Craig Gass joins us live 01-22-18

Monday, January 22nd

Craig Gass joins us live in studio promoting his stand up at the Kirkland Performance center.


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Vijay job well out of context this might sound weird but our next guest service chocolate while we were in Vegas I'm not leaving baseball hats this joke I guess. Sorry man but say like dude you know why you're the guy I wanna travel with in Vegas because most people go to Vegas to get destroyed and trashed in drugged and drunk. But you of course you know being on the bill on on the sober bandwagon he really didn't he told lower. You know how to enjoy other stuff in Vegas I look like there's some great restaurants and yeah disagree restaurants and grit I just love I'm laughing we Oregon here because. What I so we're in Vegas. We run into each other you guys of their for CDS on their just to chill out further new year which by the way I laughed because that's who goes to Vegas just to chill out you really they're gonna just unwind and relax Miller got into. Bingo. You told us this and we were my old man old ladies I admit I was amazed and made a lot of friends he's old ladies or I honestly yes I I I we've played bingo. A 1000 dollars twice. Playing bingo. It's I want and there are many you're still ahead kinda go limit how much of the prices and how would you Barney unit it's late. How many cards can in my leg agencies do the math ego he's played guides. I'm gonna win something here and we had a claim of glowing marker of things at the moment adversity got to talk to my son Joey these because he plays poker but if he knows that bing goes the way to pick up a quick cheap and easy on him on that it would is I've tried played. Five nights a custom base and and I won a thousand dollars twice dance and then another night one flips 600 yeah I was. Those crazy know what's funny is. Something weird happened with us when we all hung out together I don't be tight but on the air but. Com PGA was joking that he's being that he always gets profiled him we talked about it yes yes yeah we we manager but you're right there letters guests and trip cluster cloud due to a memo guys and take you distribute gas as far as they say he was like man these guys are always to marry me that it sounded like an exaggeration and but the moment we walked on the strip. Late people's. I live all my America's Bob Mann and know you can you know when the I'm. You all you never play bad everybody's. Hookers and Paraguay and strip club people were all flocking to Vijay was so much excitement. He was the new kid on the block out I'm seeing with the new freak and that's like iced tea I'm trying to do the voice of the guy from lucrative point. Who wants is the same kind of voice even though a freak of the week Matta knew he had themed movies. In parity so that's what I pressed media kids yeah I'm fresh meat that's my face and I was bigamy Vijay is upset. And is trying to argue what are you asking me worried. And while he's doing that never there's like some drunk drug adding dude let's start to fight right behind a place. And Vijay is is just genuinely trying to ask the question of lake wire you. Profiling me. Tune these pimps and you know club owners say it was it was. He was in the middle of insanity and we had to keep yelling out DJ DJ there's a fight. Reagan that getting bodies like all White House passed and I'm only an incident to exit dancing with that Diana had like a weird drum set attacks through a lot. I love that's me yeah. Yeah we heard it was it was a little too late to beat me on the strip and we're out there there it's it's a gets past the yeah cool that point there's the nothing good will happen after this time slot yeah do you missed it when the day before when Vijay started talking a one of those guys are so take us to buster club that had like a limo take. Let's go let's go out hey you bum like cameramen namely he then tore the I haven't had been no news happens on treasures treasures that says. And I and he goes. Sir you don't even know what it's like to be profiled as a no I'm an old Kirby die and it's a study group like do look like they are no I had no idea what it's like to be profiled yeah. My ankle and they walk a mile -- you tell her I enjoy your you'd be just the night is Miami the gap I don't know what that's like and all the firings of what was funny is that do we wait until. Until the strip to get to this restaurant or wants or you guys on some great dessert. And then we go back out on the strip so we'd like leaving at every time we did this chip was like a mini beatle mania very few tips get this there's a nice and slowly. And my man yeah. I don't know you know there's an example at a news this it was it was a more movies in your sins to warm up these incentives called Yahoo!'s called out are. Seriously you guys know is no joke there's no doubt this was when you first set in my life 91 when we were there I die oh you're just being a little you jumping to conclusions that's not the case then just kept happening in them when Craig got to witness knows like. I really means is right maybe they are profiling for being make the old guys that just need some movies in his face. There's some breaking news this morning I didn't think that I would live long enough to see this always thought that anyone who is in the slayer. Would've we would all died of drug overdoses before this happened but apparently slayer has announced a freaking out I. I know Todd called it quits call I figured out you just expect him walk forever. Could honestly felt that way out on time until really until they also why slayer is always going to be you're out and I wonder lake there is no explanation just that they are gonna do a farewell tour. And but dare not the kind of band that would do. It's not like kiss where you know it's a farewell tour every couple easily you can make so much money off of a farewell tour that that's a big it's even. If you ever want to be doing a farewell tour if they may have and longevity. Because you can make so much bank on that whether you really mean and not even if they don't mean who's gonna call them on it it's lighter it's literally like now we change tomorrow we're frequent flyer or are you the days three days ever and a episodes in many seasons in this is one of my all time for your records site and read every. I did what I did not typically everyone's favorite slayer record and everyone likes that one but I give your slayer fan like south heaven or whatever may be. You know every new season new Vista me was the one that I first on what would slide aired that song the title track which it is the last track on the record. Is in my output in my top ten songs of all time. I'm I love that record you iBook and BJ is it slayer ski area. So I mean slayer is scary but did scam because I've been in this job I've been a rock for a lot of times they got you know I hate you learn about bands and you learn about the you know I'm a member went kiss used to scare people. You just know that it's a performance he noted earlier are you serious it's an army I hate you just know that yeah there's I mean he got to do something to be scarier than nothing and that was scary when you come out but they never scared me because I'm in the business I mean maybe if I was a regular Joseph they would of. I I remember being and I shouldn't say this allowed police to be when that they think I was fourteen when I was in net but they're band. My friends. At a ere bed the all right. Get the I remember you telling me I'll remember your experience on the air but that's malaria the LA area we get together and just rock tune you know what we did all Pollyanna you instruments you just air guitar air drums air everything piano that's funny guy in college program must that's not good how he's overall tickets forgotten by the way I make Kirkland performance and Arianna I'm KP sedar dot org shows at 7 o'clock this Saturday current and former senator Craig guest checking out right errors and is an open. C added a second Joseph we're due seven phone 930 shown in Kirkland on Saturday actually get an idea that the the you know ourselves a hole was that I would come here watch the Seahawks play football. And then do a show and unforced AC I mean the upside is I can invite some of the Seahawks in front office guys who were there all home and I can invite them to the show. But the downside is we can't go see. SER skin but some. And but in the air band I remember my buddy gone on this is it that the school day and the called iron made him up and it's called number the beast remember hearing that track and is going. And to do the boy could do it just it's clerks are they scared you all absolutely and that's where it was like the next level for the first time I was in the slayer. Was the first time I ever worked out. And it was also the first time ever did crystal meth I went to a friend of mine that the same time out it was the same time there's elements wall did. I went back element Jim. Don't know what the hype is always juggling 25 point six diseases is still in the eyes go with Keith emergencies lesson in Q with soaring gas price yourself there's. CEO Keith Richards and it worked out together now. And everybody keys today is his name is and you've worked Dalmatian got canceled that needed to come and announced it will all work out to get America and its weeds and I was a grad school that I and I went 2000 egos did you do nothing not a hundred years old he just this is only talking into little bit. As a burden those who just pitched in movies look so opposite political right smells like it was it was burning those whose every work I mean if you listen slayer you're gonna go slayer is usually just didn't. Players behind this yeah I was don't and then I don't try and I'm I'm lifting wait a minute. Yeah. I don't know Lima and thousands of them from the moment so yeah the greens are hurting hurting. Her bed and I just couldn't I do to stop and just yeah. We can't you just just overload you just three overloaded just crystal meth. Slayer trying to lift you know 800 pound weights it was it was still mr. Swire math. Nature's best for you know and waits apparently do that's that's the third that that's the trifecta right there hey if you come to Kirkland with crystal meth bust by yeah I'm all of the Pope will receive slayer life always hit many times staff believe they're the guys and slayer of big comedy fans and they come onto the committee shows a few times and com we have they are intense. Do I love his you know we do alas haven't the mountains animal rescue. Crew they all know how come to like our concerts and ascent up above cycled. Puppies to adopt no bands play with them again and they have a picture of Carrie came from slayer holding make the small poppy on sesame without a doubt one of the cutest and most terrifying pictures or receiver is Kerry and I intimidating looking Diaz faithfulness he'll poppy you're telling its heart it's melting as he's holding his. Poppy that's human Yang right there you know what his wife is a big pet rescue borrow so yeah he's really into that. I brought saying that he has a wife again you don't expect out there Chris Plante you don't expect them to have any other creatures they care about and you know that the that this is the great thing about that crazy yet many friends that go. That you bring to shows and they tell you pay man I really appreciate you look at me you know I always appreciate you looking up putts. If you could never get me to meet. So and so oh yeah yeah then I would love beef and just do it right what buddy of mine. Sadness knowing it need to meet slayer and they said. Com I don't know at the time I didn't know anybody and abandoned and I said I can get to the concert so I brought them to this concert. And he got a house he aegis he got annihilated during the show on the AM and then afterwards. We relieving the building walking outs by way of he loading dock entrance. And Kerry king was about fifty feet away from us. And Kerry has his journey it. Sheen on the back of his leather pants and it's like it's like an industrial strength. Shame that that's hanging oven back back to his chance. And I go oh man there's Kerry king any news might my buddy usually students who wanted to go to scary Inter's players right there he goes. And how how everything turns around and egos you guys are fabulous. I mean it any game a little one. Are now and aren't the only yet now is whom you only. Now at the guy from Slaton had something to that's not the move are and Steve shown in the picture of Kerry king of the country. Yeah so listen Craig gas is going to be at the current and performance center to show us now 7 PM 9 PM tickets and info. KP senator dot org or go get gas there's I can't get gas with US is that. And they X morning and now I'm 49 K I guess tell you.