Facebook Drama. “Breast Feeling” 01-19-18

Friday, January 19th

- Facebook Drama. “Breast Feeling”. A man goes on social media to complain about breast feeding but accidentally types breast feeling.


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And they've pajamas righty bye. There's an actual FaceBook post the drama unfolds because of it and you betcha. We're gonna acted out yeah I you've got shot I thought shock crisis around playing the role the original poster will be the reds he will be Don three. BJ he'll play the growth Kayla of course stickier Tammy yea and I will be juice so once again Don is the original poster so we'll via the revenue for Gil please take it away. I don't get why people get all up shut up about breast stealing women in public. Quit making a big deal out of nothing people. Grabbing someone's breasts in public is a big deal done I really don't get why you being such a blatant pig on social media are you trying to be. Funny because you are not groping is never right. Only you can laugh is still groused no wonder why here whether the white flag deal. We'll sell this he downgraded Wednesday DEO. Last poisonous so much better than you and if I she's dating now with a total gentleman. Plus you are going ball tonight I'd meant to shape breast feeding him not to breast. Feeling. I'm very much against groping. How okay this made my day price tag greatest title ever hash tag flashing. I am sorry I should realize that with a tight though. Hello I'll backtrack much Tammy. I don't think I'm comfortable with you commenting on breastfeeding. Tax Taylor refuses to back down sticking to. Her gardens nobody asked you to do commentary teams nobody asked you to jump to conclusions K law to allow a get some deep Kayla and not the kind of not field Al so what arrow. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW.