Dustin Interview

Wednesday, March 15th

Dustin Bates of Starset


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It's going on its Mac Coke on the line of being now is a man who is on record as saying he would let Taylor moms and put a blogger in his nose. Know what you're gonna stay on that but it there. So on the Internet idea all of the main thing I do their own Motorola I think there's a read it and they from like 2014 I was reading. I also Dustin Bates of stars that they keep calling him and appreciate it weighed out right now. And while Florida southern Florida all right right on you are you on tour as we speak. No I'm in the under writing music on here we had a little bit of time off send it's better here than Ohio. OK Jack I could imagine that that standard from Columbus rob Langford spend some time in Florida. A half so the new album vessels recently debuted at number eleven on the billboard 200 as I got. A serious accomplishment in the rock world and 27 team thank you for carrying the rock flag high what was it like getting that news had you find it out. Thanks arm it was I think you know and from you directly if you do whatever they'll all want little local people in the street people plan. And how are you added I have a feeling going to be up there and all we we did a lot of pushing. Can get her at first it was. And one quarter core problem records which you just really didn't record week yeah that's horrible man. And yeah I would really (%expletive) mountain in India has just continued to grow as well. Usually. Yeah that's that's often on night guys are about to take it on the road. By going out on tour with its. It's either you're going to be here in Seattle show about Soto on June 3 tickets that are KI SW dot com. So I was doing dearth of research on the bit up I play I'm on the over at the latest on monster a lot love it. Our new law really get feedback on it. And side I was researching more on the band. At found out about this thing called the star set societies seems very cryptic and secretive from what I can tell you tell me a little bit about that. Yeah and now we're going to hear or read. Sort of bringing out a lot more information within the next four to six weeks with a new web site and analog. So new faced everything I am but in short this. Circuit society is looking at technology. And how it's affecting our our president lines politically socially economically. Even so psychologically and how that. Could play into the future and how things. Or you don't keep it might change and as things develop exponentially and we just believed. Our public should be. Aware and you weren't actually read on on technology and science and outlook for Carolina while EB. Manipulated and by others who are more aware of it and you know it's if if these people. If it honors our order a video when it comes. This awareness. They're just going to act and then at keeper. Of on forgiveness later and is think we should avoid that sort of future where where were behind the curve and the populist. Yeah I totally agree that's this super important causes you know humanity continues to to spiral forward it record pace. So yeah I think that that's a great resource for us all to have Tom so I was I was poking around a website I gotta ask are aliens out there. So. I would see I didn't. Described Drake equation which is just the general escalation of the likelihood of aliens and if you look at all of the various perimeters none equation like I'm so planets than. And stars and it becomes. It seems highly highly probable that there are aliens I don't know. They're intelligent put on the the question is and they come to earth and are we aware of that and you look at the data and it seems they there'll be there'll always. You know get up. Random weird places and great people and trailer parks and he's not sure that's how alien could come here you know and have a purpose the other thing in there. The study are sort of bring. Information war horse dealer resources until. So yeah got to give senator Yahoo! in Omaha the hundred grand for the cover of the daily world news. Yeah probably not did aliens invent your emulator. And you did manual work a little bit of a hot a hot I think it ought to be on its. I'm always in pictures and a couple videos on YouTube. And I don't know that anyone listening has so please describe this emulator to people who are unfamiliar with that what it is what it looks like what you use it for onstage soon to give us a rundown. Yeah it's a transparent touch screen there you choose. At all. Basically the same technology as your cellphone you know so Christie touched. And never it's also transparent so that crowd can see what I'm doing I'm using it to. A bomb. Some could manipulate and triggered by electronic components and the sound and and also be video and the the song themselves. And this sort of bringing them everything and the centerpiece. And then you know the guys Wear spacesuits and they're they're everything is. Orchestrated and they have our cry oh acts and so there's thrusters that there elbows and at all. All our means as you're an NN SI five movie. Yeah there as we were just recently incorporated a new thing called the Q were on the drums which goes transparent. Tom won me a coalition in opaque otherwise and so you can you not drumming. Is totally. We're not telling me it turned what you did he projection map video of many appeared. While it's either better have a held a stage she already does a better idea of credit for them. That that sounds super cool and it it is today EI yen know you have a bachelor's. A masters and almost a Ph.D. In engineering that sounds right up your Alley. Kind of incorporating. By your brain reacts side with you musical side. And an effect you're working on your Ph.D. when you got your first record deal. Was it an easy decision to leave that that academic the world behind to pursue such are risky top proposition like music. I edit their passion reminded. Music and and I always wanted to be according rock band than this seat. It come to potential pollution and I jump that the chance. I can always continue to do engineering in various ways including the project but but also in the future and this was the one sharp for the Munich thing I didn't flinch it was a given. That's super cool yeah I mean. In my parents I was doing they always told me to have a backup plan. Without owl yeah merits that's cool it actually did it you've still got it and you're kicking ass with SARS that with the new album vessels which is out now. On so have you been to Seattle before. Our yacht tournament helped probably three favorite cities in the US so they would rather what's your favorite part of the city. Our mom probably going to sound like a new blood does the market the politics. Oh yeah area place. Yeah little local shall call I cannot attack if you see pikes it's tight so I'm very they're very Zanardi impassive agreed Burberry Seattle on. I feel bad drop the F pike place. And our idea player that plays its super cool even if you've lived here for. Fifteen years like I have. Who is your favorite Seattle band. Who phenom gets his union and more trouble here because I'm sure. You know who I am a marketing oh. Because if I bit my honey would make. Yeah Yahoo!. Are. I would have to. Says it should. Sound garden. And it from Seattle oh yeah yeah hey look we are very real rallying. I've seen it from me goes. Now regarding their mountain chain and then. Maybe the wrong. Obama don't you know that guy. I'd say that's not totally uncommon for people in this town. You obviously Nirvana spearheaded an on a national level. But that that grit that sound card and Alice in Chains brought to the table is just. Is there hasn't been been recreated since and it's it's and cool stuff overall super proud of it. And Syria again you'll be back here June 3 with C either shoebox in order to exit here guys W dot com do you know those guys and all of you to heard before played festivals hung out at all. No but we have a couple shows have been coming out and I'm super stoked. Yeah yeah those guys are both super rad have you buy it some way with being future tour mates have you gotten to hear an advance copy of their new album poison perished. You know no I doubt doubt doubt about loving single let you down playing that a lot too. And he had sound super killers. I'm excited to check that that album out and see you both June 3 show box Soto. I'll take you so much for doing this man has this been awesome and Ozzy out that's loses out now he NC star set featuring Dustin and his emulator like this show about Soto on June 3. Guys to lead our comp tickets Dustin pace so much for spending some time in a lot.