Facebook Drama 09-20-17 "Less Than Three"

Wednesday, September 20th

Facebook Drama. “Less Than Three” – A woman goes on social media to start a go fund me for an unborn child.


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Laura. And there's a diamond right Dubai Harry's distilling companies brown sugar mermaid and Vijay once again this is our opportunity to point out. This stupid people. There are on FaceBook. All right mashal FaceBook posting yup we're gonna acted out with Jason is to take the stupid people an innocent people as well also this around read you will be the original poster you'll play the role of more sweet. He'll be Jesse today. I'll play the role of new. And BJ you'll see John OK I'm tolerant kind of join know this these guys. I don't know do you found her youngest is and you have any guesses. I'm styling. No no idea calm manner I don't know if I know this is it is is a full house. Now it's not busy holidays is no one I didn't make him the means essentially I I was hoping that he would tell us. Follow. It is easy they don't really gained any widows can easily on this I'm always started. Well yeah now that's my new always tell okay from any possible job nice going Dan glass how our regular. She's seen me. All right time I don't wanna do this anymore. A. I would look who's allegedly Lauren all right do we took our time that I we just started this gradually play the role Lawrence really did you will be Jesse yeah. All literal Bluetooth and BJ you'll be Johnson's desk is that like pose. Thanksgiving arias and other morning were you personally I don't the united has already has cousins that I highlighted and I like it don't matter Brandeis who are. So grand. Or in theories look closer please take it away. Palestine golf tied me page click here to support these hash tag drag out and they need your help hash tag diaper many. Donate Ellie it still baby and I. Thanks Jess means a lot less than three yeah that's a hard drive out Baghdad's means a lot hearts. She says she's okay less than three plus. We'll let let let all you need on your next. The hardest things grayling are unsafe and last call influenza season they're smiling dog gone helpless. You're eight yards just a genius works. All right. Hello you Lauren take it over again thanks just do everything. Stats means a lot harder. Did you really just make it go fund these days free unborn child. Maybe you should we bring in a life in this world you need to go find me taste for that thing but they have this problem people these days yeah you do know children costs money right there and not just some toys yes I do realize that John. That's what I started to go find me paid staff help me out because I don't have a lot of money what why are you even have an answer out of you on the mining as supporting it I'm so sick babies having babies just 'cause they can. Wrap it up dammit. Yeah condoms cause war and less money who initiated cashed and just say. End this ice given linemen have been great about sat finish Manson gal. The Middle East are to go funding to get her Delorean and a flux capacitor is you can go back in time had to have a footage he had on his Jimmy. Jimmy had Delorean. For our children in the eighties my bag now who now. Yeah it. You made pretty using NASA instead dean and then let's check this part parent and I see into BDB yeah says the girl I how many kids three and for what I ask you a little don't ever talk about my children and she actually has five kids loophole and with three different beast. Hello now. Less than three. Less than three pilots and three all of your Streisand during class that's great. And made some mornings. On the rock 99.9 KI ESW.