Facebook Drama “Meat Eaters" 09-27-17

Wednesday, September 27th

Facebook Drama. “Meat Eaters”. A woman gets angry at her friends when they go out to get a burger.


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Laura. And FaceBook drama is right to you by. He didn't heating plumbing and mechanical EJ yeah. All we can once did this is our opportunity of win at the dumb people that are on FaceBook casualties were posted yup we're gonna acted out. This time around BJ he'll be playing actually read you'll be the original poster so red you will be Clarence and we. All play the role Rudy wrote hey all right BJ he'll play the role did Nissan mice and Vicki you will be PL. Cross country. Feel what I get it I don't. Because race yet. The Kaiser family cousins in minus the bad one of my history but wow. All the recurrence. That they want to include doctor so I can you might go got a voice you know. And as long as they live dramatic. Okay that would be weird since you're trying year old Denise. You know what you do you Vijay thanks honey I'm so once again grabbed. Larry's original poster so please take it away. I'm really. Do they want to cheeseburger. And that sounds so dang right now let's get one cold spring Red Robin also Afghans. You know all you Darren Hayes. He's always so durable you want it when they got down day big house. And May Day. There's so tasty NASDAQ I want towel on my mouth yeah. Rudy really. Don't do what it embeds. I'm pretty sure eating and Cao meaning he'll win. Is update desk brain age. I'm pretty sure you know your towel and any argument is that big every. You weird Al. Yeah and sped. Always bet I did sold. Oh and gee I can't argue with an acting mediate. Meeting an animal is not the same as eating exiled. Period anyways yeah. Clara meet me at five guys in thirty. It's not all. Yeah and sounds Puhn and she didn't put and he and Asia united hello now. You'll still go oh see no reason he should you don't want to come yeah. A hole. No I don't towel instead they're peek out here. I I'd say you're gonna still be Nell but you're a man who'd learned. This whole argument is the John is playing knives and her rent. Let your comeback might be even dumber than the threat on the whole the whole. Stupid little. Stupid no thoughts of good places are you sure present you with a mini here and that's nice right next Margarita Ville. Oh wow Israelis doing.