Facebook Drama 08-11-17 “Metallica Sex”.

Friday, August 11th

Facebook Drama. “Metallica Sex”. A man has sex with his ex at a Metallica concert.


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Laura. And Vijay made Madonna brightly by inherited distilling company brown sugar Burma and this is once again our opportunity went out the stupid people there on FaceBook. Actual FaceBook posts in the drama unfolds in Yasser acting it out. This time around we did I'll be playing the role of break the original poster that sounds like a plan Vijay you'll be only is. Who apparently is his sister all okay yeah red you'll play the role Barry this week and did you will be Brian nice all right so once again Rick is the original poster so I will take it away. Metallic colors are solved. Our gratitude by acts and we totally bad news. Hash tag XX is the best I'm all about. I and Powell Tehran drunk and my ears are ringing and I think my Weiner is staying and hash tag burns when not to he is OK with me. I'm in the you don't Mikey get off my page. Cash and stock breeding and why are added to stop beating. Why don't you just hold your Shuster to stop eating luck she's bringing me down I got laid out Metallica. And she's being a Debbie downer. Nice tag mentality is the best and I had sex battle all well you're likely to rolled doctor truce with these hash tax so did encourage your he's just did to us and you're just a drop out and you're just an ugly troll you noted that you're Schuster a whole battle. So that you forgot that we aren't twit is no. I'm ugly Euro ugly but I've got some and I don't care I'm shot I mission Metalico what I'm sure glad I shoulders on FaceBook. Watch meet asks did I just read greatness hash tag alcohol car. Realize that it's Stewart the part of baseman drummer I know it was chone Cabrera IMAX my. And they eggs morning news on the rock 99.9 TI ES don't you.