Facebook Drama “Antlers and Horns” 01-24-18

Wednesday, January 24th

Facebook Drama –“Antlers and Horns”. A man gets into an argument on social media about the difference between antlers and horns.


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And we get once again is our opportunity Atlantic media center on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it in yeah. We're acting out. So this time around I'll be playing the role the original poster and that guy's name is Ben tight BJ he'll play the roles Kevin. Okay Brad you are Adams street nick he'll play the rove Jason gay and Sarah. You will be unique hang gays once again the original poster is van it all starts with him posting a picture. From a deer hunting trip. And he says. I love it when my blogs don't drop there are reforms. Bucks don't have horns due to know they do not. To what has worn so you JJ and Kara cows have orange she had a whole orange deer elk and antelope. Have antlers yeah 88. Hello I'm Palin peoples and horns in the main handlers you know what I meant. Maybe you and take things so literally they wouldn't irritate you so much and you have more friends and just Jason and Adam passed Jack Jack gases and just. Ole bag and it irritates anyone who now is bad there. Antlers fall off. Horns Jones. Add that to your third grade did you make case Syrian hair stand Adam for the queen who wanting this country boy knows. You all just jealous my racquet. Com. No. Gross. Now your mom that's different story pass tag storm I spectacular. Cool yeah as hash tag of looters better than horns. Convince just went from a dead geared to bands moms moves how mu yeah. Can't stand bins moms who is our goal Gloria knows. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.