Facebook Drama. “Little Pecker”11-03-17

Friday, November 3rd

Facebook Drama. “Little Pecker”. A man gets his facebook hacked by an unhappy pregnant woman who he cheated on.


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And FaceBook Jonathan Wright did I inherited distilling companies brown sugar Birmingham beat you once again here's our chance to point out the idiots that are on FaceBook. This is an actual FaceBook post and the drama unfolds because of this post and boy oh boy this is a juicy one so this time around playing the role of the original poster will be Brad Kilby grace agreed. BJ he'll play the role mark or rods I'll be mate. And Vicki you'll be Tom yeah all right so like I said the original poster is great so revved please. Taken away. Hair. I just want to let you all know that I am eighteen he's an ass I cheated on praised even though seized rag man's. Here we go again Pete asks all blow horns that allowed to comment on my pictures on my FaceBook page lineup they dad's. I'm single and my little Pat Perez ready and applied a hash tag the wedding is off. And to see a little context she's posting from her which seems to be significantly understates okay follow rules of chances zags up for forgot to mention that part. All right back to there. FaceBook drama. Dude yup I am more class student why you admitting to all of this little pecker hello how are you high. Nate are you hi it's clearly not him writing this I'm confuse it says Ed barrels posting this. You weren't confused you're just gullible and stupid. Clearly graces hacked into his FaceBook page I again and is getting also I'd go our am hello lunge this year read the gunmen. I'm so glad you think that this Friday after all of real follows please respect your FaceBook page now it doesn't particularly Daryl used so I go idiots. Wait. Whose value that posted that grace just make you idiot and drill I'm not being sucked out. I cheater and half the latter. Terrell is a bartender he gets paid to be flirty. And I know he did she why because lest I needed this win his hip told him that she loved him on his wall. There weren't you threatened to kick our ass because you thought she was Iraq Jim Mora it was his answer I did it know he had an and you who are in city. Yeah. It's so awesome minute quick update highways and chests. Cedars anymore good comments this morning yes on that post is deleted it. And barrels FaceBook page is no longer there all my other brother Darryl. Hardly that brother Darryl is still around our Baghdad it's nice you are related revenues comes swings seventeenth. Welcome bank. And they eggs mornings. On the next point nine K I guess helps you.