Facebook Drama “Plastic Surgery” 01-22-18

Monday, January 22nd

Facebook Drama. “Plastic Surgery”. A man seeks advice on social media looking for a good plastic surgeon.


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Laura. And media once again zarb did of one of the stupid people that are on FaceBook and there's a lot of them of course and it's an actual FaceBook post. And yet we are gonna acted out but this time around instead of attacking United's Craig celebrity friends say he has got a lot of slowly frozen creek gas becomes an update so you think the Wu tang of comics he's got a huge entourage this conflict at this time around playing the role of Powell whose original poster will be out of genome and here. I'll play no role Sam will be Sam Kennison and plane rolled Tracy. The cure and only did OK Tracy Morgan okay I'm gonna get somebody hurt by the road team will be Gene Simmons from kiss and play the role of Tom. Will be Tom Arnold I can located fairly. Once again the original poster is Al so Al Pacino please take it away. Made peace. I leave it meets in mental. My wife and I need to recommend these a hundred through plastic search. WG it. What would say are you really plus he missed everybody does she cannot. Won't. We don't know who's good and who's not just moral failure. Who are on FaceBook. Could steer us in the right place. Dignity. Mixture of both before and after pictures dignity dignity. Accordions and we're trees out Tracy being weren T. Well you think Tracy's name where you're on the you're one of the strangers mother effort is that is letting all your friends know that your white meat. It's a huge strange. Well. Al. Your mother went to doctor jokes. For breast enlargement surgery or possibly you guys come to Oregon and have been done here and stay for a few days. We could go CO winter hawks get consumed in the car. Okay this just get a lot weaker so your dad is now talking about this what is. And the sure of since 2008 team and our thinking today. I mean six more months plastic surgeon. Doctor G homes. And your great job. Hope that I. Wow I. I'm so glad I woke that I had a cup of coffee NL but never faced look at Libya what I'm reading here is incredible I think when I'm reading here is is eight. Well I'm I'm just. I'm just make Jerry had a Christmas dinner. Is like in this all the ladies and Dallas daily or shared move jobs stories and as you're on the magic did those images as really crazy. There won't you won't miss materials do you do. Okay. Us. It doesn't make you centuries. So are really calm really stalled while I'm reading this fell well aware.