Facebook Drama “Stupid Salons” 01-12-18

Friday, January 12th

Facebook Drama. “Stupid Salons” – A woman goes on social media to complain about not being able to bring her dog into a salon.


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And it is our opportunity whenever the dumb people that are on FaceBook had to give you have a FaceBook page you would agree with us there's a lot of stupid people on FaceBook. He's an actual FaceBook post the drama unfold because a bit. And this time around I'll be playing the role of the original poster and her name is Kerry. Read you'll play the role of next week BJ you'll be greats Ankiel so I guess that carries the original poster so I will take it away. I never complain on social media but I just got the worst service at my salon. They would let me bring my dog America I want everybody to you that there Yelp and their stride yeah. What a little eat you are teary you're gonna ruin Simmons. Business because you didn't get to wave George Doug is aggressive and they're doing eight at. Jordan the prerogative but the salon. Dogs. Don't want it Laurence period is like every pitch your Ali just I don't. No small caps and my target I'm Sharon angle you Larry mulls. I suffer from anxiety. And I need my dog at all times dot com leads. I know that's I used to know that's. Before you shine name. Well I'm guessing your service generally didn't ask you why you tight that's it went is you don't address this animal. Instead you Sean angry not gotten past had a week instead and it. My dog is right by my side. And you better hope I don't see you I'll show you what I may not fly eight Dan. Ads you know why would Iraqi. Yeah you sure this dog I Don is not an edge. It's a sheet data match. Pay the loony to me if you do need a job you need a straitjacket. So I do. And made this morning. Rock and 99.9 KI guess W all the.