Facebook Drama “Go Foo Me”. 02-07-18

Thursday, February 8th

Facebook Drama - “Go Foo Me”. A man starts a GoFundMe for Foo Fighters tickets and his friends are not happy about it.


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And Vijay once Genzyme didn't point out the idiots that are on FaceBook lots of stupid people. An actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds because of it. And yup we're gonna acted out and we have the Foo Fighters. Big stadium joy Safeco Field on September 1 to blame for this one BJ already supplying the original poster will be me I will be Adam. BJ he'll play the role of George already to date he'll be Sean hanging and read your peak streets all right so once again Adam is the original poster saw start things off. If you guys to check out my go find me page and donate. That would be great if not could then be shared on your page hash tag thanks guys yes I'm Sharon now. Thanks Sam. On second time. Sorry bro. I'm not here in this WTO ask why just because you can't afford tickets go to the Foo Fighters show. Doesn't mean that we should donate money to help you I got there oh well co funding for the few letters. We're such a sad society. Why do you guys know I'm low on cash these days I'm in between jobs you are without a job yet you just dropped around 700. Dollars on the back deck to look in my favorite bands. If you Walter makes him a nay I haven't temp job for you I need some bodies to help on this project. I man I'll pass thanks for the offer. Okay I I am offering you a job so you can make money so you can boy flew flights his tickets and just say no. Hello I working outside it's cold. Jim you have to break. You deserve nothing. Pete is offering you a job. You know I hope you wake negative dollars when you're stupid go fund may. What ever happened to it takes a village he it takes a village and how crazy. CJ grown. Pass tag as a pet tag affiliates any it's.