Facebook Drama 08-09-17 "Sex for Tickets"

Wednesday, August 9th

Facebook Drama. A man goes on social media saying he would have sex for Metallica tickets and his girlfriend gets angry.


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Laura. And he's drama brought to you by heritage distilling companies brown sugar per rang and Vijay once again is our opportunity to point at the stupid people on FaceBook. If you have trees what you know there's a must you be people feel like you are familiar one the stupid people who are hi this is an actual amount looking and you are OK maybe I am. The national faced with a host of the drama unfolds and yeah we're acting it out. We have changed names to protect the innocent for the stupid so this time around BJ you'll be the original poster. And you'll play the role of Cody suite grad you will be brandy that's my line so we. I'll play the role Marty sweet. And yeah you'll be candy so we are right city original poster once again is Cody so Regis please take it away. Blue I had done and you get a dig the elements out Amare and I think that's the problem you RD bank everybody already she's still need. Whoa that your girlfriend and just respondent be. No I'll pass tax savage response he deserves a savage response problem horse that he slept with bully first started dating. Babe I thought we weren't through it and we knew that I know you move past that I'm still and analyzing this still the last thing I wanna see on FaceBook is you wanting to bang somebody should think he'll see Metallica. Hash tags not over at home who's just a joke I just wanna see muttawakil important so I just. Joseph really. Lax maybe you can afford tickets if you didn't have to ideal those flowers as a lame attempt to make up for the fact that you had said that one of my friends while folks are. I think is the most savage FaceBook threat I've ever read. I'm almost inclined to buy you brought Metallica tickets and I thank you for this great free entertainment L while. I'm so glad my stupid. Sounds like you had a minute wait for rich. 00 well post a million Metallica's unforgiven come allow hash tag savage. Hash tag unforgiven. And made some more news on the rock. Nine point nine KI SW.