Facebook Drama. “Too Much Botox" 11-17-17

Friday, November 17th

A woman goes on social media seeking attention from people because she feels old.


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Laura. And these pajama Friday by Harry's distilling companies brown suburban MPG once again is our opportunity to point out the dumb people that are on FaceBook. And we definitely know there's plenty of dumb people on social media. Tyson this time around BJ you'll be playing the role of Carly she's the original poster. All three year old Greg picky your Cindy looked old and red he'll be drew street are actually original poster once again as. Carly so Vijay please take it away. Bookend. To have a liberal instead. I'm Botox done and who is setting a good does it looked. Is sex. Can I beat hog anymore yeah oh yeah. Let's. And I tell you look younger. You always read our growth to me I wasn't wised up twelve. You know all the things I love to Judy you and I mean that in a very respectful way. Thank you Bjorn and it. This. Did you notice I looked over. He'll grab your plastic surgeon can remove your desperate need for attention Carolina. He asks you got we imaginary talk Carol it makes you look like William Shatner and. Did I don't. Eat that escalated quickly they'll allow hash tag I would be this box Europe Kirk. And don't ask you to meet Greg he's creepy and hitting on you it also means that Greg has fantasized about Kurdish bloc. Boldly going where no smoking has gone before at all while. Nine point nine KI DSW.