Facebook Drama 08-14-17 “Facebook Opinions”.

Monday, August 14th

Facebook Drama. “Facebook Opinions”. A woman goes on social media to tell people she doesn’t feel safe posting on social media.


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And they've moved on Friday by begin plumbing heating and mechanical. Stay. It's okay I'll be can Humphrey probably. An opportunity when the stupid people on FaceBook as an actual FaceBook postings on unfolds and yet we're acting and now we've changed names protect innocent. An estimated list around I'll play the role the original poster I will be. Tanya all right BJ you'll be damned oh good. Did you you'll be damned yeah. Cool techniques and grabbing you'll play the role of will sweet actually original poster once again this time is so I don't think it'll take it away Stevie thank you. I'm no longer feel safe or welcome sharing my opinions on FaceBook. So I made a fake account. So you're convinced and everyone needs to see you're incredibly flawed opinions. I'm not saying that the Internet is always right. But wouldn't put agrees with you and it happens all the time. The problem is few and not Internet trolls hey Elaine time yeah. She even tackle hasn't titled top three and a peanut every hour brass hat on here. Why are you calling me and ask its kinda you know I'm I'm just saying that everyone else it's a constant thing in still feel yours is just as valid. Hey let's examine that last party receiving justice Alan I think not. When Tonya wrote that every why should be forced to have a child so little Knoll how it feels what are babysitters lay. Not valid. As it's forced people more upset my tardiness to become full time parent sounds like a great idea. I. I was just frustrated. Or my favorite current theory about how vaccines cause tooth eight we secretly supports the dental industry. Hash tag gentle movement not the case she can't prove that I'm wrong. Not I got nothing for that. Carrot to defend Tanya is valid opinion yeah. I am I got nothing Saigon and maybe you should just stay out things that LL.