Corey Taylor At Pain In The Grass

Wednesday, June 28th

Corey Taylor of Stone Sour talks with us at Pain in the Grass!

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Ladies and gentlemen brimstone so our. Scoring. OK. If you. Yeah really. And I come down. I felt like on the pro wrestling announcer bring you out tonight and mobile wrestling name oh the muzzle or lookup about the process an old school madman militants in rice yeah that is learn the puzzle he was but not as good as the riddler not nearly yeah well like they couldn't get that got to play the the riddler again that week show the puzzler is good. I feel like I'm having like therapy generally don't have. The territory. How long have you been on the way you do and who well let's see my my my baby sitter touched me when I was. 44. Was an awesome. A couple of tough I mean I don't just Intel but yes it was not to lose them I can hit my fist in my mouth no you can't you cannot do that are here we go out. Here now. Okay good throw throw everybody out. Holy cow I heard what the hell yeah. I didn't really do after this that I didn't ever think they're getting their military's don't czar cannot perform tonight because Cory broke his own job. Yeah I did have me out there that. It is that it be that good. And and so I want you know we've spoken debts have been drunk. When it is over can now payments today this is what happens is that trip to the triple Triple Crown real I don't know how to feel about that leg does that meet it's a good. It media here and indirect enabler for I know I just say I decide that'll be Monday the relapse or there you go. Yeah they're reading they're very young many you don't miss your Iowa's gonna that's how did not talk talk talk OK good I guess how. Up up up and this will be the last agrees there's not the pain in the grass. Well did during Wednesday's story why did three heads is that do they're never gonna let us like he came together I know that that is despite being ready here this might be Jesus grew so what is going up why don't why don't other brands they cannot you what is happening we talk to you a week later you get enough by it would. With Chad what is going on. What does he wanted to talk about that. What do I give her what she had Kroger sends. This I figured out Chad Kroger is to Iraq what kids see is to chicken you know that's. I. Now all. I feel like I'm not wrong glory we hate to tell you that the result backstage been sponsored by may have seasonal up there have been asked earlier it as the loans are gonna feel good about it I'll still leave little math is still bitter taste like this same thing that. Yeah it's. You. On a special edition of why is why we don't we're getting in trouble this is boy hey hey where is wanted to come on here and talk though I have he's a guy headline have you comparatively tips you would be pretty bad that's true that's true and when I got such great. Reliable people homicide like smash mouth in the marriage she got guests how that's I don't see each week. Was it true that government always been seeded I freaked out I dropped my phone freaked out like I was like you gotta be. Because I didn't know we I don't know if you've followed me. And then I ran her on the bus look like six followed me hurt you tell everybody what we did. You have to do I mean I don't have my phones like can't direct support but it was basically you Chad just thrown a I break your back can make you humble with the slip knot you. At this I'm paraphrasing of course but that was that was really the gist of what he said it it was all casually you know we minute. Here is that we really did Dennis Ross do as if that's I like to know what's going on in his day when he's not I think. Oh crap I got a tweet about things. It up I said that you guys patrol make about my covering me go back songs on your tour. More than three. That would mean hysterical you know you would do a better version of their own zone. The miracle murdered as loud and clear and Merrill murder. I could kick my own ads now that so. That's actually you know what sucks that's a good song. Everybody forgets. And now you start out and we all knew it what to do the bully out producers felt if you were murdered me I mean we all know it. Every one of us it was only after that they were like oh bold. We'll look back got dibs on Xena as much as. I may or may not know how to play it. Yeah. I could get us tickets aren't that good. No problem note. We'll get started if we gave ANC will you play what if we get Susan KFC will you play it now. What about what lies but who blew the whole time yeah. Maybe maybe oh wait no I just thought about it no I'm not going to. Ticket like I had to say was ever a charge of your management team right up there make it's a good decisions this is like this this is stupid. Everything I do right now welcome them. Well our greatness I'm I keep waiting what do you call waiting for someone with a look this is an oil habit that is not happening in its enemy you know. Of the year branded her this already long. That I've actually talked about this whole goddamn thing it's so stupid it's slightly as we love it and you know the funny thing is I would actually let you win a little secret but I I probably shouldn't let. The big hit. I don't know why don't bet I'll put in the book well put in the book was put the go ahead. I I'm I'm never that looks a good job got by and we do by the way have an album coming out it's just go hide your grad it's coming out June 30. I'm sorry do your job more in our I would talk about you anymore questions tonight about an hour we will let let me ask you something that's what your favorite sub pop album beyond money record there did you want I'll -- line if you want money all. What do you want money why is it because there's only nickel back. I don't. They don't sound like make Obama I would say they're that bad that is and I just you know at a bad. Whole crew there I just didn't I just didn't get an amount of money to be honest I was always a bit more into like Green River malfunction like that whole thing up and of course when by the love won't happen as it. Well loved itself. But the greatest track Apple's wanna that. It album is amazing I've always wanted to do cover of a man a golden words. But I'm nowhere near as good on piano is anybody like I suck at right now that are potential group was the song that I don't have Dan's Q on our first anti us very solid. Very beautiful hats ever joke about the general her eyes beautiful. I before we go off the rails or anything else we don't wanna talk about. Just making that guy that's gone sour out a week I'll ask or do we we were everywhere all the not to bring it out well or you know want to actually talk to you mentioned that outnumbered by talking about the new record that you guys went in there didn't use contracts continued broad tools that we just click backs broad tools auto tune beating tiger anyway it's in the bag is not happening these days anymore to pick a which I think it's great. And if it does it some weird and disturbing and that lake plays with bandages and accordions you're like Foster good giant to wrap up a whole group. What is you know I mean that's the way it. My favorite albums were reported your favorite albums are your favorite albums recorded he got in a room and he played together you didn't stack it like a bunch a court would. You didn't listen with your eyes you listen with your ears new fleet is a band and that's what we did with this album we played as a band. And a sorry I am dropped an F bomb. Back to give more bands did that. The rock would not be worded so it would be like way above the stratosphere right now so I'm encouraging every rock I. Go women do that played together or not one at a time nobody wants that. You lose a motion when you're just stuck to a certain beats per minute as a exactly are they think they're time we get you've got a right to part of a song exactly and you don't do that when your plane we'll click you don't Tammy and you miss so many different things too like when you rehearse it live. And then you play together as a band you could throw went all the little tasty little ear candy bits and stuff like that that comes. Naturally. And spontaneously. When your playing together is abandoned you capture moments instead of trying to make a moment you're actually having a moment and that's that it's important it's important drive why do you think that there needs other bands don't do that because they got to hear what I mean I can tell you what I think well I know it's gonna take a hit that's why I ask you. Because they can't. Because they can't do it and I'm not saying that to you my own warning saying that because a lot of fans don't learn how to play that way. A lot of bands they learn sitting in the room playing by themselves so when they get in a band environment. They've all they've freak out they don't know how to do it some on the go in the studio all this is more my thing I can play by myself. They don't know that vibe they don't know how to open up and surrender you know it's like it's almost like. Playing jazz when you give yourself lovers like you gotta be ready to risk solution. To be able to play it was somebody and that's what it is that's what it's all about a lot of fans can't do that's why encouraged. All the younger degeneration. To play together getting form of an audience make mistakes don't be afraid of it because you don't learn perfection is bull. If you really get down to a he wrought dean who weird just be good that's what it comes down Corey thank you so much. Laurie do instead it's a good lure. Sooner.