Darren McMullen 09-29-17

Friday, September 29th

Darren McMullen joins us live in studio promoting his filming of the show Football Fanatics.


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He's our guest is on a mission a mission to find out what it's like to be a Seahawks and please welcome to the show little Daryn acknowledge error and I and I did and very young arms how you go and we do well man and I'm jealous because everybody you know I everybody gets a mission I mean I'd do is like to have manned mission women like to have to live the women mission the -- way you go on a mission you wanna do something. Where you visit a bunch of different things on the same kind of genre. And you're on a really good manned mission. I'm a very coalition have on the very commission. And I became obsessed with NFL football silly stuff took an early on a Sunday Sunday night which was Sunday a day here of course. And I am one of those old television and the revenues and use detection it and and really channel can get was always playing NFL football so the came out absolutely obsessed with that. That to gain the colors the teens Americana. To the point I had to get my room decorated and everything America for what I do remember from back in the day I did have Seattle Seahawks. They cheat Salma date she's pillowcase and we're seeing how hoax but then Mike turns where you hate this McCareins were 49ers and. Know him because our job as great as you don't. Yeah the very confused young lads you know everybody back and I got. Yeah I Star Wars she does she says it is to get it's yes I like the old school see ya blue the logo I have learned that that's. Or the other than the very same so. So then finally when I'm new to American 2009 and an American nice but I never had a team I just loved football and saw we traveled to different cities and and and try and work or which team wanted to support. And then I thought you know walk. This I'm just gonna I'm gonna make this my mission I'm gonna travel to all 32 teams I'm gonna find out what it's like to be a true fan and all that teen. And I'm I'm I promised myself I'm not gonna make my decision who to issues until it seemed the best little thirsty to have to offer. Lot may be that barring Cleveland and Jacksonville. I don't I. Yeah. The best parties you've UV you turn this into a television show is wow yeah I had a camera crew here again yeah the following are catching the aorta and unfortunately it's embarrassing sometimes but I did they give you better access than most people would have a tasting quite incredible yes you know we get we got to meet sat. Pete Carroll we do we get to play with you the player is I'm John Ryan told me you know high tech. Tickets snapped in and and show had to punt the ball and things alas so XP has been pretty pretty incredible access and that. But for me it's more about the fan excuse I had a few few blocks is going to take off. With the show and from what what. Being a supporter of eighteen men for me number one. I want them to be sending good I don't want to be crying myself to sleep every every Sunday night I felt the need to win occasionally I. The fans are a big thing for me I wanna finding great community fans against phone with. Dug into words Kenneth working class and and and same sensibilities as myself and sound. Joba she's not a big deal though it be cool if they were in a nice city that I enjoyed visiting because obviously I wanna come to as many home games as possible. But also want transit travel well so I can I can go to a game in New York or LA where I live and I'm on my terms will be there to search as an era our sincere thanks so. Our own zone resolution that is what is not Spanish you know it's over yeah I ask how all the searches are -- one episodes show that's all I need this one and done their very much for coming good I was football fanatic it doesn't need to know god good team travels against travel to the great city does not stink and he's also you know they don't win games yes you do if you watch that Tennessee Titans game which we we believe we didn't fare well but every time we scored a touchdown you'd swear that it was solid on all Seahawks fans you could hear them on the national broadcast. We had that many fans out in Tennessee watch my game. Yeah next year. Being in the stadium. On Sunday is going to be following incredible standard and deafening I want you know what this is great are you don't know if you're planning to go to Kansas City but we've got arrival with them because they think they've got a lot of stadium but we we we know the truth here I heard that you know I and I am going to Kansas City so maybe I'll just agree to this to the testimony and I go yeah I bring my son and barometer or whatever those things are cold so. Yeah. Because I carry one everywhere we may have to suck down. McMullen is losing I NFL teams because he wants to learn the fan culture so Seahawks fans he needs your help call now to 06421 rock. We wanna give you some tips on what to do while he's here show why it really we are the best fans and I don't know where she tailgate. What kind of traditions are really like you know this great CR conditions that really rattle anybody in the NFL. Anything that you think is gonna give a better understanding of what it's like. To be a true Seahawks fans. And also why he should be a hot stand over any of the team because this is important this young boy in Scotland that listen on the radio all those years ago. He now has the biggest decision of his life. I said. And it prices are cut cut cut enemy doesn't make the right one. We might have to visit to do half and let him know the Arabs what I was. So many years only 206 Schwartz one rock you can also yeah it's not a fact I think we should take some call them to do the phone lines are I don't know Barnes who Larry I love their C hostility dementieva all right period and throughout your I'm with the army -- and tell him why if this is the only stop he needs to make to pick his favorite. Football team page and. Hey good morning Darren welcome tricky out holes thanks for having me. Yeah you know I look now further may be your last stop but I'm telling you I'm they're gonna add that I'm your life. The truck travel well you know we treat other likely wanna be treated I think I hit my husband and I gotta wanna wait endearment I love it no. There's people with open arms like we beat them. Q you don't kill it Alley nature Yost. And and in just say hi to everybody you are the party CN nobody else we do we know how to do an age due elder friendly kitty attributable TV and don't let Hillary get the buttons. Are you go to China where we're used to being miserable outside. I don't like the heat I can handle heat illustration gen David gone it's true you're the only guy we don't have to apologize for the well because there's your beautiful yet you grew up with us this guys are already hey you know theory he had chili reminds me of home I love that was actually very good point I mean it's through Friday everywhere out here and I know when you walked -- you saw so are now subject is this a usual thing like that every Friday it's a holiday basically for Seahawks fans. We all put on our favorites the odds here. This is sure to team support it's it's a great vibe and Daryn we've we've heard we've noticed when when they come to town because this is of course a national game is going to be broadcast Sunday night. We've noticed the announcers say it's so great to walk around atop everybody's got CR scholars on. It's not something that other teams do like the Friday Saturday before game I mean they're the folks really they they Wear their colors I mean they love this team. What can attest summit only arrived at late last night hitting just walking around today. Seeing everyone Wear the colors you know living in LA and New York phenomenally since have been here decency that you don't see jet skier joins skier or charges in and rams just kicking around on on a daily basis there unless you rap that the stadium self testing quite incredible it's hard not to get involved in that bonds as well you really feel the energy known you when you're walking around. The great five skid so a damage moans and a lot of cool stuff you might have seen them all over the place man on different networks doing great shows and this is such a TV show he's doing right now. Visiting NFL teams he wants on the same culture so he can decide. Which of the 32 NFL teams he's gonna call his own because he hasn't really had a team he's loud he's just love the sport now he's gonna actually pick it seemed to love. And didn't well I mean really we think he's done but you know he's got to visit 31 other places like we just to be nicer magazine article revealed let's be honest the more shows I do the more money they get paid so go ahead as good data to welcome don't need you we we tell him why he should only be a hot fan Patrick impose more you're on the damage mowing go ahead. Hey good morning it will try to Darren thank you remarks since he is they yeah. And passion the urge you to a little bit earlier about the trend or an important part of your experiences. You know here in Seattle where the only ones that retired her number just sort of stamped to squelch. So you know you got your number to come our kids right here. There might know he's retired he's which shows how good your that's a good a player and you're fantastic. I need to look at day over 21 I don't know why you're retired I. Classes there I have no McClintock and the Smart thing now it is early it is early Emily had three college so that I mean that is a good point you think an aborted what does it mean to you to be at twelve what does that actually it's in its. And for so. So it will just judge just try a little bit about that's twelve goes so in 2013. That are Super Bowl winning sheets and by out of debt which the keynote on your curtains they're the champs is behind her and now we we beat them here and weak she knew until I legally changed my middle name to seahawk. In front of the judge. Urgent and everything that's sort that's how much. You know the Seahawks need me NIC what's your name would you say you know around which excellent how much all my full name is Patrick Shia Duncan. I don't get how did you get stuck dish they netted no Seahawks normally get a job when you gonna drop the Patrick in just DC hub dunk. I everybody did this tall and a zillion I got kind of Obama middle name anyway and it's only. I figured I'd do you have all decked out car too we all the Seahawks logo and stuff like that too. Yeah that's struck that the shield to the NFL did out for me. That I stick around its share you mentioned things like that actually aren't Seahawks when I wake up in the morning relive it all day and I go to bed GR. Singers sang the NFL tricked out your truck for you because you're such a VCR fans booed and I were talking. Yeah I didn't know that a truck had a minute I became a seal that Australia maybe a maybe I got to be swayed and I love your your your first name's Irish and so Irish Patrick yeah Seahawks Seattle and then you let Duncan which is such a Scottish named Suzanne right. The great you know is a lot from the others to sign this high can it really really is tough it takes some items to save my yard pat Patrick Duncan Seahawks thank god didn't call Matt bush surely his magazine Seahawks seasick regalia but that's something you would notice did you go take on like the tailgating and some a lot of people trick out their cars with the blue lingering in the twelve with the Seahawks look I see people like so many guys got to have like that lay out cement those big cement trucks. That they Pena didn't Seahawks colors it's it's insane that's magnificent is there any when the tailgating is there any particular food that swell the. All cattle area well we had we you know we are known for our our our hi guys are and I really are high couture cuisine and I think we're really Jimoh tell you about this. Jim Lowell I dare McMullen visiting all the NFL teams on his TV show to try to find out the one he's gonna pick for the rest of his life to be a fan of and he's asked questions about how good our tail gating is Jimoh let him know how good are tailgating is when it comes to food. The orange. It's. I let them off. You know I hate date due DJ and expect it beat you the day clock to a great start I flew right they are. Yeah. Good yeah well I and I I don't think I nearly as enjoyed it perhaps is the first one but bigger yeah. That what we're all getting beat out really is fake. So look shelling that killed it man that's really what you're heard from Patrick that yes Dino for sure it really go like they didn't Milo halting years she'd be right elbow deep but did you redeem all of the facts are Cobb county new rock me I got you. We hasn't had a top they'll use food I had myself forty legit what's your specialty CD global hawks blow I talked to my specialties so I'm BJ Janet had I think he's got a video blog on. Did you do you like seeing quick so good about Biden admitted three people at every satellite cable and they're making quite cable was bacon wrapped so they had everything trauma. Bacon wrapped corn dog instead daycare at Mac and cheese. Community near maple buyers and Elian now and I mean the list goes on we went out there blood on the. You know I I'm I'm from LA so I'm all loosely gluten free envy and an electric stuff come on be unlocked our acknowledges jelly out my entire okay Iowa I will lunch with style just to let you know he they can read so much stuff that by the time you leave his tailgate party you'll be a big can wrap Daryn it's it's insane like I'm not ignorant and we do that last. We can't you know end menu. We've got time. The change you rehab were expecting. Not that great a weather so working in. Could lead on the bus in the securely is an actual the party so I myself collecting government Biggio and ate seafood chowder list. Oysters and such and then yeah got a long term partner that hey we're gonna do you lack little fashions deal. We're gonna find you I'm definitely I'm doing a pop into your tailgate to hold we are to you all well. All all all multiplayer relation with the rats that way each and outcomes seem yachts and I'll be expecting and yeah do you like to. Among people would call your people or people start can move will be big blue thing with the feeling that I that's how we do around here I love even gonna tell this. The whole Seattle where you are doing is okay so let's go ahead Larry exclusive Lafarge. It's an invite only invited elect thank you general as my dad's a big bad Jim. 99.9 KI SW we're talking to Darren McLeod McClellan he had a mic on he's actually Derek knowledge is visiting. NFL teams to learn the fan culture Darren wants to know Manny wants help from you see our stand he wants and no okay why should he be a fan of this team over any other team. And I they we have to hear from we got patty because she's been a fan since 1976. Because we haven't always been this good. And so it's great to hear from somebody that's been a fan since it preempt pretty mail address every six is when it all began pretty much patty around my retirement mowing go ahead hello patted. Good morning and welcome to see our country now thank you very much so far so good it's right on. I figured a lot of travel and it's up and get the Internet even if. Hopefully I I don't your phone and he yeah I had no capacity I don't know maybe the best team in the the NFL but your songs are terrible yeah. Yeah. And out the window or how about going to the different that you could be any give resubmit try again got to carry their batting. An OK you're still got the bed as I'm sure he's just I don't know I just told from the seventies. It is yes goods put Arnold I think that that voice on the familiar academically Marmol blew. Oh. No my blue house with high value for a small holes already we got a backseat just listening to dare you what you're gonna notice a new NIC and I want you really keep this in mind move. Is make sure people Wear stuff and they'll Wear their colors and they'll be some crazy people who pay their face but I contend that Seattle fans. Has the the greatest variety of costumes it's a represents Seahawks it's not just let me put on a football Jersey pay my face half blue half green. There are people have amazing outfits they they caused play like a son of a gun it's almost like comic con the way some of the folks really go and do what they gotta do. And so I want death to be on the criteria OK a good decision that's in the criteria like all right he's fans give it to. And cars are super here Vijay would you have me dress and well I like gladiator yeah I DHL and now he's he called gladiator I think yeah yeah it's their freedom received Britney three plus the sound was simple text note freedom was a great par on I don't know he's running the new William wallet million dollars what are we thinking right and see how do unless absolutely pay the faces to the white section yes Graham did little blue and green yeah. I may take got a lot of ways they're not a big plus for our. And messes up the number we want you to call Darren McMullen and let him know why he should be a Seahawks and Telemar the great traditions tell him anything you think you'll give a better understanding of why do you Seahawks fan. Is much better than being a fan of any other team in the NFL and I live in a few different places and I have to say. The fans here really are special it's unbelievable how much they love this team. It's it's on it's it really is a lot of and the players get that and then actually give it back which is I've never seen. Players respond to their fans as well as they do to the seahawk fans and any of other cities I've lived and I. I lived in Boston which is a pretty damn good sports town and so I think the Seahawks fans here are more special than any fan I've seen. Put in perspective after a way games even could be a regular season game especially during the playoffs when the team come back and we 3 in the morning 2 in the morning. There are hundreds of people waiting to greet them. Just say hey Deng's great game especially in the playoffs it's ridiculous but. That's how passionate the Stanley says slots assets I I agree we all know they are now all the whole crew they all they always been are there waiting somewhere where that that vehicle is going to ascending to the B Mac. The fans are there just have to welcome them back with signs and banners and all that crazy stuff and Darren awesome people obviously this tournaments to trampling through right over there Daryn. This unit unlike mama blue's back online now a mom a blue patty you're on with John McMullen go ahead hello again. Apologies. What are they yeah. I have your phone again is the same phone you called before live yeah. Really it's so I don't know I don't know why I read that here that I won't put John altogether because immigration is an actor as mama blues come back to us there Travis Knight suddenly I looks fantastic photo looks all right Travis got I think he's got an offer for you weren't hey Travis. I have to go on a living the dream living the seal dream. What's don't know what should be a C a what you do while I'm here. I mean that being at seahawk fans the greatest kind of the program really cares about it you know the twelfth man they really make you feel like you. You're import into the team we've got. An advisory council that really listen you know fan and try and make very experienced banner we ask for a shorter concession lines and stronger life I. And I got to perhaps suck but tell me who hit. Yes somebody somebody needs to get mama blues some some some better reaction is wow the crowd and got on the next advisory has no Marlins and you found there were gonna right now and so like this for somebody who's new to Seattle. What's something quintessential. Seahawks I can do while meantime what do you think should check out there would maybe. At push me over the management when picking my team. It's a good question I mean hand down to appear later slugger before the game so great how come pioneer square all the fans I'm thumb. Either challenge or you know I'll okay calendar view if you. Told what my friend and I doubt he's green lake park and take a little Duncan scored again that would be. I don't where whereabouts in light upon I agree and they are always the language. And a lay this to say is this a tradition they have here. I did this tradition and now my friend and I knew before every home and. I would I would do we do every home game we have you had a huge jump and a link to unconditional while I'm. Our. I was just aren't you mending the cult because installing we have something called the loonie dipped we call and we do and every New Year's Day cell phone call that culminates a four day party for us fully the biggest. Time of the year and scholars harmony which you guys are code year. And unused he probably still a little bit shaky from the night before everybody goes down minus degree temperatures and jumps. Jumps in this big or Revver and it's absolutely Bolton you may have been inside the polar plunge Moammar yes I'm likely we will win out whether he's talking about so I'll not god studied polar plunge in since I was 5 I am absolutely done for that let's get everyone involved hard and we can we put our show and get that where where where you guys doing this. I think he's got yeah he's done. That's our you know Reno who usually you have back we've got mama Lou that she's back. Hey on the blue Obama bloom let's try and save your phone's working now I'm Erica hill. Tiger has not sorry guys I've heard a while ago horizons are ready to find out what time that polar plunges we can definitely let people know about and I'm not going to be a great ideas and everybody rocket Seahawks you have to sit down. And you have to keep the deeds TV crews there yet TV I will be announced on their TV showing their support for the Seahawks yeah. Get your gear are people who go down over the polar plunge a green lake. And I think we can start great little tradition here that brings a good luck and good vibes to the Seahawks there's nothing wrong with actually out. So it especially anyway and then eleven well it's obviously to do that the lucky Poehler plays well that's what we wanna see that's who should tell you we have got all the time because we we do get a little we we we do get a little too nervous and and very much invested it when we don't we end any chance they get a lot of us are very very bloomers like blue Friday and then real super blue Monday if we don't win on that Sunday yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah we weren't on the sleeve pretty deadly very superstitious bunch sports fans all right and players alike hall of fame if they win somewhere in the same sort of for every game until they lose and and I'll switch to ask you should tell you guys you come for the polar plunge it well with yeah yeah absolutely yes that says yeah come on Darren. And it was this gentlemen it's down McMullen he's got a TV show where he's visiting. NFL teams to learn the fan culture he's been a fan of football since he was a little boy listeners radio in Scotland and all those years ago the but he doesn't have a team and he's decided. I wanna pick a team and this whole show is about him traveling all the NFL cities to find the right team for him and the fancy to convince him and tomorrow morning 8 AM is when the play we just found out AM pour funds are green like. Okay anyone whose Seahawks fans should show up great chance to be on your new television show absolutely and where some see austere I ask him. CR underwear to jump in the water without any clothes on my accent less that perhaps that got out yeah I'm here the opportunity to get Alice and really an additional it's going to be a gorgeous Scotland Scottish stay out there tomorrow do solid cat now away yeah yeah. I actually speaking of like growing up the skull I'm. Regardless of what happens I just it's so happy to be in the country that celebrates. America football because growing up I couldn't get anybody to play football with me because the ball wasn't run you know the rules of what's up all hope we don't play without that's weird. So I asked so until one year I think it was eight or nine years old for NFL football couldn't get anyone play with me saw it quite often be seen in my backyard being my own. Quarterback and wide receiver so it's it. True very sad existence as always it's a sad story is true presets story so Seahawks fans I'm just looking for a community of like minded people that'll accept me for who I am and Jack. Let's take this team to the Super Bowl. And that comes we wanted to know yet about the polar plunge shot at 8 AM green light tomorrow morning I'll open up on our FaceBook page go to Kent KI SW dot com we'll get all the details are different when I want to go out to kiss of his FaceBook page. To let everyone know attends a sociologist price on this new show love it absolutely loves and it's been in the coffee in the morning and imagine to wake you up so I imagine. Still laughs yeah well I'll tell you Darren I I love this idea it's so great win. Something you dreamed of as a little kid you get to go well as an adult. This is my job and I'm looking goes. Nice work Daryn this is this and I couldn't play and are likely better as you get to run around and really trying to like you said try to find. Something you love within something that you have loved your whole life and go. It's one thing to love a sport but to Lovett as a fan okay this is my team this is the team then I'm gonna bleeding cry over an aunt and laugh over it. And we were one of the best because we never had a great history. Until recently and then of course you won a Super Bowl so this we all these fans waited so long. For team was competitive and then boom they get into the biggest game and win. That it I think that's the best way to be a fan when you've been in their since the beginning when they were nothing Paul Vijay pulling our strings them on your ticket a lot of boxes remain. Absolutely I mean challenge for you an enemy had a chance to talk dramatic challenge feed and you have to find mama blue and you go to game. Her energy. Just did that the love that she has for the team you have to meet our folks at some point when you go to C oust him on Sunday. Tracked her down everybody knows are to say where's mom blue note when you're in the right direction to defy seize the moment together bad cell phone but yet they bad. It's a blip and probably looking for years. The Seahawks gave look I've from the I'll be the one with the Seahawks Jersey and hey. I was the only one here and if you wanted to squeeze Darren and let them know how much you love being a CR CNN why you'd love to have him as a C Oxfam justice tweet him act Darren McMullen it's as simple as that will provide Daryn I love this plan I hope you have a great time in our city it is a great city it's a great football town and I and all I opens. You know you have a great great time here because some things because I mean he is so great with somebody from another country since I love you guys do over here and an end and you never got a chance to do that much of it in your own country. It's awesome you're here doing this. Yeah this is my love let its America I never dreamed as a young kid that I didn't get a chance to live in America and I living here are working here and doing the show that. I actually knew as a seven year old is incredible and I truly what I believe the American dream is all about and I'm just very blessed to be to do live in that knocked it. Tell gaining. Yeah polar plunge yeah yeah mama blue yes and a Seahawks game and all the twelve is really a great weekend I have Callaway and no panic W of course are let's get it yeah. Ha ha yeah okay here we're okay we're okay we're hoping the colts cooperate. Yeah. So again god dammit Mullen and us thank you so much for being was now appreciate you having me it's been fantastic.