Facebook Drama. “Move On” 01-26-18

Friday, January 26th

Facebook Drama. “Move On”. A man calls out an ex who won’t get out of his life.


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Because once again this is our opportunity when at the idiots that are on FaceBook this is an actual FaceBook posted drama unfolded because of it. And yes we are acting about this time around BJ you'll be playing the role of the original poster you beat Bradley I I'll play the role Trevor. Read that you'll be grace create and Vicki you aren't and she's nice OK so once again Bradley is the original posters have Vijay please take it away. I grace. Why don't you chill us just delete all of my everyday life already it's put all our ten years and over the line. No snap and you tag on that most cash checks and it just ran down. Known not random and all why are you still even in my life. Stop being so site golf and finally end and get out of my world. The the I. Am not in your world. Did you. Or did you not just go see Star Wars with my parents. Oh so that's what you mean get over yourself Bradley. What was going on grace I still hang out with Bradley's parents from time to time and I guess this bothers and yes. It bothers me I tell my why they didn't. And the other certainly believe that on dad's house. They are my friends and if they are grown adult that can make up their own decisions in life they invited me to see star Lars so take it up McNabb. Losing in the movie I was OK to me plot holes but no complaints rule are we even talking about Star Wars and say goodbye friends for over fifteen years now. They are like my own parents house. I and being respectful to you and Joseph might help they invited me to Christmas dinner last month and be happy I didn't show up maybe next time well. I just want to try and plot holes what plot holes. The last and I was perfect from beginning to and we'll hard yeah. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the.