Facebook Drama. “Apple Cup”11-27-17

Monday, November 27th

Facebook Drama. “Apple Cup”. A woman outs her boyfriend who cheated on her on accident after the Cougars lose the Apple Cup.


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Lord. And they've been dormant brought to you by heritage distilling companies brown sugar Burbank and Vijay once again this is our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. Is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because it in this time we have the apple cup to blame. Right this is all about the hustle move your rivalry that was a tough ones so this time around playing the role of the original poster will be you DJ you'll be share Shelley. Cherry Charlie Charlie Haas Gerry open the roll Grayson hang on the Erica. Read you'll be tenth street and Vickiel play the role of Roger Roger Roger and I are there so once again Shelly is the original poster so BJ please. Take it away. When should be used to this. Its own words what yeah did ten cheat on you again. Most tourists. Yeah. I got done. No it's not until I parent. Week's huge tool recently she's good. At times it one will be good time to talk about the Kooks who he had. And not what we'll be good time for you to go out of your boyfriend for cheating hash tag asking for friend. Eric. What you're a while you review job I asked our friend the guy. Some sickened that question. Way to ride. Here dove. Yeah Johan what are our mascot is a college. It's the raiders and big deal you went to WSU. I did get drunk while there Tellme. What position do you play on the cougars. Oh yeah you did to stop that BS attitude that you can only root for the team that if you attend that college. I never played for the Mariners do I need to stop acting rooting for them. I didn't intend Seahawks university jugular by acting season tickets. Shame is my coo I need is more. Than you are latest case. Quit worrying about who I root forest are rant about. Who Ted is banging. I've been dying a former husky pass tag go dogs he knew he'd be out of this world golf lot of overdone college football game as well done thank Floyd has sagged Thanksgiving and. And they X morning. Rock and 99.9 KI SW.