it is on the one hand you could it is could have occurred on the line effect. You you say. Because. And you waste would theoretically have more value than it did we would target more precious boy brought. Our book on the other hand. Yes. That that happens. Our. We really like. Just four or do we moved we moved we were. Tired of folks so we're doing I mean. For example. All of you're just think involved. So we would do with all of all the people are there would continue to do your license when you lose about 250 million people a year. Pro. Most of those from the you can deduct certificate like we said earlier says pneumonia both of those are interrelated. Problems. We kept you would have to address the issue is so also what happens what happens source. It up perfectly healthy person who is 300 years old. And and how we deal will literally Matt. Our soldiers don't issues then it's gonna be who's going to be a very difficult you're exactly right it's going to be very difficult problem also was sentenced. Public and as time increases. Would pull churn. Tend to get less ambitious so I guess with the Goolsbee did have to be re oriented because of the longer amount of time. And you know when data courses he don't wanna be one of the potentially positive change. For example or. Each of us when we choose a career. As we don't his command says trying to work that is played this. There's it doesn't work out forest. Right now we may be stuck in that job if we had. The time to to reboot and started do you have. Maybe we maybe we would be able to do that may be rewarded in fact I've become more ambitious. Another thing that. That would be nice first society. News that. So we'll blow really highly productive people would be around more I mean how much more and better music. Well I don't sort of written that she'd written first 300 years since there are certain. Told those things are positive but on the other hand. You know how would you like 12100 years of Hitler and student well. So old that the challenge is often heard you use this season and the advantages vs. If I offered Jews deep ocean right now that would look to live to be a thousand years old who would you be excited to take it skeptical would you be afraid of it what what would your reaction be. Right now are and I'm just drive your car I'm just trying to mitigate didn't do that Super Bowl because my New Year's resolution live longer and healthier didn't survive Super Bowl Sunday's so are I think I think it is yeah. The important thing about this is that on the one hand yes it is possible that we could do we could go there. But I I think it's trying to it's trying to run like we did we really do because. Probably gonna drive that I mean it's not going to be government right we just talked about the fact that government would would look at that possibility. Our hopes of increasing the numbers of those old government so drastically. As normal problem. Horrible burden and benefit. All of and so I'm broad market driven all entrepreneurship. Works great for a broad deep technology. You know it's one juniors and done some work required. And people thought on that a million entrepreneurial. Support solutions build billions of electorate like no we don't have to ask. But all entrepreneurship doesn't do no focus no return massive investments very well and that's what would be. Required. Two to produce the kinds there's advances in technology that we talked about here but yeah. Unless some of these things that serves the third Google and or the other vehicles sold on the relative welcomed into the laboratory. Just thirty seconds to go wanna know where we can find out more about you when you're writing please. Okay although it's better to golden gate and -- wanted to build a world of books are sold including Amazon of course as physical books were Kindle and other electronic formats and is an audio book my previous page novel you orphanage and orphans like this is books personally to that are related in the warriors Star Wars so and so related. Mortgage holder my web site that's WWW benchmark name. Proper future do you need double teamed and you are our top. Mr. Buhner thank you so much for joining us today. Okay there are other very good third started. Conversations of the public affairs program of this station. Welcome to come to see him I'm your host he has crews today talking to the executive director of a feral cat projects. Decent costs and high decent area. I'm in Canada and I'm excited to talk to you because one of my good friends of retail volunteers over the air and although she's a big dog person I am a huge lovers so on. She tells me and I actually think she's volunteering the next couple days about you know which he has to go in and help out guys putt up teach. First time every one and what exactly feral cats Arco I don't know. To some people that don't know they are. Yeah and that it's it's a very common question. And I think actually. We. Our name that struck out in your heart that that we will we talk about the cat we actually switched over to using the word free roaming more than Terrell. Because leave. As time has gone on since we were started back in 1987. We then community has grown grown grown. So the original definition of the barrel. Which is the wild cat cat that lived outside the cannot be like that in. Domesticated or indoor pet cat so and that's actually where a majority of our cap over population coming from. What goes Carol character we're looking outside that people on the unaltered and then just making more and more babies and then those newbies just became Ferrell as well. That kind of thing that we we switched over to you more free roaming. Which is kind of an umbrella term for Erekat are part of that. But and there are all the cat that who are live in the community they're not necessarily Ferrell and they're all on not only indoor track as well. They're more like working cap I think. They approachable cats like can you. Of that they're. They're kinda I would say in between that period in between the cap that they are living inside what they are there any companions you and that Erica. Netflix today they're they're out about Lincoln and there Ali we're working cast by the because they they are working out there they're they're helping with our you know with broad population in this you know date on our team and carry the areas that you belong to so but sometimes her approachable but they're just much more comfortable. Living. Outside that they are living inside. Okay all right so going back to Ferrell cat so its cult hero a cat. Stayed in new leader projects how Everett do you also. Do you also service team the whole pets as well. We here we go on in 2000 and three earned her 2005. I'm not a leader first oh and kept to communicate them to 2005. We were only going Carol cap. We added Allen I owned in had cat because. You know Ferrell can be kind but he'll mind what they're a lot of caps that start out with a look at that and get them and then because their owners moved away or get outside and get lost in can become federal. So. We Elise really get doing our duty to the general population by and by making sure that we're in all cap. I'm speaking here because any of those cat potentially could become. You know outdoor or for a cap. Okay sell out briefly give me an idea exactly what. The feral cat spay neuter project is about now I'm okay go ahead. And until our mission is to you know offer little help low cost high quality. Title in Spain neuter for all cash. I'm and that it should prevent. The or population of Canada that are coming from outdoor cats in going into shelters and causing. Euthanasia in the shelters. Got you RA so un. Let's say. I live in rent and and ice are need here ours feral cat their army decent and spray can WorldCom and I have no clue how I can and bring them to you guys write or how they can get spear neutered. How to why do you guys assist in helping pick the mop or how does that work. Okay. They're pit that it is a very is very common question we get and it doesn't really know like one. Specific answers well try to. Beers complaint is off the. Time in the war decent OK I. Well I have been known by especially Bartlett stopped to talk we can match so like I am trying to get my check announces that she's. So. To any you'd. Anybody within the community pound was actually anybody in this state and we get vocal on our country when we're dealing with situations like you're talking about. Convict can only call out and only one and you will we wanna be is a resource for them. Now our focus in particular is the Spaniard and any animal that needs to be in your we will look at that whether somebody bringing cash app to get space in there yeah. Or working with them to connect with an organization that attempt that would our system and getting that that the cat or kitten to. So sometimes that is connecting them what they're local. Nonprofit organization and particularly their local shelter animal control agency. Some ten and it is just working with certainty and confidence up a trap to catch a. In this is anywhere in the USC did us. I'm well we work with the people are Canadian us and we will work with anybody would the country yes and we get I mean I had. And yet he you know at least once a week for another organization in the country we are national mentoring organizations. We we will meant we venture organizations across the country and if you go onto our web site there's a specific. Portal you can login to and anybody across the country can. And it basically told you how we started it who gives you the blueprint to your own they had nuclear non profit organization. A kind are is so assistants let's go back to that comment on on getting those feral cats are in your backyard so do you guys actually come out and do if it's local. Aren't we don't have the volunteer base that does that he'll come. The because we use all of our volunteers and click that we do fishing captain days and where operate ordained that we don't we use our large culture based just be sure that we're providing you know that the high volume low being here. But there are organizations specifically like the community cap coalition. Where they will work with your work with the person to teach them how to do it themselves to. And they give they have all the tools they'll trap and in the training guys in the main do you have classes they offer what the market cheeks that. But it is that is not possible for the personal working where they will work with them to. You know fine in the resource to get the animal to our. I'm clinic to get behavior. On. One bailing out the other than the last year actually been two years now we have added transportation program though. Our goal is how local. Transport and cut short people that they don't have to drive all the little inlet. Really the gamble you gave them in Renton. We have a monthly pick up in period. That we pick up on cap until we can coordinate with them that they can get the cat what your location which is much closer. Then then we will try to catch up to our clinic do the same inner drive at actually any data can pick up two periods that networks. Our goal is to breakdown as many barriers as possible. But we also wanted to make sure our resource is are going to just providing the best qualities being here that we can upper. While fifty cats to date. Yet you act crazy come in here if he. Four if you bring a feral cat in to get in Spain or neutered. So with Ferrell. And actually it later who rewrote me any cap that is going to be. An outdoor living cap. That surgery history. There's no cost the surgery and we do also get a read vaccine. What other injury that you get something withholding your kid. Which based. Rather than male or female figured it kept. Indicate that it can because living outside. That the cat is speaking neutered and it is a pretty roaming community Carol cap. On her own cat. There is small charge that eight or 25 dollars and commuters are kicking dollars. Which keeps by the way that's super cheap actually listen I have two cats my own and that's cheap. Yeah. Well our goal you know it did. You know execute a break down barriers and we know it costs can be a barrier for people. And specifically working mother transport programs we've tried to reach out to communities that don't have access to. Who's been here and they held on a regular basis that they wouldn't have been able to get there am altered if it wasn't stoned to transport but also for the reduce costs or offering. And we you'll kill our protection services that the trying to sustain your we are certain vaccines. Do you learning and microchip implant patient. I'm familiar ought to reduce outrage is. Come and now if you are bringing your own castle owned cats and I had to use the facilities it do you have to bring them to Lynnwood orgy guys also provide. Transportation for that. How does that work. So moral majority of people bring the caps you are and he can end on he appointments are we made all the work when it online so again on our web site feral cat project dot org. You can make anybody can make a play whether the peril or known cap. Our transport program go. We don't discriminate whether prepare or on our corporate screw anybody can use that. I'm and where we're working to continually to expand that program. They that we have to stop and period we will let us stop consultant and we had to stop in at Brit. And hoping you know what you're going to continue to offer. Give this is why network of transportation so that. You know gain torque and it never appear here are you getting your hand altered. Well I mean is this census services so cheap and saying it is is that I'm just like in on here but on. Dear veterinarians volunteered your time aim or from like Heidi how how are you able to provide these services such a low cost. The namely we were able to offer that is through donations. We are. We are about. I think that the best. We get in about 400000 dollars were determination the year that supports. And low costs and in neutered because we know that you know caught it was by far the number one barrier people getting there and altered. Still our donors and our supporters who believe in the cause I'm content and want to support and so that's where how are able to offer a little Cochran and something that we really. Prioritized. On the that we want to keep that populate possible because it. Is what that's really for the cap. And still so we are nonprofit and you do runner donations so even though when ballots first day it's very common. For people to stay here let me just give you what I would have hated that clicked. And then another part will be Indonesian and that all tax deductible donation. So. Because of the week you'll high volume we don't want to. Do we want our personally for the best quality. So we make sure that we need we know we have a full time veterinarian we actually got on to a veterinarian doesn't stop one term medical director of monitor these and Eric. And we wanna make sure that they held it as you know the best training and that quality into others there you know it will cost. You're getting everything that you would normally get at a red there at clinic. I'm so that's what those donations also helped to make sure we have I qualities that Islam. Activities and our race sell on just give us we need your web sites and stuff and people could go on there make a donation and you know if they have a cat or they have to end they can schedule an appointment there are so what's the website. I'm at www. Erekat project dot org. The Ky on and you guys you have a phone number at all you know we do okay I don't know if you. Fighting in the air and on number I'm not outlast. I phone number is important but I. Industry. Can you please direct conversation into the public affairs program of his station.