Facebook Drama. “Harry likes it hairy”. 11-15-17

Wednesday, November 15th

Facebook Drama. “Harry likes it hairy”. A man goes on social media to complain about hairy woman.


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Laura. And there's a Democrat you right to eat junk by charities distilling companies brown sugar Borough is so good delicious ESP that's the way to go not only the BS BI this is once again our opportunity when at the dumb people are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook posts and yes the drama unfolds because of it. This Hammurabi day he'll be playing the role of the original poster you beat new. I'd rather he'll be Lisa street I'll play the role Roger. And Sarin you'll be Harry hang Ohio. All right so once again your resume posters leaks of DJ please take it away. Okay heroes I understand the cold weather is here but that does not mean you should stop but your grooming Eurasian amendment. Hash tag it sharing that asks during a slew had looked. Know what's grove city is you ladies think just because it's winter you have an excuse not to shave so I just don't. Like this say it's hey Eric it's met her outfit. Armor act. I agree it Luke yeah I do natural that they created raisers for a reason. Spin off please hash tag don't want it stuck in my teeth that past. So are hijacker now what's grosses get a free Q&A girl and it's damn jungle down there like who wants that I don't mind it. Hairy like sitting Cary hatch tag third person hot today. She is still got a darn good job. Eight plus how little abstract Tehran our bodies can't doesn't want America that's dear oh announced Jews did just so close sweater to keep you warm. And you did just a razor and shape the act yes. It was a tough lines and yeah.