Facebook Drama. “Tiny Tim” 01-05-18

Friday, January 5th

Facebook Drama. “Tiny Tim” – A woman goes on social media to complain about being knocked up.


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Ten days but John is our opportunity to point out this stupid people that are happening on FaceBook is the actual FaceBook post. The drama unfold because a bit yup we are going to acted out BJ. This time around you'll be playing the role of the original. Poster and that is a woman by the name of Janet's jet at enact. He'll be Emily gang red he'll play the role of Lisa street I'll be Tim. And Sarah you will be command Hank action and I demand and can act. Try to be original poster once again is Jenny so Vijay please take it away. Why didn't Lee yeah she does yeah you always. Yeah. It's. And your kids yeah are not really on that I did a nice seven months hard. Little like this court to fuel our minds. Maybe you should just think twice the hard getting her pregnant. There are many ways to avoiding it now considering you both aren't in a committed relationship I assume these are both of seeing babies. Ladies and gentlemen the truth bomb has just been dropped by the one and only police side thank you for saying what everybody else in this thread was thinking. Surest way. So I should not as did you. Enough of yeah he's usually he'll get my. Except it was so. Who gave. Big edge jet the F but last time I checked that condoms costs like what ten bucks. Hate to break media when I'm pretty god damn sure that your builds each child is gonna talk a bit more than Mac. And the new mother of an tootsie child I definitely have spent more than ten dollars on the thing. We only did take out how do you think common class. Act kiss and make us. You can now. Practice on me you want. Hash tags hello Louis. According to your last girlfriend there really would be much for the content of allied Al Al price tag tiny Tim Price tag so so so tiny. I and I'd be tiny. But I keep getting the job done. Pakistan real good passion and emotion of do you shoot I'm okay price tag tiny Tim you keep telling yourself that means. Aztec style than. South south tiny. Mom has been true it's. And made this morning. Rock N 99.9 KI DSW.