Facebook Drama “Santa Hook-Up” 12-06-17

Wednesday, December 6th

Facebook Drama.  “Santa Hook-Up”. A woman gets angry on Facebook at a friend who slept with Santa.


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Laura. And they've dumbed right give I begin plumbing heating and mechanical Vijay once again this is our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. Actual FaceBook post a drama unfolds because of it and now this around Vijay you will be the original poster you'll be back today Polaroid's bread he'll play the role Saro street. Stereo for year old Randy. I'm happy and federal grand. Yeah right yeah. Obviously you'll play the role of Paul OK and I will be markets so once again the original posters destiny so BJ please take it away. Leon good audio these added you. Yeah. Hey Jack I you gonna slide it up again this year passed and we all know what you did last ax ax ax masks don't. Chirac just because soon close like Maine law they know doesn't mean you got to face young hooked up with Santa AKA I supervise our. How in the world did you think that was okay plus you got him fired yet you're still here somehow. Why are you guys even posting all this on FaceBook. Wait wait wait. You really hooked up with Santa pump up a book Bob touched or COPEL ball once again the samurai is just giant because she had a crush on you don't and I want out. Guess we all know who was on the not he laces. Can I beyond all night alias this year Bethany and I can now go home. That's why is not what I always say I am just sickened tired of you how clean it up in the offense but again. Why are you posting all of this on FaceBook. It's. I would have a good time in Beatles light of the body as you know when you can just need Rudolph's. Hey hey hey you know I'd still tag and don't plan on main gate yeah. Now plane nosed reindeer games again that may. One last time can someone answer me why you guys posting all this on FaceBook and Paul. He just had creeped into a whole new level.