Facebook Drama 09-13-17 “Jealous Ex”.

Wednesday, September 13th

Facebook Drama. “Jealous Ex”. A woman goes on social media to complain about her ex’s new woman.  


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And big drama in front you buy today. You can heating plumbing and mechanical and media once again this is our option to point out the stupidity that is happening on FaceBook. These are actual FaceBook post as a drum what's happened I'm in my in my ears and now it is. I was Garcia Hariri I guess I was maybe an idiot or should we tip about quite possibly that I don't have that kind of control already there bonds all the way over there from I think you can't touch it all you can just I don't need to good. But among the base for dramas casualties info posted. Posts and this unfolds because it in this time around I'll be playing the role of the original poster so I will be Kelly. Read you'll be Brenda she weighed Vicky you'll play the role of Jenna enact enact. Vijay you'll be Allison. And Sarah you'll play the role of Kevin's hang in all right so once again Kelly's original poster so I would take it away. Damn man to man against nature of what he shows over me I'm gorgeous anxiety now compared to Arab blame blacks. You are so much more beautiful the heart and she knows and it's your personality is the best Darrell and I love yeah. Lex like felons than jealously stocking MySpace page and Jenin ended may union Canada and manage the issue doesn't lend me some man without a light trashed a lot of Dutch attack ads. Yeah I think it's right banks. I am not stalking you on FaceBook I've just seen it. I have better things to do in my life. Yes she has better things to do what her life hash tag best d.s and yeah I mean like he achieves very odd put down that I. Don't forget you started as by posting Knight can't share. Oh I didn't forget it takes up most of my page cache and well slots I'm. Not either one of you how sag beggars can't be users. Fans can know and ask you. Number medicine can really do hero this principle drama I'm pleased that hero. And they eggs mornings on the rock 99.9 KI SW.