Facebook Drama 08-18-17 “Humble Brag”.

Friday, August 18th

Facebook Drama. “Humble Brag” – A woman goes on social media to brag about getting a gift card and a man is not happy about it.


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Lord. And he's from summer abroad do you buy these books drama and FaceBook drama brought to you by deacons plumbing heating and mechanical and BJ this is our chance to point out the dumb people are on FaceBook. Here's an actual FaceBook posts. It's gonna happen because of it and yet we are acting out we had changed and is protect the innocent or stupid and this around BJ you will be original poster. Your name is Lindsay all right spread you will be Christine this week and I'll play the role of mix. I saw once again the original poster is Lindsay so BJ please. Take it away. The other day I haven't seen elderly female neighbors all she is behind this summer tumble I raced out. Help notify her husband and I helped him helped her up. She was okay. The next day he came by with a thank you card and a fifty dollar gift card to buffalo wings. Didn't had to give me that gift card. But I appreciated. Hash tag chest do them right thing. And she does sell ensemble. It's Argentine Darren yeah. A real good to go tomorrow hashed magma design me hash tag may not have a narrow. I instead agents say hash tags and I think I got a low adult pass tag. Here we go again it's your humble drags close look at me I'm a good neighbor and I held an old after. Give me likes on FaceBook group. Well I. I just thought it was a cool story yesterday you rescued a poppy over the weekend your husband got a promotion last week you were in Hawaii. All you do is brag on FaceBook it's annoying. OMG. You are in a generic candidate Christine said. LL. You. Why you sound negative Mickey as huge. So these stories are good things happening there and it just. Bothers you after you do you come back to summits you know our all my dad has tagged as you. Is that banner. I'm OK. I love Buffalo Wild Wings Adam moon. And they eggs mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI SW.