Monday, February 6th

Guests Jenny Walden, Lawrence Kane, Will Arntz, and Archie Magoulas join Greg and Deanna to discuss issues affecting our community right here in the Northwest.


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Welcome the conversations I'm your host Greg Thomas asked thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Jenny Walden the manager a financial stability programs. Of united waking Tony to get there right you got IRA to manage and how are learning trade. Joseph does is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation as we enter a new year many people will be circling the mailbox and weight of a W two like my little Boston Terrier looking for. Food to fall in the kitchen tax time means tax return checks and sadly many people rely on them as a means to pay bills to get caught up. Maybe even do something otherwise out of reach for the family Ginny Walton is here today to tell us how best to tease me to tell us how to best put the services of the united way. 22 would you step Ginny united way. As an organization and I think a lot of people familiar with that as a brand button on the list of my childhood they ought to football but I just can't specifically say what it is your group just tell us in just a little bit on the very basics and added Reyes. Absolutely so Unita we can tell me is building a community. Where people have homes students graduate and families are financially stable I and that's really captures all of our work is sort of a nutshell. And that that program that I work on the free tax preparation campaign is a signature effort under. And help clean bill financial stability among individuals and families in our community look to go hand in hand that you can't have warned me they'd be success successful without all the sort of working yes students can graduate and less their financially stable people can be house a lesser financially stable all very interconnected. Just one of those service one of the services you provide us tax preparation you're just saying. Pump who's eligible to pop on and just to start off with little thing right now am I eligible to come due to tax preparation guy who has that. Yes so are our sites are open test hustled me keen I'm 64000 dollars or less some time in 2016. I haven't so that's really the first determining factor if you're able to access our services of here with and that guy mind. I am I would say you're likely eligible and are some things that out of scope Blake really technical tax stuff. I am but I did vast majority of folks you are with a net income guidelines we're able to serve on our site to help file taxes for him. Those who who handles these tax returns. Above how many are we talking about you and how much money are we talking coming back community. Food labels and person handles I'm Sharon so I am. And prospecting Tony we have 27 tax say it's too sure actually. I'm open Google forbid nest so infiltrate a sub by any each of those tax lasers. I'm trained it's tax say managers who are tax professionals who are certain managing the site. I am we also have over 900 volunteers. Who are hire certified Ayman ready to help you prepare your taxes and there are across all of the tax sites. And they really help power program and make this possible at the scale that is this friend is 900 people. Under every rock in King County we recruit. And that like no one's business starting on October. I'm we have a lot of returning volunteers so people really enjoy volunteering for our program about 40% return year after year. I'm just really high for a volunteer program and then the rest you know we reach out to Community Colleges have a lot of accounting Sudan and I mean have a lot of just professionals. We have over a hundred Microsoft volunteers. I'm that are going to be helping out of her sights this year and so. I am it definitely not as just very counties that anyone who wants to become iron certified and wants to work one on one with folks to help them build financial stability. I can barely do my own taxes so that might not be about right given for someone like me. A tank in case I guess maybe some of the doesn't qualify him maybe someone who makes over the 64 yeah. And you could still become involved then at that point by being on the other hand perhaps absolutely yes okay so maybe in October he's thinking about this again someone's got a little lost still wants to get some credit for doing something canine loose and a look at us. That's also now. Well how many are people we talking about helping. Yes that's a great questions so I'm just for a sense of the scale give you last year's number yeah. I am so last year and we prepared 21750. Tax returns oh my goodness and and that security 29 million dollars in refunds the last I mean back into the community. I'm in about a third of that was from the special tax credit card debt and income tax credit he can only get through filing your taxes and around nine million came from just that tax credit allowed. Until low income households. I think at the big thing to touch none actually the earned income tax credit toast what that is and how close are listening today know. If the perhaps eligible for that. Yeah ask so I am what I talk about it a Payer Freddie was like does magical tax credit and maybe Anderson tax nerd and that's I think that's the way. I am but is grounds for I'm about forty years and what it does is provides an extra income boost. To working individuals and family is so those who are earning money and through work. I and it's built into our tax system C can only get this incumbents during tax time as a party or refund. I am and the the range actually flips is fairly close the sort of our threshold for attacks sites of making up to 50000 and it somewhere in there you may be eligible for this type of tax credit. And it's especially beneficial and that that amount increases a lot for households with children. I'm and so if you look I am are claiming dependents or have children on your tax return. I am definitely sucked into CS I am. You're likely eligible for this type of credit and the credit can be covers of 2003000. Dollars though in addition to the what's holding an you're gonna get back. Well and so it's a third of the money that's coming back is just by activating these credits that's actually right. So fight it if I don't make the of them the maximum they're 64000 dollars a year may be worth popping in just asked the question. Yes yeah I mean I would encourage any land to. I am either want help getting their taxes done for free Ares is curious about our service men I'm the stop in any of our 27 locations. Ayman we can become you know what credits you might be eligible for her. But if you're in that income range I'm chances are you are eligible for something. Not fantastic now. This year I guess I'm reading that the some big changes to this earned income tax credit program and can affect how people received. Their money perhaps and maybe there's also so. Yeah absolutely so last year and legislation went through a club the past backed and what that does is I am it. Changed our tax system in some ways some ways it's really beneficial to expand its certain and tax credit provisions. Simon and others are are gonna impact our filers this year and one of the impact is that. I'm anyone claiming the earned income tax credit or is additional child tax credit those are both refundable tax credits. That they are. The refund is gonna be held by the IRS until February 15. As opposed to previously previously I am there would be no holding that the refund than you why they're doing that so they're the reason the higher sustained is to help safeguard against identity theft and tax fraud can Imus so there and I believe they're going to be. Reviewing at least some of the returns. Just checking them to make sure there's no fraud happening which is ultimately good thing for the taxpayer. I'm but it does create this delaying and that may be hard for some households grade. I'm with they're expecting their refund right away I'm aware encouraging people to do was a filing normally led. They just expect that there might be a week or so of the lag time and getting not direct deposit into your bank account a a lot of people the working with counting on this tax money to come back. Yeah so many. Income for years and 20000 for our filers. Imus so they really rely on this time of the season and I'm to began in windfall of money right to help the six or car kiosk that I am and I had this delaying refund could really impact those households. And the what we do wanna say is that. If someone's promising to get your refund faster that as a false promise this is across the bow or no matter where you golf there's going to be a delay in your refund but every file still thought the false promise more room. That sounds like it could be a trap they could be so I would just encourage taxpayers. To know their rights. I am and you know sort of what to expect in terms of if your refund will be delayed or not. I am and just be careful of as there's certain businesses out there offering a faster refund because. I am and you may be getting involved in some sort of loans that ultimately may not work out in the end. Talking to Ginny Walton this morning the manager of financial stability programs for united way of can count me talk about getting your taxes done you make under 64000 dollars as a household four point sixteenth. You have a chance to get your taxes done for free by one of the people that have either volunteered or have been trained here everyone certified to be able to get them done seeking to Texas prepared. For you now work we find one of these 27 sites that you've been talking about. At the easiest ways to go online to our website and it's free tax experts doubt or. I am and that will bring you to a website where you can see all 27 of our location you can find. And the closest one to a zip code wheeled about like a search engine on there. If you wanna find a specific link wish that your most comfortable in your taxes prepared and you can also find a site that's the best fit for you on that website. Let's of the guy would never think about yeah maybe you need help from somebody who knows new language as well absolutely that's very interest in case a dorm until the website again one more time please free tax experts dot org. That's coming story please somebody who make this about a real person with such a mystery about someone who's benefited may be from using the surface is. And absolutely so. So many people benefit from just that extra money I am especially after the holidays who I am and that some stories that really stand out to me I am. One in particular is a single parent. I'm she filed at our sites last year. And she was able to access the earned income tax credit another tax critical the child tax credit. And that really I am you know may carry some larger because she was accessing these credits that she's eligible for. And she wrote and sort of I am the client survey back to us that she used that refund to buy a school supply is. And I'm a laptop so her children can do their schoolwork at home. I am in the comfort of their homes and of having to stay out later the library or something like that and I'm for the household that really. You know it's supporting McCain skinny to learn Andre you know going school loans being successful there and and it takes a lot of pressure off on the apparent in the decades. So that's something that may be your running into people not knowing that they had access to when they're doing their taxes. Yes this is so a lot of people I am may not you know most don't know about the earned income tax credit. I'm people who have been accessing that through there filing their taxes know that they're getting this extra incumbents but they may not know is coming from that particular credit. I am so in general I would say it. People should know about this credit and notes are eligible to access it to make sure that when they do file they are getting what they're entitled to pull. It's a 11 it's. You would donate. But I mean I guess money or their time to volunteer or as a corporation to help support the system or might they go to find out more information. So if there is precedent volunteer rain you know they can go to our website at united way. I am there's a link there are tank get even now of people can sign up to voluntarily 71 mark training weekend Andre. And that but I think in terms of supporting the tax campaign and other ways. They can just reach out to. You know myself fired the main united way align and we can get connected on to folks at united way you can help you figure out what the best way to support the program as. Credits a wealth of information and so clearly wiggled out at united way dot org. Yes he daddy Casey dot org UW. United way of King County so UW KC dot ORG and that's fantastic Ginny Walton from the united way in helping us get our taxes done this kind of here thank you for joining us this morning thanks for having me. Conversations with the public affairs program of the station. Giving up what it's. I was yeah since I'm your host DNA Cruz today we're here talking to USDA food safety expert. Martina goalless tie Archie growth hi mark T how are you Oreo now okay going I think if okay well we now that there's a big game on Sunday and a lot people all. Are having parties and when you have parties and yes of course you have to food. And you're here to talk to us at bell com the food at that will be consumed this Sunday. Exactly how to I have good timing and he say food I mean nobody wants any. Uninvited guest of course like bacteria. That's what we're here for it and that we're talking about how to best avoid. Food borne ailments this super ball how to beat what forums. But yeah I mean you know as well as ID you're invited to the parties there's chicken greens there's peaks there's tips there is debts there everything it's like a food coma. Don't work like that exactly and down a lot of times people are on those New Year's resolutions anymore so they decide just on everything. Yeah so cute though some Putin. About. Chart of course remembered the that this sort of the sort of we use it or short that's clean. The force that's please separate equal. And shelves clean of course always start but it very clean environment surfaces wash and early warm waters so when expectant. It's recommended minimum. In separate you know you wanna if you quote can't ignore all like chicken wings for example anything. I need to make these separate them whether it's when you're cutting is a separate cutting board. And bone there's no need wash. Beta and speaking of the community separate you don't have to wash all in you would do. You know there's evidence that a lot of people still watch it although we recommend not do chickens should be still. Any need to be wholesome ready to go not very watch Washington splatter you can have liquids and sprays going around different areas and you don't need that. And it was still assistant watching a chicken or third it was to make sure you clean up afterwards block and and and sanitized. The bulk of sort of spirit step now is all. Cooking to a good temperature if you go in chicken wings went 65. But it's all pretty that the recommended minimum music with the mom that are. What the other 10 final one his jail only who's out and more than two hours. At room temperature which we refrigerate within two hours. And I can poke a little more about if you wanna go longer than a lot of what he should do as you want to ban. What what I usually do have to claw our. What foods we do have to cooking on two hours. OK let's say you we don't wanna worry about the two hours you just wanna keep them safe while that's all hot folding. Once you spoke to tickle wings or anything else meatballs. And it cuts would secure within their reading and he bought many invade before. Of course being right away results went 65. It was and I wanna keep in hot hot horny is 140. Or above and then you can doable face service when he using these. Special upholding dishes or the oven and I think it's in part one always the minimum and you can go for hours I mean they may it was a little quality. But they're safe at one point it dry out over many hours but that the low rule is no longer applicable when your hearts holding to the opposite is true. Or your ability to have false wall. Ballads like that the shrimp salad. The bears out you wanna keep and that one and I always. Went away we say is. We're gonna bowls of ice nesting them in the ball device and or refrigerate for your hero. Does that help. I can't just helped you though you did mention about separating meets on a cutting board and I he's missing cutting board I for the meets wise that can you explain that. Right you don't want to have any raw juices from the Czech and for many kind of neat going into. Are you having salad greens on this in the same area or something political ready to eat like a hand I don't want that battery you can to separate them. You know or you know what was called cross contamination. Okay. Ominous picture you should use a wood in net cutting board for me correct or no. It doesn't matter and. But if he if it started it you can use whatever screen always make sure you use a water so. If you use nice with a one or. Specialist like plastic etc. This glass as many different types picture they're very clean and sanitize. If this start to get old like the wouldn't want it to mean women start praying. These start to do that when they're aging factor wanna throw away. And kind. So we talked about meets what about unity and purpose is like that move a that we talked about needs what on if we order like pizza. For the big game title is there any chances of getting sick with that and how should we store and we keep it out I don't work. App is sure absolutely I would speak I mean it's is there's also a perishable food meaning it requires refrigeration do you want to. You know observe what we just thought about how to holding a want for your above. To endure that what went into hours have been. Refrigerate you know any left over from the B a because and because it does require refrigeration. But doesn't matter that it's in need lovers or vegetarian pizza. All of them are perishable. Okay our race refrigerate. Of certain at 20 rule that any more than. While Orton at room temperature I know a lot of people on love cold pizza is not a I don't be another solution right. Even if it if it's called it yet special I mean. Some foods to be on I mean to be accurate I guess about it are left perishable and others built this perishable some changes are perishable. But you have to categorize and we're dealing with risk we have to avoid. Would borne ailment so pizza is certainly perishable kind whether to vegetarian it's Caroline you know or it's not that there would need. Induce or local food boost oil and sit outside what's called the danger zone and the temperature between there's about forty all the way to 140. Kind won estimated one in six Americans do get a lot of apple and estimated or honest I don't benefit that's a bacteria multiply rapidly. And I think that aren't OK I was gonna say I'm an estimated one net in six Americans get sick from food borne illnesses on the right. These are just some we easy you can prevent that especially. On a big night like Sunday nice so on can you tell me or give us oh we're people can go to get answers about food safety. Well absolutely that is correct one and six. A lot of people watching this this game on television a hundred million television gears are expected to. To be watching is assuming a lot civil then right away one point three billion chick always approximately. During the game they parties appear like numbers like that here's some resorts this. We are. The need of poultry hotline radio SBA. And are both wearing 1888. 67 or 68. Five or would also have ask Karen that's a life feature. And Monaco Friday saint Simons is as outlined ten days that is. So ask Aaron. Go. There's an app whereas Aaron on the when that noise out there and the iPhone but until there's another one of the food cheaper and it's one word from the deeper there's an app for that those are all. It's safe to eat food in the refrigerator especially if bush were talking about. Perishables but it does have non perishables. Shelf stable foods and it. Yeah is this the 1800 number the same number on that was that Turkey hotline when people are clicking their Turkey. Yeah. That's right it's actually 888 that is whole free 18887. Or stick a four. OK now they want keep that he Indy just in case and and some it'll be there lets you know how to cook here Europe chicken wings. Well if it's Monday through Friday and or an hour open 10 AM to 4 PM eastern time. Of course we did get many calls from the West Coast as well. But those are the daylight hours you can also listen to recorded messages yeah we're not keeping that they can choose you know the numbers. Listen to refrigeration messages. Listen to hooking her statement preparation methods that you suspect one of what anyone in here. So RT what's your favorite dish on not on Super Bowl Sunday. I like to Rivera and everything you know I like I'm actually a personal love. Mode appetizers or whether it's meatballs and his stick away like finger food summit did that that semi favorites OK gotta figure pretty much. IR AM will you be watching the Super Bowl. I'm gonna try I don't know but I have a choice as well I was gonna say to them I'm running my boys my boys like to watch out what team are you going to be how painful but it I'm gonna go for the falcon. Chicago. And the kind of person I everybody is Seattle's going to be going to the falcons now with the pops not to zero. Possible. Yeah it'll be interesting and I look forward to the entertainer and I was like who liked that part two of. Yeah yeah I met one Lady Gaga is going to be doing the halftime shows that should be exciting and then we always watch the commercials and there's always some Tennessee about the commercials. Are much so yeah are you where you calling from where you from. I'm in Washington DC LU Washington DC okay I really. You're out of their headquarters here Harry or not a problem in a world where Washington these people are the headquarters who were USB it. Marry well aren't she can't thank you so much for your time name I really do appreciate an hour and yeah rhetoric is surely you can play I'll go to our web site. He invoked the these you want to remember. When you think of the words food safety and just make them want food safety. All right that on VW start with state is out though and and the mobile app again which what was that. Immoral Barak was asked Aaron that's or you all line ask Aaron and the other 18. Food cheaper to won worth of you just download the app. You can dollar iPhone their free of course both of them or android that are available on. Both. Versions. OK I appreciate it Archie. I use them myself. Okay should do regular work in right as they did it right now are you check in on your references are now I haven't been making you sir are a smaller bummed out early devoted the Oslo days senior guy lion all the time not just stating I. I would Gillen or that it kind of been a pleasure enjoy it again yeah our right would say things you and I are right I think you know. Is RET. He is the food expert. From the USDA food safety expert and RT just let us know a bit Abd Al food in contamination and in food borne illnesses. On that may happen on Super Bowl Sunday you know great food large groups of friends and cheering for a team. Are what made Super Bowl party so much fun but the also often involve lots of finger foods in the sharing of dis is. If you plan to host or attend a viewing party this year most likely that means foods will be left out for long periods of times and Sunni areas that can be. Recipes for disaster. Not to mention all the opportunities for cross contamination that exist when your cooking OK and like we told you before an estimated one in six Americans get sick from food borne illnesses. On. USDA's food safety and we camped is offering tips to help. Consumers learn how to protect themselves from food poisoning as they snack on chicken queens and not chosen dips during the big game cell. You can download the app just like Archie told you and nap app is food keep Burke or head over to their website food safety dot gov. Don't forget of course steps to improve safety to clean separate cook and show. Again CNET separate. Intel enjoy the game and be safe and don't forget conversation as a public your program of this season. What conversations on your host Greg Thomas thanks for spending some time with us this week and Jordan this segment is Lawrence Keane co author of a dude the world's gonna punch you in the face good morning sir good morning from Vodafone title and join us as we look at the issues that affect us here at home our community and across the nation. At a time where we're searching for our identity baby harder than at any point in most of our memories many are pointing out that the way we raise the young over Coulter does not prepare them for real world encounters. As you can imagine mr. Cain is one of those people the notion of a participation trophy doesn't sit well with everyone mr. Cain is a senior leader at a fortune fifty corporation providing strategic performance and excellence in IT the author of seventeen bestselling books. Cain also has worked as a business technology instructor martial arts teacher and security supervisor so. Do you feel the current notion of scoreless soccer matches in participation trophy sits kids up when they actually face real life. Well it's horrible it really doesn't teach people how to win or lose for that matter. Gracefully because they haven't done it. And it affects everything from the ability to handle constructive feedback in a performance review at work. Two. Interpersonal violence to all kinds of things. Where are trying to make everybody feel good keeps them from developing good coping skills they need to actually become an adult and give an example. I think he's a sports analogy just because it's it's coming easier I think for people to graft on to buy it. One not wanted to Kerry did judo and I and I want to turn them into a lot some tournaments you know Brady thinks it's a competitive sport while exports most folks at least of heard a bit. The trophy I'm the most proud of what second place. On this kind of weird gray. The reason is because that particular. Match. Ahead I don't know eight or ten matches are a lot of people there. And I end. And this is the one engagement. That I was completely on and need absolutely no self defeating mistake said that my absolute best in every saying. And the guy lost two which is massively better than me. You know and it really actually explode need to try harder eventually beat that guy eight couple years later Britain. It really I was so proud that they didn't mess anything else. And that they actually did my absolute best. And they're replaced I've got a lot more alarmed because this guy just knows stuff I don't yet. So it's a two up to understand that you're not that your limited allows you grow plants that. Absolutely does and even beyond that I'd. Each one one lead the kind of tournament which you don't respect in the NBA what is. You shouldn't be able to tell the difference between who wins and who loses despite their behavior in other words there's no. You know shouts of goalie year you know happy dances or you know whatever. People wondered do they don't hang their head in shame if they lose access to radiate do you wish you internalize. And I and you when people are watching other than seeing you know where the referees pointing. You don't really know who wanted to you lost because it's all about your effort doing your best and it's somebody's better than new OK you government from per minute somebody's. You know not better than you then you're expected to win. And so I actually saw people get disqualified. Deferred you're doing that the compound here they're just saying intense celebrating. You know I think that would serve. Gary interest being you know last informing someone good going to win and he should be happy he's winning. Or talk on this guy who just got beat doesn't isn't hanging their head in shame mortar realized is. We're bigger than losses and wins this what we want to take away format. Little interest in because. If for suggesting that it's giving everyone credit for participating is the problem the more people to participate. Approaching its stoically like that doesn't give the same sort of emotional reward I suppose. Well it does it's just a matter how you show it they're disagrees senate so. It when I was a kid I'm not like two days. There are going to school what are always score today but unlike today. We actually try to tell what content and so there's a kidney to him when I was in not intersect straights like doubt. And we get in this knockdown drag out fight contagious probably got tired of him economic every day. And I and the teacher who is still don't turn to recess just kind of stood there and watch you make sure we do like you know pick up sharp stick or rock or something and but let it go hole and told the bell rang. About a week later to my old best perhaps. Today we would both be expelled. You know it's it's all the context and how you handle it so you know learning to win. Learning to lose gracefully. Learning to do you know. Understand. What's within you and the fact today yourselves. Should be based upon and what can you do I know what other people think it's a pretty big deal. So what advice can you give to young adults to avoid some life changing mistakes that we possibly art teaching them in the moment. Sure that's actually the whole reason we wrote the book because there's a whole bunch of things that are really really obvious to those of us who were old. There aren't in the moment especially to folks who were younger and so. We actually were very carefully crafted in a way that you don't have to read cover to cover you can kind of just give men and ends foot forward to. Any particular section and he described what the issue is and we start what to do about it so for example. One of the things that young man what to do is is the whole. Sense you know I'm taught by macho I've got to get a standup you know I can't accept some loss of face or whatever and one of the sections we talked about is the fact that. When it comes to violence. Success isn't winning success is not losing in other words. If you're not there when the other way I wants to fight you. You want. Different perspective. But we've seen folks you know source students some of when I worked stating security for quite along time at. Eddie universal Washington. You know I see people who waited. Go to a football game for example. We did in the fight where somebody from the other team he's he's brought the outlook operating triggers whenever. And I and you know put their spin enough for their team they're standing up for their friends their displaying emotion again mobile won't moment. Until such time is they find themselves in jail all and then it's reported to student affairs and and they get kicked out of school. And all the sudden. Which seem to really wonder for the moment it's cost them their future. They lose their education and they lose their bitter scholarship suspect how dumb they have to find another school or another pan out. And all the sudden you know that hole. Gee this is really a wonderful thing standing up for my team. Maybe comes across in a different context is so hey you know if somebody says. You know your fat and ugly you know. I'm scarce in all the sticks and stones may break my bones but right on the other hand somebody point again thank you insist get into the band. That's a different situation that's one more violence is appropriate because. You're gonna get transported to a secondary crime scene. And it's not gonna and and so we try to help folks through stories through illustration. That your example see. The things that can harm on this thing sickened her comments help give them a little bit of context to make wise decisions fighting and I was bad talent actually salt stuff great talent for the wrong reasons tends to end badly accent. Had the book is called do the world's gonna punch you in the face our co author Lawrence Keane is joining us this morning. Are the potential pitfalls for millennial the same ones faced by older generations just with a different focus. Emotionally yes I mean there's some policy stuff you know assert tolerance and some of those things right dead dead director behavior differently. But I think the biggest difference is not the fact that we go through the same dynamics going up it's rather hurt. That important social media for example so yeah you see people who are. Life strain being more posting or whatever. Stuff today any employer is gonna what get adults yeah. I cannot hire you you're an idiot. So it's not that we didn't do all those dumb things there's no evidence that we did almost dumb things straight today. People don't realize that what they put on FaceBook is being heard by their potential employers or there aren't enough police beamer roads being. Seen by their potential coaches if there are planning to date somebody it's seen by their potential many great. And some of what seems corps in the mold me. If you have a little bit of a longer term view and maybe you know count to twenty before you post didn't think when I wonder if my mom would like to see this. Or take some kind of little bit about fought for a break you go you know wide. This is drawn to tell people about it but I'm not actually you don't leave any evidence. What martial arts has. Meant for you would for the people that you teach to help them grasp these concepts. Welcome kind of fundamental martial arts to need is the talk for you really are the election should feel a need to prove they'd. And so a lot of what it does is reduce PeopleSoft discipline it holds them accountable and responsible for setting meeting goals you know for play against secretary or whatever. Because all competency gay straight. They haven't if you can do certain things you get promoted if you can't you don't get promoted Greg very. Very much teaches you how to succeed in terms of setting an immediate challenging goals. But also build a ton of self confidence so global petty insult you look at it and go. That's nice and you can walk away. Instead of needing to stand up and you know do something that that once you in jail or our worst. There is a famous case where executive. Down at the arena in renowned Los Angeles. I enjoy a contest with a couple guys who turned pushy Shelby. Key guys not to the ground it has had on the curb indicted. And and two guys ended up going to jail for its. These are grown adults. I mean one of the most of was a vice president at bank I can't remember video that you guys will be you know their role in their thirties or forties. And somebody guy aid over something stupid. If you're taking martial arts and he's actually been doing it for a while most people who have the ski old. Kind. Internal strengths to just stay with a martial arts and a walk away from that situation because it doesn't matter. And so you know your house. Wake up one on violence of course you know you have skills defend yourself we need to. You know when you should. And more importantly you have the discipline to walk away as well and in larger scheme you know I said the meetings with bad bosses before. Ku were. You know freaking out and screaming and pounding the cable and I mean I mean one guy take issue often pound on the table didn't bother me any and other people look at me going. Dude how do you sit through that and dislike them because. I keep Kellerman about two seconds and no one could stop me bright penalty point and it. Mean she's just using words that mattered. That sort of attitude makes sense. Yeah absolutely are yesterday Lawrence Cain coauthor of the book dude approved the world's gonna punch you in the face tell us what we can find out more and where we can try to more about martial arts Liu the practice. Church so. Amazon's probably the greatest place to find any book you can also go to stick man publications dot com which is. The site to Chris and I used and I think the most important point to remember wrote this book is not just the title that's sort of salacious to give people interstates. It's just subtitles here's how to make it hurts like us. Or thanks so much for joining us today had a great morning thank you. Conversations with the public affairs program of the station enjoy your Sunday. Welcome to conference season on your. It's true and today we're talking to author will. Aren't so and you may know from what the bleep. To Leno have not high well how are you very good year I'm good I'm dead. You know so many people are sent an angry at this time I can't imagine why you know but there's a laugh not going on. And you into surgery paid have some amazing tools to share with us. On to find some peace and harmony and honestly I think they need this as much as everybody else. I'm so how about omni your little book of surprises. They'll wait a little book of surprises came about was your grade. Has been teaching. Spiritual awareness for about ten years and compiled a stack of transcripts probably about a foot tall. Measure not been reading poems all that time and someone suggested to me. I could probably go through and pull out some quotes from some columns and associated that with a picture children publisher little book. So. I thought about that for about they have today and putt you know I think I'm a bad idea let me think about it. And within another half the day. Sort of come up with the notion of calling it the little book of surprises. And for those few who remember what the bleep. When that first came out we have a new little book of bleak. Little five by seven book with quotes and pictures from the movie apple will be kind of similar to that. So I started working on it and I came up with the notion of going to the book of surprises. Because a lot of the things that directory they're surprising. Surprising in that. Sometimes it's something you've you've kind of been aware of for awhile but she just put it and what you do refreshing way that it's the surprise. And some others just like way out there because dirt race been. Having won put in the other world Jewish streak. You know so little a little out there sometimes more than a little. I came up that notion of surprises because I remembered from my bleep research to what would it surprise does. It really change your biochemistry. The bureau toxicity goes up suddenly he's seen things in the new lie aid you can learn things quickly. So. Basically and within three months I have this book put together. All of our surprise as it happened so quickly and as a photographer Andrew Bauer bit directories view. And he had treat an open photos lying around on the web site. And he's such an artist you know I didn't know what to do with them. He's good victory in great stuff you know if you would like doing so you know I have all the elements right there and just. Put the book together the reason it's called but not so little book of surprises. Is once once I put it together. Photos were so stunning I thought I wanna. I wonder what this looks like a larger format certified by seven or nine violently the coffee table type book. Well I printed up a couple copies of what it would look like if say coffee table book and we all looked at each other OK that's what it should be. That's why it's called but not so little book surprise. Your background. Well I'm. I graduated in engineering and math and physics my first job out of college and they've researched laser physicist. Pick up three times very quick. Yeah I was and that you. So I did that a little bit and I retired. Sometimes there director of programming computers just to. Pave the way. And eventually that led to me writing. A piece of systems management software. Building a company rounded. That's an entrepreneur or selling that company off. I'm my then realise until that this political makes cited the second companies sold that off. An and I got the crazy notion that make a movie. And I made what the bleep. I. Though it's using your varied background I guess you'd would you say that your passion has always been writing. Well might actually creating thing eating though. When I did like braces I wrote that that piece of software I loved writing the software I mean it just. Creating this system that would work in this me dislike software machine that at all this amazing things I really like that a man. Doing. The movie. Brooke script for that and directing and all the other stuff so. I loved that and then you know for the little books surprises like just again it was creative and different kind of mode all of us similar. And I loved that so I just. I just like creating things. And you in it adds to your jury connect. Did you know where for along time have you guys been friends ordered you matter at a coffee stop like prodigy to connect and this I do email. She was doing. Some retreats in a strategic and I ended up wandering in the one. And so that's where we first met and then. But it became members independently of this organization called transformational leadership council. So I would fear there. And then another retreat you know I fear that mention she would ever retrieve I would go to that and all I can say is one thing led to another now husband and wife. It's an air yeah. And heard Harry. Wow OK UID are your bios I didn't average buys some time I don't like reading too much about what I'm gonna. I only be interviewed the organic because I feel like you know it's it's very unique when you you know when you get the really motions sweet spot of people assault. I think one thing that's another and then a book was born as well as I say. Or prior to not sound that's so I'll need to get married. Four. Warriors for years OK and we'll see. Maybe that's the first time I've been married. All. She had she had much trepidation at merry 62 year old man who had never been married yet if I allow this kind of what's in. What's wrong with Amadou lifers like to meet poppy had died in the wool thing you know. How Atlanta. Train him so. Yeah loss so far so right. So far so good OK well that's that. Should be picking up this book in in you know in reading what you think need to Spock. Good question are. You Emmy for what you said I you're talking about on the spirituality. In August and people laugh at that and some people turn their cheek and like the bill bell on me and the edit he can. Get you know. Well. You know the thing about it. When I made what complete ten years ago twelve years ago. People really rolled their eyes about anything spiritual. And if you say you're meditating or something people like GAO lack this guy. Yeah but that's really change in the media last decade. You know for wanting to like every strip mall as the of the studio and airports. Airport together studio fifteen years ago that was considered boo boo yellow. Things really are changing and I think they're changing for number of reasons and one. Is that. That this spiritual dimension of life for the metaphysical dimensions or that there's other realms besides those that do the rounds of the senses that we perceived. That is a part of reality and if you cut that part out of reality your living basically. It's like a world out of balance your out of bounds because he is part of our reality. But it's just perceived in a different way and I think if you look at the broken out of the world now. A lot of that is because. We have four in our country here to kind of turned our back on the on the spiritual aspects of life. When you could say the energetic aspect crude non physical whatever you call it. And if so things are really out of balance. My I think most people would have agreed with that. So asses who would like the book. You know there on the one hand I think people who have been on the spiritual path for many years would it would find it very thought provoking. But also I think people who really don't have that much of a connection to a we just read it. And just to introduce themselves to the ideas could some of the ideas. There's so tripping like a failure rate than. Having access to the mystical world that she was three. And so there's a quote in their like you know one day the the doorway will open and you will perceive the inner reality it's more real than the external reality. And when that happens we'll really met with your mind. And you know I've interviewed. Neuroscientist. About things like that missing you know when someone had a mystical experience where they perceive another reality they come back to this reality and are all like I don't know this is the illusion that was. That was real and it's able why was it real and they just go like because it was more real so. That notion that are in a world. Is ask ballot conceivably more valid than the Al the world is an idea that's. Working its way through. Societies so I think if you're curious about that. Pick up the book. And you don't necessarily have to be religious to be spiritual and Mike cracked. Or drink. That for me and I grew up in. Protestant church and my whole once by the family with ministers and missionary to elected. And I'm kind of a rebel by nature but there were certain parts of the dogma the Christian dogma that I just. So wrong. Ideas that differ. Located. You know born and they had died before their baptized there and stand forever. Flying and hell with what I was told Sunday school I would like that's just I know it even it you know Asia twelve that's not right though. I really turned off from all the religious stuff at all like dogma. You know in the history of the church is pretty shady history if you actually read it. And so it took me a long time to actually circled the wagons. And come back to realizing that there is spiritual world. And higher aspects of all the religion if you kind of look at that there are all really pointing in the same direction. And when you actually look at the words Jesus. You know do it because you have been doing deal wow what a great way to live and then boom he killer right there so. There are part of that but the dogma. You know can get very sick and then you know pure fate is different that might save we're gonna. You know burn you at the stake that's sort of stopped and really turned me off but I think people are realizing. Societies that know there's a sort of a level beyond that where. All roads lead to Rome I mean I think if you read this stuff of Dolly the Dali Lama. He's written you know bunch of book taught about how law called the pan out. All the past really lead at the same place so everyone let's get over that this separateness. And help each other. Does to your tree still on TJ. Still bright. Every every day this week to keep like a constant journal. Yeah I mean basically it. You know some time will be eleven. Clock at night not just to govern a falsely. And suddenly the light comes on the term light on my companies do you. Shoot like a cat got a break this down right now social. You know and she. Very active in her life social to start hearing a poem. Well welcome American people on get the little book of surprises. I'm making getting you know everything on Amazon's page in the thriller so how. To order a halftime shows us the tools that. Sorry OK well thank you so much for your time. Well my pleasure have a good day YouTube conversation into the public affairs program of this season.