Facebook Drama 08-16-17 "A Woman’s Intuition”.

Wednesday, August 16th

Facebook Drama. “A Woman’s Intuition”. A woman goes on social media to tell her brother not to get married.


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Men David Drummond Monty by a beach in plumbing heating and mechanical and once again this is our chance to play on the dumb people that are on FaceBook also. A good reminder for those that don't have FaceBook why it's good not to have FaceBook that's trophies oppose the don't unfolds and yep for enacted now we have changed names protect the innocence and this time around Vijay. I see red you'll play the role of the original poster you will be Angela sleet BJ he'll be Tony sweets and I'll be Jonathan. Streets tees as there once again the original poster is Angela so as we read. Please get away. Real tock I don't think my brother should get married later this month just off. Stopped what she just stopped and what do I need to stop doing. Stop being such a moron. Please. Are you really on FaceBook saying that I shouldn't get marries yes. Sorry to inexact. Why shouldn't he get married life Sheila proxies don't humor just except that my sister's a moron I am not. Moron. Yes you are my C you know intuition is telling me that something is wrong my intuition has never been wrong you should trust my intuition. OK well when hasn't been right before my intuition said that Rashad Jennings and and now we're going to win DWD as. Now oil is DW TS Dancing With The Stars. Well. A reality shows just like your brother's marriage makes sense saint do Obama. I'm being sarcastic your Brothers right you periods are periods any period morons here is Derek year old. And tuition oh yeah especially when she believes he knows your Dancing With The Stars winners and the mind of the and they extra mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW.