Devils of Loudun Interview

Sunday, September 25th

We sat down with Devils of Loudun and taught them all about popping huge zits. They taught us about booty shaking while playing a show. Check it!


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What's up by a metal shop here with the devils of looting in the metal shop studio welcome back gentlemen has gone to an excellent thank you for coming back in and congratulations on the new EP during creation thank you just came out this Friday before it started the Cisco around the room. Say your name and what you do for the record I'm gonna play drums. And Elgin had played this Scott I'm pleased are. And the rescue dudes are you -- is up in Canada where ran the beard is our intern intern or every Monica on at what's the name of the fast modified goes modified dress up in Vancouver yeah and then your other due to throw a party listening right now that's and I their NRA there were the celebs in the big you guys get a good either press word that was definitely in it there while we're glad because of the work. Ours is right on well like your new EP injuring creation it was released yesterday on Friday how long did it take for you guys to get this EP from concept. Two creation and now the like physical form in our hands right now and I'm looking at right. Probably too long and and it we started pretty much work on it right when he got back from two marine from our first DP last year though. July tonight and auditing and almost almost a year yeah that's actually not a bad some bands take like four years to put out a record you're just like hey. Wrapping up beat. It's true it's true but we kinda have the benefit of us three here right now on a little bit about record mean and so. We did it on ourselves and it started with Billy recording drums that studio seven the first thing we did and I was in the middle of summer and I said hi I'm still a seven yeah now are straight guy are manage your twelve are detracting Thea. Pretty much he did it on self nice well Simon is still alive it sounds good in math and LJ how long you've been in that doubles of Lou now. Since. September September I can't count month backwards that's not very long just a couple months right eyes and UV now. When our guys what do you guys think of LJ is our idea to start. Is he candidate is epic like also really buyers. Yeah I was gonna say either that or he's got you like undermine control and he's gonna beat the crap that he later Nile days elders and bust the Nazis Ingraham. Says an awesome you know as in Iraq now he has. Wait crazed against aids and a rock and a fret let's base now he's you know he's a mania he has a maniac absolutely DN LD do you still have the entire body torso dragon tattoo that we had given up. That area talk about that yeah I got to bring it up every time so dominant a couple of tell us the story again about how you got the stats he would later. On seventeen and you do yourself. I did yes. I guys' job. And the Kia on a debt to net expensive there. Says that well it was by Ted TK and UK give myself a pop up every tattoo artist is going. Miami is pretty Pakistan. NC made this huge dragon tattoo it looks super bootleg and receive Bernard. Stumpel. Not sober so yes I you do it yourself yes that'd while. Impressive and more laughs you kind of had to live that down to now you're getting it covered out yes the game covered up by really great years. That is Mitch born literally with the bigger bigger dragon. So weak candidate I can realize that there's literally in the area where. Is that the attack on IKEA. Everybody's of the dance I guess there's got to budget like broken arm and then like maggots and stepped on congress. My middle stuff yeah yeah I authored a medal well I'm glad to see that because it still at it let's play song off of the the new EP during creation. Well let's play cast the stone come back and talk about I guess maybe afford here's cast a stone by doubles alluded on metal shops. It's metal shops here on a nine point nine Q I. W this is the devils of looting in studio hanging out with us. We just played castle stone. Of course there's the signature like doubles of gluten melody throughout these songs on the CEP. But we can't help but notice is a little bit more of a brutal kind of death metal tinge to it. Is that something you guys were like aiming for her to just. Out that way I think selecting these sounds VP we did pick out the heavier ones we wanted to CP to be a little faster and a little more serious and darker. That our last one advances locals definitely kind of put that emphasis down we tracked down. Yeah snarling it's spreading our Alley out here in India that mixer corridor upstairs in my house and that neighbors get into it to half man I can I doubt that yes like the cops don't show up the exact way so the video for this song has it was cool I've never seen anything like this so you guys shot this over the course of five shows six shows. Six different shows the guys that live right yeah and each and each one of the shows you guys had a go pro strapped to you like the Mike stand your drum senator you're guitar right we only had one go Perot says make it rather read a frame match and it picks him when he sound like our witnesses. Your time assigned. Playwright. And a dumb ass and yeah exactly the strap and I'm yes strap that maybe nine you know there's always one guy and the band like who would have been most likely to break you and me product no way around this Nationalists and I'd just like it on stickers on that and be good footage though to watch that thing get taken out but it turned out awesome. And you. Let's make that go viral diet cola so here was that just like a necessity of like we don't have five go pros pretty much I mean it would have been cool to do on one show but I think actually worked for the better. Does have been six different shows you kind of have different lighting different venues different crowds and in the ended it just looked really cool parent now obviously you guys are going to be supporting the new EP and during creation NTELOS about the two were you guys are going to be going on here in the next few weeks and do you guys have a tour kick off show that we should direct people towards rattle homecoming so for okay where renal cell and that's actually on the 29 at the crack and yeah the 29 of April yes OK this month via but before you head out onto you can be put in Olympia. Is that correct what can we expect from this new revamped three dies. Just like ready teach war machine. Doubles of lewd and what we expect but the profanity. OK to keep the kids at home got you where the Titus who better Ben this is the best line of the bands ever atom and Billy is a solid John. EP. Play a few songs I feel the Utah there's nothing happens in Idaho I Aaron but it should be fun it's getting signed in Idaho that it's Montana for months now. I did I ran into some weird why power cat's out of that area I'm careful out there. It's weird Billy might fit in the relay ask are there yet this Montana before pre. What do you guys that have to have good luck out on the road and it's always got to get to see a banned from the northwest. Spreading the disease sojourn through the rest of the country let's play another song here ID guys wanna do you throw into the void or until the night dance. Would stay thrown in the Lloyd Cole here's there on the void by the devils of looting here on metal shop.