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Monday, September 17th


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Yeah. Amanda is actually from being surrounding him media metropolitan area got. I was noticing great northwest good evening rockaholics. Thanks for joining. This season loud. The rock featuring music bull. Here in the great Pacific northwest 99.9. That is correct you heard that right it is 10 PM it. Which means it is now the realm of. Loud in bowl pool two hours of the best music. In the northwest. From the 206 to 2253 to 360 the fortune five. And occasionally I'm feeling Randy. The five or ninth and a good weekend MLS champions the MLS cup champions. Soldiers killed eight. Austin UFC card last night they hang out all weekend and I am prepared to end the weekend. Some great stuff right now I'm gonna throw back to 1994. It's Sunny Day Real Estate in circles like to start the show a throwback trek here there. And tonight is one of those nights you've studied the real estate service off. I'm out local. It's. And news. I. It's. We. And I. Yeah. This. The loud and local continues on the road. It's 99.9. KI ESW. Yeah. I love. It's been suns' record that came out this year awesome awesome band oh no no sorry my bad you know last year ten cents. Awesome instrumental kind of host rob. Really Natalie. Really Sheredy just awesome stuff tends sons. From the northwest as is everything that I played in the next few hours until midnight it is everything in the northwest that I deemed. Awesome to play in the show tonight of course there's so much more stuff that I can get to in two hours that I tried an accident as much as possible Muster up the hour with some an old school setting the real estate L by request to Craig. In income caught in circles he said he. He's working at the corner store convenience store anyone here smoltz cool stuff some Sunny Day Real Estate that ten sons. And this next one haven't listened to this I actually haven't cassette tape because. For some reason my 2004 Hyundai team stuck. With a cassette deck which is which is. Kind of odd they were they were pretty outdated in 2004 cassettes but it's okay or just adjusted to it in I'd purchased. A lot of cassettes as of recently have been called chastity belt originally from wall while they moved to Seattle. And last year they release an awesome record. That is called. I'm sorry the album is called time to go home on hardly our records. Some very cool stuff. Except here for me will be played in the loud and local band the week post boredom but for now chastity belt on mom local. Oh. This is loud and low. Smuggle. 99.9. KI DSL. Loud and local brushing by GQ go to GE two dot lied to keep your tickets it's going to be awesome. Saturday and Sunday December 17 and eighteenth at these century link field events that are. Catch the best and latest thing gaming technology robotics virtual reality and more at GT. Seriously could be possible either incremental shuffle beat their channel be their men's room will be there BJ and the coral in the morning to be there. So we'll use with the GQ dot life. Loud vocal every week we present eight the end of the week speaking of Vijay Vijay in bigs. So promotes deep loud and local the end of the week it's very cool that they get some prime real feed on KI SW dot com. They get played on the PGA and makes a morning show logs on Friday morning. They give us a mentioned they get some promotion here against the need a college midfield courts also gave several songs. Played a loud in the local so tonight I per probably present to you are my favorite. Like heavy heavy heavy rock billions in the northwest post mortem. They have a record out on conditions records and I'm gonna play three songs from Italy KI SW dot com readers and post boredom. Very cool men and the song's called what may have lived quite a sense of humor so you'll you'll. You'll definitely understand that if you look at their song titles and hitting point three but man's bad hole. Yes but demands that hold chef Goldblum. And cut my music back to back the free songs. But both Ford and its level local. The local continues on the road. Sears 99.9. KI ESW. Forty songs by that have local band host. Boredom leads Vijay inmates loud and local the end of the week at a KI SW dot com to find out information on them. They have a brand new record what this year they put out a record I'm sorry I'm brand new that it's it's known as scheme of. Time in the hole. He knew it should be new race record if I post mortem there you it's available on conditions records ordered up. And with some awesome. Awesome fitness or just go to Q I have to be dot com to see if that he faces when he was Kevin years loud and local as the show. And the next three sons are all for TI up pretty. Awesome pretty shredding and they're all metal bands they also very different but they are all local metal bands that I wanted to showcase three songs and erode. First is being called a sense of gravity. That's been is awesome they do the frog should read this I mean it's. It's a definitely take key. It's really cool. And they were actually featured in Prague magazine. This month so go to you what their web site in order of their new album after me and you can also get it on Spotify on iTunes on that apple music. Anything. You can think is available the new sense of gravity album after Mitt after that is sub strata branded music by. Junkyard Amy is the sub strata and crew. It's loud local. With some metal. Yeah. This is loud and low. It's bought the rock igniting Roy not KI guess Dell. One of my favorite local bands. So bucks for Adam has a new album coming out of swords. And change records. Pre order it up on the east towards machines being on campus of strategist FaceBook. And check it out such an amazing band season so much power in that in sub strata who huge things in their record is certainly going to blow our minds. It's when he 171 more metal bad. In this police dog block. I started things off with a sense of gravity in the sub strata and now I go to darker and darker territory you Wada. Former members. Sorry. I ceremonial passing through them to who might have a bad ceremonial castings former members of ceremonial castings during the water. Incredible bands you ATA. It's how you spell it in a beautifully sum up their newest record devoid of whites. It's loud local. I. Loud and local continue. Here's 99.9. KIS doubles you. This Friday is going to be a pretty for the party to its Charles Smith a very famous and awesome well renowned wine maker here in Washington. Its first annual Georgetown holiday bash at jets CD feature budget city. In Georgetown featuring is for Mike McCready from pro Jim's hockey talk currently able. You might not know this but Mike McCready has an awesome record label called hockey talker and it's all going down. On Friday December 16. Charles Smith is going to be bringing. Lots of wine beer from Georgetown brewing in the food from people's burger and meet on a mission. As well as awesome billions from hockey soccer label. Dean you come in the sugar makers stereo embers and the artist and about to play now she is awesome star and a star in a friend of the show devil don't remember my name and early tracked by star any you can catch her Friday. December 16 this Friday. At at the Charles Smith first annual Georgetown a holiday match. Where you're ugly Christmas sweaters it's laden local on the Iraq. I. Okay. I. It's news. And mean for. Last season's 10-Q. Some. You tune. You screening at all. Diane. Since he's tuned to June. As soon as you've been I can do a dead and I. It's. Okay. Scene and it's. And she managed to. When this chance CN ask. Yeah. Anything. Good. Seeing the plane is. Because I. Spin loose and yeah. Okay. He yeah. Yeah none. 82 hands. Believe Palin. Daddies and little. Okay. Yeah me. CEO. Into the yeah as soon and its moon. And you see and you chatted yeah. I imagine. Finishes. Saying it found its. Stand. And. The. Don't. This. Mean. Change. The. And you can see we're. So. Today. And to move. Okay. Okay. Yeah. It's. Seeing. Okay. Sing. Incredible cover by Lockheed Kestner. These solo project of and Lynn Williams. She is best known as the singer of trespass or Williams which is like indie rock and here in Seattle but bloody Kestner is her solo project and she just put the EP. Upon being camp called December covers it check it out and support her and her awesome. Amazing voice that was a cover of nothing compares to U of course rationing O'Connor also Chris Cornell recently covered it but it was originally written. By the late prince. So that was the lineage of that song and now has done I'd like to cancer I'm going to keep it a little dark and and go onto a song by all amazing local artist. Keen dude. Doing a collaboration with LA's drab majesty. Is a sum they released this month called who taught you how to levels are is fell last month but it's who taught you how to love it's a single. Biking viewed. And drab majesty here allow more local. Okay. Okay. Okay okay. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. Okay. Okay. This is loud and local. Vaudeville. 99.9. KI ES Dell. Sounds good. Afternoon as well. And tears were. AI SW. If we're gonna talk about local medal in 2016. You have to talk about the band. Lesbian they came back with something more years then ever your middle XT nationalism. The name of the album and so awesome. Beautifully the title track off of this one and it is just. Insane it is long it is at BP included. Now a full time vocalist in the band they used to be. You know that it. I'm sorry they have vocal but they were all just like theory I do mean vocal. In the past they have a lot of instrumental stuff for them a lot of it was just like you meet the locals. And why medal hopefuls but now straight up like king diamond worship merciful fate workable rules included in there and it's just. So dynamic they've added some rash. This album is so good. You gotta take it out a bit of lady title track from it it is let's begin with one of my favorite leases of two when he sixteen. It's allowed local on the Iraq. This is loud and local. Solid rock 99.9. KI ES. Certainly one of my favorite albums. Of the year scale by dust Moffett an incredible incredible album. Win that one at a time on loud wolf will be here and you know. The next few weeks are really just kind of wanna run down some of the best. In my thievery and and that's just the coolest releases the most talked about releases him when he sixteen. Here in the local scene. There's been some great stuff obviously. As the northwest seeing rides today in rock and roll. And would we wanna talk about comebacks there's one band that sticks out to me in my mind between sixteen. Thought they really went anywhere but they reunited with their original vocalist. And they'll win went to war with suicidal tendencies Amar Amar. And negative which are about metal church these guys from Aberdeen. Never went anywhere but they are back and more fears that ever. Little church but at a record cold eleven on rat pack records we have the chance to interview them for metal shop this year. And I was great to have them up in the studio all united in. In fierce and ready to rage they killed. When they open from Vegas and suicidal tendencies and I'm gonna play a solid off the record eleven. This is a so called no tomorrow they have the video for us to check it out on YouTube it's metal church come out local. On the Iraq. The loud and local content you. So 99.9. KI ESW. Next week is Saturday and Sunday December 17 and eighteenth of this century link field events that are cheap too. Go to GE T and dot alive for all the information but seriously if you have someone on your list of Baghdad. And their kid maybe it's your niece and nephew here kids itself you brother and sister. You can seriously catch Billy is thinking needs of these kids six and up simply un released video games that we dodge ball. And they can experience virtual reality for the first I was gonna quote eased its mind. It's it's obviously a great winter break activity. And it is that the perfect gift. For anyone that six and up. Hell I'm gonna be there on over six under to be having a great time to GE two dot lives. Normal school is the show my name is Kevin gears in that we got about. Fifteen minutes left. So I want to get into a song by this quote year of the cobra but out incredible record this year. As TV records put it out in the shadows below exiting the records the first some audit lion in the unicorn. Incredible local music. Here all week. On level. And. I. And. Having seen brighter so awesome the song rain. And as a great word is that this weekend rain. Washed away all of this though. I was in Portland a little bit this weekend and there were serious. Ice. Icicles everywhere in trees down smashed we wouldn't get too hard here in Seattle but parts of the north was definitely did. CN writer there. An awesome band. But I wanted to end things with. A bid from Olympia called odd men out as seriously awesome hardcore punk band the other EP called capital city hardcore that I took this song from. Called new blood. While local comes on every Sunday night at 10 PM to make sure you listen if you are just tuning in you will be heard a couple of minutes and like camel in the rest of that. But it KI SW dot com in done. We will have the entire show a free key stream in check out initially your friends really meant it left. It's odd men now. New. From a mobile.