Facebook Drama “White Dandelion”. 11-20-17

Monday, November 20th

Facebook Drama. “White Dandelion”. A woman goes on social media to complain about wishes that never come true.


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Laura. I gave Madonna's Friday by beacon plumbing heating and mechanical and once again be dead as is our opportunity. Play the same people that are on FaceBook is an actual FaceBook post. The drama unfolds because of it. And once again we're gonna acting out I crisis around vita you'll play the role of the original poster you will be. Bonnie Roy didn't think he'll be Veronica well we already he'll be market street and I'll play the role Trevor. All right so once again Bonnie is the original posters will be did police. Taken away. Leaving the library with Sarah. And looked down and I saw white dandelion so I picked it up a nice blue white club off a bit. Sarah asked me what I wish for. I said nothing because. None of my wishes ever come true anyway and this he's got to read the page to crushing finish the pollution I have ever read form. Why are you guys kidding me yeah seriously Connie. Get a grant what's the point of all this because this is what should have released a domestic one step at a rock FaceBook should I knew prudish punched. Hello allow these comments are savages that. He's human right the issue at the Trevor told no no I wasn't on your side I'm just commenting on the savagery I agree with all home. Like she feels she's without getting big speech because you post dormant. Yes abstract truth Bonnie don't listen to them I she was leaving the library with Sarah. I also saw a white dandelion so I picked it up into the white fluff off of me. Sarah also asked me what I wished for I said that I wish to be delaying Vista most pathetic FaceBook post of all time and my golly thanks see you came true yeah. Oh well see you Monday. Something you worked for Trevor hash tag tremors dreams came true. And made some morning. Rock and 99.9 KI DSW a.